Chlöe - In Pieces (Official Video) 

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Official video for “In Pieces” by Chlöe
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28 mar 2023




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Empressive 2 mesi fa
This song is beautiful. One of the best she released so far
ladwinia jones
ladwinia jones 2 mesi fa
She should stick to this sound. Everything else she’s dropped is ok but I like that she’s putting her musical abilities/talent in the spotlight instead of showmanship
Alexander Marcelo
I wholeheartedly agree
Xx BigBangtan xX
Yes Empressive! ❤️
Jay Martin
Jay Martin 2 mesi fa
I agree. This is definitely her lane. Absolutely beautiful
Samaria M
Samaria M 2 mesi fa
Omgee Empressive! What’re you doing here??
This album just hits and it makes me so sad that it's not getting more recognition. Keep doing what you do Chloe, we all love you.
Falishia Sharpe
Asia Rayne
Asia Rayne Mese fa
LYRICS: [Verse 1] I wanna be where you are Feel us lyin' by outside while you count the stars I'm like a child in this place Watch me turn in circles like a tiger in a cage [Pre-Chorus] Ooh, I know it's complicated Ooh, but you don't have to say a single word [Chorus] 'Cause I don't wanna go on Oh, livin' a life that you've been missin' And I don't want nobody else To hold me when I'm in pieces [Post-Chorus] Ah, ah, ah [Verse 2] I wanna be where you are I want you to need me like the fire needs the spark I need to see it in your eyes To lose myself completely like a full moon in the tide [Pre-Chorus] Ooh, I know it's complicated Ooh, but you don't have to say a single word [Chorus] 'Cause I don't wanna go on Oh, oh, oh, livin' a life that you've been missin' (Ah) And I don't want nobody else To hold me when I'm in pieces [Bridge] It's like I'm barely breathin' (Ah, ah, ah) Strung out on the feelin' that I know I can't explain (Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah) But you've got to believe it (Ah) I would die to keep you in my veins I wanna be where you are Feel us lyin' by outside while you count the stars You might also like Heart on My Sleeve [Chorus] Ooh, 'cause I don't wanna go on Oh, livin' a life that you've been missin' And I don't want nobody else To hold me when I'm in pieces [Outro] Hold me when Hold me when I'm in pieces
サム Mese fa
thank you
Demi Bell
Demi Bell Mese fa
Thanks for the lyrics 😊
TC_Tanya Mese fa
John 28 giorni fa
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
This will go number 1. Please release this and promote the heck out of it....perform it everywhere just like this!
Tiff Mese fa
Yall said that about the song she did with Chris Brown 😂😂😂😂
c4rtier Mese fa
@Tiff no this one has potential
IK entertainment
Ok that dp you gotta remove some people are slipping cause they got triggered with that Dp, if you know what i mean 😑😑
Ftlof Bonnie
Ftlof Bonnie Mese fa
​@Tiff your point? She can do both.
Tiff Mese fa
@Ftlof Bonnie what tf are you talking about? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Babiriye Ntende
This song literally has me in tears right now... Now THAT'S real artistry, thank you Chloé for helping me go through this immense heart break I'm going through
Falishia Sharpe
Omar Barba
Omar Barba 2 mesi fa
She finally did it 👏👏👏 Beautiful lyrics and simplicity. Caught the beauty in her voice, she gave us different ranges, played vocally..ughhh beautiful song ❤️ Finally a song that has all I wanted to hear from Chloe and being herself. Not forced, not enough emotions and not pushing those vocals to the potential we know you have. Chloe, gurl, be yourself but don’t ever be afraid to show that talent. You got a voice, be proud if it and flaunt it honey..it was perfect 👍
Carlos Eduardo
Chlöe is multifaceted, don't put her in a box, she herself told you not to. She can be sexy, be sentimental and do different types of music.
Lamona Maxwell
Have you ever thought that she has many sides to her personality which she is reflecting in her music. (classy yet sexy, but edgy, rough and still soft) Just my take.
maria Thomas
maria Thomas Mese fa
I agree with most of your comment . This song shows her full talent. In her other solo songs, I feel, they made her hold back. Everything about this song showed all of her greatness, not just parts 😍😍😍✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Ali Shabazz
Ali Shabazz Mese fa
She didn’t write this song
Bresfo 2 mesi fa
No matter what anyone thinks, Chloe is not to be compared to anyone else. She's unique with a powerful voice. She will soon be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry
G al Shabbazz
G al Shabbazz 2 mesi fa
Watch yourself: she already is a force to be reckoned with. She's just been going easy on us.
Rocque Music
Rocque Music 2 mesi fa
Rocque Music
Rocque Music 2 mesi fa
@G al Shabbazz This ‼️
Bresfo 2 mesi fa
@G al Shabbazz Agreed!
Miss_tree Liv
I love the deepness in her voice, she has her own sound forsure.
Mitchell Mbah
This song helps me escape from the pressure and heartbreak I feel rn.. It soothes my spirit and calms me down. Learning to hit them notes so I could sing to myself every minute 😌Thank you so much Chloe for such beautiful piece!
Falishia Sharpe
dominique Mese fa
Each song gets better and better. I can’t stop rewatching this video. Amazing song. It’s her time
music lover1984
Exactly I want her to win.
Dean Ryan Martin
in pieces is my Number 1 Song for April 2023
ChocoParfait 22 giorni fa
Definitely her best song… the last belted note followed by the head voice is just magical Not many people are able to do it
Keontae Lyles
Keontae Lyles 2 mesi fa
I love how experimental she been with her solo journey. I’m glad she didn’t listen to society and explored new sounds outside her Chloe X Halle typical sound. Proud of the her growth!!
stayfly3000 2 mesi fa
Agreed! It's only going to make her a stronger artist and the CXH3 Era is gonna be epic.
mgod 2 mesi fa
@stayfly3000 their next couple of albums are gonna hit hard
Janelle Stevens
Janelle Stevens 2 mesi fa
@keontaelyles2827: This was beautiful. Some of the other solo stuff is good to passable, but nothing so far has been as good as this. As far as her Chlöe X Halle sound; LOVE IT! If we never heard that, we wouldn’t be hearing this. There is room for her to do it all! Lastly, this puts the spotlight on her tremendous talent, and less focus on the ‘Doing too much’ persona. She should do exactly what she wants to do, but she needs to be prepared for the focus to be on everything BUT her talent if she goes a certain route. That would be a shame because she is sooo good.
Sie Sie S
Sie Sie S Giorno fa
​@Janelle Stevens well said 👏 👏 👏
mdj2742 Mese fa
This hits differently than all the other songs on her album. This is a masterpiece that stands alone and shines bright.
Kedo Mese fa
She has a voice of an angel. Gave me goosebumps 🤗
J S Mese fa
Gave me chills. I wish she would just sing simply like this. Her voice is gorgeous.
Raina White
Raina White Mese fa
🥺🫶🏾😭 “I don’t want nobody else to hold me when I’m in pieces” 💕 I felt this ✨
Marie Sandy
Marie Sandy Mese fa
This is no more music , this is art. You’re touching my soul with this song
Darrius Malik
Darrius Malik 2 mesi fa
This piano. This aesthetic. The cinematography. This is a visual. You sound amazing.
Jaydean Wayne
Jaydean Wayne 2 mesi fa
MadgeMackles 2 mesi fa
Cinematography? Calm down
Kevo Dam
Kevo Dam 2 mesi fa
Is it a question? An affirmation? An exclamation? An exaggeration? Sentences have left the chat.
Alicia James
Alicia James Mese fa
It’s on replay day in and day out… beautiful vocals and the way she sang her soul out did it for me, so much emotion surrounding this song, just beautiful ❤❤❤
Acna Franck
Acna Franck 22 giorni fa
Uma das minhas favoritas do álbum ❤
Falishia Sharpe
Falishia Sharpe 16 giorni fa
👸🤩🤩🤩😮😮😮 SI SI 👍👍👍
bouncyshak Mese fa
My favourite song by Chloe! It's an instant classic. Real music by a real musician, love it so much.
John Ross Fischer
John Ross Fischer 13 giorni fa
I love the versatility of this song. You can use it to think of a friend who's gone away somewhere; someone you're deeply in love with; or even someone who has passed away. My mother just died almost two weeks ago, and this song is helping me deal with the grief. Thank you, Chloe, for this masterpiece.
Quel La'Croix
Her whole album is a movie.... Thank you for bringing real music back Chlöe
Clementine in a past life
Thank you for uplifting her in these comments. The world will soon catch up on this shining star. Chloe's debut solo album in Pieces comes out this Friday March 31st❤️❤️❤️
Ni 2 mesi fa
Myk Lorenzo
Myk Lorenzo 2 mesi fa
They need to hurry up
tenebae 2 mesi fa
im gon have two full albums to listen that day omg
Ni 2 mesi fa
@tenebae who else dropping tomorrow???
Paradise Eddy
Paradise Eddy 2 mesi fa
@Ni Melanie Martinez dear!:)
24Sevyn Mese fa
This song is a 10 out of 10. The lyrics are so deep, the vocals are insane, the video and emotion. I have had this song on repeat since I bought the album. This is definitely the type of song I’ve been waiting for Chloe to release. Show off that range and power Chloe!! ❤❤❤
Ashley Okuke
Ashley Okuke Mese fa
Chlöe should do more music like this! I love this
Maycon Reis
Maycon Reis 22 giorni fa
Essa música é emocionante. Confesso que estou ouvindo o álbum em looping, muito bem produzido e escrito. Chloe é uma artista incrível!
Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom
Very powerful and catchy song. Her voice is so soulful and smooth. Her outfit is gorgeous. 💝💝
Carter Knwls
Carter Knwls 2 mesi fa
Chloë was able to be herself on her first album, knowing that she produced and wrote it herself with the help of the best people who produced Beyoncé and Rihanna's albums! The fact that she goes from a ballad to a pure RnB sound to Hip-Hop is crazy. She has not finished surprising us. Can't wait to hear the rest!
DAPHNE MBAH 2 mesi fa
She has not finished surprising us!!!!
Megan B
Megan B 2 mesi fa
if you like versatile artists like her you should check out RAYE too 😊
Joseph Valenté
I mean… I don’t have any words. This is incredible! And this visual?!? Chloe is THAT GIRL. Keep shining
Kübra Mese fa
Her voice is masterpiece 🙏🏿💅🏾🫀
Lucas Pereira
Ela entregou, ficou tudo impecável
One Hamm
One Hamm Mese fa
This sound and vibe is what the original fans like from you Chloë. When you add visuals that 'turn heads' is when they pay less attention; for they know that that strategy is for those who can't sing. And girl... you got pipes, showcase it like this more.
Nevette Mese fa
Beautiful song that showcases her vocal rage and brings out many emotions in the listener❤
Oimavih 2 mesi fa
Mds isso tá muito lindo 😭😭😭😭🥰
Louis 2 mesi fa
Tá lindo demaiiiiis
Yjay A
Yjay A Mese fa
True talent, such Passion and Beauty thanks Chloe! Don't ever stop!!
Nandanevesc Mese fa
OH MY GOD Her voice is so beautiful!!!!! I'm so glad I clicked on this video! I couldn't stop watching!
Sereng Kay
Sereng Kay Mese fa
This and Make it look easy bring tears to my eyes. Outstanding vocal performance in both songs!🔥🔥🔥😭😭🥺 #InPieces
Farlace Blake
THIS is the Chole I fell in love with‼️…pure talent, with nothing else needed. I can see this song in a movie during a love scene. 💙
Niko Lee*
Niko Lee* 2 mesi fa
This is why I love Chloe. Not only the talent but the emotion and honesty. She represents the people hence her rise to fame
This body of work is so eclectic. She hits a lot of genres and took so many well-needed risk with her sound. Chlöe, congratulations and I'm seated for IN PIECES 🫀
Tracy Apia
Tracy Apia 2 mesi fa
This is why it's so important that she experimented with songs like Treat Me (which I love!!), Have Mercy, For the night, etc.
Opraha Mese fa
My favorite from the album ❤ I’m a sucker for a ballad. Been listening to it nonstop
Você é incrível e tem uma voz magnífica,sou apaixonado 🥰
Kairo 2 mesi fa
This is stunning! She has so much variety. They all suit her but somehow this feels more truthful and natural.
Lauriell Baker
This right here! I want more of this side of Chloe... this was beautiful. Your voice was beautiful, the simplicity, the range, the lyrics.. just stunning. ❤
Kajun 27 giorni fa
This song has been on repeat today. I am feeling it so deeply right now!
Armami A.
Armami A. 2 mesi fa
This is the version of Chloe that I wait in the shadows for. 🥹 the vocals alone is more than enough for me. The emotion here is so natural. Perfection.
Lotus Phoenix
Lotus Phoenix 2 mesi fa
You and me both
Luxemeee 2 mesi fa
Same here😭😭😭
Apricot S
Apricot S 2 mesi fa
Yes. Just give us the raw vocal talent. That's what we fell in love with
Gladys Grace
Gladys Grace 2 mesi fa
Me too. I said the same thing. Emulating another artist sounds will cripple and artist. Finally-we got Chloe (The artist) on this track. 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Kiearra D. Scruggs
@Gladys Grace Yes! This so is so refreshing and the reason I stick around to hear what she has next is that this is her this the reason why I initially followed her and Halle's journey. The raw gift of a vocalist that she is, this song is so pure.
Anthony Moitzger
Anthony Moitzger 22 giorni fa
Wow when she hits those high notes it's like flying. What a voice
Mason Mese fa
This is honestly such a beautiful song. I keep playing it over and over again. Chloe really performed this song so beautifully I don’t know who else better to be given the song.
Bruno Riverton
Essa merece o grammy de best r&b song ,letra e voz impecável ❤❤❤
foo 83
foo 83 29 giorni fa
This is not rnb
Sie Sie S
Sie Sie S Giorno fa
I could also see this being a good country ballad. Of course you'd have to twinge a few things
Acna Franck
Acna Franck 22 giorni fa
Essa é tão linda, merecia muito mais ❤
Shakema Suber
Literally just listened to this album 1-14 & I honestly don’t know why she got so much hate for this album smfh it’s really good in my opinion🤷🏽
Edmina Liutkė
Edmina Liutkė 2 mesi fa
Anyone else else got chills throughout different points of this song? Wow
The I.E. Network
I did but then again I am so biased when it comes to this woman
Me Me
Me Me 2 mesi fa
Brea Regans Amen, truth betold! ❤️❤️
davor fordren
davor fordren 2 mesi fa
​@Me Me That nice! Have a nice day!💕
Mommie sandy
Mommie sandy 2 mesi fa
Made me cry , literally!
Theodore Roosevelt
This is it. The best song on the album.
amira dent
amira dent Mese fa
Beautiful song ! My favorite on the album! Keep going beautiful ,no matter what 🥰❤️
boitumelo sephiri
This is the best song so far her voice is so unique and special
Suzan Maepe
Suzan Maepe Mese fa
This is by far her best work in this album♥️🥰
Shirley Champs
Chloe you got me in tears and pieces with this song! This is Beautiful!👏
Annie Schmannie
Annie Schmannie 2 mesi fa
I love her pop songs but this song screams CHLOE, it shows her range and talent✨❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aubrielle Robinson
Yes yes yes!
Pretty Smith
Pretty Smith 2 mesi fa
Exactly my point ☝️
Falishia Sharpe
Boss Lady
Boss Lady Mese fa
This is so beautiful I felt every line she sang 🔥🔥🔥🔥🫶🏾
Falishia Sharpe
Giovanni Giakaze
❤ This song is so beautifully composed! Makes my soul so happy! Her build up and emphasis are so unique! So excited for tomorrow Chloe! WE READY! 🎉
Danielle Simone
I want a vinyl of this album so bad for my collection❤❤❤
Ebonee Mese fa
So simple yet so powerful! THIS Chloe is what I’ve been wanting to hear and see. ❤️
AzaAQT 2 mesi fa
This song WILL be one used in so many movies .. you know those transition scenes or flash back moments or like the love story where people broken up missing each other miles apart while they are longing for each other .. I mean this is storytelling .. classic💎
Aura Mese fa
Thought the same all along
Cavin Bliss
Cavin Bliss Mese fa
Yeah it has that feel
King Higgins
King Higgins Mese fa
Chloe is one of the best young singers performers in recent years this is a nice time but you can also feel and hear the pain
ᗷᗩᗷY ᗪIᒪᒪᘔ
WOW ... randomly came on a long w a bunch of music while cleaning my house .. this stopped me dead in my tracks and had my jaw dropped ... How amazing and beautiful 😍
SofiaB Mese fa
The main thing I'm appreciating about Chlöe is that she is not negotiating her vocals. Her vocals are full, embodied, beautiful, deep, ugly, raw. She gives it all and is not apologetic. There is no room for the image of the soft, perfect little girl - as the industry as pushed many other women to perform before her. Chlöe really does stand in her full range, full body, full authenticity. That is really special and complex - no need to clean it up. She gives it her all. In awe of this woman!
Fatimah Butler
She gives me chills❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😢
Kagayaku Angel
This is the first time in a while I've been moved to tears by a song. God bless you Chloe dear
Mokoreen 2 mesi fa
First song she has dropped that I genuinely connect with and like . Good job Chloe ... your voice is well suited for ballads .. I think you found your hit with this one
Lotus Phoenix
Lotus Phoenix 2 mesi fa
I agree
Shaunz World
Shaunz World 2 mesi fa
Yes 👏🏾
Aura Mese fa
Voice for ballads yes ❤
Ogiri Victoria Otunsha
This is absolute magic, I hate how underrated it is, definitely my favorite off the album!
tillyfermint Mese fa
Goosebumps. Such a beautiful song
Mariah Charles
Mariah Charles 2 mesi fa
She sings this so smoothly whilst playing the piano❤❤ I love the way she sings. She sounds raw and you can hear the emotions in her voice. Just amazing 👏🏼 😍
Jessica Almeida
A cada lançamento essa mulher só me deixa mais encantada com tanto talento e versatilidade! s2 s2
Cadelinha do Blackpink
Essa musica está 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹
wh0zth3m4st3r 2 mesi fa
I been waiting on something like this from her...beautifully done Miss Bailey 😭👏
Suraj Singh
Suraj Singh 2 mesi fa
Suraj Singh
Suraj Singh 2 mesi fa
Colley 2 mesi fa
Queen? Calm down!
Khanya Matutu
Khanya Matutu 2 mesi fa
💐Thank you for Chloé that 🙌🙆‍♀️🙏that is some facts okay 👌 from this person, you heard 👂😃
Berri Bae
Berri Bae Mese fa
Chloe..u left me speechless with this one❤.. I could feel every word u sang.. this is really good..simple bt deep and moving.. I'm happy for u🤗🇯🇲
I am zion
I am zion Mese fa
Everything about this song is absolutely beautiful!...From the lyrics to her voice to the vocal ranges, every note every different key and her emotional connection with the song... Perfection!👌
Felipe Soto
Felipe Soto Mese fa
Oh she did it, every time I listen to it just keeps getting better and better!
Jaeneava Smith
Yes … Chloe, girl sing your heart out. In this song I really like that she take it deeper and went different with her vibe to this song and to the video well done in her vocals is so beautiful ❤
K. A.
K. A. Mese fa
I’ve listened to this song countless time! This song hits different when you’re going through it. I pray this is a hit for Chloe. 🔥🔥🔥
Falishia Sharpe
Christopher M. Cole-Russell
Chlöe’s giving us RAW EMOTION & I LOVE IT! This definitely touched some heartstrings! 🫀 Also, for all you Chlöe haters…she gave you a damn bridge and a “full song” more than 2 minutes! Now go stream tf out of her album on Friday please & THANK YOU! ❤️
Danielle Tilda Moro
Sirens, hive and other fans requesting a bridge and longer song don't make them "haters". Valid criticism make artists grow. And yes, we always stream and actually buy despite some comments. I don't know about the so called "fans".
Danielle Tilda Moro
Sirens, hive and other fans requesting a bridge and longer song don't make them "haters". Valid criticism make artists grow. And yes, we always stream and actually buy despite some comments. I don't know about the so called "fans".
Angelica Terry
Angelica Terry 2 mesi fa
lmfao have people been complaining about that?
BlaqBeanz 2 mesi fa
Who are the sirens?
Angelica Monk
Angelica Monk 2 mesi fa
I adore Chloe and eat up everything she puts out but I too wanted longer songs because they are so good! Glad to see this ballad is just right
NoNameFace Mese fa
I personally feel like this one, the album title track, the last one there, hits the spot perfectly. It showcases vocals. Piano. Range in voice. Rawness. Sensuality too. Being evocative without overdoing it 'for aesthetics'. Showing body as of vulnerability instead of baring the body (which if you ask me is sexier to witness). It has all imho. And shows perfectly the album motive as heartbreak. Hence it blows my mind reading that this is a 'Barbie ballad', juvenile little song with silly lyrics etc. But hey, my opinion could be silly for others too hehe ;)
wnnalis cioov
I love chole work ethic.She is a rising legend before our eyes.She is a true artist
Damon Salvatore
Nadia Hughes
Nadia Hughes Mese fa
This is the only song she has released so far that I actually enjoy. This is simply and utterly beautiful. Those vocals really gets to shine in this song. Kudos Chloe this one is a hit👏 💐
Larosa 2 mesi fa
This album might actually do well if Parkwood and Columbia help to properly promote and support it. I’m loving the different varieties Chlöe is showing. I definitely think it’s a wise move to put out an album now. Let’s all support March 31
Larosa 2 mesi fa
Brea Regans thanks. I know this already. And I’m a believer. What’s your point?
Vivian Egwuonwu
Vivian Egwuonwu 2 mesi fa
@Larosa she's preaching the word like the bible says. Let's not argue.
Larosa 2 mesi fa
@Vivian Egwuonwu on a secular music video. Makes sense 🙄
channy 2 mesi fa
@Larosa Someone can talk about God in the club and they still would have a point.
main coasters
main coasters 2 mesi fa
THEY ARENT! idk why !!!!! they know the music is quailty
Nisa Rennie
Nisa Rennie Mese fa
I really love this song..... To me, this is the real her and I love it .... You're so talented chloe keep it up
Daniel M
Daniel M Mese fa
The vocals, visuals and Chloe in general....Gorgeous. This is such a slay 🔥🔥🔥
Jackie Kittle
Jackie Kittle 2 mesi fa
I love her voice ❤
Beckisha22 2 mesi fa
I love Ballads 🥰, this is beautiful to watch Chloe in all of her glory 🤍😇
Jo Richards
Jo Richards 2 mesi fa
Yessss I’ve been waiting for a power ballad like this from Chloe 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Her voice is so beautiful.. her high notes are everything!
Theword Smith
This song showcases her talents. She has an amazing voice.
Demi Bell
Demi Bell Mese fa
I really like this album and became a new fan. I love it. ❤
Victor Coleman
Victor Coleman 2 mesi fa
I love this….like just straight up love this…and the way those 4 mins just rolled through it wasn’t awkward and it wasnt dragging…just a piano and her voice.
These runs so precise and with purpose. She ain't doing them just to do them or show off. This is beautiful
Amazing80 22 giorni fa
Its been a LONG time since a song brought tear to my eye & gave me goose bumps!! ❤❤
Ernesto De Jesus
I adore and admire Chloe so much, because she symbolises a new age of music, a new era of musicians, and the distinct metamorphosis we've been waiting to witness within music in general - she's emerged from her cocoon and is already offering unrivalled fires, and I know I'm not the only one who notices. Her adaptability is remarkable since she adjusts while retaining the essence of what makes her Chloe.😭 "In Pieces" exhibits one of the most unseen genuine depictions, and this is despite watching the video and only listening to HER VOCALS!!!!!!!! I could talk about Chloe all day and never really convey how groundbreaking she is. I just love her so much; she's my inspiration.💫
purplel0vely 2 mesi fa
I agree that Chloe is an amazing talent and I am a fan. However I am not sure what you mean by ground breaking. I just haven't really seen her do anything particularly original. She is typical RnB and pop which is ok. I love those genre's. But when I see her I see all of her influences, which again is fine because every artist is influenced by someone. But I wouldn't say she has done anything extraordinarily ground breaking. I see Whitney, Janet, Beyoncé, Nina Simone, Alecia Keys, Tina Turner, Lady Gaga, Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, Madonna, even Rihanna and more in her work. She is a product of a long history of primarily black women artists doing similar work. She is doing it well and making it her own and I am proud of her. But I wouldn't say she has done anything particularly innovative. At least not yet. I do think as she continues to grow in her career we will see more of who Chloe is and she will develop more of her own unique sound and take her place among the greats she so admires and emulates. I'm really enjoying her music so far and look forward to watching her star continue to rise, but at the same time, this isn't new. She is a very good student, just like the greats before her. I'm not trying to take anything away from Chloe by saying so, just want to acknowledge where she came from.
Tammy Mese fa
The song is nice in here in there I got chills. It was a nice song who knew she played piano 🎹
Ernesto De Jesus
I get where you're coming from. She is an amalgamation of all the amazing artists you've enlisted in your response. I concede that she is still learning, but in her current state of navigating her sound, she is a true force to be reckoned with and that's why I feel like she is a ground-breaking artist in her own right. Everyone has their phase, and I feel like all the incredible women you enlisted solidified their mark after they found their sound and their unique element which other people still emulate to this day. That said, Chloe is doing an amazing job solidifying her mark within the music industry, and she's doing that while still discovering the "Chloe Sound" if I may say so - she's ground breaking, because (Like I said before) she is the metamorphosis we (Or let me say I) have been waiting for within the music industry - someone who will emulate everyone who came before her and then transition into showing us the new era we are to step into. Metamorphosis is a process, and right now, she's just coming out of her cocoon (which I also said😅), so let the entire journey to finding herself run its course.
Ashlee Bellafant
this song gave me chills listened to all her songs whole album fire bout to replay it then gospel after im going to one of her concerts very soon all her melodies n harmonies soo in tune and straight fire god bless u chloe
Falishia Sharpe
Falishia Sharpe 29 giorni fa
Nicole Walcott
This is so beautiful and it feels as though Chloe has introduced the world to a delicate side of her. That volnerablity in music is so beautiful, as much as we like and wan to be perceived as strong individual, we all have that side in us that just want that perfect ride or die love companion. Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
HIM Mese fa
she been done this with her sister no one was listening so thats why this feels so refreshing
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