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This of course begs the question: what’s the deal with airline food? And every time I open up the same foil lined plastic tray gilded with condensation along with every other pleb in economy, I can’t help but prod at my reheated lasagna and think “you know, this is incredibly respectable given the circumstances. Good job everyone.”
Real talk though book directly with the airline and probably don't miss your flight.
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10 gen 2019

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Commenti 3 005
Achref Missaoui
Achref Missaoui 6 minuti fa
Where the hell did you stop in northern africa? India? I‘m north african , we don‘t live like that mate...
Cam_ Quarter_
Cam_ Quarter_ 7 ore fa
Why does every other character look like they have Down syndrome 😭
James Lacdao
James Lacdao 7 ore fa
Make more vids
Jack Howard
Jack Howard 10 ore fa
This was uploaded on my birthday
Lord Klefedron
Lord Klefedron 11 ore fa
you realize that every country in europe teaches kids english from a really young age right... not only germany
Laois Ayeetson
Laois Ayeetson 14 ore fa
I liked this just because of the Air Canada joke
•DunderV •
•DunderV • 15 ore fa
Oh yea yea
Zac G
Zac G 21 ora fa
I'd love to see you do a set live, with the frames like the ones in your videos set up PowerPoint presentation style!
Aierek 23 ore fa
1:24 Balls m8 A joke like that in this day and age. Balls
Arif Muhammad
Arif Muhammad Giorno fa
you should do a 'watching porn' episode.
Firstname Lastname
Mastery Games
Mastery Games Giorno fa
northern africa ? lol there's no elephants , rhino's,lions... i guess you meant south africa
Aaron Ortiz
Aaron Ortiz Giorno fa
I love it how you have us all guessing about whether you're bi: itvid.net/video/video-vHNe8tnAGq0.html?t=112 ... also Canadian accents DO sound sexier than American ones, but not as much as British or Australian.
WinterTS Giorno fa
Wait a second... Oh yeah yeah
Turquoise man Take me by the hand
Wait is this YSAC
Turquoise man Take me by the hand
Yo this also sounds like cgp grey lmao
Sehornes Minn
Sehornes Minn Giorno fa
'Tis the first time i actually hear him chuckle from his joke xD Couldn't hold it, could ya? Now guess how I watch your vids! :P
officialnucky Giorno fa
The only thing I brought back from my time traveling was syphilis
Axel Gaona
Axel Gaona Giorno fa
I'm Mexican and I want to be offended.
Olli Giorno fa
That was bloody hilarious I spat out my milk 😭😂
Aaron Randall
Aaron Randall 2 giorni fa
Holy shit that if funny! 😂
whtvr -
whtvr - 2 giorni fa
the sound is too low
Maddison Murphy
Maddison Murphy 2 giorni fa
I would like the.milk refunded
Luke McCracken
Luke McCracken 2 giorni fa
jokat989 2 giorni fa
did anyone catch the subtle reference to the movie Inglorious Bastards? (the Tarantino one)
SebasCraCk11 2 giorni fa
1:24 i'm dying omg
Gicoland 2 giorni fa
I have been watching you for years but I just realised you sound like jacksfilma
Lawrence Langdale
Lawrence Langdale 2 giorni fa
Man, that Anne Frank joke caught me off guard.
Nate D
Nate D 2 giorni fa
His monotone delivery makes these videos gold
Martijn Holland
Martijn Holland 2 giorni fa
Anne Frank didn't go voluntary though
Emerson 2 giorni fa
magnum XL. oh okaaaAAAAaay
Samuel Schönenberger
So AirCanada is the DeutscheBahn?
ANDREW TURNER 2 giorni fa
Waking Up
SC Unlimited
SC Unlimited 2 giorni fa
Dabasaurous Rex
Dabasaurous Rex 2 giorni fa
Jesus Christ is Lord of all! God bless you all! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is too difficult for the Lord our God, with Christ, ALL things are possible!
Dani A
Dani A 3 giorni fa
About how not to get denied boarding due to overbooking, request special meal for your flight. As they wouldn't be able to provide that on the next flight they just choose someone else to leave behind.
alamoni commins
alamoni commins 3 giorni fa
Hahahaha too good 😂
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson 3 giorni fa
vrai. pour la question en français
Cam Time 1
Cam Time 1 3 giorni fa
Dang it I ran out of Casually Explained videos. What am I supposed to do?
J Mat
J Mat 3 giorni fa
Schiphol passport control officers are all DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. Every time I fly I mention it. Thank you for confirming this.
young lvck sleep
young lvck sleep 3 giorni fa
Ethan P
Ethan P 3 giorni fa
that anne frank joke has about a five second delay on it, but when it hits... it hits.
Max ew
Max ew 3 giorni fa
Lmao, that Anne Frank joke
NightRogue 3 giorni fa
Separate the colors(coloreds) from the whites. 🤣🤣🤣 Close the wage gap. 🤣🤣🤣 Holy crap that was hilarious lmao. Shame 50% of the peeps that read that will get offended.
Respetador De Mujeres
50 pesos is quite expensive
Xurrency 3 giorni fa
Casually Explained is the founder of r/suicidebywords
z0uLess 3 giorni fa
but why?
Joseph Staline
Joseph Staline 3 giorni fa
4:50 North Africa Black people Bravo
#Fake 3 giorni fa
Oh yeah yeah
uaedaien 4 giorni fa
Are there any airlines that don’t suck?
ryeas201 4 giorni fa
That eyebrow raise is where all the budget went for this video
thatjokerperson 4 giorni fa
one of the first flights i went on the we had to wait to board the plane because they were sealing the cargo hold with duct tape
Dan Feeger
Dan Feeger 4 giorni fa
Very Hungry Caterpillar represent!
Caio Pavani
Caio Pavani 4 giorni fa
The wage gap was BRUTAL hahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhaahh
Hayden Richards
Hayden Richards 4 giorni fa
Your videos are the funniest things I watch
Dantad Games
Dantad Games 4 giorni fa
MyNameIsACaillou 4 giorni fa
“Didn’t work for Anne frank” that killed me
Mark Brand
Mark Brand 4 giorni fa
I'm astounded this video is monetized.
Andrea Ciaramella
Andrea Ciaramella 4 giorni fa
"It's Air Canada so that makes sense" 😂😂😂😂😂
Marshall Hill
Marshall Hill 4 giorni fa
That part about layovers missing your connecting flight happened to me coming home from Japan. Air Canada said it would be fine, it was not fine. Lesson learned. Don't fly Air Canada >:^(
Mac Gyver
Mac Gyver 4 giorni fa
Gina Sindyr
Gina Sindyr 4 giorni fa
+Mac Gyver oh ok yeah yeah
Mac Gyver
Mac Gyver 4 giorni fa
+Gina Sindyr nooooo, he said that anything goes good
Gina Sindyr
Gina Sindyr 4 giorni fa
It's supposed to be oh yeah yeah
Swagy 4 giorni fa
Oh yeah yeah
Rubdul Bah
Rubdul Bah 4 giorni fa
I travelled to the kitchen once.
kevin Bee
kevin Bee 5 giorni fa
I don't get the bit about Anne Frank. "If you're visiting Germany, you should still try to learn some German out of courtesy. - And while I see their point, that certainly didn't work out so well for Anne Frank." Did Anne Frank learn German to visit Germany? Wasn't she born in Germany? I know it's a dark humor, but I don't get it. Is it just "You can't expect Germans to be polite even if you learn their language, because they did the holocaust."?
Maria Pinzon
Maria Pinzon 5 giorni fa
I love your humor so much
TheStickmann 5 giorni fa
Finally got the PG-13 Casually Explained I've been waiting for.
3zzoozz عزّوز
3zzoozz عزّوز 5 giorni fa
video on porn please since you are a big fan
Mark Arbuckle
Mark Arbuckle 5 giorni fa
Where have you been
Matt Mckenna
Matt Mckenna 5 giorni fa
I actually love this guy's sense of humour
Crismodin 6 giorni fa
The Anne Frank joke was a little dark.
My Heterotopia
My Heterotopia 6 giorni fa
1:40 s'avouent-elles*
Daniel Jiménez
Daniel Jiménez 6 giorni fa
OMG this is fucking hilarious!
Aaron O'Brien
Aaron O'Brien 6 giorni fa
holy shit we now know he's from vancouver bc but has an american accent
Our Founding Liars
Our Founding Liars 6 giorni fa
I realize it’s harder to “casually explain” inter dimensional travel, but we have to bring attention to it in order to bring the reptilian army down! Keep asking questions
Nikolay Runteff
Nikolay Runteff 6 giorni fa
Did you just say Twitch Thot tv or was that just me and too much pewdiepie?
Ben Finley
Ben Finley 6 giorni fa
who and what you wanna do...
Robin Ebers
Robin Ebers 7 giorni fa
Who dislikes those videos? lol
hcalmijebi 7 giorni fa
That colored from whites joke was a so incredibly set up. Well done
Oliver Jones
Oliver Jones 7 giorni fa
You’re from Vancouver??
Andy Frost
Andy Frost 7 giorni fa
You sound like YSAC
The Fireblazer
The Fireblazer 7 giorni fa
The only reason i like the vid was because he said it was air canada
Konnor Gann
Konnor Gann 7 giorni fa
I love your work! Never stop creating bro. I’m curious though, what animation software do you use?
Junk Apple
Junk Apple 7 giorni fa
Only thing wrong with this video is at 2:15 where there are other items in the bin with the laptop. Flew on 6 planes this month and theyre strict about having the laptop in 1 bin.
ben-d straw
ben-d straw 7 giorni fa
*That certainly didnt work for Anne Frank*
mr squirts
mr squirts 7 giorni fa
Well... Its Air Canada, so that makes sense... LOL
tuureboelius2 7 giorni fa
Cdg shirt
Kyle Fields
Kyle Fields 7 giorni fa
Dannggg an expired granola bar? Never fly first class, it ruins coach forever.
IgorAkou 7 giorni fa
Does anyone know the name of the music he uses in his videos?
Eti G
Eti G 7 giorni fa
Oh you haven't been to the Israeli section in the airport...... Security is crazier
EAS MEDIA 7 giorni fa
Are you from Vancouver ?!
Seann Erino
Seann Erino 7 giorni fa
That Anne Frank joke caught me way off-guard hahahahahahaha
Kickeristic 7 giorni fa
Damn it Dave, you had one job!
ROCKOE DELIK 7 giorni fa
LMFAO I saw this in my recommendations WHY! Idk? But decided to click on it, Boy im glad I did this was real funny glad I discovered a new channel with a sense of humor.
not lindale
not lindale 7 giorni fa
My guy be uploading every other month but still get views. Now thats quality.
Mike Psychogioudakis
5:11 HHhahahahhahahaahahahhashhahaahahhaayahahahahahyahahayayahahahayahaayayhahahahaha
Das Raven
Das Raven 8 giorni fa
Jokes are the best when they’re facts and can’t be attacked by the PC babies.
k01dsv 8 giorni fa
Why would you use Germany as an example of people learning English as a second language? Germans usually suck so much at English that they actually still have to dub their TV with German voice-over. You should've used a Scandinavian country, since they're probably some of the best non-native English speakers out there.
Aaron Cummings
Aaron Cummings 8 giorni fa
3:06 it would be cheaper to take a flight from CYYJ (Victoria Int.) to KSFO (San fransisco Int.) to KLAX (Las Angeles Int.) Also did you go to ESQ high?
Aaron Cummings
Aaron Cummings 8 giorni fa
5:02 it was probably a piece of the engine cover
Alessandro Munoz
Alessandro Munoz 8 giorni fa
Is it true that Canadians have found the answer to life, or are they just tired of living.
Nathan Peltier
Nathan Peltier 8 giorni fa
you are totally from victoria! am I right?? I need to know!
domesticated wind
domesticated wind 8 giorni fa
" air american - *lite* "
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