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Brawl Stars is getting a new update, and it's packed with content! Watch it now and tell us your favorite part of the Brawl Talk! #brawlstars #brawltalk #starrtoon #brawlidays
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8 dic 2023




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@BrawlStars 2 mesi fa
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@toonix1148 2 mesi fa
Cuphead ahh pin 👍
@BernardoCrow 2 mesi fa
Muito obrigado brawl Stars, Dani manda salve ai pra mim só muito seu fã
@bleday_san5027 2 mesi fa
Thx for the pin🐧
i got it thanks just needed to download samsung internet
@RealLex 2 mesi fa
_in Buster Voice_ *It's Time to start the show!*
Yooo ❤❤🎉
So hyped!
@HJ_H 2 mesi fa
@ridiculous2912 2 mesi fa
The star drop change for the trophy path makes a lot of sense but is super disappointing for people who did get way worse prices in the past. The fact that we do not get a compensation is not understandable for me at all..
Oye en donde debo usar eso del #SantaStu ?
@sisoyanth0ny 2 mesi fa
apples to oranges 👊
@madlad1741 2 mesi fa
Apples to oranges 👊
Apples to oranges 👊
Your compensation is that you have been playing longer
@ElectroSev Mese fa
3:31 OMG the new animation of Barley!
@talimyles Mese fa
I thought I was the only one who noticed lol
@xico.s-house 25 giorni fa
Wy the new old barley skin are not in game ?
Why is he walking like that💀💀💀
@harin_520 Giorno fa
@alisalis2735 22 giorni fa
9:41 Bro really said "This is brazil ****" 😂😂
@bigarmaan 17 giorni fa
this is brazil shit🤣
@KucukEniste15 13 giorni fa
@NoNameSoFar1 13 giorni fa
​@@KucukEniste15i think he said "This is Brazil Bitch"
@Gislaine8816 10 giorni fa
@S4mm__ 2 giorni fa
​@@Gislaine8816 Sim, ele falou, eu sou brasileiro..
Brawl stars you should give the stars drops from the trophy path to those who have already taken the levels previously
@alealonso4675 2 mesi fa
Si es mucha la diferencia
Это круто
@ridiculous2912 2 mesi fa
@misterb10 2 mesi fa
just a scam
@Jb0t_On_Top Mese fa
That'd just be broken 💀💀💀
@simcrafter Mese fa
4:56 "When Kit is attached to someone, he becomes invulerable" Yeah, that was a lie
@ubbeat 28 giorni fa
No, at first it was like that, but it was too good and they nerfed it
@simcrafter 27 giorni fa
@@CottonCandiskiez but he's a fortnite youtuber
@CottonCandiskiez 27 giorni fa
@@simcrafter Brawl star steals ideas from everyone.
@EithanBrawl 22 giorni fa
Ele realmente era invulnerável, mas é que ele levou um nerf, né, gênio?🤦
@KAMIKAZES 2 mesi fa
2024 Será un gran año para nuestro querido Brawl Stars 🤩
@Emi_Edits01 2 mesi fa
você e um ITvid
@yovani4927 2 mesi fa
Soy tu fan
@irenerojas1980 2 mesi fa
Aque si 😮
@kpaskpas 2 mesi fa
Pregunta... Ahora el pase se va a comprar por mes es lo que entendí 😅
Lástima por el pase:( para las personas que si ahorrabamos las gemas para comprarlo porque no podíamos pagarlo va a estar muy feo:(
@Mendi__ Mese fa
Yo tambien ahorraba pero velo del lado bueno ahora podemos gastar las gemas en skins, hipercargas, o personajes y actualizaron las recompensas de el normal para que recibamos lo mismo que hubiésemos recibido en el de pago cada 2 meses
​​@@Mendi__ yo me los quedo sin gastarlos porque estoy recibiendo skins por drops asi que 🤷‍♂️
@jezgvbruh3310 21 giorno fa
Si haces la cuenta el pase gratis te da lo mismo que un pase con gemas, ya q era cada 2 meses, ahora es cada mes
@nukantik9723 2 mesi fa
The problem for adding starr prices into trophees prices is that people who are high trophees can't have these starr prices so if it is possible to make a move for loyal players ❤
@akireusu8038 2 mesi fa
I agree with this
@ridiculous2912 2 mesi fa
Ist ridiculous
@Valvex_ 2 mesi fa
We already got the old reward, why do you want another reward on top?
@ridiculous2912 2 mesi fa
@@Valvex_ because the old rewards have been way worse?
@klever201 19 giorni fa
@y0zh3ndoge21 Giorno fa
Pretty sure that's Larry's animations with barley model
@Mr_TA_Gaming 2 mesi fa
8:26 dani rocked barley shocked 😂🎉
I don't want new characters to come to the game anymore because I want to make my characters last level and last rank.
@aligamermain 2 mesi fa
5v5 is gonna be extremely chaotic
@gnome2812 2 mesi fa
League of legends for kids
@@gnome2812and better
​@@gnome2812League of Legends is for kids 😂
but everyone is MİCO XD
​@@gnome2812😅el 😅que 😅en ➡️ 👉 😅😅8😅😅
I remember giving opinions on having 5v5 modes and they made it 😮 Was thinking to stop playing but I guess might as well join the chaos 😂
I am quite disappointed in the pass. The exp you need to collect went from 250 to immediately 950! But anyway, I am excited about Larry and Lawrie because they are the first brawlers to have a "pet" that is not exactly dumb. Even though some people started to ship them on Twitter...
@giogg1165 Mese fa
nita and mr. P also had pets
@@giogg1165 but they are not intelligent. Unlike Lawrie who actually backs away from some attacks.
@modydog3976 Mese fa
Ale nagrody w karnecie są za to znacznie lepsze.,..,.
@@modydog3976 speak English, mf, I don't understand Polish.
@@modydog3976 No it's not. It's the same if the pass was for two months.
@tantransy4718 27 giorni fa
4:22 I knew Kit was released soon. ( I guessed it on the video season 5 )
@ChannelOfJ_ 2 mesi fa
Mico is literally dynamike’s star power in reverse
7:46 aún no sale esa opción
@drqxo 2 mesi fa
“Kit is the first legendary support brawler” Sandy:
@mystic_sand 2 mesi fa
he is control now, but yeah he is first
@gtALIEN 2 mesi fa
he's not a support
@KofeBarka. 2 mesi fa
​@@gtALIENNow no, and in terms of his abilities he really is not support but control, but when he appeared he was support, so he was the first
@Nerddetecter 2 mesi fa
Fr Sandy is the og support
The og "support" Sandy used to 3 shot a nita.
There is no way to recover the rewards for low cups, I am at 17 thousand and it makes me angry to see so many previous rewards lost😢
I would like there to be no limit on blines since it turns out to be very annoying if you want to save to have many
@Oscarlolkek 7 giorni fa
The lunar new year skins were kinda raw this year, hope we will get more skins next year
@adrismash 2 mesi fa
I miss the animation that introduces new brawlers
@xyro1425 2 mesi fa
You did great with this trophy line - for example, 30,000 trophies is now a legendary number of stars, and before the update it was a measly 480 coins, so I demand some justice.
We are at the edge of the world... we cant see anything in the void... untill a shelly hypercharged with her super comes out😂
can you change the trophy road and give a little more credits from 10,000 onwards
Question: will we be able to save up our credits for upcoming brawlers ? ( i assume that larry and Lawrie will be released to the public the same day as the February season)
Yes, it's been confirmed by content creators. New brawlers arrive together with the new season, so the saved up tokens will instantly go to unlocking that new brawler
@@datszalami8689 much obliged
@stardust2683 25 giorni fa
1:13 Barley's walk 😂
@artick4487 21 giorno fa
9:41 😂🤣 This is Brazil, Fu**
@stardust2683 21 giorno fa
Chaos is about to begin
@kubune. 2 mesi fa
fun fact: this comment is the first comment under this brawl talk
Brawl stars best game ever bruh
@artyplay3033 2 mesi fa
Brawl stars liked your comment
What about a new Janet skin😮
@erixgergamer 2 mesi fa
Hacer las tareas pendientes para el lunes:😰❎ Pasar toda la tarde viendo Brawl Stars sin preocupaciones:😏✅
@ilija4833 Mese fa
Hypercharges idea for next update:Bibi hypercharge, When she uses her hypercharge her bubble can break walls and froze enemis for 7 seconds and it deals 3000 damange, Lola hypercharge,when Lola uses her hypercharge her ego gets cloned for one more ego and it deals 1000 damange,Janet hypercharge,when Janet uses her hypercharge the bombs she threws when they hit the enemy it will slow them down for 5 secs and it will let Janet fly for 12 secs and the bombs will deal 1610 damange,Cordelious hypercharge,when Cordelious hits the enemy with his super it will slow the enemy and deal them 1000 damange and he can also use his super to give his teammates 2000 of health,Mortis hypercharge,when Mortis uses his bats they will be stuck on enemy and deal them 900 damange and will let Mortis and his teammates see them in bushes until his hypercharge time disapears.
7 seconds💀💀💀💀💀
@stoopid4724 Mese fa
this feels so bizzare after not watching any brawl talks since season 4-ish
In these star drops you almost never get new brawlers even if its a star drop legendary
1:15 wait why is barley walking like that?
@sstandby 7 giorni fa
Placeholder. They do that alot on brawl talks to test the new brawlers incoming. That animation is from Larry & Lawrie.
@Tigertobes5 2 mesi fa
Poco’s face is what we should’ve all expected
@refineds767 2 mesi fa
@riqaew 2 mesi fa
Thats from Coco movie
@Mrgolem2010- 2 mesi fa
La de Jessie doll se me hace a el anime de Violet everganden ya que la confunden con una muñeca 😮
I remember seeing various fanmade Kit concepts from a couple of years ago. Glad he becomes official.
@justjack5860 2 mesi fa
Streaks are glitched, once you get a streak of 5 or higher it doesnt give trophies anymore and the streak doesnt go up anymore plus if you lose the streak doesnt go away
@Eclipse7225 2 giorni fa
Mike and Stanley are the two new brawlers that will arrive in the new season.
Show some love to True gold skin they cost 35k but doesn't even have diff attack animation
@Musti_3670 29 giorni fa
Larry & Lawrie was going to be mysterious
@4RILDIGITAL 2 mesi fa
Super stoked for the new Brawlers, especially Mico with his incredible jumping ability! And those Skins are beyond cool.
@astroviki3849 2 mesi fa
1.2k likes and no comments? Lemme fix that
@Erunas14 2 mesi fa
​@@astroviki38491,3k and 2...
@61HasanYilmaz 2 mesi fa
@a.aa.9 2 mesi fa
Bro.. A new skin for COLETTE... I'm afraid to imagine how much content 34 will be with her 😮
I’m very excited for toon spike
@immainnow Mese fa
“ a lot of ppl think that spike is a fluffy ball of Shelly and colt in ranger ranch,but nobody knows the pain he has behind that smile.”supercell when will you tell us his pain.
@Santy-BW Mese fa
Podéis poner en el próximo Supercell make como brawler a Shelly
I love to see Hypercharge: New Hero,Carl,Surge,Chester,Janet,Doug on next Update
@ALEXUS709 2 mesi fa
Oh my God, I knew they were going to add King Frank. Thank you, developer 😊
@user-mv5ro2ez5o 10 giorni fa
when is barleys new movement coming?
@mohammeddalouh8523 19 giorni fa
I want old game modes back that game where you need to fight a giant dragon or dino i have not seen it in years i even forgotted the name of it i want event that are lost like that back
@JeiwCM 2 mesi fa
Santa Stu looks like Barley. 💀
Acho q precisa dar mais utilidade para a trilha estelar, pq eu estou ganhando 500 vales em sorteios lendário e já tenho todos o brawls... Estão esses vales só são úteis para novatos, os veteranos ficam na desvantagem 😢
@Mr.suscarr 2 mesi fa
Não é porque alguém não tem todos os brawlers que é novato kkkk
@Bioo3 Mese fa
I'm still waiting for a new skin for Leon
@mariiogruiie2095 27 giorni fa
Hi supercell, please bring back boxing for at least one season, we need the good old times
I would have liked them to give him voice lines when Larry summons Lawrie TT
@hobbes7528 17 giorni fa
Fricking nerf Larrie and Lorrie! They are to op
@guygeorge9188 2 mesi fa
From the moment I saw Mico, I knew there needed to be a Sun Wukong skin, and I am sooo glad they made it!
You're not alone sir
@viyon 2 mesi fa
@onver0097 2 mesi fa
I mean for monkey it was kinda obvious
no way, the kung fu panda monkey is in brawl stars
I can’t wait to play Doomfist
When I saw the hipercharge of fang león and Edgar I said something like: you got the recipie for destruction
8.2 M already! Better than last brawl talk already
@Zahata1369 Mese fa
Gadget too strong for him I'm talking about invisibility.I think it is time that I should stop playing the game if something doesn't work.
i'm still waiting for the mecha crow skins remodel
Bro has anyone have no one notice that you the new bralwers are the same atack as old ones.
@hasooon7056 2 mesi fa
I can already smell the Colette fan art two light years away 💀
@Ninjakiak 2 mesi fa
@Jumbojoshy_ 2 mesi fa
The skin is disgusting
@rioddd 2 mesi fa
Don't forget the piper skin 💀
@elmayiyenmu 2 mesi fa
And the fact they banned r/brawlstars_nsfw yesterday😂
@Ninjakiak 2 mesi fa
@@elmayiyenmu that was a thing 💀
@flamestar557 2 mesi fa
Mico is annoying because you can pretty much avoid damage at all times in a one v one
Larry and Laurie need much more attention that are probably my favorite brawlers from this update
@GOOP_98 2 mesi fa
By downloading null's brawl you can play for them right now
@mastty4453 2 mesi fa
he's just barley and darryl in one brawler, kit is much cooler
@michaeldoscortes 29 giorni fa
The reference to his skins is about the Nintendo Switch, right?
@jukekings 23 giorni fa
Kit was more powerful at his early acces than larry, rosa or eve
@alanjanicki8807 5 giorni fa
Because I think there will be two new brawlers in the new Brawl Stars update. I guess something like that.
@nawaki34 2 mesi fa
It seems to me alone that the card size is 5vs5, more suitable for 3vs3
@Dm-kf5rz Mese fa
We want Fang's new skin with white hair color. This will greatly improve Fang's appearance
@Dark_3333 2 mesi fa
Larrie and lawrie should switch places with the super, the gadget or a whole new button. So the player can chose wich playing style he prefers in the situation
@mv408-mobile8 2 mesi fa
instead they should be two separate brawlers with but larries super is just lawrie and lawries super is just larrie
@MrPloco 2 mesi fa
@@mv408-mobile8like bonnie?
@LanZyBs 2 mesi fa
@desirous9825 2 mesi fa
Supercell please let us players who have claimed some of the trophy road rewards that are becoming star drops even if we claimed th before the change since a legendary star drop is so much better then 80 credits since you can get a hypercharge so the value is say better.
@Aranieri Mese fa
Please put back the crates and chromatic brawlers because those were beautiful times
@jukekings 23 giorni fa
Starr drops is better and at crate time, there was no starr road
@jukekings 23 giorni fa
Chromatic is also useless
Faire en sorte que le brawl pass soit payant uniquement avec du "vrai argent" est l'une des PIRES décisions que vous ayez pu faire... J'étais tellement content quand j'avais enfin assez de gemmespour pouvoir l'acheter maintenant ça ne sert plus à rien 😢
@samismexo4177 2 mesi fa
toon spike is expensive but its a really unique skin with a really unique style and its worth the 299 gems to be honest ,this update will be fire i like it!
I don't see Larry and Lawrie where is new characters???🙁
@ClashLine 2 mesi fa
Ну Дени зайка, конечно 😘
@monika_bs9820 2 mesi fa
где ссылка на пин 💀
@maysan1620_ 2 mesi fa
Дэни мой пупсик
@artyplay3033 2 mesi fa
Как обычно
@_bitkoin_2776 2 mesi fa
@gokario3.436 2 mesi fa
la skin de larry y lawrie es parecida al mando de las Nintendo, ¿próxima plataforma?
will you bring an update to put brawlers of the same type in a group? e.g.: el primo next to rosa, he next to bull
My new idea: add to all brawlers 12, 13 and 14 power and add to powers eqiupments
And add to new eqiupments
I found a bug with a winning streaks, I do not count the winning streak, it is as it was (4 winning streak) I stayed that way, even if I was losing. And when I won 2 times in a row, he didn't give me a +1 trophy. Fix it please🙃 I know I am strange 😓
@70_Bird 29 giorni fa
3:31 بارلي 💀
@TimeBucks 2 mesi fa
Super excited about the new heroes
@azathxt Mese fa
Pensaba volver al juego y comprar el pase con las gemas qué tenía guardadas, supongo que toca abandonar del todo el juego.
@nameplot6588 2 mesi fa
Nobody is going to talk about kit being the "first legendary support" while sandy exist
@Ye-lx3rz Mese fa
Mate let’s be honest. Sandy has nothing for support apparat from Ultimate. That’s why he is not support anymore but control which he is actually good in control terms
@ojoc1631 23 giorni fa
I got a brawler idea: Mech. He is a tv head and with a robot body. He is shooting knifes from he’s hands with very long range. It shoot 3 of these. He’s super is a turret with a 8bit looks. It shoots 3 bullet after bullet per seconds. Its also got long range. This is the idea for the basics. If you’re like the concept, you can put him in the game, nevermind!😁
@jukekings 23 giorni fa
It's just 8bit and R T
@darwind3713 2 mesi fa
Pero Shandy es el primer legendario de apoyo ...
I suggest you make a brawler that turns into anything pleese
Artists are gonna have a field day with the Pinku Pawlette skin 💀
I bet the Piper skin, too.
Eu gostei da skin,mas vou deixar se isso acontecer💀. E como sou do brasil,estou com ainda mais medo do que vão fazer com o Piper💀
@kratzx833 Mese fa
O Dani falando no minuto 9:38 KKKKKKK amo os br
I actually can't believe it. Making the Brawl Pass only available for money is such a horrible change. I think it is time that I should stop playing the game.
@itsjose8520 Mese fa
I was saving up for a pass as well 😢
@user031 Mese fa
Same bruh, i was saving gems
@@user031 yeah, I was saving too
Yeah this is not it, I was looking forward to getting the next pass and now I'm blocked out. Charging money and making green gems essentially useless is a really bad move. I feel robbed
i was forcing myself not to buy any skins so i can afford the brawl pass just for it to be only available for money. not cool supercell
@dagdaliasUA Mese fa
Good afternoon Supersell!!! I have an idea for a new brawler for your Brawl stars game. This is Gringo, a fighter of epic rarity. His main attack is throwing lumps of earth, each dealing 1470 damage. The average distance of the Brawler corresponds to its small handles. Super Gringo is an underground dive for 5 seconds, he can't stop until the super ends, but he can turn wherever he wants without breaking walls. If the Gringo runs into the player, it will knock the enemy back and deal 950 damage. When the super ends, Gringo jumps out from under the ground and deals 1000 damage to enemies near him. The brawler itself doesn't have much life. 3420 units. One of his gadgets is stone throwing like an artilleryman. The stone has a large damage radius and will deal 3000 damage to enemies. The second gadget is a life recovery of 1000 hp three times in 3 seconds, i.e. a recovery of 3000 life. Gringo's first star power is to increase his health by 100 every second when he is in the bushes. The second after the end of the super, Gringo jumps out from under the ground and silences the enemies who were in the radius of his jump. There is no hypercharge. The speed is normal. I'm sorry that there is no fighter model, I can't draw or do 3D design. I will be happy if you at least reply to my messages, also I am not asking you to add him to the game, but if you like the idea then I will be very happy to see such a fighter in the game, even just the name of the new fighter Gringo in the future. I suggest adding it to the game because it hasn't been in the game yet and it will be interesting to play with it. Sincerely, Roman.
For me,BrawlStars keeps on crashing on my device. It makes my brawler move and then my brawler won't respond to my controls and I cant move or shoot. Then it usually boots me afterwards.
@Spamtong_ Mese fa
i have a question: why is does larry and lawrie already have a icon if they aren't in game yet
@crabbykrabbgd 2 mesi fa
I hope we get the starr drops we missed in the trophy road after the update
@Noaxe721 2 mesi fa
They showed it over 20k, that reward is 80 credits
@kaatsu2043 2 mesi fa
​@@guyapfeld1247it isn't fair neither to replace previous rewards with better ones and you don't have the possibility to take it
@Dogo51 2 mesi fa
​@@guyapfeld1247 the stuff before was so bad they can take back the 80 credits if they want id much rather have a legendary star drop
@StormerrXI 2 mesi fa
@@guyapfeld1247 because the new rewards are most likely gonna be better than the old ones. for example, you can get like 500 credits from a legendary starr drop. in the old track you get 80 credits
Yo viendo la brawl talk otra vez solo para ver la obra maestra del inicio
Por favor supersell volta com as caixas por favor😭
@GumasBR 29 giorni fa
8:30 Brawl stars on Nintendo switch?
@Hussein_384 2 mesi fa
The two heroes, Larry and Lori, make a star for themselves. If I was playing in LARRY, if he used the star, it would make a change, I would play in LAWRIE.
@wildguy4773 11 giorni fa
Ruffs:soo I'm not replacement anymore? Kit:HA SUCKS TO SUCK LOL
@NiebonBluSky 2 mesi fa
I hope that Larry and Lawrie will get a gadget that switches which one you control, and the thrower becomes a bot, or it could be a starr power
I thought I was the only one who thought of this
No way that will happen that’s way to op
@kent0650 2 mesi fa
Thats will be good
@ryanpark4856 2 mesi fa
it would kind be the lola gadget where she switches positions with her double
@Marisad 2 mesi fa
​@@thomasnewman287how so? Basically Penny isn't it?
I wonder if in the next update will be 5v5 knockout,5v5 heist or 5v5 bounty
@Kakumei01 2 mesi fa
bro, here and Brazil was amazing hahaha that's the spirit
10:03 hey I mean, if I’m getting added that’s sick!
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