Carrie Underwood - Great Is Thy Faithfulness ft. CeCe Winans (Official Performance Video)

Carrie Underwood
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Carrie Underwood’s performance of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” featuring CeCe Winans as part of “My Savior: Live From The Ryman.”

“Great Is Thy Faithfulness” featuring CeCe Winans is featured on Carrie Underwood’s album of gospel hymns, titled “My Savior” available everywhere now.

Listen to “My Savior” now at strm.to/CUMySavior​​ .

“My Savior” consists of covers of traditional gospel hymns and is a spiritual companion to Carrie’s first-ever Christmas album “My Gift.” “My Savior” is co-produced by Carrie and GRAMMY® Award winner David Garcia, with whom she co-produced her critically-acclaimed 2018 Platinum album "Cry Pretty".

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5 apr 2021




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R.M. M.
R.M. M. Ora fa
So beautiful 🤩 great is thy faithfulness 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Maureen Cabrera
Maureen Cabrera 19 ore fa
two magnificent singers. wowwwww.
kenny obas
kenny obas Giorno fa
Absolutely beautiful💐💐💐💐💐💐💐
Hendry Pasaribu
Hendry Pasaribu Giorno fa
Thank you,,, Praise God
Linda Everett-Sunstein
Daughter of the Most High He Lives
Kareen Reid
Kareen Reid 4 giorni fa
Absolutely beautiful
Virginia Rigsbee
Virginia Rigsbee 5 giorni fa
This is a providential meeting of these two performers, a concert attended by the Host of Heaven -- the Heavenly Country silent but for the music carried on the breeze. God bless you, Carrie and CeCe.
Sangzuala Tochhawng
Angel sends two Beautiful soulss!!!!
Dora Crow
Dora Crow 7 giorni fa
Not a fan of Carrie, but Cece helps her sound good. Just my $.02.
Jasmine Roberts
Jasmine Roberts 8 giorni fa
Thank you Jesus for grace.amen.
Anita Alarcon
Anita Alarcon 8 giorni fa
Lord JESUS heal the broken hearted bec many of their kins died of COVID19 infection 🙏
Jay Zee
Jay Zee 8 giorni fa
Sylvain Kalsakau
Sylvain Kalsakau 8 giorni fa
what a blessing! Keep singing for the Lord!
Erica Lauren Horn
Erica Lauren Horn 9 giorni fa
I love you ❤️😘💕 Carrie Underwood and CeCe W.
Erica Lauren Horn
Erica Lauren Horn 9 giorni fa
I love you 😘❤️💕 God and Jesus and Holy Ghost and Holy Angels 😻💖
karen kabhachi
karen kabhachi 9 giorni fa
This was a very beautiful piece and something I really needed. Thank you so much
karen kabhachi
karen kabhachi 9 giorni fa
Where can I get the mp3 download for this please??
Priscilla Yeboah
Priscilla Yeboah 9 giorni fa
I love this .I will never top Listening to this song .
just sayin' (just sayin')
Props to the choir, the band, and of course Carrie and CeCe-just beautiful.
Julia Whitson
Julia Whitson 10 giorni fa
It's refreshing to see a superstar that is not ashamed of her love for God and NEVER has been 🤩
Derek Lippincott
Derek Lippincott 10 giorni fa
I seriously LOVE this combination! Mama CeCe Winans just showed us all what the heavenly choir truly sounds like. We are blessed to be able to witness this! I just wish CeCe would have worn that white suit at the AMA’s when she performed this with Carrie. God bless your and vour voices
Taelyn Boyer
Taelyn Boyer 11 giorni fa
i love you go go go go
Eagles Feather
Eagles Feather 11 giorni fa
Beautiful ❤️
msema kweli
msema kweli 11 giorni fa
our only whitney remaining#cece
Karen Valentine
Karen Valentine 12 giorni fa
Love it CeCe keep singing your heart out God shines through your voice
Helen Melder
Helen Melder 12 giorni fa
Great is they faithfulness Lord 🙏. What a powerful performance by two great artists. May Jesus be exalted .
Neyfxc Beydxc
Neyfxc Beydxc 12 giorni fa
The instinctive internet appropriately nest because shampoo sporadically slip about a placid undershirt. wrathful, handsomely ronald
Jonathan Thompson
Jonathan Thompson 14 giorni fa
CeCe is fantastic! 2nd only to Whitney.
Phillis Harris
Phillis Harris 15 giorni fa
I love this song
Bobby Thomas
Bobby Thomas 15 giorni fa
Who's the pianist? Simply amazing!❤️
Beautyinmybrokeness 15 giorni fa
I have been listening to Miss Cece since the early 90s and she gets younger each year only the grace of God can do that. I love her soooo much
Anique Holness
Anique Holness 15 giorni fa
Mia Hairston
Mia Hairston 16 giorni fa
Two angels singing. Glory to God!! Great is thy faithfulness. ❤️🙏🏾
Elizabeth S
Elizabeth S 16 giorni fa
Lisa Lott
Lisa Lott 16 giorni fa
Absolutely beautiful!!
Temitope 17 giorni fa
Great is thy faithfulness Lord... So blessed by these awesome performance...You both look Great
Nalesha Tucker
Nalesha Tucker 17 giorni fa
Ekklesia 18 giorni fa
0:00 Intro *_(Bb)_* 0:16 Verse 1 0:49 Chorus 1:17 Hook 1:27 Verse 2 _(CeCe)_ 1:57 Chorus 2:24 _+mod_ 2:28 Verse 3 *_(B)_* 2:55 _+mod_ 3:00 Chorus *_(C)_* 3:24 T/A 3:48 Outro
Sophia Copeland
Sophia Copeland 19 giorni fa
One of my favourites. Brought tears to my eyes. Great is Thy faithfulness!!! HalleluYah!!!
ila x
ila x 20 giorni fa
I love the words to this song. It lifts my soul when I am having an unhappy day. These ladies have a very special gift. I hope they know they are ministering to a troubled world.
Dtrn254 21 giorno fa
CeCe's articulation and annunciation is just so crystal clear and breathless. A hugely experienced masterful gospel vocalist.
babapete tsk
babapete tsk 21 giorno fa
Praise God
Marty Edwards
Marty Edwards 21 giorno fa
Two wonderful, beautiful, talented Christian women singing of the King of kings, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Thank-you you so much!
ktb 21 giorno fa
How am I just now seeing this performance. Wow❤️
Norris Brown
Norris Brown 21 giorno fa
This was beautifully done!!!
Angela Barrett
Angela Barrett 21 giorno fa
Great is Thy faithfulness oh God my Father
CeCe Winans
CeCe Winans Giorno fa
May God bless you for your kind comments. You can contact me directly via my official email for prayers and counseling. cecewinanans962 @ g mail com .
Diane Franks
Diane Franks 22 giorni fa
Absolutely amazing, so anointed thankyou ladies, you are both wonderful women of God 🔥❤❤
CeCe Winans
CeCe Winans Giorno fa
May God bless you for your kind comments. You can contact me directly via my official email for prayers and counseling. cecewinanans962 @ g mail com .
loretta Taylor
loretta Taylor 22 giorni fa
Wow love this version. Just what I needed this morning 😊
Maret Betrand
Maret Betrand 22 giorni fa
Jesus bless both of you 🥰
Kimi T
Kimi T 23 giorni fa
This was soooo beautiful.
ItchingToBeFree 24 giorni fa
Okay, okay Carrie! I knew Cece could blow but wow, you two ladies made this song fire!! This was my grandmother's favorite song!
CeCe Winans
CeCe Winans Giorno fa
May God bless you for your kind comments. You can contact me directly via my official email for prayers and counseling. cecewinanans962 @ g mail com .
Karen Weber
Karen Weber 24 giorni fa
Wow, lovely
pallack ablaza
pallack ablaza 24 giorni fa
Love love love it I can't count how many times I have watched it😍😍😍
Patrick Kirby
Patrick Kirby 25 giorni fa
Thanks for all the hard work
GiGi 26 giorni fa
Now my favorite rendition of this song! Wow!
Richard N. Ilesanmi
Richard N. Ilesanmi 26 giorni fa
Wow! I love this ''great is thy faithfulness'' Lord
trevor Byron
trevor Byron 26 giorni fa
So beautiful...one of my favourite hymns. Brings a tear to my eye...
Cris Fortson
Cris Fortson 26 giorni fa
I love how Carrie looked at Cece at the end like “ how’d I do” and Cece says “ good job” .
Redeemed ByHisblood
Redeemed ByHisblood 27 giorni fa
Beautiful, ladies! All praises to the Most High!❤❤❤❤
Debbie VanBrunning
Debbie VanBrunning 27 giorni fa
Wonderful CeCe!
Annette Adams
Annette Adams 28 giorni fa
Shonda Humphreys
Shonda Humphreys 29 giorni fa
Sweet beautiful voices spiritual gift from God. Thank you both ... talented uplifting God sent marvelous voices. Thank you 🙏🏾
Isaias Mendes
Isaias Mendes 29 giorni fa
Sasha Adams
Sasha Adams Mese fa
God is so good to me .
Jesus Real Hope
Great is Thy faithfulness.. 🙌🏼😭 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I John 1:9 NKJV
David Wussah
David Wussah Mese fa
Whoever reading this l pray you experience the manifestation of God’s greatness in your life. Amen
Dashger HG
Dashger HG Mese fa
ok ladies you can all sing well indeed, but know what you are really singing about and to whom are you singing to entertain? Men or God?
Douglas Boutin
I had a great time by my daughter's I hope you have met her and if not you should
TiffWorships Mese fa
Great is thy Faithfulness Instrumental: itvid.net/video/video-X3H71iFqmLQ.html
Karen Troia
Karen Troia Mese fa
Emma Smith
Emma Smith Mese fa
If you don’t like vid and disliked it then your not a Christian it’s an awesome song
Vernise scissorshand
Two beautiful angels with beautiful voices glorifying our Lord
Jaitout mulanga Clemence
Mama CeCe’s such a great gift from God 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 🥰🥰🥰
Laura Luffman
Such a beautiful duet 💓💓🙏🙏
Thomas Jeffries
Cece looking and sounding just like she did 30 years ago. Carrie holding her own next to one of the greatest gospel singers of all time.
Danielle Williams
Bella Vanmeer
Meg OJ
Meg OJ Mese fa
Just Wonderful ❤️❤️🙏🏽👏🏽🤩😘
Scully Fox
Scully Fox Mese fa
This would've been so much better had they harmonized.....sad 😓
Vala Chhakchhuak
Darkoaa Christiana (christy)
Wow wow wow well done you two🙏...God is pleased😂 with this. Cece never disappoint Praise God Amen.🙏
Rosaline Soria
What happened to CeCe have we lost a True Worshiper to Entertainment. See but then go back and see CeCe in the past ,especially with her Mother. It wasn’t about looking good and saying how good they did. 😞 so sad .
Who are well to say this? All we see are what’s happening in the presented public. We don’t know what happens behind closed doors. This is truly a gift here. 2 beautiful ladies from 2 different races, lifestyles and cultures coming together to praise the lord. There’s nothing besides the lord himself that’s more beautiful than seeing differences collide in the name of Jesus.
Clay Trader
Clay Trader Mese fa
I have always thought about that too
Stephanie Tanner
Absolutely beautiful 🙏🏼🥰
The Clueness Planner
Cece gave Carrie that good job nod that your momma gives you when she's proud of you. This was amazing.
Letsmarchishere 21 giorno fa
I noticed that too and it made my heart so filled with love
Dear people please pray that God will cure me of folliculitis staph infection in my bloodstream, body & that God will destroy this curse of rejection that's been in my life.
I’ll pray for you. But you have to trust in the will of God! Blessings to you.
Eshcol Robert J
One of the most beautiful versions of Great Is Thy Faithfulness!
Faith Ngumbao
Amen. I love how you are doing it for Christ
Ama Adjorkor
Ama Adjorkor Mese fa
God is Love, that’s His Nature!!!!
Lucille Laurenzi
Carrie you and CeCe sing powerful in the Lorrd.God bless you both.
Isaias Mendes
Cece you killed it.
Marisa Macedo
Um grande abraço do Brasil 💋
Per-olof Felth
Amazing 🙏💖
kanisha Mbunwe
Two magnificent and powerful daughters of the Lord I love. More grace to you both. Thank You, Lord.
Kim Dominguez
Thank you Jesus ! You are our provider, and with you by our side we lack nothing! Great is your Faithfulness oh Lord my God ! 🙏🏼❤️
Charles Green
Love this so much
Desiré Charlote
Linda canção hino.....Brazil🌹😍❤️
Bianca Ihua
Bianca Ihua Mese fa
O Lord, we pray we that we make it to heaven on the final day,😭😭😭😍💕🥺🙏.
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