CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 4 | Ep. 10: “Mr. Attaway”

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Attaway's pageant for boys has Ezra, Hamilton, Jax (Alex Guzman), and Tim vying for the title of Mr. Attaway. While competition heats up on-stage, off-stage, Rhyme and Rooney begin reconsidering the state of their relationships.
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Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 4 | Ep. 10: “Mr. Attaway”


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21 mag 2019

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Commenti 6 367
Brat 27 giorni fa
What was your fave part of today's episode???
Armana Ameen
Armana Ameen 3 giorni fa
Wendy Cruz
Wendy Cruz 4 giorni fa
Brat I love all the episodes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Krystelle Kate Ramos
Brat is there any SEASON 5 or episode 11 of this!? 😁 i love Chicken Girls so much.. i want to see TK's replies from Rhyme's letter...
Krystelle Kate Ramos
especially the part of TK's letters ❤️❤️
Krystelle Kate Ramos
Everything! ❤️
Favor Verdier
Favor Verdier 9 ore fa
Amazing Songs lyrics
At 12:50 did anyone see that its the restaurant where Sam and Cassie kissed on total eclipse?
Sherlaysia  Webb
Sherlaysia Webb Giorno fa
"no but I could"
Sloppy Giorno fa
That sponsor made me cry. It was for *gum*. GUM!
Lara Jane Alfaro
Lara Jane Alfaro 2 giorni fa
Ezra is so cute💞🥰✨
Jaylene Sanchez
Jaylene Sanchez 2 giorni fa
Why does Alex looks like a player 😋
Nini and Nicole Niualiku
Ezra you dumb head you don't just grab a stupid personal letter out of rhymes hand
Nini and Nicole Niualiku
When the girl was making fun of the note with the gum inside why was she laughing it's ok to love somene
Violeti Muavao
Violeti Muavao 2 giorni fa
I'm confused. If they were all in middle school together how are they all in different grades??
Bella Skeeter
Bella Skeeter 2 giorni fa
Wow. Rhyme and Ezra held hands and started semi dating at 12:49 and broke up at 15:11 Great Job, guys. Thanks for that.
Angelina Carrol
Angelina Carrol 2 giorni fa
Who miss tk. Alot . like me . hit like
Francisco Fernandez
I feel so bad for rhyme because of the letter s
Bella Skeeter
Bella Skeeter 3 giorni fa
Can I just say that at the dance off, Caden/Tim was REALLY getting into it lol.
Amaiya Genae
Amaiya Genae 4 giorni fa
Ezra is full of himself ! I ship tk and rhyme .
Rose Berry
Rose Berry 4 giorni fa
I think that school TV may have come from "Girl Named Jo"..😁
Leya Summer
Leya Summer 4 giorni fa
No lie watched that add like 3 times and I cried every single time😭😭😂😭
Jayla Coleman
Jayla Coleman 4 giorni fa
Jax looks a lot like Blesiv 🤔
Jayla Coleman
Jayla Coleman 22 ore fa
Dre's World ohh okay thank you 😂
Dre's World
Dre's World Giorno fa
He is in here
Maria Manzanares
Maria Manzanares 4 giorni fa
k i am not having ezra’s mom in the last episode .... that woman just 🙄😡
Nia __
Nia __ 4 giorni fa
Thank u, next. Thought I’d end up with t.k but he wasn’t a match Then I met Tim sharp now we’re just friends and together laugh. Even started dating and for drake I’m so thankful Now I saw Ezra... He iS GoiNG tO bE mY HUSBAND... ( now I’m saying thank u to Asher.... cuz he is an angel... GET IT! ASHER ANGEL ) lol
Akira Grandison
Akira Grandison Giorno fa
Addison Gonzales
Addison Gonzales 4 giorni fa
Leeraz Steinbrg
Leeraz Steinbrg 4 giorni fa
I love Annie ❤️
Ruby Random
Ruby Random 5 giorni fa
What a perfect time for those letters to come
RblxGirl Life
RblxGirl Life 5 giorni fa
I have a question, how is the guy who owns the cafe still alive here, but in ruby red he died. Isn’t he supposed to be dead still?
Kaylee Yazmin Vlogs
OMG!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS💙💚💛💜🖤
Aleena Nadesan
Aleena Nadesan 5 giorni fa
That advert actually mad me cry
Sabrina ahmed
Sabrina ahmed 5 giorni fa
Ezra mom is so dramatic and mean
bloome O
bloome O 6 giorni fa
Tk:* nowhere to be seen* Rhyme: * moving on and dating new people* Tk: AGAIN nowhere to be seen* Rhyme: finally over tk. Tk: finally sends letters back
grace hillmantel
grace hillmantel 6 giorni fa
3:19 no wonder rhymes always in a mood her bed sounds like a rock when she landed on it
Trishali Sridharan
Trishali Sridharan 6 giorni fa
Ezra is too insecure sometimes ! I mean at the end he could've just listened and talked to Rhyme calmly! I mean no one can completely forget their first love right?
Trishali Sridharan
Trishali Sridharan 6 giorni fa
Every time I feel relieved that things turn out well, Brat brings in something else !
Trishali Sridharan
Trishali Sridharan 6 giorni fa
If Chicken Girls is not filled with drama, the world will turn upside down !
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 7 giorni fa
Why. Is. Ezra. So. TALL.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 7 giorni fa
11:40 was the most anti climatic thing I've ever seen
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 7 giorni fa
"If I weren't here, she'd have that Baggage-Free Lifestyle shes always wanted" DAMN that hit close to home
littlespiderplays YT
His mom is a too faced person
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 7 giorni fa
I can relate to Ezra's family problems soooo muchhhh
Gabbi Puglia
Gabbi Puglia 7 giorni fa
I don’t like Brittany 🤮
Greenlee Briggs
Greenlee Briggs 8 giorni fa
I think Ezra’s stepmom is abusive
Kennedy Aase
Kennedy Aase 8 giorni fa
its me
its me 8 giorni fa
No I don't want her to be with flash I want Kayla to be with flash
Jasmine Thames
Jasmine Thames 9 giorni fa
Who's the winner of the mr.attaway
Sareli Gamez
Sareli Gamez 9 giorni fa
The first episode of chicken girls because ezra and Rime met
Sareli Gamez
Sareli Gamez 9 giorni fa
If you like chicken girls session 4 👍
O.W.N 9 giorni fa
Who else,paused the video when Ezra picked up one of the envelopes. And just said "Damn!". The ship was just here. 😥
Geetha Chandra
Geetha Chandra 9 giorni fa
Hey guys I really like all your shows and am waiting especially for the episodes of total eclipse and chicken girls 😚🤗😏
nyotelll meng
nyotelll meng 9 giorni fa
the letter thing made me missed tk that much
Veronica Monter
Veronica Monter 9 giorni fa
Omg BLESIV ❤😍😍😍
Fabiola Goyau
Fabiola Goyau 10 giorni fa
the first minute advertising extra gum made me cry lol
mariama thiam
mariama thiam 10 giorni fa
3:18 that bed is so hard goddamn
Marcelline 10 giorni fa
If its the year 2019 then why are the tvs like that😂
Asma Tareq Abdel Rahman 6BU Øhavsskolen
why is Asher not in too,is cool if Asher coming in to the movie
Cool bro gaming fun
Cool bro gaming fun 10 giorni fa
Who do you ship 1.Ezra and Rhyme 2.Rhyme and Tk 3.Rhyme and Drake 4.Kayla and Flash 5.Effie and Flash 6.Rooney and Drake 7.Hamilton and Quinn 8 Stephanie and Rooney 9.Brittany and Jax Comment ur fav and who u got
Zuzia Czyz
Zuzia Czyz 10 giorni fa
Quinn does have a point Who agrees 👇
TaeKookies 10 giorni fa
Ezra is just the jealous type... First he was mad at Tim Sharp Then he’s mad at TK for sending “love letters” He clearly doesn’t understand what friendship is..... like, Rhyme misses TK and TK misses Rhyme... and Tim and Rhyme are friends! Ezra!
Maria Aguilera
Maria Aguilera 11 giorni fa
I freak love this show omfg y’all better make more episodes
Brooklyn Bare
Brooklyn Bare 11 giorni fa
Annie or Rhyme you are so pretty but I prefer you and TK
Yohana Lopez
Yohana Lopez 11 giorni fa
I havent seen the b
Ezra and Rhyme All the time
Giddel Salud
Giddel Salud 12 giorni fa
this is for annie: thought i end up with TK but it wasnt a match, wrote some songs about TimSharp now i listen and laugh, even almost got married and for drake im so thankful, wish i can say thank u to ezra cause he was an angel. so thank u nexttt ❤️
Eron Martin
Eron Martin 12 giorni fa
Ezra and rhyme duh
Vivienne Williams
Vivienne Williams 12 giorni fa
Hamilton wasn’t even an option 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣
Squish Potato
Squish Potato 12 giorni fa
Ok who ships Steph and Rooney?!
Jay Garcia
Jay Garcia 12 giorni fa
Why Alex look so short 😂
Blackbangtan NCT
Blackbangtan NCT 12 giorni fa
Why did the dance part make me laugh so hard?😂
Cwcookin 12 giorni fa
I low key really want rhyme/Annie to read those letters!
Aya M
Aya M 12 giorni fa
Noooooooooooooooo ezraaaaaaa nooooooo
Aya M
Aya M 12 giorni fa
Charlotte F
Charlotte F 12 giorni fa
No one: Again no one: The whole world: Birdie:Guess who’s back from Texas ya’ll
Charlotte F
Charlotte F 12 giorni fa
5:02 isn’t she a B?!!!
Charlotte F
Charlotte F 12 giorni fa
The advert made me so sad idk why
AZZY'S VLOG 12 giorni fa
This story is like francis an i im only 10 but my mom know
Adeline Jesserer
Adeline Jesserer 13 giorni fa
Ill take ezra or TK if she cnat take bolth.
Childhood Cancer Post Fertility And Life
Who else wants to punch Ezra’s step mother? 🤦‍♀️ it makes me tear up 😢 and I feel so sad for anyone going through that. I’m so sorry. I’m so blessed to have an amazing family.
Sofia Lantican
Sofia Lantican 13 giorni fa
I ship ezra and rhyme im so sorry
Everyday Is Crazy
Everyday Is Crazy 13 giorni fa
the theme song is ear rape (: No Offence tho:)
Kaela Marie
Kaela Marie 13 giorni fa
Mail of Dewata Tehnik
It was sad at the end😪😥
Mail of Dewata Tehnik
Its so cringey btw i've been watching this for hours and my battery is 5% lol🤣🤣
BTS Stan
BTS Stan 10 giorni fa
Mail of Dewata Tehnik if it's so cringey why have you been watching for hrs 🙄
Zalette Sanchez
Zalette Sanchez 13 giorni fa
When alex winked @ 5:16 i lost it 💀‼😭
Jay Langham
Jay Langham 13 giorni fa
Like at annie
Gacha Lunar
Gacha Lunar 14 giorni fa
My ship with rhyme and tk has failed and I’m sad
**oreo** **hh**
**oreo** **hh** 14 giorni fa
Who else thinks Stephanie and Rooney would be so cute together?
Summer Drye
Summer Drye 15 giorni fa
I’m officially starting to think that roony is into that blonde girl😂
Lee Way
Lee Way 15 giorni fa
A good movies to watched on netifix
Lee Way
Lee Way 15 giorni fa
A good to watching on youtub
Scott Bailey
Scott Bailey 15 giorni fa
I love brat like if you do to
soha Umair
soha Umair 15 giorni fa
Wait how? Hamelton how? Wait what
Fanny Briceno
Fanny Briceno 15 giorni fa
Love this .season 5 ?
Kylie Paige
Kylie Paige 15 giorni fa
Does Elley play in Hathaway
Xxxwolf Xxx
Xxxwolf Xxx 15 giorni fa
Please come with a new one please
What's Up Everybody
What's Up Everybody 15 giorni fa
Lol i thought that the opening scene was part of chicken girls it turns out its just sponsored by a gum
Ashboi 15 giorni fa
All I can say is “Jax Tingzzz”
Josey Walsh
Josey Walsh 16 giorni fa
big yikes
Ryan Ciani
Ryan Ciani 16 giorni fa
why is this show always the same with the whos in love with who. its so annoying.
Ryan Ciani
Ryan Ciani 16 giorni fa
you have a mall in a postal service? nothing about that makes sense
Miss BubblesRoblox
Miss BubblesRoblox 16 giorni fa
Kinda forgot about the letters..
Raylee Hatch
Raylee Hatch 16 giorni fa
My cousins name is Ezra he is 4 he is so sweet and cute!!
julius capilitan
julius capilitan 16 giorni fa
Olivia Aaron
Olivia Aaron 16 giorni fa
I miss tk
Maria Eduarda Andrade
I feel like Rooney starts dating all of rhymes ex’s. Also I wish that rhyme would date Ezra.
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