BTS (방탄소년단) Intro: Persona + 상남자(Boy In Luv) + 작은 것들을 위한 시(Boy With Luv) + 소우주 + Dionysus @ 2019 MMA

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30 nov 2019




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Commenti 80
Fifi Ding
Fifi Ding Ora fa
ok wtf...this is literally a kpop masterpiece...
indah nurhasanah
not an army here, but they got like freaking 37 minutes to perform?!? you gotta be kidding, it's pretty much their concert. I'm shook. now I get why their the worldwide phenomenon. legends.
Lil Meow Meow
Lil Meow Meow 2 ore fa
Biraz izleyip ağlamaya geldim müsadenizle köşede ağlayacağım... :"(
Manal Karmoude
seokjin real prince
Manal Karmoude
i can't resist tae's and jin's handsomeness they look really gorgeous
Ai Loves
Ai Loves 4 ore fa
Am I the only one who have problems with the lightnings? I cant focus on some parts because the lights are too bright... Watching this during quarantine. I love you bangtan ❤
Edgar Garcia
Edgar Garcia 5 ore fa
I love BTS
김가영 7 ore fa
그리워 한글남긴다 사랑해 방탄소년단♡
Dukez 9 ore fa
Only if there was a video of girl idols reacting to persona 😭
Emily Morgan
Emily Morgan 10 ore fa
They have such a stage presence
MD. Tasneem Firdaus
Can anyone see the writings -interlude, shadow, ego...
a a
a a 4 ore fa
nina x9
nina x9 12 ore fa
yoon gi
yoon gi 14 ore fa
I'm so pround for they, for all staff of Big Hit Entertaiment. Your are great, expensive people. I love all.
Iana Laurente
Iana Laurente 15 ore fa
No wonder they're called the kings of kpop
Afifah Amatulloh
Nguras emosi!
imirrawashere 15 ore fa
21:08 I'm lowkey kind of scared lol
imirrawashere 15 ore fa
13:52 Namjoon lookin like Abu from Aladdin lol
Nara Moreira
Nara Moreira 17 ore fa
싫어요 누른사람 무엇? 싫어하면 보질말던가ㅋ
Santi Srimulyati
This is the amazing performance, it's my first time watch it and I didn't find it yet before and woow it's great...the best performance. proud of them..proud of big hit found this quality
hilda agustina
hilda agustina 18 ore fa
i can't breath
Prinzess n a d i a
In jk's part I was lokey praying for him not to fall
a a
a a 4 ore fa
It was pre-recorded but I know what you mean
Ester Camargo
Ester Camargo 19 ore fa
Saudades da época de Boy in Luv né minha filha?
Ester Camargo
Ester Camargo 19 ore fa
Jhoreen Syl Doring
I just can't say anything.......
Chipotle. Is.Bae!
BTS are the only ones that can make me watch a video this long without skipping
Mayra V
Mayra V 23 ore fa
Just wow
Jasmi Giorno fa
Absolutely no one can top them 🔥 I'm proud to be an ARMY 💜
Шиппер в Здании
Люди, всем привет!) Сегодня 28.05.2020. 00:12 и я пишу этот комментарий. А пишу я его, потому что меня бесит, что каждый раз, когда я пересматриваю MMA2019 песню Mikrokosmos, я вижу ошибку в "я тебЕ люблю". Ну серьёзно, как так можно то было? Наверно переводчики плохо переводят или дело не в этом.
as b-armys estariam vibrando,provavelmente cantando muito com os meninos,assim como o show deles lá no Brasil,as B-armys são incríveis e as k-armys não demonstraram a mesma coisa,diversa vezes os meninos deram uma pausa nas musicas pra ver se as armys cantariam e eles simplesmente não cantaram,e é impossível não perceber o desapontamento dos meninos.Sou uma I-army e usei o Google tradutor,espero que não tenha nada escrito errado.
Merve Naz
Merve Naz Giorno fa
Andrea Palomino
Andrea Palomino Giorno fa
More than fantastic!!! *BTS* I ❤️RM
taetae Kookie
taetae Kookie Giorno fa
friends: so who’s ur fav? Me: the one in the suit
Minnie Moo
Minnie Moo Giorno fa
Timestamps (CREDIT: Aliaa) 0:00 VCR 1 1:26 Intro: Persona (Namjoon/RM) 4:09 Intro: What Am I To You 4:46 Boy In Luv 8:40 Boy With Luv 12:33 VCR 2 (The Truth Untold bgm) 13:15 Mikrokosmos 17:43 VCR 3 19:36 No More Dream remix (Taehyung/V) 20:51 Danger remix (Seokjin/Jin) 22:01 I Need U remix (Jimin) 23:19 Fire remix (Yoongi/Suga) 24:27 Save Me remix (Jungkook) 25:53 Fake Love remix (Hoseok/J-Hope) 26:53 Dionysus intro (Namjoon/RM) 31:06 Dionysus 1 34:17 N.O remix (Dionysus dance break) 36:04 Dionysus 2
BTS OT7 Giorno fa
I love how they brought back their old songs. By the way, I think it was enough for Suga to just say the first and last phrases of Fire to set the whole ARMY on fire. Sorry I am not too sure how to spell them, and I don’t want to get them wrong, so I though I just wouldn’t write it.
Lady bugs
Lady bugs Giorno fa
rewatched this still feel the awesome aura from their amazing performance. BTS is WORLD CLASS ACT. PROUD TO BE ARMY.
oh shiteu
oh shiteu Giorno fa
Imagine grammy looking at this "Damn it was a mistake but our stage is too small"
Kacchan Sama
Kacchan Sama Giorno fa
22:38 moi avec mon drap quand il fait trop chaud
uljan baktiyarova
k ki kim k ki
Er tha
Er tha Giorno fa
Not only singing and dancing, not just performances. This is truly art. I have only known them a few months but I am truly in love on BTS. They are really talented, humble, have a strong brotherhood. South Korea must be proud have them. Their songs also have positive messages, especially for the younger generation. Love you boys
RLy*** **ViA
RLy*** **ViA Giorno fa
Gilaaaaaa.... Kereeennnn bangeeetttt...
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Giorno fa
too powerful
Shrawani Bhosale
I love how they have created a aura of nostalgia by performing their old songs showing their history and what they have become . And that bulatoreune part just gave me chills .
Serene Ong
Serene Ong Giorno fa
Ayu Renanda
Ayu Renanda Giorno fa
jungkook handsome
Isabella Meira
Isabella Meira Giorno fa
That's another level 😱💜
Susan Giorno fa
Wow!, this show makes know the world the great level of artists that BTS are. Awesome!!. 👏👏👏👏
Kang Mira
Kang Mira 2 giorni fa
so bored during quarantine decided again (for the hundredth time already) to watch this legendary performance ... and did not regret I understand that I love them more and more every day, why they are so incredible🤧💜✨
Gislene Pereira
Gislene Pereira 2 giorni fa
J- Hope and Tae is the perfection
sabahat asif
sabahat asif 2 giorni fa
In the beginning, I did not shine so bright. I only knew to do my best to shine. But we found each other and our universe was born. Now let us shine on each other. We are no longer small. Just as the universe expands, our universe will last forever.
Eric Foo
Eric Foo 2 giorni fa
I dont understand why they weren't nominated for Grammys .
a a
a a 4 ore fa
Grammy is scared that it will turn into a bts concert also Grammy stage is wayyyy to small for BTS
수현 2 giorni fa
어떻게 거의 40분동안 공연을 할 수가 있는거.. ㄹㅇ 대단하다 ㄷㄷ
Choco Army
Choco Army 2 giorni fa
Bangtan ah , love u
Need Oxyjeon
Need Oxyjeon 2 giorni fa
Gue tgok dkt 10 kali.. gempak gilaaa arghhhhhhhhhhh.. gue tak leh tgok muka jhope.. usihh auto tersenyum.. pastu jungkook ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH ICANT AHHHHHHH HIKS HIKS.. LET ME MEROYANNNNNNNN
Shine Dream Smile
Shine Dream Smile 2 giorni fa
Perjuangan mereka tidak sia-sia aku bangga menjadi army sayang kalian bangtan sonyeondan 💜
Cheshire Gold
Cheshire Gold 2 giorni fa
Is this an award show? Is this not their concert? So grand... Super powerful... *Wow...* 👍
DAR NOC 2 giorni fa
love this so
I am JinHit Sister
I am JinHit Sister 2 giorni fa
I just i want to say end of the day BTS and ARMY is my everything.
Oum Issa
Oum Issa 2 giorni fa
هذا عالم ثاني الخييول في المسرح😂😂😂😂😂
army16 bts 7
army16 bts 7 2 giorni fa
Jimin I love you ♥️
Nadine 2 giorni fa
19:28 is so similar to the intro of ON
Nabila Adiandini
Nabila Adiandini 2 giorni fa
Imagine all other big entertainments shaking watching this performance Honestly tho, this is the BIGGEST Flex to those who understand the technical and operational aspects of this stage. I mean, for us fans they are bringing us pure entertaining performance, but to those who work back stage? They bring fear. Because this stage is freaking complicated and freaking expensive. Horse? Laser?? Beautiful ladies??? Those costumes for the dancers and everyone in stage????? The propertiES?????? Damn.
FLORENCE 2 giorni fa
Why Namjoon dosen't spit in persona?
wkwk wkwk
wkwk wkwk 2 giorni fa
Erised Serrano
Erised Serrano 2 giorni fa
just realized i was holding my breath the entire 37:07 😵🤯👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🥰💜
ᴡɪɴᴛᴇʀ ᴊᴇᴏɴ
Now im scared for MMA 2020
worldwide handsome
worldwide handsome 2 giorni fa
I'm not over this yet since November last year
Agnes monica
Agnes monica 2 giorni fa
I' like jung jungkook 😍🎀💖
JEMENN SHIEE 2 giorni fa
22:46 oof i'm sowy
Sol 2 giorni fa
JK and JM hitting the notes feels nostalgic man! Old armys where u at!
Taeshx 2 giorni fa
BTS always give us the surprises we never knew needed.. like these stages!! Will always be iconic!!
Patricia Eugenio
Patricia Eugenio 2 giorni fa
Marysia_Klara DIY
Marysia_Klara DIY 3 giorni fa
Wowwwww they look cute even when the pretend to sleep 😍😑
Kara 3 giorni fa
Aww! my babies yeonjun and soobin!! awww. they look so adorable!! yeonjuns tiny wave and smile was soo adorableee!! 9:09
Laura Flores
Laura Flores 3 giorni fa
❤ :')
Rhythm Gupta
Rhythm Gupta 3 giorni fa
This performance, no, this piece of so fine art, is a gift to humankind. Anyone who says otherwise has no taste whatsoever.
Bnc Ctmel
Bnc Ctmel 3 giorni fa
Rhythm Gupta
Rhythm Gupta 3 giorni fa
Whenever i want to see a miracle, i come here to watch this out-of-the-world performance! Bangtannies are the best 💜🥺
Beel Scarlino
Beel Scarlino 3 giorni fa
la verdad que sin palabras, aplaudo de pie, excelente servicio AH RE
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