Choti Sarrdaarni - 8th October 2019 - छोटी सरदारनी - Full Episode

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Meher and Sarabjeet are in a grave confusion to see a story in the newspaper calling Meher as a 'Monkey Woman'. Subsequently, upon their return, Sarabjeet shows the story to everyone in the house. How will the family react to the embarrassing story?
Meher is coerced by her mother into marrying Sarabjeet, a widower with a 5 year-old child. But, much to her mother’s dislike, Meher is pregnant with her lover, Manav’s child. Can she stand up for her love and fight her own? This is the journey of a strong-willed woman who makes her own rules and stands by them, come what may. Naag se badh kar Naagin, Sher se badh kar Sherni aur Sardar se badh kar Choti Sarrdaarni! Watch the fiercely independent sardani take on the world and protect her family in Choti Sarrdaarni.,#ColorsTV,#Choti Sardarni
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Commenti 80
Safiya Erzsebet Dautcehaic
We're has the English translation gone.Not happy.
Jabba Konateh
Jabba Konateh 2 mesi fa
Why is jeeto talking like this
Arifin Sandi
Arifin Sandi 4 mesi fa
Kenapa gak bisa di putar choti sarrdaarni
Hanifa Bibi
Hanifa Bibi 4 mesi fa
They are so cute when u fight. 0:46 👅👅👅👅
Hanifa Bibi
Hanifa Bibi 4 mesi fa
Hanifa Bibi
Hanifa Bibi 4 mesi fa
Hanifa Bibi
Hanifa Bibi 4 mesi fa
They are so cute 💓💓💓💓💓
Rajon Ahmed
Rajon Ahmed 5 mesi fa
Dislike for mute
adil chishty
adil chishty 7 mesi fa
Yar mute krna bnd kry
Silent Knight
Silent Knight 7 mesi fa
Thale ponkan bili kutay tay Bandri chari pipe de utay
Tanveer Khan
Tanveer Khan 7 mesi fa
Tayyaba Noor
Tayyaba Noor 7 mesi fa
I am pakistani
Saru Chaudhary
Saru Chaudhary 7 mesi fa
New episode plz
Shyaron Rajbhandari
Mother and son love alwaya makes me cryy😭😭❤
M Sufi
M Sufi 5 mesi fa
sweet sisters
sweet sisters 8 mesi fa
Mute mute mute i hate mute
Ayisha Amin
Ayisha Amin 8 mesi fa
😂😂😂 1:01 😂😂😂😂😂
Unisha Baniya
Unisha Baniya 8 mesi fa
Are tum log dialogue mute kyu karte ho
Touri Touri
Touri Touri 8 mesi fa
Vish serial ta koi
Maria Sadak Yosof
Maria Sadak Yosof
Diksha Shrestha
Diksha Shrestha 8 mesi fa
If u are going to mute then pls at least put the caption pls😬😬
Anamika Jha
Anamika Jha 8 mesi fa
It is not nice channel because always muted.
Princess Selena
Princess Selena 8 mesi fa
I love this baby param sooo much😘❤
Eliada Boniphace
English sub title please
Margaret Nandani
not nice....most of d episode was mute...atleast hv subtitles
varsha sirunath
varsha sirunath 8 mesi fa
Scene 1 Sarab’s car almost hits another. Sarab says Meher are you okay? He says yes. Sarab says you are on the news. Meher says it’s your fault. He says I asked you to climb the wall? She says my name isn’t there thank God. This is the con of being in your family. Meher says I will eat momos from the street side. Sarab asks the newspaper guy whose photo is it? He says the madam sitting next to you. Sarab laughs. Meher says not funny. Kulwant says I don’t know where they are. I only got to know they were in the hospital. Amrita says Meher called last night and told me her stomach was hurting. Kulwant says I have to find out what’s going on. She says I have to find out what’s happening. Kulwant says I will only answer after seeing the girl’s photo. There is a proposal for Bitu. The woman says the girl is from a powerful family. She would give you more power. Meher sees a guy selling peanuts. She says you used to work at Dhaba. He says Shamra is ill. Dhaba is closed. Sharma didn’t have money for lease. Now I don’t have work either. Everything ended with Manav. Meher is in tears. Meher says I won’t let that world end. I will give you lease money. Sarab looks at them. Amrita and Jagga come to Meher. Amrita says you told me your stomach had pain. Does Sarab know? Dolly comes. She says Meher got a fracture? Meher says it was hairline only. Dolly says why do you have to cancel honeymoon plan then? Sarab says so we can go when she is well. Param says mama is still in pain. My prayer didn’t work. Sarab says mama is fine. Meher says yes. Dolly says what hospital did you go to? Sarab says Nortis. Dolly says to Rovi they are lying. And this fracture is fake too. They are hiding something and Amrita is here to find the same. Sarab says look at this photo in the newspaper. Who is it? Rovi says Kareena Kapoor? Dolly says no some money. Amrita says Meher what were you doing. Param says this is my mama. Dolly says Meher is that you? Amrita asks Meher does sarab know? Param says mama let’s go. You have to rest. Kulwant says to Amrita Meher is lying. I will go to the hospital and find out. Param says I am preapring to take care of Meher mama. Like she took care of me. Param asks Meher to drink juice. Param says you have to rest. Meher says sorry. Param says lie here. Param says no papa you won’t do anything. Only I will take care of mama. He asks Meher to drink the juice.
Jihanna Hajji
Jihanna Hajji 8 mesi fa
varsha sirunath thank u because you help me and also I'm not Indian so I will stop today commenting "plz subtitles" 😁😁
sadprincess cuteprincess
yar harlin ni hay bs nam lakr.ghaib krdya hay
Tamanna Toma
Tamanna Toma 8 mesi fa
Omg,,,,woh mera bachsa kitni soni aur pyari hain param...
aahil siddiquie
aahil siddiquie 8 mesi fa
Yar mehar aur surub jee ki ladai bade maje ki hai dil khush jata hai ab bahot jald dono ko pyar hojayega dekhna
Hanaa pretty
Hanaa pretty 8 mesi fa
Colors became bad No subtitles No english translation
Dhoomun Fathma
Dhoomun Fathma 8 mesi fa
Param is so cute and adorable 😀😀😁😁😂😃😊😊😆😅😄😄
Deepu Das
Deepu Das 8 mesi fa
Momila 💞💞💞💓💓😂🤣🤣😄😄
Shani Ch
Shani Ch 8 mesi fa
Yay manv waly mamly ka kia bnaaa
ujala twinkle
ujala twinkle 8 mesi fa
Nice drama
ujala twinkle
ujala twinkle 8 mesi fa
shalim swager
shalim swager 8 mesi fa
mute e krna hta ha tw drama upload nw kru 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Noor Noor
Noor Noor 8 mesi fa
Sara mute mein nikalte h Sarab or mehar ki koi be bat mute mein nikal datte h
Noor Noor
Noor Noor 8 mesi fa
Colour tv band hona chahe a
Ash Preet
Ash Preet 8 mesi fa
Yarr je ka he audio seance ka hai calor TV
Vicky Singh
Vicky Singh 8 mesi fa
Nice serial
Surita Singh
Surita Singh 8 mesi fa
Please put the subtitles back...thank you
Muhammad faisal Faisal
Lo g ap sab kehty ho naw omr la kiya mltb hai tu sun lo o mere raba hai omr ka mltb
Sehaj sehaj
Sehaj sehaj 8 mesi fa
Jaldi jaldi ek or Amrita leke aoo
NELLY JOJO 8 mesi fa
Gambians Tiktokers
NELLY JOJO exactly my point I dnt understand shit
Aisha adil
Aisha adil 8 mesi fa
No mute please
Kainat Rose
Kainat Rose 8 mesi fa
پہیئے واے بیڈ پر 🤣🤣
Pasha Jillani
Pasha Jillani 8 mesi fa
Soo cute
Suman Ali
Suman Ali 8 mesi fa
sara to mute kar daty ho kya faida
Aena fatima Nasir mehmood
Plz awaz na out kita karo
Raza Shoro
Raza Shoro 8 mesi fa
Sara drama mute
Monika Lama
Monika Lama 8 mesi fa
Please don't muted
doaba punjab
doaba punjab 8 mesi fa
No 1 serial ❤❤❤❤mehar sarab ki jodi 👌
Mrs Moinuddin
Mrs Moinuddin 8 mesi fa
Nice episode
moazamrife 123456
Funny ti
Mubeen Ahmed
Mubeen Ahmed 8 mesi fa
plz is ki awaz band na keya karu mharbani hogi ap logo ki
Abdullah Shahid
Abdullah Shahid 8 mesi fa
Mehar or sarabjet ki lrai mza aia gai 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Subhaan Rafique
Subhaan Rafique 8 mesi fa
Sara darma mute
Arham Imran
Arham Imran 8 mesi fa
Sarabjeet Buhat khoob
Imran Ali
Imran Ali 8 mesi fa
Amir Tariq
Amir Tariq 8 mesi fa
Mute yr chanal ko inscribe kro tb he in ko akal thekany aye gi
Samosami Samosami
Km sa km sukon sa drama to dakhny den
Muhammad Zubair
Muhammad Zubair 8 mesi fa
Thaly ponkan billiyan kuty.... Ty bandri char gyi pap uty...😂😂😂😂
Pareesa Doll
Pareesa Doll 8 mesi fa
Wandarful gi wandarful 😂😂😂😂🤢
kiran fatima
kiran fatima 8 mesi fa
Colors walo ye muted ki musebat khatam kar do ya apna chenal band kar do 👎👎👎👎👎😳😳
Kanwal Shah
Kanwal Shah 8 mesi fa
Oh ho Aj meher ne manav ko kese yd krlya or meher ko sarab Jo fight krte hn wo meher pe blkul achi Ni lgti isko serious hi rkhte to zada acha hota
Idrees Muhammad
Idrees Muhammad 8 mesi fa
Badtameez Maut Na kiya karo
Shahzad hame
Shahzad hame 8 mesi fa
Aj ka episode mast h
unique Ğïřl
unique Ğïřl 8 mesi fa
i am 50th today 😭😭 bad posation in the world
Saira Malik
Saira Malik 8 mesi fa
😊😊😊😊☁😘😘☁😘😘☁ 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 ☁😘😘😘😘😘☁ ☁☁😘😘😘☁☁ ☁☁☁😘☁☁☁
hania Ahmed09
hania Ahmed09 8 mesi fa
bandri jai....hehe
Qanitah Ali haider
Aj phli br para dhang ka laga..
Zubi Zubi
Zubi Zubi 8 mesi fa
Hahah nice episode 😘😘😍
Ahmad Ali
Ahmad Ali 8 mesi fa
ye param ke batain wah wah kitne ache hY
Merab Jani
Merab Jani 8 mesi fa
Mute karna chor q nai dety
Merab Jani
Merab Jani 8 mesi fa
Tang to hame karty hen
Merab Jani
Merab Jani 8 mesi fa
Kia matlb
moazamrife 123456
Wo chor da GA to hum tang kasa howa ga batao Zara
Ahmad Ali
Ahmad Ali 8 mesi fa
hahahaha wow i am 37
Ijazgee Ijazgee
Ijazgee Ijazgee 8 mesi fa
Very nice
shahzad mahi
shahzad mahi 8 mesi fa
I like manaw
shahzad mahi
shahzad mahi 8 mesi fa
Manaw kb wapis aya ga
Nosheen Akhter
Nosheen Akhter 8 mesi fa
Same I'm also waiting for him🤓
shahzad mahi
shahzad mahi 8 mesi fa
Shamaila Gill
Shamaila Gill 8 mesi fa
Waisy copy right ka itna he issue hai to darmy upload krna he chor do colours walo maroon tusi jahanum main jao
Shazia Khakwani
Shazia Khakwani 8 mesi fa
Love this comment
M.wajahat Ali
M.wajahat Ali 8 mesi fa
Kon kon Pakistan sy ha comments mein zror batana
M Sufi
M Sufi 5 mesi fa
Ami nah
zubair ahmed
zubair ahmed 7 mesi fa
Main b
Shayan Shayan
Shayan Shayan 8 mesi fa
Maan Bhai
Maan Bhai 8 mesi fa
ujala twinkle
ujala twinkle 8 mesi fa
@shani tanoli hmmm mai b hu
Sadia Dogar
Sadia Dogar 8 mesi fa
Koi nai acha ku k jab daram ki awaz hi nai Ani to daram kaha SA shi ho ga
xx x
xx x 8 mesi fa
Ap Google par Today episode choti sarrdarni search karli ya or ek best link dhodiya use pat mute naahi hota serial mein to kasauti Zindagi ki.com use karti hu
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