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This bubble gum blowing battle just got real.
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Commenti 27 181
Vivian Nguyen
I can make a larger gum bubble
Charlie Rice
Charlie Rice 7 ore fa
Best ITvid channel👍🤙👏👏☺️ 👇
Jade Kendall
Jade Kendall 9 ore fa
bambam boi
bambam boi 10 ore fa
69 million views
Megan BunkeMIMP
Megan BunkeMIMP 12 ore fa
2019 October
Mina Višnjevac
Mina Višnjevac 15 ore fa
Coby will win
Nick B
Nick B Giorno fa
solid gamer
solid gamer Giorno fa
Me beast and dude perfect should have a college so chandler and coby can clash
Joseph Pitcher
Joseph Pitcher Giorno fa
Stop talking about Mr beast
Joseph Pitcher
Joseph Pitcher Giorno fa
Your savigas
Seth Johnson
Seth Johnson 2 giorni fa
tyler always wins
andy19il 2 giorni fa
4:55 look at Garret
Charlie Rice
Charlie Rice 2 giorni fa
If you are reading 📖 this I hope 🤞 your 10000000000000000000000000000000 😉😎😎😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤞🤞 👇
Charlie Rice
Charlie Rice 2 giorni fa
I hope 🤞 your 💯0000AIR
The AK brothers Band
Rubbishy done
cheaevans 3 giorni fa
The views.....NICE
Beast97 Skalicky
Beast97 Skalicky 3 giorni fa
Mariah Smith
Mariah Smith 3 giorni fa
Just saying they put their heads further so the bubble goes further although I love this
Heather DeAngelis
Heather DeAngelis 3 giorni fa
Do a part two
Samarth Sinha
Samarth Sinha 3 giorni fa
Tyler's face Full of bubble gum at 5:10 If you like face click 👇
Dean Robinson
Dean Robinson 3 giorni fa
Love you guys
AMM Villa
AMM Villa 3 giorni fa
Cody is rude!!!!!
Thomas Telgenhoff
Thomas Telgenhoff 4 giorni fa
He will win a second battle
Thomas Telgenhoff
Thomas Telgenhoff 4 giorni fa
Who’s watching after he gets his first battle win
Levi Carnes
Levi Carnes 4 giorni fa
anyone 2019?
Rod Mansalon
Rod Mansalon 4 giorni fa
literally almost every time Tiye always win
VINTAGE gamer 4 giorni fa
Coby I believe
Oliver Raybould
Oliver Raybould 4 giorni fa
ranvee lenor
ranvee lenor 4 giorni fa
Who is here watching with a bubblegum in your mouth
EireBridestree 4 giorni fa
I love you my address is Nottingham. 105 Rose croft drive
Oh yeah Yeah LEADER
EireBridestree i wouldnt tell people that... i would delete it
If u pause the video at 5:14 it looks like PAC man
6:48 when he celebrates do u see how he pushed coby
oh shit
oh shit 4 giorni fa
can I get 1 like please
oh shit
oh shit 4 giorni fa
John paul Martinez
John paul Martinez 4 giorni fa
There YA go
Demo Crashers
Demo Crashers 4 giorni fa
October 2019? (No)
Robert McEvoy
Robert McEvoy 3 giorni fa
Haha 14/10/19 idk y I’m watching this
Malachi and Don
Malachi and Don 5 giorni fa
Cody cheated because he was leaning forward
Pace Broz YT
Pace Broz YT 5 giorni fa
Still their worst video
Chase Huber
Chase Huber 5 giorni fa
This would honestly be my dream
ツFxji_ 5 giorni fa
Everyone says chandler from mr Beast is the true loser Coby: am I a joke to u
Daniel Beust
Daniel Beust 5 giorni fa
Which bubble gum is your favorite?
Wee Zee
Wee Zee 5 giorni fa
Are you happy now that I've watched it ITvid?! Save me -_-
Chantal Animations
Chantal Animations 5 giorni fa
Who else watching this chewing bubble gum 😂😂
ChildersKids 5 giorni fa
So yes, it is a curtain rod.
Desiray Moore
Desiray Moore 5 giorni fa
Coby I believe in you
DjKonvicted123 5 giorni fa
just saying the golden staff was just a curtain holder painted gold like if u agree 👇
Baydos is Garbage
Baydos is Garbage 4 giorni fa
Stop begging
John Rice
John Rice 5 giorni fa
If your reading 📖 this I hope 🤞 You are 100000000000000 air
potatofic gamer
potatofic gamer 5 giorni fa
69M viewz
Wolf girl neon sparkles
Hya & Chris
Hya & Chris 6 giorni fa
the septer is for holding curtains 🤣
Sean Slack
Sean Slack 6 giorni fa
The only reason I clicked on here is cuz it had 69 million views
Aiden Shadle
Aiden Shadle 6 giorni fa
give me all the gum you have.!?
michael eastvold
michael eastvold 6 giorni fa
Cody learned forward so he cheated by getting more distance
Jack Attack
Jack Attack 6 giorni fa
pokabot 6 giorni fa
I would win
Bagus Dana
Bagus Dana 6 giorni fa
Hotwheels tricks please
Jonas Skirelis
Jonas Skirelis 6 giorni fa
Will coby Will ever win a battle?
Keanu Preston
Keanu Preston 6 giorni fa
Can U Guys Plsz Make More Video Like Thes PLEASE
Dolce Sorelle
Dolce Sorelle 6 giorni fa
They is no tropi wow but it is so funny. 👇
Grace Corpuz
Grace Corpuz 6 giorni fa
i like bubble gum blowing cHALLENGE IM A KID
Sackripilar King
Sackripilar King 7 giorni fa
Coby chandler
Tiernan Twaitesgaming
69mil views
hasanur rahman
hasanur rahman 7 giorni fa
Yes Coby will win and if you want more wins drop a like | \|/
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