Celine Dion Greatest Hits Cover 2017 - The Best Of Celine Dion

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Celine Dion Greatest Hits Cover 2017 - The Best Of Celine Dion

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20 lug 2017




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Commenti 91
joao. paulo
joao. paulo 7 mesi fa
Esta cantora não é a Celine Dion
Rensy Anamalo
Rensy Anamalo 9 mesi fa
ilove youuu so much...celine dion"""
Mónika Kaszab
Mónika Kaszab 9 mesi fa
Hu de szar
sa tra
sa tra 9 mesi fa
Angel Jacobo
Angel Jacobo 10 mesi fa
Melody Sibanda
Melody Sibanda 10 mesi fa
Nice song so loved
Erica Barrameda
Erica Barrameda 11 mesi fa
i love ur all song
nova ibrahim
nova ibrahim 11 mesi fa
So good i love you
apeng seafood
apeng seafood 11 mesi fa
sangmawii pachuau
I can say that she sing with all of her heart
Able 11 mesi fa
jelk putaranya
Cloud Rai
Cloud Rai 11 mesi fa
your are the god gifted incredible 🌹🌹
geeta lawati
geeta lawati Anno fa
love u celine❤😗😗
tea vangchhia tea
Avan nalh tehlul em....
Edah Edah
Edah Edah Anno fa
Best bangeett.. 😉😉😉
rose P r
rose P r Anno fa
Très jolie voix mais ce n'est pas Céline Dion qui chante et c'est décevant pour ceux qui l'adore!
Luka Felomaki
Jolie chanson hummm
salfa sabila
salfa sabila Anno fa
Salah Uddin Joy
I like every song of Celine dion
Langhe Evan
Langhe Evan Anno fa
Wala na talagang tatalo sayo idol CELINE DION ang sarap pakinggan ang mga Kanta mo...idol
An Pin
An Pin Anno fa
Isaac Ky
Isaac Ky Anno fa
Celine Dion know future of love, that while she did break man heart.
Isaac Owusu
Isaac Owusu Anno fa
Never give up Celine Dion
farz Ah
farz Ah Anno fa
I love your voice and I have lots of memories with your songs specially with My HEART WILL GO ON❤️ your voice is amazing Every time I feel I need to calm I will listen to ur voice is giving me a peace
Farid Arianto
Is the best caline dion 👍👍👍👍
ABobc Bshsj
ABobc Bshsj Anno fa
Fely Quiben
Fely Quiben Anno fa
I ddcate this song to the man i love forever
William James
Fely Quiben gm
William James
Fely Quiben
Fely Quiben
Fely Quiben Anno fa
Power of love my favorite song
lyx zape
lyx zape Anno fa
Nyc voice my dia tc amazing
Voice Smule
Voice Smule Anno fa
Merinding dengar lagu celine dion,,gk bosan2 dengar suaranya
jayson sweet
jayson sweet Anno fa
Edi Susanto
Edi Susanto Anno fa
i like music especially international
Podessa Phillip
I love Celine voice to relex
Kedisaletse Vinolia
I like u song
Shella Yus
Shella Yus Anno fa
Very nice song..TQ
Biyagui Sissoko
j'ai aimé bcp misqui de Céline Dion Sissoko
Debbie Dufault
This is not her singing this album. it's her stand in girl. She has no accent.
Anabel Gabiana
Ang ganda nitong kanta nto😊😊😊
Mahedi und Henrique santos
Bienal imitacion no és celine
inge Twl inge twl
Dorothy Jakis
I love all if Celine Dion's songs.. I love the song Good bye..
Brimbogi. i. Dali.
is not celine
Vicky Amour
Vicky Amour Anno fa
Miss tya amoy Tyaa
ibu celendion saya wirawan dari karawang kapan di jemput anak nya udah nggak betah nunggu sundha heuntheuk gabluek nggak bakal di jemput udah.punya istri enam celendion cepetan jangan lama hatur sembah nuhun muhun phaeh khoid idsdhued anak nya juga nggak mau udah bekas pegangan orang indonesia raya terngemis terdusun ikut ikutan keluarga orang nomer satu indonesia nggak kenal pura pura kenal mau numpang tenaer kantoran pun ngemuis tenaran hatur sembah nuhun muhun phaeh khoid iddhued
Oliver Atuma
Oliver Atuma Anno fa
I love you and your songs keep it up
Gloria Villejo
Moment well last forever
Md Masum
Md Masum Anno fa
best singer 😍🎸🎻🎶🎷🎬💜
Honelyn Alarcon
My favorite song is celine Dion
Honelyn Alarcon
Wow I love this song of celine
Благодаря,много сте мила,здраве и Благодаря,много сте Благодаря,много сте мила,здраве и Благодаря,много сте мила,здраве и любов. . ,здраве и любов. .
Благодаря,много сте мила,здраве и Благодаря,много сте мила,здраве и любов. . . )'
Laboihi Sailo
when listening to this song... i miss real celine dion's voice.
sreynuch bong
Dear friends, I’m so thank full for your sharing.I also thank for your time. Thank you so much..:)🐝
Ogaba Hillan
Ogaba Hillan Anno fa
legend ov love music in the whole world.
Octa Kandoli
Octa Kandoli Anno fa
Very nice ...
Marie Apolon
Marie Apolon Anno fa
I love it
Lisa Lisathe
Lisa Lisathe Anno fa
This my Favorit song I , like this song
Wayne Innocent
I love being inspired by her contact me
Wayne Innocent
She must. H a. Have bebee beenbe home by quite yo you young in that M
José Lopes
José Lopes Anno fa
Jose lopes lopes silva com celine don
Paul Mckenzie
zugululu mensah
Rodolfo Lima
Rodolfo Lima Anno fa
IT IS NOT CELINE DION SINGING, GUYS! Just to make you sure!
Zarrar Ali
Zarrar Ali Anno fa
I am happy to be alive knowing that only God can take my life. I don't deserve anything in fact I owe an apology. I hope it will be accepted and I can move on.
Daniel reynaud
J’adore 💗 💓 💓 💓 💓 💓 👍
Radhica Dookran
Radhica Dookran 10 mesi fa
On touchable awesome
Mery Ann
Mery Ann Anno fa
I love the music like a power of love...verry nice👍
Hector Tambe
Hector Tambe Anno fa
Hector Tambe
Hector Tambe Anno fa
Mery Ann good lovely cool music
sultan king of korea
your genius
sultan king of korea
I love you and all music
Muhamad Aril
Muhamad Aril Anno fa
I like u song
suleman lssaka
Power of love !!!!!!
Mari Shalileh
Mari Shalileh
Ira Mayasari
Ira Mayasari Anno fa
Celin dion my favorit song
Todo en ella es arte
Lythiam Sipe
Lythiam Sipe 11 mesi fa
I really love the music ..
Prince Kader Cisse
ANTONIO CORTINA MORENO Céline Dion my favoris the musique
jenny ocarol
jenny ocarol Anno fa
Wow niece
Nois Armie
Nois Armie Anno fa
jenny ocaro
Christofin Anno fa
this is not the voice of celine dion!
wang fu旺
wang fu旺 Anno fa
Christofin yes it's not voice off Celine Dion
Frances Alle Cauilan
So nice Song
Marize Santos
Eu gosto muito das músicas de Celine Dion
charly Nathan Charles
Marize Santos eu também sim
Alfonco Siahaan
ilove celine dion👍
Suvendu Karar
Touchable of brightness Loven Hearts belongs to gorgeous fillings on highlighted by golden era in Celine Dion's voice. I hope that..., she's always be happening life of blessing on head's at Amen as herself by God's hands with alwaysly & almost. Bye the bay.., God bless everyone listening peoples and keep in smiling face always be happening lives are all peoples.
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