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DISCORD SERVER: discord.gg/3Tr38Wu
Today, I make the terrible decision of buying a diamond pack on MSP. Why? I don’t know. Will I get a refund? HOPEFULLY LOL. Anyways, let me know what you think of the video! Leave a like, comment, and subscribe for more moviestarplanet videos! Love you :^D

Intro music: Do Re Mi - blackbear
Songs in video: gym class - lil peep
your favorite dress - lil peep ft lil tracy
giving girls cocaine - lil peep ft lil tracy
feelz - lil peep
lil jeep - lil peep
I don’t not own any of these songs. All credit to rightful owners.
USA: ClearlyMSP
TR: salvs
UK: ryces

If you see this, comment, “epic gamer” Let’s confuse some people! :P

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Commenti 245
Cryptal 3 mesi fa
omg am i first rn discord server; discord.gg/3Tr38Wu
Drip Drop
Drip Drop 3 mesi fa
Mxstly Dxne! MSP there*
Hawtie nugget msp
@Noice vlogs with Ashton Oof gurly
{ lowkeysydney }
are you in your closet this time?
MSP Sisters
MSP Sisters 11 giorni fa
she got diamond pack for 7 dollars?????????how?????
V I O L E T Mese fa
Wait like what’s the point of buying year vip on Turkish if u can’t speak Turkish like I know it’s cheaper buttt
Lizmary Sucks
Lizmary Sucks 2 mesi fa
Love the fact gym class played 😍 Omg and you played giving girls cocaine you just earned a sub
muko 2 mesi fa
I was in a call with you on discord once, I was so scared
okverona ok
okverona ok 2 mesi fa
why is no one joining Germany server?😔
Karina W
Karina W Mese fa
okverona ok weil es langweilig ist 😪
Eclipsies 2 mesi fa
My account is 7 years old & only level 31 LMAO.
Eclipsies 2 mesi fa
@Cryptal Literally I need to make an account on TR.
Cryptal 2 mesi fa
lmao i feel u my 2012 acc is only level 32 but an acc ive had on TR for less than a month is at lvl 35
gotta grind
gotta grind 2 mesi fa
is there any way to buy gift certificate on mobile?
BamItzHoney MSP
BamItzHoney MSP 2 mesi fa
ilysm queen
Adrija šipailaite
I never had vip before
Adrija šipailaite
On turkey
Adrija šipailaite
Could i plz get a vip ticket im going to make a new acc
xhoney 3 mesi fa
OMG UR RICH :OOOO *give me all those sc and diamonds teheeheh*
Tèddy MSP
Tèddy MSP 3 mesi fa
Heyy love your new intro 😍
Unique Sisters
Unique Sisters 3 mesi fa
You should do a 1 year vip code giveaway
mxgan 3 mesi fa
I miss the OG intro ngl 😂
Cryptal 3 mesi fa
i switch between both
wow arjun
wow arjun 3 mesi fa
NICOLE U SAID 200 LIKES WE GOT 500+ can u add me back on tr msp guiltive
Ban yaqoub
Ban yaqoub 3 mesi fa
epic gamer
Iconic FlamingoZ
“I don’t judge I just watch” I’m ded sorry.
/Adidas Msp
/Adidas Msp 3 mesi fa
Ur voice is really beautiful wow
《beatiful stars》
*sees her level* *gose on MSP and sees im still level 6* I been on msp for 4 years .&,
_k.ika_ 3 mesi fa
OmG 🌻LiL Peep song 🌻 I love ❤❤❤❤ 🙊💖
softkook 3 mesi fa
ePIc gAmER
S w e e t D r e a m s M s p
iimercurii 3 mesi fa
Wow your fast when it comes to leveling up!💕
Msp Minaren
Msp Minaren 3 mesi fa
Bizim ülkede ucuz tabii
Drip Drop
Drip Drop 3 mesi fa
No one: Me: *buying 1 week vip because I’m hella poor!* *epic gamer*
xCommon MSP
xCommon MSP 3 mesi fa
I hate these videos I get so jealous cause I've never had vip, I love you pho but I'm gonna unsubscribe x)
xCommon MSP
xCommon MSP 3 mesi fa
@Cryptal I'm shocked you replied to me twice, I LOVE YOU GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLL
Cryptal 3 mesi fa
@xCommon MSP lol hehe
xCommon MSP
xCommon MSP 3 mesi fa
@Cryptal you actually belive me lol, I would never unsubscribe, no matter what lmaooo
Cryptal 3 mesi fa
ok?????? u pressed over that???? okey
• L A P I S L A Z U L I •
Well I have 16 more days until school starts and I'm gonna be in 5th
Unicorn cx
Unicorn cx 3 mesi fa
over 200 likes! (:
Jasmine Kim
Jasmine Kim 3 mesi fa
💞💞 idk if you’ve noticed but your intro says clearl ymsp instead of clearly msp :o
Cryptal 3 mesi fa
that's due to the spacing. it's put in one word not two
Selin Ekih Sarıakçalı
Ben Türküm videoyu beğendim msp adım : TuanaHazal14Ezgi :*
Classic Amelia
Classic Amelia 3 mesi fa
Can you do another mailtime on usa please?
Payton Msp
Payton Msp 3 mesi fa
In australia its already spring :D and we only have 1 1/2 terms left of school :) btw i love your channel 😍
Taffeta sweets
Taffeta sweets 3 mesi fa
Why your on Turkey 🇹🇷 bc I don’t understand it sorry
Sewer Skank
Sewer Skank 3 mesi fa
*hears lil peep* *subscribes*
ForeverAlone 3 mesi fa
wow you finally made a new intro. and im sorry but that shit that happened like a year ago between us was great. somehow my friend remembered ur name and i didnt. apoligies Nicole. but eitherway hi again. and how desperate are u for views if u post such unoriginal content as usual.
ForeverAlone 3 mesi fa
@Cryptal mhmm, ive quit youtube for months now.i make them when im bored or in the mood to.And alr, good for you if your channel gets thousands of views and earns you $. but i genuinely couldnt care less. good evening.
Cryptal 3 mesi fa
apparently ur bitter enough to come here yet ur making "multifandom edits" with 30 views goodnight
Alicia Melchor
Alicia Melchor 3 mesi fa
after you got the vip a day later they released a new one XD
Dusk Dawn
Dusk Dawn 3 mesi fa
Would love a video of how to level up fast! x
Helvética MSP
Helvética MSP 3 mesi fa
omgg so coool i like you clearly
Potato God
Potato God 3 mesi fa
What are your eyes?
Keya Gautam
Keya Gautam 3 mesi fa
Omg ur so lucky xD I think I might get a year vip soon!! User: PastelPink160 Server: USA
K ayla P
K ayla P 3 mesi fa
I like how all these famous Msp youtubers buy vip all the time and yet i can’t even buy i bronze pack💀
Yamik MSP
Yamik MSP 3 mesi fa
You probably bought so many vips on msp and went on boost everyday and spent ur 2000 diamonds on greets. That’s how u levelled up so fast 🤣🤣 Ily 🥰🥰🥰
Cryptal 3 mesi fa
@Yamik MSP its ok!
Yamik MSP
Yamik MSP 3 mesi fa
ClearlyMSP i know i’m sorry :( i didn’t want to offend :/
Cryptal 3 mesi fa
actually, that's not it. I still have plenty of diamonds left (:
Nessa Venus
Nessa Venus 3 mesi fa
Turkish YAYY :D
Flówer 3 mesi fa
THE NEW DPACK IS HERE!! can you buy it please? I really need to see it on a avatar!!
Flówer 3 mesi fa
@Cryptal thank you, becuase i really wanna buy it on us server but no one has done it yet and i really need to see if its worth it (thank you so much for responding too) ily <33
Cryptal 3 mesi fa
lol if i can get my hands on some money sure
Ariana Imvu
Ariana Imvu 3 mesi fa
Solo 3 mesi fa
Welp the next diamond pack is here and it sucks :D
Jumanah Al-Suleimani
Yassss we want a levaeling up video
Ola Olcia
Ola Olcia 3 mesi fa
lil peep
Cryptal 3 mesi fa
Angel Leex
Angel Leex 3 mesi fa
Lauraax 3 mesi fa
Lil peep🤤❤️❤️
xFusion MSP
xFusion MSP 3 mesi fa
Wait so what server was this on? Turkish?
MrFoxy Fox
MrFoxy Fox 3 mesi fa
Is the intro new?
Chrxnchu Tea
Chrxnchu Tea 3 mesi fa
Hot gurl Hot video
Sarah Cox
Sarah Cox 3 mesi fa
i didnt start school lucky me
sophieexox 3 mesi fa
Please make a video on leveling fast (:
Ayline Aguilera
Ayline Aguilera 3 mesi fa
Great job xD I guess and still lucky -_- I still want vip, parents please 😂🤣
fruit juice
fruit juice 3 mesi fa
:*) thanks for making me jelly ;^[
Jemii Yatalia
Jemii Yatalia 3 mesi fa
Queen clearly
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