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This week on Basics, I'm teaching you how to make bread. This process takes little more than plain old flour and turns it into something delicious that you can actually eat.
Ingredients & Grocery List:
Bread flour
Olive oil
Special Equipment:
KitchenAid mixer with dough hook attachment
Cast iron dutch oven
"Melt" Broke for Free
My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!
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27 lug 2018

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Commenti 2 514
Mark H
Mark H 18 ore fa
Dumb and Dumber
Dumb and Dumber Giorno fa
LGBT- Let's Get Bread Today
kadin thomas
kadin thomas Giorno fa
You should do little animations when you put the name of the food and have the name of the food be made of the food
toomanyfandoms tocreateausername
l e t ' s g e t t h i s b r e a d
Nullios Giorno fa
im not the only one that sees pure static/video glitching at about 3:15 mark right?
The Reference Guy
The Reference Guy 2 giorni fa
Let's get this bread.
Red Wing
Red Wing 2 giorni fa
Good tunes in the back groung
Brian Barjenbruch
Brian Barjenbruch 4 giorni fa
Can't wait to try the focaccia recipe - is there a part 2 coming soon? Can't wait to see your take on sourdough or baguette.
Franklin&Tangelo 345
Franklin&Tangelo 345
M o o
Franklin&Tangelo 345
Franklin&Tangelo 345
Franklin&Tangelo 345
Moo moo moo.
Franklin&Tangelo 345
JosieCat 5 giorni fa
Sure just dip your oily bread in some oily cheese, that won't be 150% of my daily calories in one snack
your_casual _gay_Avenger
3:40 that death stare tho
Sharred Downey
Sharred Downey 6 giorni fa
Part 2?
Clinicalyabrasiv 6 giorni fa
where's Bread Part 2?
batboy 7 giorni fa
jim lahey???? wheres the liqour???????????
Quan Anh Ngo
Quan Anh Ngo 8 giorni fa
Hello there Christian Henson.
Jesus is a bread...
Arif Husain
Arif Husain 10 giorni fa
Where is part 2
ThekillerBoy1133 Gaming
Rip jim lahey :(
Himawari 12 giorni fa
Mr. Babish senpai, can you make melon pan from yakitate japan?
flim flam
flim flam 12 giorni fa
i did that exact thing with a spoonful of flour when i was younger and reacted the same way.
Brandon Hui
Brandon Hui 13 giorni fa
Ben Watson
Ben Watson 14 giorni fa
Lets get this bread
Phil Kopec
Phil Kopec 14 giorni fa
I really hope that Andrew got up early in the morning today and said "let's get this bread" and made this video.
John Chơi Game
John Chơi Game 15 giorni fa
Brother, may I have some *BREAD?*
HighVoltage225 15 giorni fa
3:41 Be still my gay heart
A Martin
A Martin 16 giorni fa
so... is a part 2 coming anytime soon?
Kyle Lopez
Kyle Lopez 17 giorni fa
Victor Sanchez
Victor Sanchez 18 giorni fa
ooooohhhhh my god!!!!!! I just fell in love with this channel now!!!!!
Phou 18 giorni fa
Gm hustlers lets get this bread
Ooga Booga Gaming
Ooga Booga Gaming 18 giorni fa
Shoulda said let’s get this bread
Terbin 19 giorni fa
Even as someone who knows how to cook and does so quite a lot home, these basics courses are amazing for learning extra techniques or learning about something you didn’t know how to make (like bread, or sous vide)
Chen Abudram
Chen Abudram 19 giorni fa
Uhm babish you beautiful soul, a 50% increase would make for 1.5 dough, which is nothing like a 1000% increase which would make for a double the initial volume (or close to, not quite, as you've said), I think you should honestly get your shit together, everyone is looking up to you to do perfect math, k thx
xd scythed
xd scythed 19 giorni fa
When he said jim lahey it freaked me out cause he knows tpb
MegaTime01 20 giorni fa
Make croutons out of that bread
selenaofseattle 21 giorno fa
Man you were struggling to eat that first loaf lmao
Forty 4
Forty 4 22 giorni fa
Perfecto as I work in a bakery xD homemade bread is the best
thot patrol
thot patrol 23 giorni fa
Never thought a man shoving his face full of buttered bread would turn me on but here we are
lord tachanka
lord tachanka 24 giorni fa
when he ate the piece of bread in one bit it was kinda disturbing
Benny tops
Benny tops 25 giorni fa
For a while I’ve been making kefir bread until I came across the two recipes in this video
sammyd19801 25 giorni fa
But i do Keto blah blah blah. Oh i dont eat carbs blah blah. Shutup and enjoy it
Ben Weiner
Ben Weiner 25 giorni fa
rise and grind let’s get that bread
Holly Frad
Holly Frad 25 giorni fa
Alton brown who? I only know binging with babish
TheManiac201 26 giorni fa
How hot did your oven get to? Mine only goes up to 500F so I'd like to be able to roughly calculate the correct amount of time
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson 27 giorni fa
It’s pretty crazy that Michael does Vsauce, this cooking show and plays bass for Periphery. What a diverse man.
Benjjo 27 giorni fa
Can we rename the show to banging with bibish?
Jake Oh
Jake Oh 27 giorni fa
Is room temperature ok if you live in canada?
MrEnKaye 28 giorni fa
Do you need bread flour, or can all purpose flour do the trick?
jack Newell 28
jack Newell 28 29 giorni fa
Make spongebob onion sunday
Spicy Boi
Spicy Boi 29 giorni fa
quarter of a spoon of *Yeets*
Succ a Ducc
Succ a Ducc 29 giorni fa
Time lapse of bread rising?
MSp LeeT
MSp LeeT Mese fa
Good morning lets get this bread
SaGkR3DDOT Mese fa
You're always sick
I have never been able to make bread but I followed this recipe and I finally did it! Thanks Babish!
Friendly Beta
Will there be a part 2 to this sometime?
Joe Food 2017
awesome video
Jfor 817
Jfor 817 Mese fa
LGBT let’s get this bread
Mari Pongol
Mari Pongol Mese fa
When are we getting a part 2?
ako riko
ako riko Mese fa
lets get this brod
Kamila Muratova
How can you let your homemade bread cool down after you took it out of the oven!?!! That's the whole point in doing it yourself to taste while it's still hot!😱😱😱😭
woke bill cosby
LGBT stands for lets get bread today
Lars Panzerbjørn
What is your "Cup" in Metric? There seems to be about 8 different cup sizes in common use globally, and 3 in the US alone... It seems pointless to be so accurate with some ingredients, and then be vague/ambiguous with another...
Franklin&Tangelo 345
Bone apple tea.
Eric Richardson
So I made the dough per the instructions, and it was too moist to really shape the dough (it didn't keep the round shape). Did I happen to not use enough flour?
Spring Dots
Spring Dots Mese fa
needs more oil
ryan50ryan Mese fa
For no-knead do you lower the oven temp after it's pre-heated and before the dough goes in? If so to what temperature?
I made this :)
Miego Mese fa
Ur face at 2:50 lmao
Shawn Lemmond
Wait. The Jim Lahey? From trailer park boys?
Jack houstan
Jack houstan Mese fa
Err0r Gaming
Err0r Gaming Mese fa
Interesting how in the US making bread is considered a trophy. In my country homemade bread is an essential and we eat it with every ration of food.
Citizen Crom
Citizen Crom Mese fa
Baking with Babby
Demius H
Demius H Mese fa
13:42 ... just something about butter
Dark Dragon of Gaming
Now I REALLY want to eat a loaf of bread. Never thought I'd say that!!
Bridget Michael
can you put it in a oven safe dish and cover it in foil??
Eric Richardson
My 5 yo watched this video with me.. And now she wants to make these with me
Melayna Gran
Melayna Gran Mese fa
can you use all purpose flour instead of bread flour?
Ryan Steele
Ryan Steele Mese fa
Bread part 2?
Vee Mese fa
please make a part 2 to this! I'm learning how to make bread and i need all of your wisdom!
Garbage For Rent
lets get this *B R E A D*
Gregory Rivas
Gregory Rivas 2 mesi fa
Wake up homies
Jared 2 mesi fa
That's a ridiculous amount of olive oil.
Wet paper bag
Wet paper bag 2 mesi fa
"Don't be a monster" *a few minutes later* *spreads oil on pan with his hand*
Drazzi0 2 mesi fa
Where's part 2? Could you do a brioche bread (shaped as mushroom)?
Tatatory 2 mesi fa
Do these breads need to be cooked precisely or can we them in a brick oven?
Jesus Parra
Jesus Parra 2 mesi fa
3:41 when you take a break from your diet
Everything Everything
you should of took a brush and oiled the bowl with olive oil or virgin . then put the dough back in bowl and brush a little oil on top and then take a warm damp cloth and let sit. so they it will rise more plus it won't stick to the bowl
كيكي المجدوب
Sebaberto 2 mesi fa
Where I live there are some bakeries with very low prices that make bread so wonderful that no homemade bread I ate could surpass it
Chris G
Chris G 2 mesi fa
Your whisk is just like Chef John’s little spoon 🥄
SalvatoreDK 2 mesi fa
Everytime i make focaccia it NEVER turns brown on top like yours?!!? HELP!
CookerLV 2 mesi fa
Hey Babby, what do you mean by oven at its highest setting? Because I put my oven at 550 (its highest temp) and the bread was done in 15 minutes.
princessqcumber 2 mesi fa
princessqcumber 2 mesi fa
ohh could you do pickles, I'm interested is what you would come up with! and what to use them with!
flamethekid 2 mesi fa
Do a bread recipe from Yakitate Japan!
NTH THN 2 mesi fa
Prossimi video
Fortnite X NFL
7 giorni fa