Carmelo Anthony & Derrick Rose Duel in Easter Sunday OT Thriller | April 8, 2012 |  

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Carmelo Anthony dropped 43 PTS and came up clutch to lead the Knicks to victory in an Easter Sunday OT thriller against Derrick Rose (29 PTS) and the Bulls on April 8, 2012.
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11 apr 2020




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Melo carrying the Knicks, Mike Breen calling the game, Tyson Chandler killing it on the glass, the Knicks blowing a 20 point lead as fast as they built it. Good God I miss basketball!
@dee_nice7147 3 anni fa
Facts the good ol days Melo still a bucket
@TomDelayBeats 3 anni fa
Mike Breen is 🗑 Marv Albert this is lord
Can you pls do a drose vs Kobe Bryant Xmas day game?
@TheKing-bi1bl 3 anni fa
@@TomDelayBeats BANNNNNG
@hdtekstil 3 anni fa
Fun Fact: Jimmy Butler was a rookie on the Bulls in 11-12 season and played only 42 games , averaged 8.5 minutes and scored 2.6 pts. He improved each year after that and in his 4th season he was averaging 20 ppg and was a 1st time all-star in 14-15 season. Carmelo Anthony who was a FA in 2014 summer despite the certain interest from the Bulls has chosen to stay with the Knicks which costed him a possible ring where the 14-15 Bulls with Butler leading them finished 3rd in the East and they lacked firepower to knock down the Cavs in Eastern Semis where Butler and Rose each averaged 21 ppg in that series but with a peak Melo in that roster some may wonder what if ... (Mike Dunleavy was playing at Melo's position at that time and he averaged 11 ppg in that series against the Cavs, replace him with Melo and imagine the what if)
For anyone that didnt watch the whole game... Apart from Melo's amazing scoring performance, Chandler and Shumpert did a great job to help the Knicks get the W. Chandler pulled like 15 boards and Shumpert had an all around game and defensively limited Rose who had 8 TOs.
@sparker1901 Anno fa
Shump put together a def. masterpiece
@dubzy21 6 mesi fa
This was the first nba game I watched lol. I remember turning it on in my room cause there wasn’t anything else to do. Seeing melo hit those clutch shots in basically the same place (and also his appearance and neds declassified 😂) instantly made him my fav player (and unfortunately the Knicks my favorite team 😂)
I definitely respect that😂. U must have been proud that they made it to the second round this year
@dubzy21 5 mesi fa
@@thefrenchfryguy9959 oh nah I dropped them cause it made no sense for me to root for them. I grew up in south Florida and started rooting for the heat after bron left
Shit that’s how I got into basketball but with the heat it was brons first season in Miami I turned on a game and left it on and seen bron and wade going crazy on the fast break. Been watching ever since
@meghatre6140 2 anni fa
Great game!!! I had only seen those clutch shots by Melo but the whole game is just a thriller...
@masteroneal 2 anni fa
I remember watching this game and man I miss this version of Melo & DRose.🔥
Really shows you how great goat James really is!
Gambling ruined sports
Got to give it to Carmelo, one of the most versatile scorers in NBA history. Little did any of us know a dynasty was brewing in The Bay Area.
@tjlovely8728 3 anni fa
Evan Zolile Mehlomakulu True..
I remember jumping up and down in my living room at my old house when Melo hit those shots!!!
he's a beast damn
As a knicks fan prime melo was one of my favorite players of all time, he was dope 🔥🔥
@sports3117 3 anni fa
This was the year where my bulls had the best chance to knock off the Miami Heat, but Thibs overworks the starters as he does all too often
Sports 311 never forget the time where he almost killed Luol Deng.
@SuperTrey807 3 anni fa
Dude was playing Deng Damn near 48 minutes a night smh
@timtai7414 3 anni fa
Yeah Deng & Rose both missed 2 FTs in the late 4th. Fatigue is definitely a factor
Who they have on the bench tho??
Obi Wan Kenobi Omer Asik, kyle korver, Carlos boozer, Jimmy butler, taj Gibson and the mf GOAT Brian scalabrine
@MrVaDelux 3 anni fa
You can really see the difference in style of basketball from 2012- to now. Pre curry era
Look at the Knicks in the playoffs man so inspirational🙏
@markmensah7133 3 anni fa
Angel Goated it wasn’t the playoffs.
@@markmensah7133 The Knicks made the playoffs that year. I'm not talking about this game🤦‍♂️
@tenmangaming 3 anni fa
Def one of the most exciting games I've watched! Coming from a melo fan
Heard he was retiring and had to come back and watch this classic. Love melo.
@SuperDave30 3 anni fa
Back in mid 2011 after Carmelo Anthony was traded to the Knicks, I was beyond thrilled to be New York Knicks fan once again! The Knicks had good starting 5 work around Melo, and Melo was in his early prime, also in 2013 the famous Madison Square Garden was 2nd phase of the arena renovation! I’m still Knicks fan and Melo fan as well!
@xmadteiey 6 mesi fa
goodbye melo. this will always be one of my favorite games i watched.
@hmdavid13 3 mesi fa
Me hiciste recordar buenos tiempos con Kobe y Pau Campeones de la NBA 2010🐍🏆💛💜💛💜💛💜💛
10 years later I still play this lol 😂
Ah the days of prime Melo were the good days to be a Knicks fan
Crazy, Jimmy Butler was a bench player on this team. Shumpert showed so much promise under Woodson this game.
@robsmith6650 3 anni fa
Bro I remember rookie shump. everyone loved him cuz of tenacity and defense. in the series against Miami Heat he put clamps on Wade and then shump got injured SMH
@Hawkeyes319 3 anni fa
@@robsmith6650 Idk if people forgot,but shumpert was on his way too being really good..he was very athletic,played elite perimeter d,could hit the spot up 3 and played hungry every game
@robsmith6650 3 anni fa
AMW Facts. Injuries messed him up and then he never got the same opportunities with Cavs or any other team. Now he’s known for a spot up shooter/defender SMH
Rob Smith had he not torn his ACL in the 2012 playoffs, he would have been a solid player today
@prsports263 10 mesi fa
This was the prime era of basketball.
. Be wanna A1 bruh din my😊
@lem-02 5 mesi fa
Great game. Carmelo Anthony when he was on the Knicks was an automatic three point shooter.
that was about it though.
@brentw0681 2 anni fa
NBA was pretty cool back then. Took it for granted. Remember watching this game. Best Knicks team of the 2010s.
Miss D. Rose in his prime. At least he’s doing well in Detroit
@the2dudes1 3 anni fa
Unfortunately for him he's in Detroit
@LoggyWD 3 anni fa
Not really. He is hurt and Detroit is a crappy team.
@LoggyWD 3 anni fa
Also he is getting paid next to minimum.
Never hit his prime
@@marcusfobbs5100 agreed. he eas a monster, but couldve been more if he did really hit his prime.
Awesome to see this. I was lucky enough to nab a few seats at center court a few rows back at this game. It was really one for the ages.
@robsmith6650 3 anni fa
Prime Melo is unstoppable. Literally Bulls are double-triple teaming him for the entire game
@yatuaman6476 3 anni fa
He was in the top 5 of the most unstoppable scorers
Those Bulls vs Knicks games use to be lit af.
@steveadams7214 3 anni fa
I miss this Bulls squad 😭
Yes indeed 100%
Anthony Johnson not really the bulls would always whoop the Knicks
@Dtrainabrams 3 anni fa
I still cannot believe the Knicks won this game 😭 #KnicksTape
Man just miss D Rose's prime literally, very curious to see him back like that
@Sutidamuskun 3 anni fa
I miss these days as a Knicks fan...
@MT-eo5vy 3 anni fa
Back when these two teams were on National Television...
@MT-eo5vy 3 anni fa
WindyCityDion nah I’m a diehard Knick fan, ain’t winning anything anytime soon
Back when those teams were good
@joeydamisfit 3 anni fa
@@markellefultz1355 yeah lol
@Salsajaman 3 anni fa
Back when we had any teams on national TV.
@joeydamisfit 3 anni fa
@@Salsajaman oof
@amnatayyab9656 7 mesi fa
Let’s go Knicks ❤
@lilfolkes 6 mesi fa
As a Bulls fan them missed free throws by Deng and Rose still hurts 🤦🏾‍♂️😩
@ethan3531 6 mesi fa
1st shot by Melo: 1:49:26 2nd shot by Melo: 2:03:10
The fact that Melo decided to take that contested pull-up 3 with 11 seconds shows the steel nuts he had
Anyone watching this after melo announced his retirement? 🐐
Chandler and Shumpert did a great job to help the Knicks get the W. Chandler pulled like 15 boards and Shumpert had an all around game and defensively limited Rose who had 8 TOs.
@evonza4858 2 anni fa
I'm team Carmelo 🥰 regardless of whatever team he plays for and now he plays for my Lakers 🥰💛💜and❤️🖤💚#I hope you get your ring Carmelo
@hdtekstil 3 anni fa
How about the high level of defense Knicks played during this game and during Woodson era? My favorite team was the next year's team when they were loaded with vets like Kurt thomas, Kidd, Wallace, K-Mart and Prigioni. They played fluid, good looking basketball in these years. The expectation was Melo to lead this team to glory, they only made it to semis that's why he was criticized but he did a fairly good job there actually if you compare the Knicks now, that Knicks team was gold ! Teams shouldn't divert from their identities that made them special. 90's Knicks were a defensive team, hard working blue collar team, Garden crowd loves that type of players, they should go back to that. Also my Pistons, we won the ring 3 times and each team was a defensive juggernaut, that's who we were. That's who we should we. We should priotirize defense first (Detroit) and NY should do the same. Set your defense to high level first, then you can find talent to scheme up your offense, but defense should come first. But unfortunately it doesn't .Shooting x number of 3's are the most important thing for teams now.
@kRazyyyyyyy 3 anni fa
damn what a match! melo saved their asses twice. also rip jerry stiller
bang bebass GB
@TomDelayBeats 3 anni fa
That Novak 3 was more than halfway down the rim.. crazy
@ryanbeverly417 3 anni fa
REALLY? 🤯😅 #GalaxyZFold2 owners please speak up!
Paul George: "These are bad shots!"
@smittydoeshoop 2 anni fa
@@declanlawford-wickham2048 Damian Lillard: THESE LOOK GOOD TO ME
2012 was such a great year
I can't get enough of Mike Breen having to stop mid-"BANG" on Novak's 3 because it defied gravity and rattled out lol. What a game this was, glad I got to catch a classic that I never got to watch. My notes: -Prime Carmelo Anthony was a beast. Imagine if he could've teamed up with another all-star, Knicks would've been more relevant than just being a first round exit. (Jeremy Lin could've been that guy...) -NY is lucky AF that Anthony bailed them out after J.R Smith missed 5,000 open shots LMFAO -Even when D-Rose wasn't shooting well he was still an incredible player and just impacted the game with this athleticism & playmaking abilities. Still so bummed about his injury to this day...
@DanielRGonza 3 anni fa
This is my favorite Melo Game of all time those dagger 3 were crazy
This Knicks team Def had potential
@taylorhyde1143 2 anni fa
Kids these days never got to witness how unstoppable Carmelo Anthony was offensively
Still remember watching this game live!
It should be legally mandated for every 13-year old Carmelo hater to watch this game. First knicks and NBA game i ever saw live and completely fell in love with his game. Melo could do everything at this point in in career
Knicks' defense was lit 🔥
@seyiogunnubi 3 anni fa
I love these highlights could you find one of the Chicago Bulls versus the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2015 playoff series? I would really appreciate it
@iceyboyjay3113 6 mesi fa
Gonna miss dude in the league fr ngl
@fran1514 3 anni fa
Knicks really were up 26-6 vs the best team... damn time flies
@Chris56076 Anno fa
They always say Melo a locker room cancer but I see all his teammates praising him . You can tell they enjoy Melo company and leadership. He’s a legit good dude so I dont know why people bash him
So sad when you realize that those were the last days of derrick rose prime...
So sad when you realize that those were the last days of derrick rose prime...
@rpgx1233 Anno fa
@@NintendoMasterism so sad when u realize those were the last days of Melos prime
I miss this kind of nba.
@partyyartie 3 anni fa
I miss Madison Square Garden erupting in pandemonium, man. When the Knicks are winning and the Garden is rocking out, there's no other arena like it in the NBA. As far as Carmelo Anthony is concerned; Leon Rose should seriously consider bringing him back home so he could retire a Knick. This was a great game.
@amirtheysaid 2 anni fa
How doesn't this video have like 20M views? It's one of the coldest games in nba history
0:55 man, as a Knicks fan, hearing this hype song was so lively 🔥
this was the prime of the nba.
@loganh7843 3 anni fa
I miss this Bulls squad 😭
@instatv_2975 3 anni fa
@Jokeryz 3 anni fa
I can tell by your pfp
@loganh7843 3 anni fa
@@Jokeryz so
@collider12 3 anni fa
The bulls lost this game so hard, this why nba amazing , anything can happen never give up!
@brucelau2023 3 anni fa
Literally tho back when these teams were still absolutely amazing , just decent stuff
Prime Melo is unstoppable. Literally Bulls are double-triple teaming him for the entire game
@shoquan9434 2 anni fa
Imagine this Derrick rose on the Knicks right now 👀
Noah grabbing Shumpert down for a super foul and the commentators calling it “nothing. Just a guy falling down. We’re too sensitive these days”😂😂
@melo7591 Anno fa
Phenomenal game by my fav player all time Melo a walking bucket! And that’s why there’s only 1 real melo in the nba
@unbound2424 3 anni fa
2012 was like literally the best year of my life, ohhh myy I want my 2012 summer and grade 2 back
2012 was like literally the best year of my life, ohhh myy I want my 2012 summer and grade 2 back
It was bro olympics Kobe and the nfl take me back
@unbound2424 Anno fa
@@fredoliveira8938 lol
@sergio.808s 3 anni fa
how much fun that was. i miss the knicks mannn. i miss melo too
Definitely a Christmas classic!
@corn204 2 anni fa
Miss this knicks team bruh back when we were back to back 11-12 champs
@3isthenew1 3 anni fa
Everybody talks about the bang call, but no one talks about ba- call on that noval three😂
@nathandarr4206 3 anni fa
Game Stats: Chicago Bulls: 99 Derrick Rose: 29 Points 6 Reb 4 Ast 1 Stl 1 Blk Carlos Boozer: 13 Points 16 Reb 2 Ast Luol Deng: 13 Points 9 Reb 2 Ast 1 Stl 1 Blk Taj Gibson: 11 Points 3 Reb 4 Blk Joakim Noah: 10 Points 5 Reb 1 Blk Richard Hamilton: 7 Points 4 Reb 2 Ast 1 Blk CJ Watson: 7 Points 2 Reb 1 Ast Kyle Korver: 6 Points 7 Reb 3 Ast Ronnie Brewer: 2 Points 3 Reb Omer Asik: 1 Point 4 Reb 2 Blk New York Knicks: 100 Carmelo Anthony: 43 Points (16-31 FG, 4-5 3's, 7-9 FT) 7 Reb 3 Ast 1 Stl 1 Blk Iman Shumpert: 15 Points 9 Reb 6 Ast 4 Stl JR Smith: 14 Points (6-22 FG, 2-11 3's) 5 Reb 2 Ast 1 Stl 1 Blk Landry Fields: 10 Points 4 Reb 2 Ast 1 Stl Tyson Chandler: 8 Points 16 Reb 1 Stl 3 Blk Jared Jeffries: 6 Points 3 Reb 1 Blk Baron Davis: 2 Points 4 Ast 2 Stl Toney Douglas: 2 Points 1 Reb Steve Novak: 0 Points 2 Reb 1 Stl
@LeafyPeach 3 anni fa
Boozer rebound beast
I just pray that #DerrickRose finishes his #Career Strong. 👍💪👑🥇
@ruchpat1 3 anni fa
Rest In Peace Gianna Bryant and Kobe Bryant.
Its funny how they say melo couldnt play in a system or whatever, but it seems like he was in a nice system here with the Knicks
@Wilhelm Wisalski you sleep the first few season with the Knicks melo and amare was going off. Amare stated to get injuries every year after they made that deep push. I think they went to the ecf or the ecsf. The Knicks never had a franchise pg. They had kidd at one point i think, then they went got baron davis, then Lin exploded out of nowhere. However once the league started putting Jeremy Lin as an all star people started exposing Lin. Even when Lin was on the rockets he couldnt get it done. The Knicks had their chances but they also didnt have a good coach. Mike woodson was better than dAnotni. Mike woodson had them playing defense. The knkcks had an identity problem, a coaching problem, and injuries was hurting them. Yet they still had the 8th, and gave the number one seed bulls a run for their money
@Wilhelm Wisalski melo is great when he has a system and a guard. Thats why the nuggets went to the wcf when they had Billups and coach George Karl
Derrick Davis melo never made it to the ecf buddy
​@Wilhelm Wisalski It wasn't Lin who he never fit with. It was D'antoni. Melo and Lin were 6-1 under Woodson. Lin could've been the Raymond Felton of that 2012-13 Knicks roster under Mike Woodson. If only he stayed.
Absolute Classic
@siemomon 3 anni fa
I want a Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce and Carlos Boozer Classic Game PLEASE !!
@zottffss 3 anni fa
Give credit to Tyson Chandler keeping the ball alive that led to Carmelo Anthony's game-winning 3-pointer.
@simpleboy107 3 anni fa
This is the Powerhouse Melo #7 Respect!
@SwiftViper 2 anni fa
Damn I miss MVP Rose 😓 still my favorite player of all time though
Brings back college memories. melo is cold
I miss drose on the bulls, he needs to be back
@paolomawis7003 3 anni fa
My fondest memory of Carmelo, too bad it came at the expense of DRose and the bulls
@Imayrnn 3 anni fa
Jr smith almost shot them out of this game 💀💀
Evil LeBron if the coach keeps you in, you keep shooting lmao
@spyderloc6902 2 anni fa
JR Smith has one of the cleanest shots ever. That man is a great basketball player. D rose is pretty clean too. He had one hell of a year, better than his mvp year recently. Respectably so.
@Apple-ew4xp 2 anni fa
Both of these squads were so good!
@thebestone0718 3 anni fa
The good old days
Miss this Knick team
People forget that melo could pass the ball. He could play hard defense. He could rebound the ball very well. And he was, and still is, so fucking clutch.
@FloeticNature 3 anni fa
Facts, he just was asked to do his job which was score in most of his seasons in the league. The knicks didn't have many decent scorers when he was there besides porzingis, Billups, Jr(when he's hot), and stat when he wasn't hurt.
@@FloeticNature exactly. People just love to hate.
@cl_interp5 3 anni fa
No, He cant play defense but i czn honestly tell this guy is a fucking offense beast. Sadly he wanted to have all the spotlight so he traded Lin and after that the Knicks started to go downhill
@HungryWalker 2 mesi fa
Classic Game!
@Alex-id7oe 3 anni fa
Bro the 4th is like a movie yooo I just thought of something rewatching this imagine using this game as a part of space jam 2 if only drose was still in his prime
@sethbland5684 3 anni fa
These 2 were the ones mostly remembered.
@mylesromin7636 3 anni fa
Melooo! in the clutch Great game
@KnoLove 6 mesi fa
miss these days
I miss this Knicker bocker squad. 2011-2016
Back when the eastern conference was actually had title contenders
@123456CBOY 2 anni fa
The pacers was coming up
@NotWanz 2 anni fa
yep look today big 5 nets, big 3 celtics, big 3 heat, duo bulls. giannis, duo sixers, duo hornets, hawks 6 win streak
@adamv9892 2 anni fa
@@NotWanz you’re not saying all those teams are title contenders are you?
@NotWanz 2 anni fa
@@adamv9892 of course these are title contenders
@adamv9892 2 anni fa
@@NotWanz you think the Celtics, Hawks, Hornets, and Bulls are title contenders?
@dluxe100 2 anni fa
1:49:30 Breen: Knicks down 3. Should the bulls foul? Van Gundy: No. Melo. 🧺 Breen: BANG 💥
@J.s1n_ 3 anni fa
Knicks Shumpert was something else at his best..
I miss prime Melo
@lordzhuge 3 anni fa
Wow back when teams played defense, good times.
Fr back when multiple teams allowed at least 95 a game
@jeterw75 3 anni fa
Damn Iman Shumpart, Baron Davis, Melo, Chandler..we had a squad!!
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