Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Teaser: Happy Birthday [HD] | Netflix

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A witch's 16th birthday is very special.
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina tells the story of Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka), a half-witch half-mortal teenage girl. She’s been waiting her whole life for her 16th birthday, but something wicked this way comes, forcing her to choose between the path of light and the path of night. A Netflix Original Series from the makers of Riverdale. CAOS arrives October 26th
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Teaser: Happy Birthday [HD] | Netflix


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13 set 2018

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Commenti 5 291
Jessica Taylor
Salem better talk, but other then that I’m looking forward to this.
Layla Ariel
Welp this is hella diff than the one I watched as a kid....
SourSlug Ora fa
Hey 90s kids remember Sabrina the teen witch? This is her now feel old yet?
Jo Oelkers
Jo Oelkers Ora fa
im a little upset that their doing this they should have never thought of remaking sabrina the teenage witch
Blue Vega
Blue Vega Ora fa
Tahoora Shaikh
Gonna watch the first season !!!
Ann D'Eon
Ann D'Eon 2 ore fa
And one more great 90ies show got ruined by money-hungry assholes
Audemosha 2 ore fa
This'll scratch that Halloween itch!
BRAD PITT 2 ore fa
Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?
Aliice Ahée
Aliice Ahée 2 ore fa
Jobin McGooch
Jobin McGooch 2 ore fa
This better be good
Limozo 2 ore fa
So, that’s what she did after leaving Don Drapper!
Wing X Custom
Wing X Custom 2 ore fa
This looks so much like Riverdale (the colors and the people especially that it's not even funny)
sabrina mwinyimvua
My name's Sabrina.
MaKayla Spring
Soo glad this is coming out a lot of my shows are on their last season. I just wish alot of netflixes shows had more than 10 episodes
kasia 2 ore fa
why y'all complaining, this is perfect for halloween
RüD 2 ore fa
I hope it’s as dark as the comic is...I’m so ready
Weird Guy
Weird Guy 2 ore fa
well shit that's a bit different to the old show
GalaxyEspeon 3 ore fa
I'm still going to see this... But I think turning a light-hearted show into something dark and gritty people end up thinking that's an automatic Improvement just for the sake of dark and gritty? I personally don't think so. I think they still could have kept Sabrina the Teenage Witch light-hearted in the modern day and it still would have been a good show. Your could have been so many things to make fun of in the modern day.
mickeyd343 3 ore fa
I will not say no to this.
Chey B
Chey B 3 ore fa
Anyone getting riverdale feels from the happy birthday singing
chocchip187 3 ore fa
PlayedByViks 3 ore fa
I thought this was going to be light hearted, but nope they went straight to the darkest depths of the night
Roy Martin Tandberg
So she is in Riverdale?
Yasmin C:
Yasmin C: 3 ore fa
Looks like a crossover of ahs and riverdale
TANkissesXOXO 3 ore fa
I'm kind of 50/50 on this. This is like the new scene that a lot of shows are going for, and it's sad that a perfectly good show like Sabrina had to succumb itself to this. She's different from other witches. She's a regular teen who was relatable. Although it looks cool, I'm disappointed it's just not a reboot of what it use to be.
Google Mailbox
Yass yass yass yass yass yass yass yass yass yass yass yasssssssss Satan!
Aeron Peets
Aeron Peets 3 ore fa
A dark twist on a great series just riverdale
Google Mailbox
Yass yass yass yass yass yass yass yass yass yass yass yasssssssss Satan!
Facu Besteiro
Facu Besteiro 3 ore fa
Wasnt this show called wichita? Xd
angélica c. c.
Só lembrei da MC Melody cantando happy bosney kkkkk
Ana 3 ore fa
I prefer the light hearted sabrina the teenage which anyday
Alexander Wolfsberg
Shame on Netflix and Riverdale turning what was amazing funny shows into horror trash
Ines Sophie
Ines Sophie 4 ore fa
New season of American horror story?
Mighty Bruce
Mighty Bruce 4 ore fa
Look Up Archie Comics. Sabrina The Teenage Witch is Apart of Those Comics ,That Universe. I’m excited By the way 🙏🏽🔥❤️ Stop Complaining and Enjoy!
Emi _x
Emi _x 4 ore fa
Getting ahs vibes
Anthony Hero
Anthony Hero 4 ore fa
More santanic trash, great,😒, is there anything Hollywood won't ruin from my childhood?
White Emerald_
I don't know much about this but I hope it is really dark and creepy. It looks like it. :3
Chrîs Tøwers
A creepy version of Nickelodeon TV series!!!
Mildred Escoto
For people complaining about the show appearing satanic every show is fucking satanic we’re just not hiding it anymore in 2018 #facts we love evil
moviemagic 5 ore fa
Sally Draper has grown up 😫
Wake Me Up Inside
If Nick Bakay returns as the voice for Salem, nothing could prevent me from watching this. He was easily the best part of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. However, this doesn't seem like the type of show that would include a lovable talking cat.
avaonfire 5 ore fa
*sees trailer* *crosses fingers* please be the teenage witch please be the teenage witch
BRAD PITT 2 ore fa
sexy avatar
Oh my gosh
Bina Tamayo
Bina Tamayo 5 ore fa
Awww helll naww
Larry Chatanuggs
💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 *Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *This Is True Love!!! (Just ask Him)*
Agent Other
Agent Other 5 ore fa
Me likely 💙
Nob1e Hunter
Nob1e Hunter 5 ore fa
This is some next level satanic stuff here!
Katia-O 5 ore fa
I don't know if I trust anything by the producers of Riverdale to handle another comic series, but this looks so dark & creepy. I like it already~ 😭😭Please don't disappoint!!
des6late 5 ore fa
this is lit
Carmen Ice
Carmen Ice 5 ore fa
On my birthday. What a treat. 😍
Mishu 52
Mishu 52 5 ore fa
Wooooooooo. .. goosebumps!
jharod horhn
jharod horhn 5 ore fa
Sally Draper what’re you doing
Jamilex Forty
Jamilex Forty 5 ore fa
Jose Araujo
Jose Araujo 5 ore fa
And why are people complaining about this being “satanic” , isn’t that the whole point of witches? Lol
Jose Araujo
Jose Araujo 5 ore fa
For the ones that read the comics. Producers said it wouldn’t have any crossover to riverdale but how are they going to explain the raise of Madam Satan? Does anyone knows something? Cause I’m the comics the witch versions of Betty and Veronica from Riverdale brings back Madam Satan which is the enemy of the whole plot
Ryan Dabian
Ryan Dabian 5 ore fa
Yeah, the trio of young witches from the teaser. And I don't know the release date for volume 2. Sorry.
Jose Araujo
Jose Araujo 5 ore fa
Ryan Dabian Just a quick question, do you know when the Vol. 2 Witch War will come out? I’m trying to find any release date but all I can see is about the show not the comics
Jose Araujo
Jose Araujo 5 ore fa
Ryan Dabian The three we get to see in the trailer? I guess they’ll keep them as Greendale citizens as we’ve never seen them on Riverdale
Ryan Dabian
Ryan Dabian 5 ore fa
The Weird sisters will fill in alt Betty and Veronica's shoes.
This show is NOT based on the old comedic Archie comics so if anyone is coming into the thinking it'll be liked that, or the 70s cartoon, or the Melissa Joan Hart 90s sitcom, or the early 2000s animated series --shared the voice of Salem with the live action and stared MJH's younger sister, who often appeared as cousin Amanda in the sitcom, as Sabrina)--, then you're in for a unnerving awakening. This show is based on 2014-current The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (comic), and to best describe it… imagine _American Horror Story: Coven_ meets _Salem_ (the WGN tv series). Not even an exaggeration; at one point (in 2017's volume 2 of the comic), it felt like I was reading the entire plot of season 2 of Salem, with a bit of AHS: Coven splashed, but in a 1960s.
Anielka Robak
Anielka Robak 6 ore fa
Why did I see a Dolan twin??
Stephen Rivera
Witches aren't Satanist, what's up with the demon at the table?
Grace 6 ore fa
I know it says it's by the same people as riverdale but doesn't it look like freaking riverdale I mean the weird witch stuff for a start kinda looks like the cult stuff from riverdale season 3 trailer!!!!! Is this just me??
Ww3 is right around the corner, the elite have been prepping in silence. Why do you idiots think Hollywood and it’s infinite budget hasn’t produced anything innovative since the turn of the millennium?
clorox bleach
clorox bleach 6 ore fa
This show and Riverdale are both based off the newer “edgier” rebranded Archie Comics. None of y’all have to like it or even watch it if you don’t want to.
H O 6 ore fa
Alice Kate
Alice Kate 6 ore fa
someone call melissa joan hart
Eva Hodges
Eva Hodges 6 ore fa
hilda and zelda cameo please
Ritchie Navarro
Victor Alejandro
Oh no. Now I caught the evil. Damn you, Netflix!
phonics monkey
Already know this is going to be garbage because the candles blew out before she even reached them
jonny5777 6 ore fa
I wonder if they could put a dark spin on Keenan & Kel? Maybe the burgers could be people and the orange soda could be blood!
Jaclyn Glenn Eats Bananas
drawkcab 6 ore fa
Oh my god the comic books that used to have both Archie and Sabrina digests... Does this mean its a spoiler that there's a possible crossover? I'm so hyped
grazia 6 ore fa
Uhhhhh hell yes
May Ima
May Ima 7 ore fa
Yall trying to hard
So glad they made it dark there aren't many good and creepy shows about witches and just in time for spooky season 👻. Also why are there so many religious nuts in the comments, it's a horror show about witches what did u think it was gonna to be about rainbows and unicorns, sit the fuck down and let horror fans who understand the difference between fiction and reality enjoy it
Lala Land
Lala Land 7 ore fa
No thanks
Sunpreet Singh Dhiran
This comes out exactly 1 month after my birthday not creepy at all
cherrycola edits
riverdale and america horror story coven 💃😑🤯
1F7 teen
1F7 teen 7 ore fa
Haappy Birthday to u fuhhh 🎂 🤡
Travis Marshall Signo
Edgier sabrina
Kadda Zebo
Kadda Zebo 7 ore fa
The coven is shook
Humble Beginningz
Bra I'm so tired of this satanism every where
Me too.
Sabrina B
Sabrina B 8 ore fa
Ayeeeee ☺️
Paranormal Encyclopedia
From the trailer and what i"ve read online the incoming rage of religious folks should be interesting. Remember: its not real, and its not meant to be. Edit: Whats sort of amusing (if you are weird like me) is that since this is witches in league with Satan (at least from what I can tell about the comic granted I haven't read it) this is also going to upset the neo pagan community.... it might be one of those very rare times Conservative Christians and more left leaning Wiccans completely agree on something being a bad influence on children.... granted for different reasons.
Paranormal Encyclopedia
There's a great deal of evil in the world to stand against. This is a poor choice to make an issue out of.
+Paranormal Encyclopedia Your last sentence is very true, but I still have to take a stand against the promotion of what I believe to be evil.
Paranormal Encyclopedia
If a kid picks up a book on witchcraft trying to summon demons he's going to be deeply disappointed. Modern witchcraft, aka Wicca, has no actual relationship to either demons or evil spirits. its a revamping of people's ideas about historical paganism. Its magic is quite explicitly not geared toward hurting other people. As for actual books on summoning demons? Have you ever tried to read one? Their long winded, tedious and disjointed in the extreme. Black magic and mental stability don't mix together well and it shows. Also fundamentally people have been making the exact same complaint about pretty much everything. Harry Potter will promote witchcraft, D&D leads children to Satanism, rock music is written in Hell. And in reality none of them did that. Decades of horror has used the same tropes without doing it. People have been involved with demon worship for thousands of years they don't need tv series to get them to do it.
This is fake, but witchcraft is a very real practice that is dangerous beyond belief. It summons demons and evil spirits. It puts you under Satan's control. Stuff like this is why evil exists in the first place. If Netflix glorifies this, some people will try to copy it (especially impressionable young people) and ruin their lives.
TheLeah2344 8 ore fa
So this isn’t the same light hearted Sabrina the Teenage Witch that I grew up with ?
Vase S.S
Vase S.S 9 ore fa
Seeing this reminds me of that line she said on Mad Men, when she used to be Sally Draper, she said, "I'm so many people."
Guardian Of The Duat
Netflix presents another american horror story or some other spooky bull shit rip off nostalgia edition
Phoenix Dawn
Phoenix Dawn 9 ore fa
Liz 9 ore fa
Hmm it actually looks really good
RK 800
RK 800 9 ore fa
Oh I hope this one is connected to Riverdale.
Vase S.S
Vase S.S 9 ore fa
Are they supposed to be?
Ruby-Anne Whitfield
HorrorGeek9 10 ore fa
I love the comics so I can't wait to watch this (The chilling adventure of Sabrina is a pretty dark comic and I recommend it to most people)
Walter White
Walter White 11 ore fa
I’d smash
KittyDJ Piper
KittyDJ Piper 11 ore fa
This is a must watch it will be definitely better than riverdale
despina mx
despina mx 11 ore fa
this actually looks so interesting!!
Lauren O
Lauren O 11 ore fa
It looks cool, but why make her Sabrina?
Chonita Quille
Chonita Quille 12 ore fa
The original was a hug part of my pre-teen years and this one come out on my birthday......so I will absolutely be watching! Thanks Netflix's 🤗
VesenTheWise 12 ore fa
Oh hey, more normalization of witches and black magik. Netflix needs to be shut down, between the advocation of pedophilia, the obvious programming they push on children, and now this? DotR can't come soon enough.
VesenTheWise 2 ore fa
Integra Hellsing oof, look, I wouldn't say that I am anything but a person observing facts. You might call it lunacy but your last comment only proves that you would rather waste your time attacking my optics than debating my facts and thier potential validity. You don't want to hear my opinions on these things the only reason you went and said any of those questions is to try and make me look silly, congratulations, you ended up making yourself look like a closed minded useful idiot. So I'm going to answer them anyway to prove a point, not to you because you already made yourself the winner of this sudo-argument in your head anyway, you feel proud? Good job, you think you won an argument against a person you will never meet! Now then, on the topic of the moon landing, I am most certainly no expert, from my understanding, it is possible that when we had reached our goal, landing on the moon, we weren't the only thing on the rock, and it is because of this the theory of it all being a hoax came to be. There is plenty of evidence to support that what was aired to the public was a farce, find it your damn self I already feed you enough, so yes, I believe we did go to the moon. I just don't believe they showed us what really happened on the ride over and back. As for 9/11, jet fuel can't melt steel beams, you can find images of the towers support beams cut at a 45 degree angle, so unless 30 or so of the terrorists survived the crash, miraculously found power tools capable of cutting the beams AND managed to get to them in a burning collapsing building, full of American that would try to stop them, they would still need another miracle to happen because there were 2 towers. If it wasn't coordinated by officials in our government, how did they manage to cut through all that airspace without alerting the air force? Why was WTC 7 being reported as collapsed by the BBC 7 minuets to it actually collapsing? How the hell does a fire of all things make a building fall into its own footprint to begin with? In order for that to happen you need a team of demolitionists, not some office fire made from bombs. And as for the flat earth theory, fuck if I know, I doubt it but I haven't been to space, I haven't seen it for my own eyes, have you? If you actually made it this far, color me impressed, your not as much of a closed minded ass-hat as I currently think and for that you have my respect, some of it at least.
Integra Hellsing
+VesenTheWise So you are a conspiracy theorist then? Are you a flat earther too? Did the government fake the moon landing? Was 9/11 an inside job?
VesenTheWise 3 ore fa
Integra Hellsing is this real? Are fucking with me or are you willfully this ignorant? nypost.com/2018/06/28/netflix-under-fire-for-film-critics-say-contains-child-pornography/ For starters, with the whole NAMbLA shit show happening this is just more blatant proof that whom ever is pulling societies strings are actively trying to normalize pedophilia, you couple this with shows like Big Mouth, an "adult cartoon" that shows young children in explicitly sexual situations. A show that is so ham fisted with it's programming that it's less funny more sad honestly. You take just these two examples and what logical conclusion could you make, hmm? Perhaps you could say "well thats just coincidental, these productions were made in entirely seperate Nations!" To that I say, it was all still accepted and broadcasted by the same company. Or maybe you would say "Well the article is wretched, but Big Mouth isn't intended for young audiences, they shouldn't be watching it in the first place!" For that I would say this, of course they shouldn't, but personally I believe no one should, it won't stop them from watching it anyway, did you ever decide to not watch an R rated movie just because you thought that you were too young? If so your more of a saint than I was! Either way, please, I would love to hear you try to defend this obvious propaganda machine, anything is better than another comment trying to get me to step down to your level of understanding, I'll even take a go fuck yourself at this point, so long as you leave thinking about something I said.
Integra Hellsing
+VesenTheWise .......Once again, the hell are you even talking about?
VesenTheWise 3 ore fa
Integra Hellsing if only you knew how bad things really are. No amount of blood sugar daddies would keep you feeling safe at night, no amount of mercenaries would be able to make you feel confident of there being nothing to worry about. You would start finding they're symbolism in everything, from chips and dip too car insurance commercials. You would start to see how the everyday person is affected by they're subliminal messages and how they hand over thier own free will willingly (as much of an oxymoron as it is, sometimes truth is not so kind as to be simple) I'm not implying that I am any better than you, I hate people who converse with a holier-than-thou attitude. Yet instead what I am trying to tell you is that there is more reason behind why they, the entertainment industry in this case, are always pushing magik out as something cool and the reasons are a lot more sinister than "oh its just fiction and entertainment, none of this is real!" Again, truth is not always so kind as to be simple, nor is it understanding of anyone's ignorance. It is truth, it is what it is whether it is acknowledge, understood, or even accepted is determined by the individual. Madam Hellsing you need to strap on your belt, fire your bodyguard, and prepare yourself, for the worst had yet too come.
YA NASTY!!!!! 12 ore fa
nikos yanopulos
nikos yanopulos 12 ore fa
why every time? why do you always have to take a comic which is so good and make it shit? why all the witch girls in the show look like models from paris fashion week! I know sex sells but for Gods sake...USE NORMAL PEOPLE for once! this is not scary you morons this looks like a fashion show or something. Use normal people for once. in the comic there are overweight girls and short girls and everyday people and that makes that scary. the feeling that these witch friends of sabrina it could be your neighbors and would not know. It could be the girl next door your clumsy classmate but not. they are hot girls with super bodies faces and cool hair and shitty skeleton make up. Oh my...and i thought charmed reboot was shit And by the way this is not a netflix "dark idea" based on the sabrina we knew as kids. this was a comic. and a good one. Search for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina by Archie comics.
Reptar 12 ore fa
lol they aren't even trying to hide it anymore. I love how people are saying its based off a comic yada yada as if it makes a difference. Where do you think these ideas come from? It's a fact that most Hollywood elites are into satanism. Most of the mindless idiots commenting here don't really understand who Baphomet is and the blatant satanism being promoted here. If you don't find this disturbing, then you're already lost. If you feel creeped out, there's a reason why. This is serious stuff and this is the most blatant i've seen it portrayed. Netflix is the largest streaming platform and this is just them trying to normalize it now, and its working. "oooh omg looks soo goood i'm gonna watch!" "it's just a show!" yeah. keep believing that.
Gaia Seraphina
Baphomet ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baphomet
Prossimi video