Brescia 3-4 Bologna | Orsolini Wins the Match for Bologna in 7-Goal Thriller! | Serie A

Serie A
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After 3 goals in the first half by Brescia, Bologna come back strong in the second half to take the win.
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15 set 2019




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Commenti 80
Jarrett D
Jarrett D 3 mesi fa
🔥🔥 *i am very excited when i watch football* 1:38 ❤💯 👇👇👇🔥
عاشق باسم الكربلائي
DanielAlexander YT
Where Is Balotelli
Cristi Răduică
This commentator sounds like is dying..
K K 8 mesi fa
Devon Yardi
Devon Yardi 8 mesi fa
the best seri a
Amex 88
Amex 88 8 mesi fa
Worst commentator ive ever heard. Its like they are playing badminton. What a joke!!
the red card turned the result for Bologna , without this red card Berscia won
Rajesh chiraniya
juventus napoli match is so great & the sucide goal was very dangerous. Great series this season till now
Jamie Roe
Jamie Roe 8 mesi fa
I never thought I'd see some in Serie A get booked for diving, this is a Beautiful day🙂
Don John Gotti
Don John Gotti 8 mesi fa
Orsolini deserves big team
Hirachn shougaijam
Where is Balotelli???????
Salik Enequist
Salik Enequist 8 mesi fa
Can you please put in the time, cus you can't remember what the score is/what minute it is being played in
John kora John
John kora John 8 mesi fa
Is real Donaruma... 😂 not goal keeper
Crazy game. Some pretty goals, too.
Ryley Duffy
Ryley Duffy 8 mesi fa
Palacio is simply incredible especially when considering he is 37 wow
Brandon Hernandez
Yo vine por André Marín 🇲🇽
Benny Rusli
Benny Rusli 8 mesi fa
Positif yg kena kartu merah gak bisa tidur stress berat😂😂😂
juan acevedo
juan acevedo 8 mesi fa
3:1 to 3:4 , what a game from Bologna
The Matador
The Matador 8 mesi fa
Evic football
Amavolta Talo
Amavolta Talo 8 mesi fa
Palacio !!!
Gamezstaa Studio
So many goals in Serie A so far this season. This was unexpected.
giorgos. ath
giorgos. ath 8 mesi fa
Forza Bologna!!! From Greece 🇬🇷🇮🇹
Mücahit Çakmak
This is the worst commentator ever
Matthijs van Emous
Bologna could only win bc of the red card from brescia.
Richard Tan
Richard Tan 8 mesi fa
Palacio is class!!!
Ajo Galon
Ajo Galon 8 mesi fa
Balotelli ?
Ghostdog 8 mesi fa
Guys, I guess this commentator is talking on the highlights only, means he was not really watching the match live.
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer 8 mesi fa
💛😱 great match 🧡🙌 from georgia 🙏
l v
l v 8 mesi fa
why isnt there balotelli?
GABPOS LITE 8 mesi fa
Where was Balotelli
Luka Vukojevic
Luka Vukojevic 8 mesi fa
Mihajlović maestro
Victor Valdez
Victor Valdez 8 mesi fa
Racing santander doing santander rush and goal
Iyus Yusra
Iyus Yusra 8 mesi fa
Bologna is better than Ac MIlan
Alsa Lowtogana
Alsa Lowtogana 8 mesi fa
Dupi 8 mesi fa
I hope my old elementary friend still likes Bologna
idras lentera
idras lentera 8 mesi fa
Orsolini ok
Ikas Redmi Note 6 Pro
Not Play Balotelli and You'll Lose Play Balotelli and You'll Win 😂😅🤣
Richard Löwenherz
Alvi Zlatan10
Alvi Zlatan10 8 mesi fa
Respect for Mihajlovic
Mustafa Hussain
Mustafa Hussain 8 mesi fa
Not sure about that red card, he dived/fell but didn't even appeal for a pen
Normie Patrol
Normie Patrol 8 mesi fa
Simulation is automatically a yellow card inform urself
Luis Fernando Tirado
Nice to see a brilliant Palacio again
DarkSendo94 8 mesi fa
Its insane Palacio is still playing and scoring
Dito Tri H.
Dito Tri H. 8 mesi fa
that is so entertaining match even I'm a fan of Inter really nice comeback
nithin r s
nithin r s 8 mesi fa
What a come back!
Marco Burgoa
Marco Burgoa 8 mesi fa
Cuando vas ganando 3-1 y te remontan Juventus: me recordo a mi
doyanbalabala 8 mesi fa
Dived right in front of the refferee 😂😂
ricardo silva
ricardo silva 8 mesi fa
maverik094 8 mesi fa
Bring back access to italian commentary.
Redzuan Maarof
Redzuan Maarof 8 mesi fa
silly mistake cost team..hard luck brescia
ryoga barian
ryoga barian 8 mesi fa
Palacio was born again
DjCotes Musik
DjCotes Musik 8 mesi fa
Forza Serie A Great match!!!!
Tharn Weosaeng
Tharn Weosaeng 8 mesi fa
J'aime vos vidéos
Sho Sagara
Sho Sagara 8 mesi fa
What happens in Seri A ??
พิเชษฐ พงศ์สมุทร
Werona vs Ac milan 16 September 2019
Andri Irawan
Andri Irawan 8 mesi fa
Wasit yang bagus Pertandingan yang menarik Serie a telah kembali Salam dari indonesia
bacel milanisti
bacel milanisti 8 mesi fa
Forza miha get well soon
John Chaldean
John Chaldean 8 mesi fa
m.p. maxplanation
Dessena terrible... coach should have changed Spalek for Dessena after he was booked for the first
mrindependentbg 8 mesi fa
Яков Бушманов
Болонья хороша,браво с 3:1 ,выиграть, красавчики.
yuyu ASMR
yuyu ASMR 8 mesi fa
eugeeltano 8 mesi fa
W Bologna W Palacios W Boca Juniors
Parry Uwague
Parry Uwague 8 mesi fa
Were is Balotelli
Josue Flow
Josue Flow 8 mesi fa
Q buenos partids se ven en italia a mejorado la liga 💪👏
AWBAKER2010 8 mesi fa
Let me have a chance at commentary! Its a thriller not a game of polo
Billy Rey
Billy Rey 8 mesi fa
Y balotelli ?
Goal machine
Goal machine 8 mesi fa
Unbelievable come back for bologna
Angus Scrimm
Angus Scrimm 8 mesi fa
When your up 3-1 dominating no need for player on yellow to dive getting him a red,and team down to 10 men,and collapse to lose game.
Willyfred 8 mesi fa
Gary Medel 💓💖
Simon T. C
Simon T. C 8 mesi fa
Skov Olsen as forward looks like and play like Palacio as false 9. It can be his natural replacement.
Tommy Robinson
Tommy Robinson 8 mesi fa
Det ved jeg nu ikke. Om et par år måske! 😄 🇩🇰
CLEME 8 mesi fa
Dan D
Dan D 8 mesi fa
we want italian commentators ,here is Serie A , not MLS from USA
Jamston Julian
Jamston Julian 8 mesi fa
@Dan D If they want people to actually take an interest in the sport they will use English commentary. Speaking for myself, the reason I actually took an interest in Italian football was because of Football Italia back in the 90s. They do need better commentators though.
Dan D
Dan D 8 mesi fa
@Reactor selfish ? it's italian league ,more better will be presented by natives ,more passion !
Reactor 8 mesi fa
don't be selfish pls
Aidy Gooner
Aidy Gooner 8 mesi fa
What happened to that commentator with laughing gas sound? He was amazing!
R Sirath
R Sirath 8 mesi fa
What a comeback 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lutkar Lutkovic
Lutkar Lutkovic 8 mesi fa
Роберто Бађо 💪
Cristián Silva
Cristián Silva 8 mesi fa
El Rodelindo Román les gana a estos weones malos.
Cristián Silva
Cristián Silva 8 mesi fa
@shano SACO DE WEAS, decir Rodelindo Román es como decir el Guatón Loyola. Y además te ponís un like vos mismo, pobre weón
Ian Deeley
Ian Deeley 8 mesi fa
Your Paradise
Your Paradise 8 mesi fa
What commentator 😂😂 Brresha in frront 👏😂😂😂
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