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This week on Basics, I'm teaching you how to make bread. This process takes little more than plain old flour and turns it into something delicious that you can actually eat.
Ingredients & Grocery List:
Bread flour
Olive oil
Special Equipment:
KitchenAid mixer with dough hook attachment
Cast iron dutch oven
"Melt" Broke for Free
My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!
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Commenti 2 661
MrBaller Pants
Can I make the no knead bread with a regular bread pan
Shaydee Jeff
Shaydee Jeff Giorno fa
Literally only watching cause why not. My family's specialty is making bread, buiscuts, cookies, cake, whatever, all from scratch. If you haven't tried it, please do. So good
Madison Falco
Madison Falco 3 giorni fa
That bread face unf
Justin Pentith
Justin Pentith 3 giorni fa
Nicbryant5 3 giorni fa
dont use so much plastic damn
Kyro Zephyr
Kyro Zephyr 7 giorni fa
I started dying when he put that flour in his mouth.
Time Lapse Time
Time Lapse Time 8 giorni fa
Him: I know a half cup is a lot of olive oil. Italians: hold my spaghetti
ghostinthebox 8 giorni fa
The rest of the culture in 2019 is "allergic" to gluten. This guy? "And now we're going to just fold over the edge to encourage gluten creation". I love it. Also; Thanks for the tips and general know how. Really helped me out. I grew up "cooking", but not from scratch and seeing how you do things is easier for me to understand than written recipes. I truly appreciate it.
Frankie Perricone
Frankie Perricone 9 giorni fa
What happens if you don’t chill the focaccia for 8-12 hours
S-Boy 13 giorni fa
That Focaccia has so much oil in it, the U.S. Will coming for it like a horny teenager who was promised sex with Peta Jensen....
Carter McNew
Carter McNew 14 giorni fa
Sill waiting for part 2 on this one and the shrimp episode.
Kevin Cruz
Kevin Cruz 16 giorni fa
I'm still waiting for the second part :(
Itss Me Boiii_12
Itss Me Boiii_12 18 giorni fa
Where's part 2 andrewww
Arlo Wilson-Wells
Arlo Wilson-Wells 19 giorni fa
I've always loved good bread dipped balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I think your amazing looking Focaccia would be great with some.
Hunter Makoy
Hunter Makoy 21 giorno fa
What plastic wrap do you use?
Ryan Peterson
Ryan Peterson 22 giorni fa
Jim Lahey is a drunk bastard. RIP.
Haley Elston
Haley Elston 24 giorni fa
Hi, Babish! I’ve been in my own apartment for almost two months now, and I love being able to cook so much more (I often watch your videos while doing so). Now I’m going to start baking our own bread as needed instead of having to buy it since we pretty much have everything here in the kitchen anyway.
CJ R 25 giorni fa
I always thought Babish was making a Trailer Park Boys reference that I just forgot about, until I realized there's an actual baker named Jim Lahey
Yet Another Ben
Yet Another Ben 28 giorni fa
Psa: Flour is a raw ingredient and is not suitable for consumption whatsoever.
Proh4cker 23 giorni fa
even more vegan propaganda!
Audie Arts
Audie Arts Mese fa
what temperature is "as hot as it can go"
Z-R1N _
Z-R1N _ Mese fa
Question: Is it safe to teleport, or will it gain beauty marks?
Sean Stols
Sean Stols Mese fa
Part 2 please!
Audie Arts
Audie Arts Mese fa
@@@ (____) Lol omg it’s supposed to be a loaf of bread I failed so hard
River Fox
River Fox Mese fa
I understand life can be crazy, but I would love to see Bread Part 2. I've been doing some home made bread but I would love to see your take on some dinner roles and Sourdough. I just can't seem to wrap my head around how to make and maintain a starter for Sourdough. I also want to see some other ideas or sources you find for bread making. Also notes on differences if all we have is All purpose vs bread flour. Living in a rural area makes it almost impossible to find specialty stuff. Don't get me started on finding bones for broth, just impossible. I digress, I look forward to a continuation of your channel and would love to see another bread episode.
Abilawa andamari
That tiny whisk tho.
Alex Laverty
Alex Laverty Mese fa
There's no knead to need
Jaydon Vermillion
Que thousands of comments saying let's go get that bread
Jordan Fugate
hey banish i followed the first recipe and the inner bread ending up feeling a little damp idk what i did wrong
King_ Daniel
King_ Daniel Mese fa
6:39 I think Gordon Ramsay might actually piss himself
Dao Yang
Dao Yang Mese fa
I want to see William do an episode with Epic meal time.
dakota wapachee
Jesus is the bread.
Liz Comacchio
Where's part 2?
darklordster Mese fa
3:42 Those are some serious fuck me eyes
Does it have to be a cast iron pan?
Duncan Manganaro
What temperature does he heat the oven to for the no knead bread
Ninja Zix
Ninja Zix Mese fa
3:36 everyone watching wants to be that bread
Sketchy Sketches
The way he just inhaled that bread, just 👌👌
Christina M
Christina M Mese fa
Nothing has ever turned me on more than that look at 3:42
IDontKnowM8s Mese fa
in this episode, we find out that Babish likes bread, and you should not get in the way of him and his olive oil
thatisjake 2 mesi fa
Make the most complex, most "electric tool needed" food ever bye hand.
Evan Richardson
Evan Richardson 2 mesi fa
Pause at 3:42 and watch a full grown man give you the death stare while eating an inconvenient large piece of bread.
Matthew Chrisco
Matthew Chrisco 2 mesi fa
Some would say that there is no right way to make zucchini noodles
Brad Hoopes
Brad Hoopes 2 mesi fa
Could you do cheesy bread
6digits 2 mesi fa
3:41 his face
Yoga665 2 mesi fa
Babish! I love your videos! But Focaccia bread needs to be twice as thick or more. And the dimples are on the top because when Italians make Focaccia, they put ingredients like Olives or Cheese or lil’ baby Tomatoes in the bread to give it extra flavour.
QueenB x
QueenB x 2 mesi fa
Oh no! I was really getting into baking and cooking after i started binge watching this channel ( aka today, a couple of hours ago ) And i just realised, what if i can’t eat store bought foods!
Aldo Andrade
Aldo Andrade 2 mesi fa
Best intro ever
Ian Kunesky
Ian Kunesky 2 mesi fa
Let’s get this bread
Garrick Carroll
Garrick Carroll 2 mesi fa
Daniel Groenenboom
lets get this bread haha
Jake Kirby
Jake Kirby 2 mesi fa
I’m 14 and am trying to learn how to cook, I am trying the focaccia this weekend
AnglerSharkYT 2 mesi fa
3:38 That was just.. sexual.
Mister Nomad
Mister Nomad 2 mesi fa
ok gamers, lets get this bread Babish: Uh, I don't think so T H O T
Noorul Naseema
Noorul Naseema 2 mesi fa
Pls make zucchini noodles HAHA
Michael Clark
Michael Clark 2 mesi fa
Jim Layhee " I am the liquor!" RIP
nicholas beverly
How big of a Dutch oven would you recommend be used for the no-kneed bread
damoda5000 2 mesi fa
do you need the lid for the cast iron pan / skillet? want to try this out but dont have nothing to cover the bread in the oven.
hiwaz seebo
hiwaz seebo 2 mesi fa
Francisco Gativideo
I had an orgasm when he dipped the focaccia
James Alan
James Alan 2 mesi fa
Oscar De Jodar
Oscar De Jodar 2 mesi fa
Nice focaccia, still needs more olive oil
andrea 2 mesi fa
PART 2???
Sunnie Lee
Sunnie Lee 2 mesi fa
Where is part 2?
Elizaveta Cherkasova
I wonder how much olive oil was wasted on that plastic wrap during this filming.
Elizaveta Cherkasova
I don’t think he’s licking it off of it, now, is he?
Matthew Mcmullen
3:41 What The hell
KingofTheCrows 2 mesi fa
Hey babish, try making a FOgarita. I work at a pizzeria where we make fresh focaccia bread; my boss came up with the idea of making a grandma pie on top of it. btw a grandma pie is NYC/NJ slang for a margarita pie
The Spark Spectre
*_Alright Gamers_*
Patrick Wells
Patrick Wells 2 mesi fa
Oh wow, I'm really enjoying this cute and instructional video on how to- ( 2:40 happens) JESUS, DUDE!!
No Body
No Body 2 mesi fa
You should make one for condiments and or cheese. Id love to see you make cheese
pink flamingo
pink flamingo 2 mesi fa
Basics with Breadish.
TennoHack 2 mesi fa
Lets be honest with ourselves, we all watch for the tiny whisk, he's the real star of the show
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus 2 mesi fa
So there’s no need to knead...
Adam 2 mesi fa
Question: do you spend 10 minutes rolling up your sleeves everyday, or do you have a closet full of shirts with prerolled sleeves?
The dinosaur mars society 000000
0:13 Me: Don’t eat that flour Babish : I’m gonna eat it :) Me: don’t Him: rather the flour Me BOI HE DID IT
Zero0Left 2 mesi fa
Where's part 2?
Crystal Newsom
Crystal Newsom 2 mesi fa
No part two???
Esla 188
Esla 188 2 mesi fa
We all felt something at 3:41
Ethan Napier
Ethan Napier Mese fa
I felt arousal.
Donna Chaffee
Donna Chaffee 2 mesi fa
Daniel JZ
Daniel JZ 2 mesi fa
Can you make the no knead bread with self-rising flour? And is the fermentation and rising going to work the same way with active dry yeast and cold weather?
pineapple 3 mesi fa
Let’s get this bread
konnichiwa373 3 mesi fa
Part 2 please!!
Audrey’s daughter
So to make focaccia you need...three bottles olive oil.
Jonny Awesome
Jonny Awesome 3 mesi fa
I love this video. I'm german. We love bread.
Trevor Cook
Trevor Cook 3 mesi fa
the intro is my favorite and the rest of this video (although delicious) doesn't hold a candle to it.
J ClarKent
J ClarKent 3 mesi fa
Hey Andy, can you do a Potato Basics video? Mashed potatoes, skillet, maybe even funeral potatoes or potato chips
Enissay Green
Enissay Green 3 mesi fa
still waiting for part 2 ...
Ana Raquel Novoa
Honey please upload one Basic of brownie please
Kazi Iqbal
Kazi Iqbal 3 mesi fa
Let’s get this bread.
Mr.SpyCrab 1
Mr.SpyCrab 1 3 mesi fa
The most basic thing ever , made even MORE basic.
Tate Canales
Tate Canales 3 mesi fa
Babish eating bread like a monster is a big mood
Jacey Jacobs
Jacey Jacobs 3 mesi fa
I’m living vicariously because apparently it’s “weird” to bake bread at midnight
Dregen S. Cawley
I’m nut
Trish Fitzpatrick
My three favorite things on the Internet; irony, subtlety, and COOKING! Merci, Monsieur Babbish. Tu es un prince parmi les hommes!!
Charlie Lopez
Charlie Lopez 3 mesi fa
I want bread part 2!!
Anson Hu
Anson Hu 3 mesi fa
Bread? I’m in. But my stomach maybe not so much. My metabolism, yup. My “I want to work out daily” fad? Yup
Adam McGrath
Adam McGrath 3 mesi fa
Does the video glitch out for anyone else at 3:12?
kevin Nelson
kevin Nelson 3 mesi fa
I saw 2 big punches of salt and you were going back for a 3rd, but it got moved onto how much cheese in olive oil😞
Kitsune 3 mesi fa
Thank you for this; I've always struggled with making bread. It would always be very dense but come out tasting very good
Cash Curtis
Cash Curtis 3 mesi fa
I made the focaccia and it was incredible! I served as a sandwich with breaded chicken, pepperoni and salami. The kids loved it. I used four cups of flour for those without a scale.
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