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Dancing With The Stars
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Carole Baskin and Pasha Pashkov dance the Paso to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor on Dancing with the Stars 2020 premiere!


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14 set 2020




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Alexis D
Alexis D 2 giorni fa
My guess is that they had a great dance prepared but Carole couldn't keep up or remember it so they dumbed it down to this slop.
BrokenAngel5815 2 giorni fa
She should have danced to Here Kitty Kitty
F. Victoria Lachlan
I never thought someone could ruin this song for me. Well, that was until I saw this. Now I can’t ever listen to that song without seeing Carole Baskin. Thanks a lot
Thomas Ferenc
Thomas Ferenc 9 giorni fa
How is this the 4th most popular dance here
Buddy’s Mum
Buddy’s Mum 9 giorni fa
Poor Pasha
Cynthia Wolfsohn
Cynthia Wolfsohn 9 giorni fa
fucking worse
E LuKe TrEv
E LuKe TrEv 10 giorni fa
I’m not going to recover after this yeat
JoAnna Scheall
JoAnna Scheall 11 giorni fa
WTF ~ WTF ~ WTF~ !!!!!!!!!
Didnt she kill her husband, Whacked him>
Jason St-Coeur
Jason St-Coeur 14 giorni fa
Wtf ..... dude im never watching this show again
Felix Zuckerman
Felix Zuckerman 15 giorni fa
This was so bad it’s hilarious 😂
Test Test
Test Test 15 giorni fa
You ever dance with the Devil in the pale moon light?
Jayaraj Nadarajan
Jayaraj Nadarajan 16 giorni fa
Nice 👌
Julian Sanchez
Julian Sanchez 16 giorni fa
She killed with this performance, oh wait...
jessica Yong
jessica Yong 16 giorni fa
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy 16 giorni fa
Ahmad Hasyir
Ahmad Hasyir 16 giorni fa
Selamber Sajaa
Selamber Sajaa 17 giorni fa
Aeterna Preliator
Aeterna Preliator 17 giorni fa
Dancing with Death' 😃😃
Cleodora 18 giorni fa
This is FANTASTIC I’m so glad it exists
Ava Aldridge
Ava Aldridge 19 giorni fa
I still can’t comprehend that this really exists and it isn’t satire😂
20 giorni fa
she cannot dance lawl
Potato 21 giorno fa
Kallie McCormick
Kallie McCormick 21 giorno fa
🎶Carole Baskin, Killed her husband, wacked him Can’t convince me that it didn’t happen Fed him to Tigers, they snackin What’s happening🎶
Pandalover Plays
Pandalover Plays 23 giorni fa
someone do her like abraham lincoln already soon she’ll have another tv show
A_Socialist_Channel 23 giorni fa
This is so disgusting. Carole baskin is a MURDERER. She killed her husband stole his money and wrote his family out of the will. She claimed her husband lost his pilots license and took his plane from Florida to Costa Rica which would have required FOUR stops. Why is everyone so stupid whoever booked her for this show is an imbecile - she’s worse than Joe exotic because she’s a murderer Joe exotic never killed anyone I feel like I’m taking crazy pills wtf
JayMerz 23 giorni fa
This is a joke, right!??!
TIGER mobile
TIGER mobile 23 giorni fa
eye of the tiger
M a d d
M a d d 24 giorni fa
This everything I thought it would be
Bobbi Jones
Bobbi Jones 24 giorni fa
Why, why, just why. All I can say is WHY? Are they hurting for contestants that bad? I can't normally say this, but I can dance better than that!
Gus 25 giorni fa
What....the....fuck.....is this?
Brooklyn DuBritton
Brooklyn DuBritton 25 giorni fa
This has GOT to be one of the most boring dances on this show and also entertaining at the same time.
•gácha flòof prodùtions•
O was singing the carol basin song while watching...
미국 세일즈 퍼슨
I hoped she was as good at dancing as killing her husband. But she apparently suck at dancing . She is only good at getting away with murder.
미국 세일즈 퍼슨
Disgusting.... What is wrong with ABC?
ADRIANN NN 26 giorni fa
They was just walking around 💀
stephanie fahrbach
stephanie fahrbach 27 giorni fa
I bet she played this song while she killed her husband lol
lxser 27 giorni fa
Mind you, this is the lady that threw a potato at her husband to get out of the house..
emjay2d 28 giorni fa
easily the cringiest shit ive seen in awhile
Clausman Kids
Clausman Kids 28 giorni fa
Me coming from azzy land
Amy Holmes
Amy Holmes 28 giorni fa
When the comment section is more entertaining than the performance. 😂
Liz O
Liz O 29 giorni fa
2020 is the meme
Travis Maruster
I can't believe Dancing With The Stars put Carole Baskin on the show. XD Bye bye viewers
She's not a star! Why have her on the show?
Lisa Schafer
Lisa Schafer Mese fa
Shes lost it finally. Oh Carole why?!?
Jefferson Cavalcanti
Horrível! 🤣🤣
Taylor McNair
Well Don Lewis didn’t have the will to survive against Carole Baskin
treedevil Mese fa
dance like everyone's watching and also you're a murderer
Tamarah Quequish
Lmao omg
Lisa Schafer
Lisa Schafer Mese fa
Ugh 2020 really?
Jayson Lloyd
Jayson Lloyd Mese fa
I......uhm.....for the first time in my life I am speachless
lakendra rhett
0:45 a disabled lion trying to protect itself
lakendra rhett
When I heard that Carole Baskin was going to be on Dancing With the Stars I thought to myself is she a celebrity and I thought this is going to be the cringiest Dance ever no wonder why they put her last
dance with dream.. majulink.com
Safri Safri
Safri Safri Mese fa
Muhammad Aidil
Nur Aqillah
Nur Aqillah Mese fa
Siapa yang like video ni, sebab app likeshare 🤣🤣
Safuan Dekwan
Adina Adelia
Adina Adelia Mese fa
Ain Izzati
Ain Izzati Mese fa
Danial Harith Ridzuan
Wow 🤩
A M A D Mese fa
Muhd Afiq
Muhd Afiq Mese fa
Dino Pro
Dino Pro Mese fa
Ainsworth TV Show
Was Dancing with the Stars being shady by stating off having her holding the cage door that is keeping a man shut in with a tiger?!
LongLiveKay Mese fa
I still can't believe she is on this show LMAO.
Vic292 23 giorni fa
Ashlee Harvey
The like ratio 💀
anime manga
anime manga Mese fa
Kaki anime
Kaki anime Mese fa
Mark Graham Jr.
She ruined eye of the tiger w this routine, im gonna go watch rocky now...
margareth michelina
The fact that Joe is in prison and she's in reality show is absolutely disgusting.
Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito Mese fa
Carol is the 59 year old representation of the girl who always had her hair a mess and always smelled funny and she didn't really talk but she would hiss and meow, Carol is that girl except old and she killed her husband
Pee pee Poo poo check
No one: People in royale high autumn town be like:
I am dying this is literally one of the funniest things that has happened this year But I'm glade joe isn't here to see this
Yvan Le Boloss
Elle a tué le millionnaire ?
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Mese fa
That should be Joe dancing :(
Brooklyn Trail
oughtta be embarrassed
Brandi832 Mese fa
I remember telling my friend that Dancing with the Stars must be extremely desperate for contestants, if they hired on Carole Baskin. Everyone hates her lol
sam esse
sam esse Mese fa
She killed it! The guy was in a cage with a tiger? just like her eaten husband! Joe would be a better dancer! Ratings are this low to get her as a feature for the show?... that is the joke!
V C Mese fa
How did I not know this happened? I am genuinely shocked she was on the show. What?!?!
Saint Reyaryn
"in sickness and in death," in death:
J Short
J Short Mese fa
She made me bulimic
Judy Spring
Judy Spring Mese fa
You go girl LOL😍🤣
Mary oliva
Mary oliva Mese fa
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Jackie Devine
idk how i got here but LMAO what the hell is 2020
lalau lilu
lalau lilu Mese fa
Carol Baskin pulled a #whitepsychocrazy on her husband
Chaching Mese fa
I can't believe DWTS allowed a murderer on the Family Channel. One day a tiger will feed on her the way she fed Don.
Naomi Nomi
Naomi Nomi Mese fa
Of course it’s with tigers😭🤣
Savannah Anderson
*husband trapped in cage with tiger*
CoCo Jenkins
CoCo Jenkins Mese fa
It's to slow
kondwani katenga
This should have been Joe exhotic.Joe gave her fame
mega man
mega man Mese fa
This is just all sorts of gross
James Hustis
James Hustis Mese fa
If I kill my spouse can I be on Dancing with the Stars?
Audrey Bowen
Audrey Bowen Mese fa
imagine dancing with someone who killed her husband...... respect
Julie Kunst
Julie Kunst Mese fa
So they just let anyone onto this show huh
juanna Mese fa
is this a joke?????????
Bryan Owens
Bryan Owens Mese fa
Stick to killing husband's, Carol (day job)
Katie Hubble
Katie Hubble Mese fa
They suck like a vacuum sorry 😐
Karoline and Riley
This is scary to me...
Isanne Yard
Isanne Yard Mese fa
I caaaaaaan’t believe this woman is in dancing with the stars what the actual fuck
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