Céline Dion Carpool Karaoke

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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James Corden heads to Las Vegas for a Carpool Karaoke made for CBS primetime and calls on Céline Dion to help him get through town. In addition to singing her classics, Céline proves she has a song for any moment, James teaches Céline "Baby Shark" and the two give away pairs of Céline's precious shoes. And stay for a Titanic-sized end to their afternoon together.


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21 mag 2019

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Commenti 38 730
Courtney Poitier
Courtney Poitier 9 minuti fa
Beyonce next please......
Chasity Mitchell
Chasity Mitchell 16 minuti fa
She is awsome
Destiny Lopez
Destiny Lopez 29 minuti fa
this video is too much in the best way possible
Phillysub Ora fa
How do you spell annoying? D I O N !
Ragnarok 2 ore fa
I’d put this performance between Paul McCartney’s and Adele’s.
Nicki Michely
Nicki Michely 2 ore fa
Omg Celine is hilarious 😂 🙌🏻
Muhammad Dhendy
Please do lewis capaldi
Tolin Lavigne
Tolin Lavigne 2 ore fa
Carpool with Avril Lavigne
Stacy Duncun
Stacy Duncun 2 ore fa
lolzz i love her 😍😍😍😍💯
Kalia Morris
Kalia Morris 3 ore fa
anyone else think she was dead ? just me ok
I Love you Celine Dion 💜
Zak 4 ore fa
Please do it with Noel or Liam Gallagher. It would be amazing.
Nourabts 7
Nourabts 7 5 ore fa
Plz little mix.
Chris Ducat
Chris Ducat 5 ore fa
Ug...she's just phenomenal. Vegas was made for her spirit 💗
GlobalMC 6 ore fa
Dimitra 6 ore fa
1:36 which song is that??? Anybody know??
Markoosh 6 ore fa
I used to respect her so much, mainly because of her huge talent and age I guess... but now I just think she looks and acts like a complete idiot.
Megan Bent
Megan Bent 6 ore fa
i'm sorry but corden, shut up and let Celine Dion sing!
Gloria Ford
Gloria Ford 6 ore fa
She looks bad.....
Григорий Глазков
Она потрясающая!!! ))) круче, чем любая из её песен ))
David Kreutzer
This one was so awesome it's the best one so far love it
N N 7 ore fa
People commenting on her being weird, damn here I just thought it was possible for a person to genuinely be themselves without getting labelled as weird. I don't see it. I see someone just being herself.
barry tudor
barry tudor 9 ore fa
She could do with putting a bit of weight on. She looks way too thin!
Stew Pac
Stew Pac 9 ore fa
She's damn funny!
Bad Build
Bad Build 9 ore fa
oh my god!!!!! what song is this 10:40 ?
Omolayo Eniola
Celine!!! Please drop a remix to #babyshark 😄😄😄
Agung Dharmawan
12:00 - end thebest hahaha
Fatima M
Fatima M 10 ore fa
Twitch inspance
Twitch inspance 10 ore fa
ERPY 11 ore fa
Céline is incredibly funny and talented, this is the best carpool karaoke I've ever seen 😍😂👏🏻
Luís Soares
Luís Soares 11 ore fa
Esta senhora é do outro mundo.....
Peggy Ronved Nakigozi
Brought a little bit of smile to my face, thank you..
Mini Margaret
Mini Margaret 12 ore fa
Can I have the full song list???
Héctor Barrios
Héctor Barrios 13 ore fa
I SO MUCH love her!
mtn. srl Rascu
mtn. srl Rascu 13 ore fa
It is moust crazy of all the singers :))))
Kyah Jermz
Kyah Jermz 13 ore fa
BellaZ 14 ore fa
She is LEGEN...wait for it... DARY! 😂haha, what an awesome sport. Laughed the whole way through this.
Dhrubajyoti Neog
james- Celine where's your heart Celine-in shoes
Steven Do
Steven Do 15 ore fa
James: "Do you want Celine Dion's shoes?" Celine: *SCREECHES*
Arturo GHC
Arturo GHC 15 ore fa
Celine is so amazing . Omg
Marux Cedeño
Marux Cedeño 15 ore fa
It's THE BEST!!! I laughed
cristybello 16 ore fa
The titanic part is epic hahahahaha
Aurio Khaled
Aurio Khaled 16 ore fa
Who are the bad persons that put deslike in this video?! GODDAMM!!! Céline is Amazing and James isn't far. Love it!
Karolina Wolak
Karolina Wolak 18 ore fa
3:57 I change WHAT every night?
Karolina Wolak
Karolina Wolak 15 ore fa
@Riva Mentez Thank you so, so much
Riva Mentez
Riva Mentez 16 ore fa
@Karolina Wolak Yeah 100%. She says "I change the lyrics every night, doesn't matter". It's just her accent haha
Karolina Wolak
Karolina Wolak 16 ore fa
@Riva Mentez Really? I don't hear that.
Riva Mentez
Riva Mentez 16 ore fa
The lyrics :P
JKR JKR 18 ore fa
At the end she should have said "I'll never let go Jack, never. I promise" when she dropped the necklace into the water haha
Queen B.
Queen B. 18 ore fa
DownEast Gal81
DownEast Gal81 18 ore fa
I wonder how many people tried getting that necklace ???
Apricot Foxy
Apricot Foxy 19 ore fa
Can someone put a list of all the songs they sang in the reply section to this comment? Thx! Ilysm! (Just the Celine songs)
samonrtham thonthongdeang
very well nice song
Layla Marinho
Layla Marinho 19 ore fa
Dan Scharnau
Dan Scharnau 19 ore fa
Awesome to see a legend living a life of humor and filled with laughter
irish elvis
irish elvis 20 ore fa
Bet ya everyone who watched this live thought elvis would get in the car
Al 20 ore fa
What's wrong with her, she looks so SICKLY
leahlovescandy 21 ora fa
I want to see Cher on this so badly!
Merrill Ranken
Merrill Ranken 22 ore fa
You should do a carpool karaoke video with Lewis Capaldi!!!
Peter Wang
Peter Wang 22 ore fa
James can sing!
Erick Isay Sanchez Rodriguez
OMG céline dion kiss you
Mama Tee
Mama Tee Giorno fa
I don't watch a lot of these carpools. But it's Celine Dion and I'm a 30 year old black woman. Who doesn't love Celine! She is so talented and funny! The foul language I could live without but the shoes thing was hilarious!!!
Triana Jackson
Triana Jackson Giorno fa
SOOOO FCKING GOOD! My favorite one ever! I love Celine ❤️
Bruna Dionísio
Bruna Dionísio Giorno fa
My God she s fantastic
Barbara Francis
Barbara Francis Giorno fa
"Oh No, those bitches" LMFAO IM DYIIINNGGG RN
Stardust Giorno fa
el mejoooooooooooor😍
Renan Azevedo
Renan Azevedo Giorno fa
Céline Dion is the best! A powerful voice, and an incredible people! LOVE you so much, Céline! 😍
John Doe
John Doe Giorno fa
Man she looks old as shit, 20 years older than her actual age. Not aging well at all!!! Looks almost sick or something. She is only 51, but looks 71. Concerning
Emmen Taler
Emmen Taler Giorno fa
It's so confusing how she starres at him permanently when they sang the first song
HiImiPauLL Giorno fa
what an absolute charm of a human being, Celine is one in a million. truly her personality speaks for itself
Lee Cander
Lee Cander Giorno fa
everytime i watch one of these i'm impressed by james
Passing By
Passing By Giorno fa
jmatt4life Giorno fa
Dayummm!!! I wonder how much that rock on her finger cost??? OMG! She has more shoes than Imelda Marcos did. She is so cool!!!
isaac fiedler
isaac fiedler Giorno fa
My favorite part, 2:27- 2:37 LMBO!!! 😂😂😂
miss.silvya Giorno fa
11:48 titanic song :)
Ms Eatapplesauce
If everyone had her quirky uninhibited yet classy personality and authenticity, the world would be a better place! ♥️
Luccas Freitas
Luccas Freitas Giorno fa
O melhor Carpool de todos. Nunca imaginei que a Celine fosse tão legal.
Janice12649 Giorno fa
I love everything about this video, Celine did not expect how it was going to go & she handled it very well, the songs, the shoes, ha, & the Titanic, luv the water show.
Katerina Patiniotis
James Cordon can't sing! Sloppy singer.
nhlpa17 Giorno fa
Good Canadian woman.
Nooa Amanda
Nooa Amanda Giorno fa
Are we just going to ignore how incredibly good James is?
Kyryl Giorno fa
Guy barely fits the seat
Ester Gomelskii Kramar
Wow, wow, wow!!!!!! Celine just a legend of music ....
Iyonna Jones
Iyonna Jones Giorno fa
This explains lady ga ga
Shauna McGuinness
Miguel next
Othmane Ettaoussi
The best episode with Céline Dion in Kakaoke carpool 😘 i like it
Osaka Waifu
Osaka Waifu Giorno fa
Does anyone know what song plays at 10:40 ? I’ve been looking for it everywhere
TheRealLeddy Giorno fa
10:45 song name?
Sam Samson
Sam Samson Giorno fa
*Aaliyah Rose should sing WARRIORS. It's the theme song to the new NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon.*
Iveta Macalovska
Million likes
Roger Jackson
Roger Jackson Giorno fa
She stinks
Iveta Macalovska
Lovely and truly
Chris Miller
Chris Miller Giorno fa
I am from Germany and Titanic is one of my lifetime favourite films... Thank you for this funny performance. Tears of laughter !!
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife Giorno fa
She can sing her ass off damn
Sana Giorno fa
Juste formidable avec Céline
Oana Ostafe
Oana Ostafe Giorno fa
"Look at us now Two broken hearts on the ground" what song is it?
maveelan raj
maveelan raj Giorno fa
10:41 what song is this please
70% of celine very hilarious 25% of how classy her putfit 5% of The kiss 3:48 of people saying!!!!
Yoyo Gresik
Yoyo Gresik Giorno fa
Wow its beautiful water fountain.... Water show. In what country and city is it..... Cos i live in village in eastjava Indonesia dont have it
Yoyo Gresik
Yoyo Gresik 18 minuti fa
@Ms LyricPR wew.... Far....
Ms LyricPR
Ms LyricPR 27 minuti fa
Las Vegas, Nevada (US)
Anxious Crackhead
I’m still waiting for Nicki minajs carpool karaoke
get christie love
James: we spoke to your assistant Celine: thoze bishes
Fatima Dagayloan
The best singer that has a great personality. ❤❤
ღȚîru ɑɳɗʀɛɛɑ ღ
OMG,Celine Dion!!!she is my favourite singer,forever!!
Lisa Rosser
Lisa Rosser Giorno fa
What a great sport!! Brilliant carpool karaoke!! What a voice ❤❤❤
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