Cardi B - Money [Official Music Video]

Cardi B
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Cardi B - Money
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Prod Co: OverScene
EP: Kareem Johnson
Dir: Jora Frantzis
Producers: Jay Tauzin, Natasha Pierson, Krista Worby, Brien Justiniano
Video Editor: Vinnie Hobbs
Commissioner: Emmanuelle Cuny
Marketing: Marsha St. Hubert
Digital Marketing: Anthony De Padua & Justin Grant
Associate Director, Video Administration: Lily F Thrall
Assistant, Video Production: Trevor Joseph Newton
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21 dic 2018




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Commenti 134 925
Ej Oliwka
Ej Oliwka 2 ore fa
I need cheese for my egssss
jordan Vasilev
Cardi B: I Was Born To Flex Me: I Was Born To Live
Abraham Luther
Card B plz can you initiate your own musc style without imitation from Queen rapper Nick Minaj
saima iifo
saima iifo 4 ore fa
cool girl
TejanoJ DC
TejanoJ DC 7 ore fa
Ok youngsters haha! Shakin my head to you fools!! Bitch aint even the hell prettylame ass rap these days...she still a rat id fuck on a 12 pack and ah lil sompthin👍👍👍💯💯💯💯😂😂😂
we belong together
Nicki Minaj: young money! Cardi: mani
Maxy HD
Maxy HD 10 ore fa
Fuck you bich
cheesy 10 ore fa
bad song
Isabel Bisson-St-Amour
Yeah 😎
monika fan
monika fan 11 ore fa
She just want to show off her boobs
Noah Stejskal
Noah Stejskal 11 ore fa
The true song of a gold digger Also did she say wakanda forever in this song or is that one my head is sayinv
Ale Carol
Ale Carol 12 ore fa
Just wait until her baby kulture see this video and she will be like WOW
The Eclectic Spot
WTF is this stupid shit?
AppleSeed Smoothie
Thiago Felix
Thiago Felix 13 ore fa
Who like Cardi B like Who like Nicki like Who like both, like Who doesn't like both, like
Ch1nmus1c 1
Ch1nmus1c 1 14 ore fa
Her voice sucks, her lyrics song, her music sucks, boobs.... yes
Cray Cray Rae
Cray Cray Rae 14 ore fa
Press parody itvid.net/video/video-qWNDORo7Hys.html
Robin Strauss
Robin Strauss 18 ore fa
CARDI B !💰💪😱😖
xeliane 18 ore fa
la fille a veut juste faire sa vie tranquille si c'est ça ton problème m'a t'arranger ça...
LUCIFER 19 ore fa
FEEL THE PAin 2:16♥♥
SDSQ 78 19 ore fa
Moneyyyyy!!! Hustlers
Mahesh Uppi
Mahesh Uppi 19 ore fa
I want you marry you 😍 @cardi b
Richard Ryder
Richard Ryder 19 ore fa
This really sucks... this is awful, lol!!
Skelagoon 19 ore fa
Surprised there ain't no age limit 😂
1000 subs without videos challenge
Whe she said i need cheese for my eggs i felt that
Boba Fett’s Biggest Fan
Minister Harden
Minister Harden Giorno fa
Wakanda has nothing to do with this
Lilgucci Taetae
Lilgucci Taetae Giorno fa
Imgaine her kid growing up and then seeing this
Sad Jonesy
Sad Jonesy Giorno fa
Lilgucci Taetae she can do wtf she want
Jordyn Henley
Jordyn Henley Giorno fa
ITvid is really bowing down for cardi allowing her to show full nipples im living
Lena Rogers
Lena Rogers Giorno fa
Wakanda Forever!!
Seamus Murphy
Seamus Murphy Giorno fa
Bruh the production for this video is amazing but cardi can’t lipsynce for shit 😂😂
Fede Cabre
Fede Cabre Giorno fa
Mi reina😍
Mr просто!
Sally Walker?
Eugene Lizalde
Eugene Lizalde Giorno fa
I'm here because of Matt Cutshall, I have never heard of this song tbh 😂
Ezekiel Martinez arce
Why th fu*k is there nimples?!?!?!
2019 Memes
2019 Memes Giorno fa
Zaria Cordoba
Zaria Cordoba Giorno fa
omg 1:32 she has a big booty and she naked on piono
JosueGaming Giorno fa
october 17 anybody?
Braylen Taylor
Braylen Taylor Giorno fa
Fuck your mom some more
Mylinjia Aguilar
She spit good game leave her alone. She got it and she own it. Fuck y'all haters. She's just being her.... No fake shit....
Boy Cool
Boy Cool Giorno fa
We have let her out of the safe. Damn bank robbers.
Charles Gregory Domínguez
Fan de Shakira apoyando para certificar esto y llegue a 💯 Millones.
•Nila Chan•
•Nila Chan• Giorno fa
2:30 :3
Rosemary Mcneil
Rosemary Mcneil Giorno fa
Maximas Giorno fa
Azzylands money music video is better
Swarmz official
Swarmz official Giorno fa
Pedro Mattos
Pedro Mattos Giorno fa
O ITvid que isso aqui em? enche o bolso de vocês é como se não tivesse acontecido nada né? agora o youtuber pequeno sempre faz alguma coisa de errado, vai se ferrar mano.
Dryrroto Scp-173
Na vdd ela é grande mais não aqui no Brasil
Helena Livotto
Helena Livotto Giorno fa
Rainha 😍
Maidsniper Giorno fa
Matt cutshell
Eva Lananrop
Eva Lananrop 2 giorni fa
Lmao omg porn is going to go bankrupt! Man now rap has no meaning! All they talk about is sex! Basically is describing sex! What happened to the good rap where everyone talked about real life and gave life meaning and music! People use to rap but about life people loved it like 2pac was famous not because he was showing or had naked girls but because his music did have meaning! He talked about the struggles and people loved him because he takes about his childhood and stood up for his race! Now Is all about looks money strippers are becoming rappers!! 😂 do you guys think is cz she’s a good rapper? If she was t naked and did a decent videos she would have no views like she does! Look at that blond rapper that did the video with Ariana damn she was bashed because she tried to sing life and she sucked!! Lmao 😂 embarrassing! I know I’m going to get a lot of hate cz of this comment but ignorants will always answer back! Man old school rap was the best
Albert Nyamwamu
Albert Nyamwamu 2 giorni fa
The best female rapper alive...love or hate me money is my favourite song 2019
Jay Hernandez
Jay Hernandez 2 giorni fa
ITvid allows this hoe child support ass shit but gives out strikes and try to take down videos that show people smoking weed? Lmao what has this world come to???
VlogsGamingMusic 2 giorni fa
all of a sudden i got a strong urge to watch cardi b and getting all horny at the same time.
Jay ARe
Jay ARe 2 giorni fa
Ok they had an A-1 ghostwriter on this one. Lyrics are good for a pop rap song.
HeavyLowSounds 2 giorni fa
I'm here because EmosNotDead 🖤
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
🔥 money 🔥
brandy beach
brandy beach 2 giorni fa
God damn!! She hot!!
Jaqueline Moreno forero
Full iluminatti
Coco Jackson
Coco Jackson 2 giorni fa
Face time
Raul Suarez
Raul Suarez 2 giorni fa
Miley Cyrus was blasted for showing her belly...but if you are a black hip hop singer is ok to do a titty video talking about prostitute values and how important is to have a million dollar in the bronx, where people lives out of 10 bucks a day. Crazy world.
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