Breaking Up

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15 dic 2018

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Commenti 11 916
Daniel Gould
Daniel Gould 15 minuti fa
Ha! I don't have to worry about this. I'm alone! (weeps bitterly)
Matthew Mayson
Matthew Mayson 16 minuti fa
I don't need a girlfriend; i can simply choke my dick until i explode 6 oz of nut-nog into the air......😂
milk 고양이
milk 고양이 17 minuti fa
"I'm not saying to be ready for a break-up when getting into a relationship, that's kind of messed up. Kinda pessimistic." Me: (sweats)
Work Celly
Work Celly 19 minuti fa
So why the hell did she break up with youuuuuuuuuu aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Telllll us
iScream 19 minuti fa
Now I can properly break-up with my Roblox girlfriend. I have been cheating on her with my Minecraft girlfriend. Shhh... don't tell her.
Heroboom562 19 minuti fa
Even though i didnt need this vedio (if you know what i mean) i still watched it because domics has great content
Derrick Denley
Derrick Denley 20 minuti fa
This was a good video as usual. I recently broke up with my partner of nearly 5 years a few months ago, it was a mutual decision as we were just heading in different directions and it was fine. We are still friends and see each other regularly. There is nothing romantic there at all anymore, but we still care about each other, so we will always be close friend and that's good. I know it wouldn't work for a lot of people, but it can work for some. Of course he and I are both older lol
Blood Raven
Blood Raven 22 minuti fa
Look at my vid u won't regret it Nice vid btw
Lionix Creations
Lionix Creations 23 minuti fa
No#1 Trending.
Neb 23 minuti fa
Took you long enough to upload
Syed Hamza
Syed Hamza 23 minuti fa
T gay Oops! Wrong video
low quality
low quality 24 minuti fa
Bitches be Crazy
Leong Tze Wan
Leong Tze Wan 25 minuti fa
Does having a lot of exes mean you are a horrible person?
This helped me a lot breaking up with my girlfriend it was for the best thanks!
S74 26 minuti fa
#1 on trending
Zero zone
Zero zone 26 minuti fa
Ive been on alot of ships but not the relationSHIP one ._.
Shekhar Siddharth
Shekhar Siddharth 26 minuti fa
it be like that sometimes
DoublA8 28 minuti fa
She dumped me Thursday because her parents want her to focus on grades but we barely did anything that would impact them meaning we rarely went on dates
Keeper Guy
Keeper Guy 28 minuti fa
I just wonder is break up and move on are the same ? I can't even think which one are use for me and girl I know current status
Harry Matlock
Harry Matlock 28 minuti fa
Number 1 on trending
TheBeatboxer00 29 minuti fa
TFW your name is Alex and just broke up with their girlfriend :( Great video tho!
Kelly Susanto
Kelly Susanto 30 minuti fa
This video is too true, I’ve recently been in the situation that I wanna break up but I want to wait for him until “his exam is over” reason. But it’s true, there’s no time, break up is a break up. We just broke couple days ago on his exam day. It just happen, unplanned. It’s too sad I admit, but it’s actually better rather than keep holding it on and on.
not E-d-G-Y
not E-d-G-Y 31 minuto fa
Domic I think your video got stolen itvid.net/video/video-TGcjSk3OEpU.html
cany jason
cany jason 31 minuto fa
Nathan Sorley
Nathan Sorley 31 minuto fa
It used to be 77% off and now I’m not interested
Manju Parajuli
Manju Parajuli 31 minuto fa
Dis trending #1 in Nepal
Zheeph 32 minuti fa
>The fact that Exes exist means that most relationships FAIL. Oh shit dude I never thought of it that way. Why didn't you make this video 10 years ago? Hmnn??? HMMMMMNNNN?????!?!?!
TheOddCat 33 minuti fa
3:02 best part of the video deym fez!
Samuel Carneiro
Samuel Carneiro 34 minuti fa
Go mgtow
Claudin Pierre
Claudin Pierre 35 minuti fa
gj going on trending
Frost Snow
Frost Snow 35 minuti fa
Congrats on #1 on trending
istanbul megakent
istanbul megakent 35 minuti fa
When you really want to tell her something but just can't gather enough . what if she says no?
Ashe Valentine
Ashe Valentine 36 minuti fa
I hope that shot of domics surrounded by a wall was a straight reference to Pink Floyd's the wall.
Arthovisk 36 minuti fa
Could you please represent homosexuals¿? Loved the video :)
Tree 36 minuti fa
My dog left me
Noreen Likes flying
Noreen Likes flying 36 minuti fa
I don’t believe in love cuz it will end whether it’s sooner or later or maybe it’s cuz I’ve never had a crush or became a couple with someone 😔
Space Night
Space Night 36 minuti fa
I've been in break ups and havent really gotten a clear reason why and had that same downfall, I'm okay right now still without some idea of what reason some of those break ups were for. Really I'm just going with the flow and it I end up falling for someone,well it happens but it's not something I actively look for or look forward to like others
Alex 37 minuti fa
What Karen/whassername did to Domics, I did to my ex. Sometimes, it's just impossible to be honest with someone in the moment, because you feel trapped. It's usually a self-made trap. You build a lie that seems small and insignificant at first, but it builds and builds, and you've trapped yourself in it. You pretend, and the other person has no idea. And, because you love them, you can't just... expose the lie, because it would shatter their world in some way. I *could* have told my ex the truth, but I was terrified he would hate me/ hate himself. And he was too much of a wonderful, caring, amazing person for me to want that. (And I was a bit of a cowardly mess at the time.) Even years later, I regret it. We've since become very tentative friendcquaintances, we've talked about how we felt back then, but I never gave him the full truth. Maybe I should. Maybe he'd understand, now. The point of this long-ass comment is basically... Sometimes, people in relationships do really stupid shit, like break up with you out of nowhere. Sure, some of the times, it's cause they're cheating./ assholes, but some of the time, they're just hurting and trapped and just snap. The fact that it's so sudden means that they cared enough about you to soldier on this long until something made them become unable to. It's not your failing, or you being a terrible boyfriend/girlfriend. Sometimes, people just desperately need an out, to escape. And it's a cowardly way to do it, but sometimes, people are so messed up it's their only option. Try not to hate these exes. Be hurt and upset and all those healthy emotions. But don't blame yourselves. They wouldn't want you to. In a way, the lack of explanation is them trying to be kind.
Bimmer 37 minuti fa
You can't break up if you don't have a relationship...
Chrissy Bee
Chrissy Bee 40 minuti fa
Good job on trending dom!
Ryan R.
Ryan R. 40 minuti fa
This is the Golden content I subbed for
Z House
Z House 40 minuti fa
I kinda wanna know what was the reason Ik this is rude
Joku Sekou
Joku Sekou 40 minuti fa
Do a video on selling out
Kevin  DeLuna
Kevin DeLuna 41 minuto fa
Yall need to be careful with dating STDS cheating heartbrakes abnormal situations children use your head a little especially if you find yourself dating an odd character....
ToTa sisters
ToTa sisters 41 minuto fa
why it"s in no.1 trending videos???why???
420 Texan
420 Texan 41 minuto fa
7:15 had me cracking up. Lmfao
Gg Hha
Gg Hha 41 minuto fa
Senpai Bakaa
Senpai Bakaa 42 minuti fa
Do you know Tagalog? Hoy, ikaw ang number 1 sa trending.
柴犬 43 minuti fa
*Alexa can we cast a sword out of obsidian?*
Storytime626 44 minuti fa
Less christmas presents to buy.
Mansour Ali
Mansour Ali 44 minuti fa
my girl moved on me yesterday :(
Micchi Draws
Micchi Draws 44 minuti fa
#1 on Trending holy heck-
ZestyLotion 45 minuti fa
Gg #1 on trending
MiddleMang 46 minuti fa
It's pretty easy to break up if you're a girl who's got beta orbitors and attention from guys all over. Just throw the whole thing in the dump lol, who cares about promises or feelings.
FARAONalex 8
FARAONalex 8 46 minuti fa
0:51 haha my name is alex *hides the fact that he has never been in a relationship*
Mawmaw Sue
Mawmaw Sue 46 minuti fa
There's the answer here itvid.net/video/video-ABXtWqmArUU.html This is from a wife of 40 years and we're still in love with each other and will be married till one of us WINS ah I mean one of us dies.😊
Noor Mashal
Noor Mashal 46 minuti fa
JeremiahxBrown 46 minuti fa
1.1 million views in 13 hours.. It’s good to see some progress Dom!
Hd Network
Hd Network 47 minuti fa
You can take me to your Xbox to play fortnite today you can take me to moisty more but not look lake I really love to chug jug with you we can both be fortnite gamers
Cole Greene
Cole Greene 47 minuti fa
Damn.. I've been putting things off for a while.. first I said I was waiting till after finals and now I'm trying till wait till after christmas.. I hope that's a good move
ramiz 47 minuti fa
Hey dom how about you tell us how to ask someone out before you tell us how to break up with them
Austin T
Austin T 47 minuti fa
_十十十 48 minuti fa
36+1?... Awww
That Reject
That Reject 49 minuti fa
Lol I’m in yr8 and this still makes loads of sense
Ella Plays Games
Ella Plays Games 49 minuti fa
Ayeee number 1 on trending!!
Promo Inc One
Promo Inc One 51 minuto fa
Watch "O Holy Night" on ITvid - itvid.net/video/video-122l4z4WM_Y.html
Ileana Flores
Ileana Flores 51 minuto fa
Found out i was pregnant a few days ago. My “boyfriend” of almost two years said “as of right now we’re not together “
Anders Høgel
Anders Høgel 53 minuti fa
Glen Garvey
Glen Garvey 53 minuti fa
I just realised he is in the most disliked video of all time
Raf e Zorro
Raf e Zorro 55 minuti fa
Liza and David 😭
Gasic GL
Gasic GL 55 minuti fa
finally Domics has maid a outube video again
Anim3boy 56 minuti fa
Thanks for the advice I'm going to break up with my girlfriend and it's a waste of time tbh
Chivalric Soul
Chivalric Soul 56 minuti fa
Elo Guvna
Elo Guvna 56 minuti fa
Your that one guy in youtube rewind
1INBAL 57 minuti fa
I have this problame it got comfortable being together all our friends think we'll get maried in a few years.
Jasperical 58 minuti fa
You are not the reason why Rewind 2018 got more dislikes.
charbone skull charmeleon
Just break up by texting them a meme about breaking up
Lunanies 58 minuti fa
I've never been in a relationship before and I couldn't be happier haha . . . . . . . . Please date me I'm lonely . . . . . . . (Okay that was a joke please I don't date strangers)
Mela the great
Mela the great 59 minuti fa
I needed this in 2017 lol but thank goodness I’m happier now & healed from my breakup. So anyone dealing with a recent breakup. Trust me, it hurts like hell but you’ll be okay :) sometimes become better within time
JullianShinyhuntr 59 minuti fa
This video came up the day I broke up..........Im dying inside🙃
Maryan ALI
Maryan ALI Ora fa
Knock,knock read more
Don't Just Don't
1:47 , is that a sWoozie reference?
John Laurens
Never been in a relationship so I can't relate lol😂
DJ 4ndre
DJ 4ndre Ora fa
Aaliyah Johnson
Congrats I love you and your videos❤️❤️
Olivia Lind
How convenient, I was just crying over my ex lol
The Default
Who else knew DOMICS was in ITvid Rewind
Nycrean Ora fa
#1 on trending wow domics👏
Deeply Broken Human
Lol I actually just got with someone
Kevin Reyhan
Adah Altares
*This is how grudges are born man...*
Jess Thompson
I've just realised all of domics characters say "tic tock tic tock"
LePezzy66 Ora fa
I'm on to my 3th year with my first bf. We imagine our lives together and I'm totally okay with it. My future with him looks great! But then I hear your story, and I wonder if it's necessary to have exes? I don't know if I'm just that lucky to have found a good partner, or of I am just blinded by lack of experience?
Splatoon Hentai
Splatoon Hentai 27 minuti fa
LePezzy66 fucking 3th
Why do you draw both as boys? Are you supporting LGBT, I will unsubscribe if you do
Lucyyy P
Lucyyy P Ora fa
Lmao wtf
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