Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Mark Rober
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Squirrels were stealing my bird seed so I solved the problem with mechanical engineering :)
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Here is an explanation of the illusion dish thing!- demos.smu.ca/index.php/demos/optics/69-mirage-mirror
Here is a link to the illusion dish (not sponsored :) www.amazon.com/dp/B0718XCG7F/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_D9PYEbC85X14F
0:02 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie andrewapplepie.com/
0:27 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
3:21 - Zambo - Devil in Disguise danijel-zambo.bandcamp.com/track/devil-in-disguise-2
3:47 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
5:28 - J. Thompson - Real Quick Lovin' www.amazon.com/Real-Quick-Lovin/dp/B0010YGE3W
5:39 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
7:51- Chi- Ponder- www.prodbyponder.com/5-free-beats32029775
8:31 - Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
9:25 - Josef Falkenskold - Tiny Tumble www.epidemicsound.com/artists/josef-falkenskold
19:07 - Nik- Ponder- www.prodbyponder.com/5-free-beats32029775

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Mark Rober
Mark Rober 5 mesi fa
Phantastic Gus is my spirit animal. I think I'm going make a shirt with him on it. When I do, I'll give a bunch away on Insta/Twitter/TikTok at MarkRober so go follow.
Neil Joseph
Neil Joseph 8 giorni fa
Jhji39 9 giorni fa
Joey Five
Joey Five 19 giorni fa
My favourite video so far! Had me and my girlfriend in stitches 😂😂😂 Top marks on naming and launching your fury friends
Nick Also justin Plays ROBLOX And more
I saw to squirrels jump over 4 or 3 trees
Jen Light
Jen Light 2 mesi fa
Q , +
Austin M
Austin M 10 minuti fa
These are the random things humans can do…
רקיע קולפ
רקיע קולפ 44 minuti fa
him saying "a moo point"!
HeyIt'sMeCoreyEXE 54 minuti fa
Peter Zalocha
So cool so
Ezra Deason
This is the best ITvid video I’ve ever seen I wish I could give infinite likes
TSG MUJ 2 ore fa
Nice video bro best channel ever
sdgakatbk 2 ore fa
Conclusion: There is no such thing as a squirrel proof bird feeder.
A day in the life of Mallory
You’re so rude to the squirrels literally launching them you’re so rude
ronak jariwala
Rick and marty lol
John rodrigues
U spooked me
Umaze 2 ore fa
who else has watched this like 10 times? I I ∨
Kevin Mizhquiri
Chunky scavengers
playbyan1453 3 ore fa
Squirrel goes brrrrr
HAVE YOU TOUCHED squirrel I HAVE ONE DAY WAS SIMPLY AND I HERD A SOUND A BABY squirrel i took it home after some monts it ran away has a flamily i see it every time
Eric Andrew
Eric Andrew 3 ore fa
all this to feed a bird
Cliff Clyde
Cliff Clyde 4 ore fa
btw did mark rober saw the child of fantastic gus?
Kitty Queen
Kitty Queen 4 ore fa
Normal squirrels: *sniff* *sniff* Rick: I CAN FLY
Mr. Person
Mr. Person 5 ore fa
Squirrels on your feeder? Buy a BB gun!
SANDMAN 5 ore fa
I challenge you to convert an airsoft gun to a controller for a pc that would work in maybe call of duty warzone. Something that you can aim and your character aims the same direction etc😉
vashantir 6 ore fa
Oh no, These squirrels are just desperate.
First Last
First Last 6 ore fa
Alternate title: Training spifey how to Do parkour
Major Von Stroheim
Me when see a squirrel : shuut tsb. When Mark rober sees one : hmm..
VEER SHODHAN 10 ore fa
cool spirt of squirrels
Shreyas Purkar
Shreyas Purkar 11 ore fa
This is like the Unfair Mario of Squirrels
Nicky Sharma
Nicky Sharma 12 ore fa
Absolute Brillacy of Squirrels and This Guy..... I have never watched such a masterpiece....
Billie Bohannan
Billie Bohannan 14 ore fa
Are you retired already? I don’t know how your wife puts up with you! Although you do seem fun!!
Violet Canipe
Violet Canipe 14 ore fa
Love how a pregnant squirrels doin all that
Jeremiah 15 ore fa
What was the scalped Barbie head use for??
Arthur. III
Arthur. III 15 ore fa
put pam spray on the metal poll
Dave Collandra
Dave Collandra 16 ore fa
rick and marty lOl
nocoast beard
nocoast beard 16 ore fa
gus is my favorite
Kate Mayo
Kate Mayo 16 ore fa
Enjoyed every minute of this, and learned a few things. We have upped our bird-squirrel-deer-rabbit-skunk feeding (same feeder) watching this season for many hours of entertainment, too. A good time in northern MN
Apple Boi
Apple Boi 17 ore fa
This video is the sole reason why I am studying to become and engineer
Elf 17 ore fa
I like Phat guss he funny
Brianne Hession
Brianne Hession 17 ore fa
Jude stebner
Jude stebner 18 ore fa
Me watching mark Rober make squirrel ninja warrior course. My mom, What are you watching Me..... Science. Its beautiful!
Joanna Ciaputa
Joanna Ciaputa 18 ore fa
squirrels squirrels go away come again another day
Heather McClung
Heather McClung 19 ore fa
Funny obscol corse
Y3qh 19 ore fa
This vid gave me a new respect for squirrels
Kelly-Ann Jones
Kelly-Ann Jones 19 ore fa
Sadie's Tablet Smith
That's is funny
Philip Weiss
Philip Weiss 20 ore fa
I love this video
Julia Zhang
Julia Zhang 20 ore fa
This my fav video ever
Skit Caleb
Skit Caleb 21 ora fa
martys a S I M P
juujaray govindraj
How did you make this
TechMetalRules 21 ora fa
Over 40 million views? I sense a squirrel Pixar movie in the works.
Nikolai Gomez - THM Student
i hope none of them die
Jennifer Maney
Jennifer Maney 23 ore fa
I fell so bad
Tom - Cartoon
Tom - Cartoon Giorno fa
to be honest, when we clicked on this video, we never thought it would be this good.
Tom - Cartoon
Tom - Cartoon Giorno fa
@Team Flex I already liked
Team Flex
Team Flex Giorno fa
Hey I’m trying to get my newest video to 100 likes. I hope your doing well and one like will mean a lot
wannabe101 Giorno fa
my psychology teacher showed this video in class today to help us understand classical conditioning and I don't think I've ever had a class period that entertaining before.
Team Flex
Team Flex Giorno fa
Hey I’m trying to get my newest video to 100 likes. I hope your doing well and one like will mean a lot
Sundar Pranesh
Sundar Pranesh Giorno fa
8:47 Nice reference 😂
Sundar Pranesh
Sundar Pranesh Giorno fa
You and Hacksmith should corroborate . It would be awesome !
Dream Sniper
Dream Sniper Giorno fa
Why didn’t you just put a slippery pol in the middle of your yard with the feeder
Mayson Reed
Mayson Reed Giorno fa
TxMB LT Giorno fa
Who had the fastest speedrun?
Mayson Reed
Mayson Reed Giorno fa
David Stene
David Stene Giorno fa
honestly i hate squirrels and for one reason, THE TEAR YOUR CAMPER APART AND STUFF IT WITH NUTS, so we trap them and stab the until they die or we shoot them
Mayson Reed
Mayson Reed Giorno fa
GoldenBoy Gaming
Katherine Linneweber
That course is great but, for people who are to lazy to build it just move the pole away from any fence and cover it with “slippery stuff”
Mayson Reed
Mayson Reed Giorno fa
Gama Gun YT
Gama Gun YT Giorno fa
this is my 4 time watching this
Mayson Reed
Mayson Reed Giorno fa
Spooketone Giorno fa
Phat Gus is the best one.
Sitthiseth.Surimetch BCC
So fun video
Mayson Reed
Mayson Reed Giorno fa
CuteDragon1 Giorno fa
He started off being a bird watcher, now he is a squirrel watcher
Kiki Brotado
Kiki Brotado Giorno fa
Ilham Putra
Ilham Putra Giorno fa
This guy's true Intention is Training Those Squirrels to become his own Bodyguards.😂
Prabh Neet
Prabh Neet Giorno fa
Part 2!
Bokuto’s Fat ass cheeks
Lily Lin
Lily Lin Giorno fa
Abu Nirmal
Abu Nirmal Giorno fa
What a nice course❤️❤️❤️👍
andy Graham
andy Graham Giorno fa
Love your vids
MrBlackPasta Giorno fa
Aadarsha Bantawa
Did gus had baby
Im JustClaw
Im JustClaw Giorno fa
Honestly, this video is amazing.
fatt Guy
fatt Guy Giorno fa
My local 'coons would tear that stuff down as fast as you could put it up.
ZHL Giorno fa
Why don’t you just use a slippery pole that you used to hold the bird feeder?
Erik Corr
Erik Corr Giorno fa
Mark Robers videos are education + amazement of his projects + a great way to spend your time on a Sunday afternoon, or to make something similar. This video teaches how brilliant squirrels are with their environment, another example of Mark Robers insane projects (this is one of my favorites, and it’s very satisfying to watch in general.
iamrsl Giorno fa
I just watched this with the family and this was the best thing on tv! Thank you!! Very enjoyable 🤗
Caleb Schultz
Caleb Schultz Giorno fa
Leave one like for Fat... I mean Fantastic Gus and her kids
Tracy Chermansky
First I thought a fat guess was mutated
Stephanie Boswell
Dan Gamer
Dan Gamer Giorno fa
I find it odd when people get mad that their bird feeders attract squirrels. I like birds. I like most animals, but I think squirrels are so much more interesting to watch than birds
Not the imposter
Lol soo cute
Megan Manning
Megan Manning Giorno fa
Rick and mordy
Deep Pilankar
Deep Pilankar Giorno fa
Amazing awesome totally entertaining fun video and on top of that respect for the NASA engineer
Team Flex
Team Flex Giorno fa
Hey I’m trying to get my newest video to 100 likes. 1 like would mean a lot
Sonja Aiwohi
Sonja Aiwohi Giorno fa
Awesome; Mark you are amazing. I haven't laughed this hard since before the pandemic. I needed this. Good luck with more clever ideas.
Vikings cards 19
2:08 ok I get it, but you really gotta moon the camera
elJefe306 - Gaming
R.I.P the birds who were meant to be the main point of view of Mark.
Marc Longoria
Marc Longoria Giorno fa
Goodywloss2010 Giorno fa
Brilliant video, nice story telling too! Did you know Germans cannot say squirrel in English, spies were caught this way!
Lorraine Garcia
Lorraine Garcia Giorno fa
You are mean😡
Maximum Max
Maximum Max Giorno fa
TheRealJ_LP 2 giorni fa
you got smart squirrels
Roman Cochran
Roman Cochran 2 giorni fa
That’s the same bird feeder my meme had
Harry Sanders
Harry Sanders 2 giorni fa
Jackson Giles
Jackson Giles 2 giorni fa
(Like so he can see) fat gus is a girl
Jackson Giles
Jackson Giles 2 giorni fa
I have a tree nut-allergens
Vita 2 giorni fa
This was fun to watch😎👍
Blade 2 giorni fa
:Squirrels so hard : Flying squirrels Am I a joke to you
sprfitter1 2 giorni fa
Exalant. Enjoyed it all the way.
Laiza Serafim
Laiza Serafim 2 giorni fa
Why didnt you Just put a pole covered in slipery stuff that had the bird feeder on top and that was far from the fence so that they couldnt jump into it?
Mary Cook
Mary Cook Giorno fa
Pam is much cheaper than a fancy “squirrel proof “ bird feeder !! You’re right ! 🔥💡
Live in my parents basement
I hate squirrels they always eat my Halloween pumpkins
It’s Permafrost
It’s Permafrost 2 giorni fa
Wow the montage was actually 20 seconds
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