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16 lug 2019




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Commenti 3 380
myhv 14 ore fa
F for Geoff
Lorena Boehm
Lorena Boehm 16 ore fa
I only clicked bc blackpink
Monocat Giorno fa
How have I never heard about this fedora guy before? Actually I’m more surprised about the lack of the obnoxious ”sUoMi MaInItTu” comments
GryptpypeThynne Giorno fa
Just saw this video, you might be interested: itvid.net/video/video-jtlrWblOyP4.html
Friskyboi _ 5002-03
You know, if you didn't have to go to school you could've probably gone pro
Collisia Small
Collisia Small 2 giorni fa
“So I left the game and said to myself... ‘damn.. u just beat huk.. and bomber 2-1.. u must be the best man! And then I quit the game” Couldn’t stop laughing😂💀
Sleepy Vamp
Sleepy Vamp 2 giorni fa
time to play some sc2 for the first time in forever
From Deep
From Deep 3 giorni fa
Back in my hay day I would’ve destroyed you kid
http.morgan 3 giorni fa
is it sad that i clicked on this for blackpink
YugYeommie 3 giorni fa
I actually love this guys voice and his humour
jake herr
jake herr 4 giorni fa
Bro you should be proud. Thats so hard to get *# 8*
Vanessa hEe HEe
Vanessa hEe HEe 5 giorni fa
what's BlackPink doing on the thumbnail- YG
Jonn Little
Jonn Little 10 giorni fa
That Logitech trackball was my favorite! I had the green Bluetooth one as well.
Darth Infernite
Darth Infernite 11 giorni fa
I reached Diamond in siege and got the pleasure of having my teeth kicked in by King George three games in a row. 10/10 would get bullied back into plat again
GraveUypo 14 giorni fa
I was blind. I liked watching sc2 all this time when i should have been playing and watching aoe2 instead. Its so much better! Glad my cousin invited me to a random match out of the blue a couple years ago
jonathan outze
jonathan outze 15 giorni fa
Just letting everybody know that age of empires 2 has just received a new definitive edition
vowelcore 13 giorni fa
thanks based hot minion
Paul Brice
Paul Brice 21 giorno fa
Starcraft 2 sucks ass age of empires 2 is the best.
Paul Brice
Paul Brice 19 giorni fa
@Hungry Estonian You'd get your ass handed too, it's strategy not a speed clicker.
Hungry Estonian
Hungry Estonian 19 giorni fa
AOE 2 is too slow paced and easy
ⵡⴰⴻⵍ l WAËL‡
4:17 I wonder who's the guy between all the K-POP stars
Андрей Оводов
Watching this after incontrol died, damn, that hurts
dar1e 28 giorni fa
RIP incontrol
Jianji Zhu
Jianji Zhu 28 giorni fa
I’m searching who this SERRAL is right now
BT A 28 giorni fa
Can we talk about the thumbnail and what kinda ghostly shit is going on there on the far left
Ben Ellam
Ben Ellam 29 giorni fa
why is everyone complaining about blizzard what have I missed
StrongSammy 26 giorni fa
censoring and banning of people that are pro-Hongkong, because they are afraid of their games being banned in China
Fezaal 29 giorni fa
Oh damn you’re 23,
Daniel Manguply
no fucking way you where 8th best at 13
Keith Callison
Sucks to be you now. I was gonna bitch, but I realized how old the vid was.
Spidem Mese fa
bruh that sponsorship
Diamandis80 Mese fa
0:55 I'm sure someone in the currently 3354 comments has mentioned it but PICK UP THE PHONE!
Chomusuke Mese fa
Rip incontrol
I hate google+
Who would've thought three months later blizzard censors a human rights protest
J G Mese fa
All i know about starcraft is that you need more pylons.
Halo Mese fa
Look here can you play grand Master in overwatch no because you aren't pro gamer
Kiseijuu Mese fa
2:26 is that an Snk reference?
bree Mese fa
4:15 casually explained number 1 sone
Avionic Mese fa
Lol the Blue Snowball right in front of the fan
Yours Truly
Yours Truly Mese fa
Lol XD I need to be as positive as you are in your videos I love if too much
Myron Zhao
Myron Zhao Mese fa
Do u guys not have phone?
Temple Rose
Temple Rose Mese fa
This was the best bedtime story ever. I loved it so much. What an amazing thing to happen to you. Something to remember.
Temple Rose
Temple Rose Mese fa
Did anyone else click on this video because they saw the thumbnail thinking “wait is that Lisa?” and didn’t even read the title?
Just Jordan
Just Jordan Mese fa
Ha Blizzard Supporting Serious Gamers :) That's new, remember Blizzard's Pro League? Lasted 1 year.
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