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Hogwarts legacy is coming out for ps5, xbox and PC, a game by Avalanche and WB you take on the roll of a 5th-year student at Hogwarts learning about the Harry Potter-based wizarding world, and constantly trying to uncover what the secret to Hogwarts is, and why its legacy matters so much.
hogwarts legacy review from acg.
Hogwarts legacy
#hogwarts #hogwartslegacy
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Buy Hogwarts Legacy Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never touch?"

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Lets review Hogwarts legacy

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5 feb 2023




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Commenti 4 262
TimeBucks Mese fa
The game I dreamed of as a kid is finally here
x kartik killer29
Sadaf Hameed
Sadaf Hameed Mese fa
Sharda Verma
Sharda Verma Mese fa
Priya Khandare
akriti dwivedi studies
Very good
Javi The Platinum Hunter
From a developer that was known for Disney games like Toy Story, Disney’s Cars, and Disney Infinity…. This is a MASSIVE LEAP forward!! Props to Avalanche Studios!!
AztekSupreme 7 giorni fa
Ooo I did like the cars game though , I was very little though
Nagappan VR
Nagappan VR 21 giorno fa
They also worked on Mad Max, which is underrated IMO
Tom Bystander
The opening scene/mission with the thestrals showed me the care involved in making the game while simultaneously making me feel like I was on a mission with dumbledore
Robert G
Robert G Mese fa
@Diego Vera Such a great detail!
Diego Vera
Diego Vera Mese fa
I literally yelled "Oh my god he's dead because I can see them now" I was instantly hooked
GG256 Mese fa
The game is incredible. They truly made the wizarding game that fans of the series dreamt of as they experienced it as a kid. I'm not the biggest hp fan, but this game is truly special
GG256 Mese fa
@Devitofan 000 Yeah, but imo Okumora was poorly designed. I think P3 and 4 are way more balanced and consistent, but smt is just plain rough. I like them all though. I don't agree with the easy equals bad statement at all
Devitofan 000
@GG256 idk,persona 5 can be pretty frustrating sometimes,freakijg okamaru ☠️
GG256 Mese fa
@Homelander idk. I mainly play fighting games, some at a high level, so I understand the love for challenges. Take smt games vs persona games for instance. I love smt, but p5 is still one of the best games ever made and it's very easy.
Dienekes n93
Dienekes n93 Mese fa
@Homelander just admit that what you said is cap, and now you feel like you wasted your money lmao
Pars R
Pars R Mese fa
ACG dropping consistent quality reviews. The game I dreamed of as a kid is finally here. Happy week for many, I’m sure
van truong thi
ly cu
ly cu Mese fa
TNTspaz Mese fa
Definitely the biggest surprise was the combat and it being actually fairly challenging I REALLY like that the difficulties aren't just health increases and are literally just better AI with more interesting encounters
Dave Davidson
It's actually not, it's REALLY easy, even on hard mode. It IS entertaining. That is why modders have made harder modes.
Dynestis Mese fa
As opposed to figuretively so?
tam tri
tam tri Mese fa
GG256 Mese fa
This is all good design and programming. For example, check out how enemies aggro towards a player and have a set path in games like soulsborne or Bethesda RPGs. Like the comment above me said, enemies will just lumber aimlessly at you with barely any tactics. The moveset can vary, but that's usually all.
ExeErdna Mese fa
Seeing how mobs that can WILL try to flank and use different approches. Like the armors, some will Leap, others will approach and then some will hang back and throw their weapons. Most games would just have them lumber towards you as you circle strafe them
Martin Mese fa
wow this looks FAR better than any of the footage they have released prior to release. how rare that is these days.
doan tran van
Chris Redfield
It's funny because in sales and business a good tactic that is taught is to undersell then over deliver. But lots of companies seem to think it's good to do the opposite, especially gaming companies.
Almost like they cared about the game they were making lol
Rebelscum264 Mese fa
@Sarahnade you seem very bitter and angry mate
R3b_Rook Mese fa
About 18 hours in, and im absolutely loving it. As someone who has always enjoyed Harry Potter, the little touches/easter eggs are really good.
bruh 22 giorni fa
@endocry nope I'm not playing this dorky game.
endocry 23 giorni fa
@bruh you mad?
bruh 26 giorni fa
@Dean Gregoric game has tons of content even though alot of it is copy and paste bosses -burial watchdogs- in copy and paste dungeons -catacombs-
Dean Gregoric
Dean Gregoric 27 giorni fa
@bruh ER doesn't have a direct storyline in the game thats what I mean. Is only what you can fabricate yourself or watch others interpretation but comparing that to HL is just poor comparison. For example since you mentioned story if you play ER 100h, 95h is just running around fighting pointless npc that have nothing valuable to the story yup that's $ well invested👍
bruh 27 giorni fa
@Dean Gregoric lmao ER has a story you either a.) watch ITvidr that covers Elden Ring lore or b.) play the game yourself and piece together the lore by reading the item descriptions and dialogue from npcs.
Spongebob Story
I love how the classroom thing is not just tacked on. Sounds like an actual part of the world. So excited for this.
Blissful DJ
Blissful DJ Mese fa
@Francis OfFilth the problem is there's like 6 classes, in a game that spans a full year at Hogwarts
Francis OfFilth
@Blissful DJshouldn’t that be what classes are? Ya know a school where you learn stuff you gotta attend a class to ya know learn stuff? Lol
Blissful DJ
Blissful DJ Mese fa
I played it, the classroom thing is tacked on, and you only go to classes to unlock spells
Dmac Mese fa
A bunch of things are locked behind the classes, you have to do them if you want to get other spells and progress the mission and classes are literally just fetch quests
Evil_Befall Mese fa
Yeah i was afraid you had to do the classroom and could not go walk around until you done the classroom quest But i explored while trying to get to my classroom
Siegfried Armory
I think a great idea for a sequel would be adding a sort of mass effect style party system where you can have two of your homies following you around, who have different strengths and weaknesses, and you choose who to bring along based on what you're expecting to run into, or just who you would like to have along because they're a fun/interesting character.
UndeniedReal Mese fa
This is a great idea!
prod. joku
prod. joku Mese fa
Could be dlc down the line
Moses Douglas
@zjoee Garrus 😆
Baz B
Baz B Mese fa
This would allow so many options for character stories. Wow. Like a proper game. O_O What the heck.
zjoee Mese fa
"Can we talk later? I have to do some calibrations on my broom."
MetalOxy 28 giorni fa
So glad this game turned out great. The devs did an excellent job with this and it's fantastic to see JK Rowling's world envisioned like this. Thanks as always for the thorough review.
Maehedrose 26 giorni fa
This review helped tip my decision to buy the game and I am glad I did because it is a fabulous time. The setting feels so magical and the combat is a lot more fun than I had feared. I'm not an HP fan but I do enjoy adventure RPGs (ala AC: Origins or Odyssey) and this was very reminiscent of that kind of game - but with a genuine Hogwarts world to do it in. Nothing feels tacked on, here, and I have spent hours just exploring the school and its grounds - a very rewarding experience.
unvrknow22 Mese fa
I was so scared this game would be too ambitious and a complete disaster, but seeing such a trustworthy source like this give an overwhelmingly positive review just made me so incredibly happy. Thank you ACG for your efforts in putting this review together! You provided a ton of relevant information without spoiling anything.
Drunk Husband
Drunk Husband 13 giorni fa
@SL4PSH0CK Game is far from a 9/10.....it's a 6/10 at best. The world all looks the same, the merlin quests are idiotic, it's a sub 30 hour game....if this didn't have the wizarding world label on it, this game would get trash reviews
SL4PSH0CK 14 giorni fa
after a month, its a great open world, bad rpg, great HP title. a 9/10*
Drunk Husband
@tartatovsky I never even liked my own comment, ya'll are crazy.
tartatovsky Mese fa
@Drunk Husband ok Mr. "I like my own comments in order to make a point" Lol
Drunk Husband
@King Robotnik Nah I just know good games, this isn't it. Graphics from 2015, and a copy and paste formula from assassin's creed, but in a shorter game.
Tony L
Tony L Mese fa
My main concern was combat, glad to see that's not terrible or even bad here. A close second was content, I would've really felt let down by a 15-20 hour experience, so glad there's content in the game too
WhoHasALife Mese fa
Wow. I had to sub to you. This is one of the best reviews I have seen for a game. Thank you for being so thorough and detailed. I can tell that this was authentic and well thought out. I had already bought the game, just because I couldn't resist. But, your review definitely makes me feel more confident in my purchase.
Big Z
Big Z Mese fa
ACG is the best reviewer out there.
Evil_Befall Mese fa
ACG is always one of the reviews i trust Same with worth a buy Mack does some great reviews to
Jerm Mese fa
Been subbed for years, quality has been consistently among the best for reviews of new releases.
Jourden Paolini
One of the only content creators I will actually base my decisions off of if I'm on the fence about a game. So much hard work goes into these videos that he releases.
Fern Mese fa
You won't be disappointed with his reviews, been subbed for a while and ACG never lets down with his review
雪鷹魚 | 英語培訓的領航者
I'm so happy to hear the actual gameplay mechanics are considered top notch by all reviewers.
Big Time Knights
This might be one of the few games that I play in 4K mode rather than performance. I just really want to be immersed and catch the beauty of it.
Svarthol Stjörnuson
There is FINALLY another game for me to pour hours into! I am so relieved after being let down so much by recent titles. It looks gorgeous! I just hope my PC can run it well. Thanks, Jeremy.
Jake Adams
Jake Adams Mese fa
These DEVS and creators deserve so much credit for actually delivering on what so many of us have wanted. Such a small name too!!
Jordan McMinn
@Vagrant Ender I'm well aware. Disney infinity was not a small game by a small indie company
Jack Mese fa
These DEVS these ***DEVS***
Peautiful Benis
They had big shoes to fill with this release and they nailed it
Sholva Mese fa
@Obvious Troll That Baited You Yeah i'll agree with you on that one. Most publishers push for their dev teams to monetise or cut parts from the game to sell as DLC or skins.
Erik Hendrickson
All of the animations look absolutely stunning. Can't wait to play this title!
Luis Lithgow
Luis Lithgow Mese fa
Thanks for this video review. You went into detail, without just giving the standard 5 minute video review. Thank you for all that you do. Very much appreciated.
good vibes
good vibes Mese fa
I haven’t been this excited for a game in YEARS😂 I can’t wait for the 10th! I’ll be playing as an evil ravenclaw first and then a good slytherin after. Hopefully there’s a mp quidditch mode added later!
Stefan Dalton
This game looked like one of those games that looks amazing but, once it finally gets released just fails miserably. I'm really happy it's getting great reviews and my mind is made up. It's now in my basket. :) Thanks ACG for giving me another well informed review!!
Dox Mese fa
Im so happy this game seems well made and get favorable reviews. Just for the sanity of devs.
dan smith
dan smith Mese fa
@Netanel Aker Good
dan smith
dan smith Mese fa
@Robert Wilson 42%
Netanel Aker
Netanel Aker Mese fa
@Drip . She donates to anti trans communities.
Rosan Kumar
Rosan Kumar Mese fa
Shawn McClard
look whoever either wrote the script or adlibbed for this video, you did a fantastic job. ignoring the actual game you dialogue was simply wonderful, the words used and the analogies were fantastic, great job, from the bottom of my druken heart
3therSpark Mese fa
Never was a Potter fan, but this just seems like a pinnacle of gaming, wizard sim, world building and exploration a cool huge castle. Cant wait to play it tomorrow!
Logan White
Logan White Mese fa
@Wasp are hereNot everyone has to agree that a man saying they are woman should be able to use a bathroom near a little girl and vice versa is ok
Ian C
Ian C Mese fa
@Allister, The Eldritch Meme God as long as your not a trans woman sure..
Mike Mese fa
@Wasp are here it's comments like yours that make me want to buy the game even if I don't ever play it
Daniel Mese fa
@Wasp are here You're why I bought this game. Thanks, I wouldn't have played this great game otherwise.
HandsomeAlex25 16 giorni fa
Re-viewed this review after beating the game, and it's absolutely spot on. There's so much to this game, and it hits both the references to the Harry Potter films & books, but also is just a really solid game. As ACG points out, the combat is interesting and at times difficult. The exploration isn't in-your-face with fetch quests sending you all over the map, it's subtle by making you want to find something you haven't found yet. It's worth noting that parts of my map are still dark after having beat the game!
I think you're one of the best reviewers out there! This game looks stunning and I can't wait to pick it up later today
It's Just Jess
Thank you for this! This game is definitely getting a platinum for me at least on the PS5 physical disc deluxe edition! Excited to get into Hogwarts. 😍
Marcus S.
Marcus S. Mese fa
Feeling very relieved that this game seems to be getting great reviews. One of those games that I was hesitant about getting excited over until people actually got their hands on the finished product
L Mese fa
@AllYourBase it isn’t
@DrSquatch so they just expect others to give them an idea of what they should play and what they will enjoy? That’s not enjoying things, that’s just being happy doing what everyone else is doing. If you truly wanted to wait, a person would watch a straight play through of the game and determine it that way. But just waiting for reviews is truly for the lowest common denominator of a person.
DrSquatch Mese fa
@grandchefauto that isn't necessarily true. Many people don't want to waste their money on a game that they won't enjoy.
Shadow Weaver
I actually pre-ordered this because I was excited to play it I'm glad I did and definitely seems worth the money which sadly is not always the case anymore.
Macro Content
I’m glad this game turned out to be better than I originally thought. The first couple of trailers for the game made me nervous. Technical issues as far as lag and pop-in. It looked completely unfinished when it was shown off. One of the rare cases where a game looks, feels, and plays better than originally shown off. Generally, the case is often the opposite. Very excited for this game.
Cheezy Mese fa
I was so worried about this game being another over hyped mess but I'm so happy to see that the game seems to be favorable work most people!!
Christopher Michael Duncan
Honestly it looks A LOT better than I expected, and likely a lot of people expected.
Emmi Mese fa
Thank you so much for this in-depth review! I completely forgot about the release of this game but this made me so happy! Also I love your character's name lmao
Alyx Oj
Alyx Oj Mese fa
I just can't express how great it is that you cover sound. So many reviewers don't even consider tackling it. Not everyone has an ear for sound, but its such an important part of a game.
Will Bearheart
@Wintermute Not at all. That's just how the overly sensitive people took it. You, on the other hand, seem up in arms about it.
Wintermute Mese fa
@Will Bearheart No dude, you were just being weirdly aggro for no reason. Chill a bit.
Incurable Romantic
Agreed. Sound is often not given the credit it deserves, but what Skyrim or Witcher veteran doesn't instantly feel transported when they hear the theme music?
Will Bearheart
@Jonathan S. Cry about it.
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S. Mese fa
@Will Bearheart cringe
The Stowaway
The Stowaway Mese fa
I would've really liked to hear about PC controls specifically, how the default mapping is, can you re-bind keys, and does it feel okay or is it basically built around a controller? Anyway thanks for the review.
Akhil Mese fa
You can rebind keys freely. PC controls are a bit clunky but okay once you get used to them. You'll need to play around a bit to figure out what works best for you though
FaT - Caught On Camera
I love that things in class are not just add-ons. Sounds like a real part of the world. Excited about this.
Marion Lang
Marion Lang Mese fa
I'm so surprised that this game is actually challengeable and enjoyable. I pre-ordered it but now I'm so happy that it's so good
Nerd Nerd
Nerd Nerd Mese fa
50hrs into the game and I love it. I think this may be my new favorite game.
halfawake454 Mese fa
Been eagerly awaiting the reviews for this game to drop. It's been my most anticipated game since it was announced but have been trying to temper my excitement so that I wouldnt get too disappointed if it turned out poorly. So glad to hear it's getting good reviews. Feels like a sigh of relief as much as excitement.
ViolinChick5 Mese fa
You described how I’ve been feeling too. I was scared to get my hopes up so I didn’t. Love the Potter universe too much to have my heart crushed. I’m beyond thrilled the devs have delivered on their promises and then some!
Sigvulcanas Mese fa
I hope that this game serves as a foundation for later games for the franchise.
cat nap
cat nap Mese fa
Fantastic, thorough review. I've heard they're making a sequel and possibly a TV show too. Very cool.
This is a great example of why your reviews are my go to when it comes to deciding on a game. No bs, just the game and how it is presented
Taylor Mese fa
It's the opposite for me. This game was dry af. The first few hours were decent and then it just stagnates and lacks any bit of an rpg mechanic with like 5 bland enemy types and a filler episode story.
SimplyDed Mese fa
ACG is one of THE best reviewers on the platform without a doubt, especially when you're skeptical about buying games because you either have a budget or have to save up in order to buy new releases
Mike Rob
Mike Rob Mese fa
Generally I go to ACG when I’m not sure about a game because the reviews are really well rounded.
RogThePirate Mese fa
True. I mostly rely on him and SkillUp to gauge whether or not a game is worth my time and money. Honest, no bullshit, to the point, and no inane numeric rating system but a clear-cut, simple recommendation.
Mpbattista Mese fa
Always a great review from you. My #1 source for trusted reviews, period. Very excited for this game.
I love that you include your time played in these reviews. That’s a big help - especially for an open world game. Hearing that it still felt fresh after that amount of time is a huge Pro on my list.
cheo a
cheo a Mese fa
Jonny- B
Jonny- B Mese fa
That's one of best features on Xbox Game Pass on PC. It shows you the average completion time, the average longplay completion time and the average 100% playtime.
Comparing the open world to a mullet was absolute poetry.
Leonardo Legacillius
Im actually surprised... how "complete" this game looks, to be honest I thought it was just going to be a cash grab for just having the Harry Potter IP, I might give this game a try, and as far as customization goes, Im sure the modding community on PC is gonna take care of that haha
chris williamson
I don't normally pre-order games in fear that they will fall flat for my hard earned money, but this game was a different story. So excited to play early with the Delux edition! Thanks for the great review and further settling my head that I made the right choice in pre-ordering.
Mandroid45 Mese fa
Just to point out, don't preorder, separate from the controversy. Preordering enables companies to fund development studios less and create time constraints in the future. Also emphasis on company, as they are the ones publishing the game not making the game there's a difference
Joker Mese fa
@Benjamin Perez very much so worth it, the game is amazing
Benjamin Perez
Soo... worth it?
Damackism Mese fa
Thanks for a well thought out,honest, and thorough review.
a sock puppet
Really love your style of writing reviews. I got a good chuckle out of comments like "a Ron-Weasley type broom" and the MC's parents spending too long at a free love festival lol.
Brandon Heisler
I have never been so happy to hear your verdict. Thank God we got a decent, completed game for once.
Ml33tninja Mese fa
Sounds amazing! I'll grab it in the summer. I have too many other open-world games to start first. Can't wait to see this game first hand
KiLLHawKK Mese fa
As always, just amazing content. Thank ACG for this review.
Interesting that the game looks so amazing, and much better than what we saw in trailers and previews. Normally it goes the other way! Worth buying for the ability to visit the Hogwarts world alone. Glad they made the game and story great too.
Zachary Town
Zachary Town Mese fa
ACG reviews are a game changer, no pun intended! Just bought Hogwarts Legacy. Tons of fun!
Joseph Croutcher
This review alone just made my year. The only review I need to know that I won't be disappointed in the game I've always wanted.
Star Scream
Star Scream Mese fa
Congrats man. Just hope Homeworld 3 and starfield also knock it out of the park.
SL4PSH0CK Mese fa
The game was never in my attention after delays, and just let it since I'm busy w/ other games. It's always a welcome and worth the wait
Sebastián Urzúa
@Thor Shumate Yeah, it's not as good as Battlefield V, but it is good now
J. Cassette
J. Cassette Mese fa
Your whole life has been leading up to this huh? Looking forward to your "post" years.
Richard Rocha
A game review made your year?
Swat7334 Mese fa
Finally a game that was always going to be hyped might actually deliver. A rare occasion these days.
BCrx Mese fa
Thank you for your reviews. One of the few reviewers that can be still trusted imo. Now I feel more comfortable buying this game. 👌👌👌👌
Luk Mese fa
fantastic review, glad you and skillup still roll these out like its no effort.
Michael Johnson
So....I can't believe that the games to help facilitate us from these dark gaming days are Dead Space and Hogwarts. I love the fact that Dead Space has been absolutely stunning of a remake and Hogwarts looks to be a banger of a game. Thanks for the review!
Michael Benjamin
I noticed what you said about the soundtrack as well before I saw this video. I appreciated that about the game as well. I would hear a familiar chord arrangement, but it's actually an original score. When you said that I felt understood lml.
Blurring potential spoilers is always such an appreciated move. Great review!
L Mese fa
@Luke Skywalker nah it’s actually true i bet the the game trust me bro
Luke Skywalker
S H Mese fa
Professor fig ends up being the wamping willow in disguise and professor black is an animagus and turns into aragogs wife
@Luke Skywalker …and your father is Darth Vader. Back at you right there brother!!!!
James Wasdin
James Wasdin Mese fa
This looks really, really promising. Been a while since I last touched a Harry Potter game, last one being the Quiddich game on PS2. Thanks again Karak for your helpful review!
notyetdead Mese fa
Awesome review, always the first place to come for a decent review, thanks. Game does look good, I'll need to see if I want to start another open world game though, I never get round to finishing them!
The game seems very happy for a lack of a better word. I'm really hoping there's horror elements here. I want it to feel eerie, creepy, dark and so on.
Melissa B
Melissa B Mese fa
This looks pretty good, wondering how it will do on my pc. Might be worth trying on Steam thanks for the review.
tyree brown
tyree brown Mese fa
I was waiting for you. I don't use "trust" for youtube, but I swear you earn it with every video. All the thanks man. Always consistent with the information and delivery! I AM READY to go down this rabbit hole!
Pete Oliva
Pete Oliva Mese fa
You and SkillUp are my most trusted opinions online and If at least one of you is really into a game, I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy it. If you're both really into it, even better! But just hearing your reaction alone lets me know that this is the game I hope it would be and looking forward to diving in.
Βασίλης Γαζέπης
@JZ He was more diplomatic. That's all. Not like John from digital foundry that he shamed his self very badly with what he said on twitter. Truth is there is some kind of war on the internet about this game. Very weird behaviours. I myself got the game and think is very very good. There is no way someone can find big flaws other than technical issues.
D V Mese fa
@Pete Oliva FH5 is definitely a good game, I still play it...but the reviews overall paint FH5 as the best FH ever and it just isn't.
Skai Mese fa
@Pete Oliva It wasn't a terrible game, but he failed to mention the broken promises that CD Project Red made for the game. There was supposed to be all these different mechanics such as wall-running, vehicle combat, etc.. and the open world was supposed to be truly alive with NPC's having schedules. The decisions that you make throughout the game had very little impact on the world as well. I dunno, I get how some people enjoyed the game, but when I played it, all I could think was "Is this all there is?." Glad you enjoyed it tho :)
Matt Richard
Matt Richard Mese fa
Skillup tends a bit left on politics so I'm not surprised at all that he's dodging a review on this so he doesn't incense the mob if he likes it.
Pete Oliva
Pete Oliva Mese fa
@D V He adored Rollerdrome and so do I. I hated Deathloop after not believing it could be that bad and bought it anyway and I should have listened to him. FH5 is an amazing racing game despite having no soul.
Nizizumi Mese fa
I have one massive complaint about this game though. Why can't I sit in benches or change the day by sleeping in the house common room? Those small details would help so much.
Just Mese fa
Would you recommend playing on hard? Or is normal good enough? I like a challenge but don't like dying in the same area more than like 3 or 4 times lol
tiotito31 Mese fa
I really hope they didn't buy him off for this good review, because this has me excited.
Lenaitasi Biaukula
Just bought this game, and man are you on point with this review. I had to come back and comment. Having a blast so far! 👌
Tero Lehikoinen
The only review I need to see! Thanks man great review as always, can't wait to play the game. I hope there's not bad performance issues (on PC).
Color of Grey
I have to say, I really like the number values for damage are digestible, so to speak. I get the Vegas-style glam for every one-hit skeleton in Vampire Survivors being worth 3 billion points, but just seeing the number "6" pop up for a direct wand hit in this video honestly hit just right; when another hit shows "30," it does feel that much more clear how significant it is.
RYO-kai Mese fa
I appreciate smaller numbers. I also like when they start small and grow appropriately. (When you get to 100k and 1m it starts to feel pretty silly.) In a lot of JRPGs, the general size of your damage numbers grew throughout the game naturally, offering a sort of global reference for how powerful you were. Like Final Fantasy, going from small 2-digit numbers through 3-digit and up to 9999 as you progress. On the flipside, ARPGs like Horizon Zero Dawn might see 2-digit normal attacks and 3-digit hard hits with a much smaller increase from beginning to endgame, and it also works. Hogwarts Legacy seems more in line with the latter. We'll know from experience soon enough!
Leaf Mese fa
@Purvdragon-sensei yeah the numbers mean nothing then. Oh I'm able to do a more difficult greater rift while having no idea what the numbers popping up on screen mean
Leaf Mese fa
Diablo 3 damage numbers.....
Mike Buonfiglio
This is how the Dragon Quest series has always approached damage values, and it's appreciated.
Vetisu _
Vetisu _ Mese fa
this is the review i was waiting for. i had my doubts about how good the game was actually going to be behind te hype and your reviews are the only ones i trust.
Metrack Mese fa
Even if I have very little relationship with the IP, aside of the movies, I am happy the HP fans finally have a good triple A game, I even want to try myself later on.
Eiad Tarabulsi
With so many disappointing titles having released over the past few months or so, it's refreshing to see a game that actually manages to live up to its hype. Despite being a smaller company, Avalanche Software has a lot of heart and passion for what they do. Hogwarts Legacy is proof of that. I can easily overlook the lack of facial customization options and texture pop in when everything is so well made. The game is gorgeous, and it's nicely detailed. Combat is challenging and varied. There is a lot of content and a lot of things to do. Voice acting is solid. I'm glad that audio was covered in the review because there are reviewers out there who simply don't discuss it for some reason. Voice acting, music, sound effects, and ambient sounds are all vital when it comes to sound design, and I really appreciate the fact that you covered them in the review. I definitely look forward to picking Howarts Legacy, even though I'm not really a fan of Harry Potter, which says something about the quality of the game and the hard work that Avalanche Software put into it. Thanks once again, Karak, for another honest, unbiased, and detailed review! I really appreciate the continued hard work! Keep it up! God bless and stay safe!
NoBody Mese fa
Y’all still hype modern day video games? 😂
Adam Lawrence
The only review I was waiting for and as always worth it! Thank you 👍🇦🇺🌟
Konuvis Mese fa
Fantastic review Karak! I'm definitely going to get this.
Cooper Mese fa
Man it looks amazing. The detail in this game is really impressive.
Bush Monster
Bush Monster Mese fa
@Beaconing fully blind lol
Maru Mese fa
@Samiul Islam the footage is very compressed and over sharpened, watch a different video of it maxed out on PC and say that BS again...
_Ellibre_ Mese fa
@Beaconing nah, probably missing some brain.
Beaconing Mese fa
@Samiul Islam Are you half blind?
Blart Boy
Blart Boy Mese fa
@Samiul Islam cringe
Graham Gault
Graham Gault Mese fa
I'm not sure if he mentioned it but I think what would make this game fun is if you had your own sorcery room where you create your own spells and armor and collectibles and trophies hanging up.
OneMoreWin Mese fa
They actually do give you your own room (room of requirement) that you can customize and add earned items, brew potions etc.
Todd Melanson
First game I've been genuinely looking forward to playing since, well, the latest COD Modern warfare 2. Strange comparison I know, but not if you look at it from a graphics and combat perspective. This just has much more magic to it (pun intended). In terms of self-created story, this has incredible potential. Great review as always ACG. This is why I am subbed and seem to always like. Keep it up brother. Well Done, by them and you.
Skreamies Mese fa
Thank you for giving us such great and honest reviews! One question is can we venture around the entire castle and rooms?
Broc Mese fa
I have been playing for about 4 hours in total since last night, and you most certainly can. Almost every room is open (with the exception of locked doors that have level locks and other common rooms). I have been exploring the castle alone 75% of that time...which should tell you a lot. :)
N D 29 giorni fa
Strange times we are living in, Gamespot is giving honest reviews and independent youtubers are the one's ignoring and barely mentioning glaring issues.
Grimoire Weiss
Grimoire Weiss 24 giorni fa
Strange times indeed. It feels like the game is stuck between angry woke mob and fanboys who ignore many obvious problems. Many people somehow struggle to do a review where they objectively analyze the game. I am sure I know how people felt playing this game. I felt that "magic" too in the first hours. Devs certainly did a solid job but this is not pinnacle of gaming. Maybe because it's very popular IP it attracted a lot of normies who haven't seen a good game in their whole life.
Blindsyde Mese fa
Glad to hear this seems to have turned out well. Can't imagine the pressure Devs must have felt trying to deliver
Ares Mese fa
Imagine if combat worked this way in Harry Potter movies, people getting juggled and thrown around (or smashed multiple times on the ground) and Harry knowing more than 3 spells throughout all his education
benjamin studd
Great clear and concise review mate, felt very professional and impartial. I'd just really like to know how the Good/Evil system works. How evil can I be? Will it have a noticeable impact on the storyline? I'd love to have a proper evil playthrough that actually feels impactful!
benjamin studd
@Blakestefer For the scope of the game it is
Blakestefer Mese fa
23 minutes is not concise lol
Jimmie Collins
I think it's funny that a 1-2 second pause to open the doors leading outside is a con when it's obviously loading. That kind of a loading screen/time 10 years ago would've been amazing.
Travis Mese fa
You're #6 on trending right now, and with the hard work that has gone into every review I have seen on your channel. I can see why. Congratulations!
Aaron Esparza
Hell yeah. I'm so glad it looks like WB spent their time and made a "complete" game at launch. Wife will be happy!!!
¡T2FarLOP3zzz !
Ahh, how refreshing to hear this in this age of video games! Thank you, sir. It's hard to keep excitement for games going when the expectations devs present us with never come to fruition. This video was a great way to start my day.
ViolinChick5 Mese fa
I’ve been burned recently on preorders (looking at you, Saints Row), so I’m beyond thrilled this is one preorder that’s gonna be great. Preordered the regular edition but after seeing all these positive reviews, I treated myself to a digital copy of the Deluxe Edition just now, too. So, so happy right now.
David Mese fa
Seriously, never pre-order a game. Especially if you're getting digital. You can just buy it on the same day if you want. Always wait for reviews, or at least initial impressions to at least see if it's broken and/or lazy.
Blonde McGuinn
This looks and sounds phenomenal! I’m not into Potter at all and I’ll probably get this.
210gremlin Mese fa
Thank you for providing an in-depth review that doesn’t spoil specific moments of the game. This is very rare these days
Joshua Minke
Joshua Minke Mese fa
Its crazy to think that a development studio who's last game was Cars 3. Was able to achieve something like this.
Tzardok the Ancient
Thanks ACG, your reviews are TOP! Got the game now. Cheers!
Nate Miller
Nate Miller Mese fa
What a brilliant review! Thorough, fair, no spoilers, and funny. Can't wait for this game, and I'm glad to hear it's actually challenging.
Barber Man
Barber Man Mese fa
Touch grass, kid.
Joey Leoponei
@Matt Richard I'm furious!!! Damn you and your regurgitation! Now I'm going extra angry!!!!
Matt Richard
Matt Richard Mese fa
@Joey Leoponei Go outside or something. You're clearly upset over nothing at all.
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Can we just take a moment to applaud the quality of this 4k capture. Good lord, it's pristine!
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