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Saturday Night Live
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Musical guest BTS performs "Boy with Luv" on Saturday Night Live.
#SNL #EmmaStone #BTS #SNL44
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14 apr 2019




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Commenti 72 457
emely Almonacid
emely Almonacid 55 minuti fa
Bts son geis??
The shirt that Jimin ripped off at MAMA 2014
They all look so good 😭💜 ammnjjsmskwjsnxmskwkkks Love how the band at the back playing instruments are having fun 😍💜
Heather 100
Heather 100 57 minuti fa
The best band 2019 currently
Mauricio Lobo Quijaite
Bts los amo!!!
ARMY, please let all your friends and family members and really, anyone you encounter, know about BTS! The whole world deserves to know and love BTS!
Kari Florendo
Kari Florendo 59 minuti fa
OMG im crying😭So proud of them👏👏👏👏👏👏
Outlander R&R
Outlander R&R 59 minuti fa
They dance and sing at the same time without compromising their voice! Amazing!
vv tan
vv tan Ora fa
Jimin's vocal 🤦‍♀️🔥 Killing me
Lee Jessica
What was J-Hope and Suga laughing about? 0:52
Federica Ora fa
WAIT A SECOND... can we make a huge ass applause for the backup singers in the back who actually SANG THE KOREAN PARTS???!!
Kurosaki Ichigo
itvid.net/video/video-5Ib5JZ7f7WI.html This is real
Andrea Louise Yares
jhope is so enjoying hisself
NuJB R Ora fa
BTS I’m so proud of you as always.
fathima kasan
Jimin's voice is so stable 🤩
If you want to enjoy the quality of pictures and immerse yourself in the theme of the clip, then you need to watch Korean shows, that's who makes quality comebacks (M net).
Anne Cyan
Anne Cyan Ora fa
This is the only bts song i know lol but this somg is a bop and this performance is somehow so satisfyinh to watch😂
Nayeli Frias
Thank you for watching! If you like this performance then I recommend watching this Boy With Luv performance from a Korean music show, the stage is much more immersive -> itvid.net/video/video-D2xmlzMOsmM.html I also recommend Dionysus (one of my personal faves from their new album), the choreography and stage presence is amazing and you get to hear something new-> itvid.net/video/video--moUJ3Lw_TQ.html
Winnie the pooh
SNL, where are the scenery, where is ARMY, where is the background to the song, where is the normal lighting? There is no sensation from this show and performance that BTS has comeback!
Gleen Solis
I just can't take my eyes off on jimin! I love how he smiles a lot in this song... I love his cool dance moves... Plus the all black outfit and the pink hair? oh my my my...
알레 사
알레 사 Ora fa
I mentioned this performance to my coworker and she watched it and said they were good and she liked them, she's 50, and I know it's just one person but it made me felt good 💜
Sunrise Lover
0:53 My ships has sailed even farther
Ōdanna Ri
Ōdanna Ri Ora fa
i love BTS
bigsun Jo
bigsun Jo Ora fa
illuminati satanic music song
Laura Barretos
Laura Barretos
O vocal do jungkook é sempre tão estável 💜
B D Ora fa
I love how BTS is making this world have hope during this tough time where trump is president! So thankful they exist especially during this time!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU JUNGKOOK AND V BAIS 💜💛💚💙🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😍😍😍😍🔫🔫🔫🔫
Onix band
Onix band Ora fa
bts are our idols and role models :''''O Listen to our cover to boy in love by bts and tell us what you think respectfully itvid.net/video/video-4eld65okrP4.html&lc=Ugz3Q1NZR8TAbYu-3EV4AaABAg
Mauli Gita
Mauli Gita Ora fa
oh my boys
HoseoKING 218
I don't understand what Hoseok makes me feel when he dances? It's effortlessly like telling me a story, makes me feel so comfortable as if it was all easy to execute (but hell I can't) and it's just overwhelming to watch him dance. I mean it's a given he's a great dancer but it's beyond by that. I can't explain it into words. All words would be an understatement.
Isabella Meneses
If Jin, Yoongi and Nam are bad dancers I can't even imagined what I'm then because I can't make one simple move
mitchell solano
Kpop makes every other genre's concerts feel lazy lol
Adriana Barros
Linda apresentação! Ótimo vê-los cantando ao vivo e nessa dança perfeita. Um deleite para os olhos!
Taegi line
Taegi line Ora fa
the choreo looks fun and fresh 👍
Kim Cimol
Kim Cimol Ora fa
Omg they are so amazing :)
Dalí Ora fa
한국사람인디 외국방송보고 한국연예인한테 입덕하네ㅋㅋㅋ 이제 나도 어디가서 아미라고 해야지ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Lilith Ora fa
haunala Ora fa
Anyone else notice Jungkook @ 3:56 changing his hand to an 'ILOVEYOU' sign!!?!?! To ARMY, maybe?!!?! So freaking adorable
quftpro Ora fa
Falling in love with these 7 boys 👍
SniperLyfe Parry
I bet this is the most liked SNL video 🤣😂😁👍🏻
Don Don
Don Don 2 ore fa
Hobi owns that outfit💜🔥💜🔥💜🔥💜
Elizabeth eger
Every time I see BTS my heart goes off, love everyone are wonderful.
Sonny Garcia
Sonny Garcia 2 ore fa
Oh my god. The 90's hit me directly in the face...
Ana Cristina Balbin
Bts a Peruuu
Ana Cristina Balbin
This group is the best
Sky Bangtan
Sky Bangtan 2 ore fa
Jin's choreo jump while singing is amazing: 1:39 & 3:00 ~ love is nothing stronger! 2:32 ~ boy with luv!
Diego Juarez
Diego Juarez 2 ore fa
I was being so ignorant this whole time BTS is so good WTF 🤯
MyrthexLatoya 2 ore fa
don't worry, you're not alone lol! glad you liked it :) Please check out the mv of the song, it's really fun ♥
Belem Quintero Rivero
Que hermoso es seguirlos
StephanieKS_ 04
He revisado comentarios, han atraído público de 40-60 años, les gustó mucho, también atrajeron a jóvenes, leo muchos comentarios positivos, me gusta ver que no hay gente ignorante acá, enserio estoy muy feliz😭💕
Karina chimmy
Karina chimmy 2 ore fa
J-Batsu Entertainment
Cool video !! Who ever is reading this please support my channel I am a BLACK Kpop fan/dancer who is starting to create dance covers in the making. I am slowly learning choreography and would appreciate if you guys showed me some luv for the luv of BTS !! P.S - Keep up the great work army fans!!! ​@uG-4​
nelly nelly
nelly nelly 2 ore fa
Dance they do is insane👏👏👏every time seeing bts dance🤐🤐I'm not army but seeing their dance is mesmerising😍😍😍
Iqbal Fdllh
Iqbal Fdllh 2 ore fa
Esther Fiorela
I love BTS 💜
wendy Wong
wendy Wong 2 ore fa
I love this❤❤😍😍
There is no fan chants, america army is have no anything about bts fan chants
MyrthexLatoya 2 ore fa
the crowd was muted! and the fanchants wasn't even dropped yet
Maria Keskinidou
*Jungkook* My Man 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💜
fyka maira umaira
guys simon tell tht this video count on bb 100
박미영 2 ore fa
Elizabeth Olugbebi
I love how the drummer is just jamming 😂
esraa Saffy
esraa Saffy 2 ore fa
*iam fall in love with 7 beauty kings 💜*
Quang Nguyen
Quang Nguyen 2 ore fa
14,458,668 Good Tab 47 trending VIETNAM
Nel Enrico
Nel Enrico 2 ore fa
the comments made me more proud of my boys😪
Army Br Souza
Army Br Souza 2 ore fa
Vou chora de tanta emoção ❤😂❤
Lanny b
Lanny b 2 ore fa
bader mosa
bader mosa 2 ore fa
Go Stream the mv
RescueMe97 2 ore fa
The pink haired one, damn
Nayeli Frias
Nayeli Frias 2 ore fa
His name is Jimin and I think “damn” sums him up pretty well 😂
Kim TaeTae Is Bae
Oh my god I thought that Suga's was maybe edited in the mv, but puberty did really hit him!!!!!!!
Someone 3 ore fa
Im sorry for laughing but all/most of the comments are like “this is my first time seeing this group” and so on as a army since 2013 i’m so happy my boys are getting more recognised and more fans
P.J. Nxumalo
P.J. Nxumalo 3 ore fa
I know I am old think this is shit. I speak hung up station Korea 2 years.
1s2 2s1
1s2 2s1 3 ore fa
Who's the blue haired one?
Nayeli Frias
Nayeli Frias 2 ore fa
1s2 2s1 no problem!
1s2 2s1
1s2 2s1 2 ore fa
+Nayeli Frias Thanks *-*
Nayeli Frias
Nayeli Frias 3 ore fa
1s2 2s1 His stage name is V but his real name is Taehyung.
Styler Shiner
Styler Shiner 3 ore fa
this goes in the ear
Jessica Castillo
no me gusta q JK traiga el pantalon tan apretado
Lorena Avila
Lorena Avila 3 ore fa
Best voice Jim. My favorite part... JHope’s. Great performance, happy performance. Jimin impressive. What happened with V’s mic volume? I loved this video. Thanks
Victoria Katyleen
Their energy in this is so good, I couldn't help but smile through the whole thing Also 0:57 gave me the chills
- Vkook Animations -
Ladies and gentlemen; BTS Me: * not even fucking *Ready* *
Shayla Le
Shayla Le 3 ore fa
I'm so happy that many people who have never heard of BTS are enjoying them because of their performance on SNL!! Makes me feel like a proud mama lol
isabel colque
isabel colque 3 ore fa
Heather Nevarez
I love BTS but you couldent hear them because of the band in the back kinda mest everything up 😬
Asmaa Amr
Asmaa Amr 3 ore fa
Bset band ever 😊
Mia Tortilla
Mia Tortilla 3 ore fa
Bts got me like 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
cabeouopmuoi 3 ore fa
Good job boys!
Demetria Torowus
Just randomly noticed the hyung line is in white shoes and the maknae line is in black shoes.
JU E CIA bts
JU E CIA bts 3 ore fa
Filhos de uma égua são os BTS
JU E CIA bts
JU E CIA bts 3 ore fa
O jungkook não fica bem de terno só no nosso casamento
msbleu78 3 ore fa
omg. live, dancing, and in TUNE!!
Marianela Mirones
Oh my my my my
Astoria Lillith
Here to see Jimin dancing!!
cesar martinez
Why do they need back up singers?! There’s like 7 of them!!
I've got strength
The song is originally with Halsey so I think that's why. This is like the only time ever when they used back up singer.
Nayeli Frias
Nayeli Frias 3 ore fa
There’s 7 of them but only 4 of them are singers. I believe this is the first time I’ve seen BTS with backup singers and I’m going to assume it’s an SNL thing? Since they’re singing to a live band, I think the backup singers are there to provide extra support, especially during the chorus where they are dancing. Other than that I don’t really know.
Roberto Abobo
Roberto Abobo 3 ore fa
Bitch, where the fuck is halsey?
Maggie Betz
Maggie Betz 3 ore fa
She can't always be promoting with them so they have a version without her too. She's performing the song with them at the billboard music awards.
The Chartist
The Chartist 3 ore fa
They are the new Led Zeppelin for this generation. Their intensity crushes everything else out there today. Rock on BTS!
Mel. Ora fa
I love BTS. But, Led Zeppelin... really.
1-sEcoNd FetUS KoOkiE NexT sEcoND hOt aNd sPicY
3:38 They are such dorks, mom I love them.
israel thao
israel thao 3 ore fa
I thought the pink haired guy was Halsey for half the performance... XD
Nayeli Frias
israel thao I’m sorry, it’s just I can’t understand how! Clearly, pink haired guy (Jimin) is singing in Korean and is Korean, Halsey doesn’t fit in to neither. If that’s what your eyes saw then I can’t change that, but thanks for checking out their performance!
israel thao
+Nayeli Frias I love Kpop. Just really thought it was her.
Nayeli Frias
Nayeli Frias 3 ore fa
You have to be joking... That’s kind of insulting because of the insensitive stereotype of kpop male idols supposedly looking like women. Men don’t have to be masculine and last time I checked, Halsey wasn’t Asian?
Barbara Vazquez
Nice moves BTS. I really likes New K POP Group
Barbara Vazquez
You are welcome
Nayeli Frias
Nayeli Frias 3 ore fa
Barbara Vazquez Thanks for checking them out! 🙌🏼
anna san
anna san 3 ore fa
i enjoyed it really!
Angeel a
Angeel a 3 ore fa
I loved relaxed BTS so so much
Fatima Silay
Fatima Silay 3 ore fa
I love bts
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