Clay Walker - Jesse James (Official Music Video)

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Watch the new video for "Jesse James" from Clay Walker here now!
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16 apr 2014

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Commenti 49
Joseph krause
Joseph krause 5 mesi fa
I forgot about this song until today and that’s bad because this is such a great song
Wanda Steeves
Wanda Steeves 5 mesi fa
Just love him
Courtney Wilkinson
I just seen him in concert last week. It was awesome.
Berlinda Armijo
Berlinda Armijo 9 mesi fa
Sorry its Bill Yelich
Berlinda Armijo
Berlinda Armijo 9 mesi fa
bill relish I agree Davidson bros rock this song
bubba pacha
bubba pacha 10 mesi fa
Hope clay is not like many from vidor,tx. If youre a texan like myself youll know what i mean.
countrygirl country musiclover
bubba pacha clay is from beaumont. I googled where he was from and it said Beaumont. I googled how far vidor tx is from beaumont tx. Over an hour away. His hometown is not even close to vidor. Why do people keep saying a Beaumont guy is from vidor. By the way clay and Mark chesnutt are both from beaumont
Cactus Anal
Cactus Anal Anno fa
wyhte boys the original thugs
Jennifer Nail
Love this song and video! Probably my favorite! Looks like it was a lot of fun! (@Jmnail2013 on Twitter)
supersparrow 987
Clay walker is my fav singer and this is 100% my favorite song
jim turley
jim turley Anno fa
THe pride of Vidor Texas and all of us here in Texas for that matter!
jim turley
jim turley 6 mesi fa
OK then the pride of Beaumont Texas then lol i stand corrected thank you country girl
countrygirl country musiclover
jim turley try the pride of Beaumont. Him and Mark chesnutt are both from beaumont. I googled the.distance from vidor to Beaumont. It's over an hour away. Why the hell do people keep saying clay is from vidor unless he was born in Beaumont and.moved to vidor
jim turley
jim turley Anno fa
Clays the Best Ever !!!
kevin Mcdonald
Jason White
Jason White 9 mesi fa
What if you could be both of them?
kevin Mcdonald
Love clay seen him 78 times live.
Krista Schneider
My favorite song! Gives me goose bumps!
Tara M
Tara M Anno fa
This guy has to like peen in or around his mouth.
vickikennedy Anno fa
Great song!
Christl Mackenzie
this music video kicks ass!!!
jim turley
jim turley Anno fa
yeah its a real mans song
Jayhawkgirl 2 anni fa
Loved seeing the train with the Atchison,Topeka and Santa Fe railroad logo on it. Born and raised in Atchison we have one of the trains sitting outside the chamber of commerce.
Charlotte Potter
Hooray for cowboys and the great voice of Clay!
kenneth extross
kenneth extross 2 anni fa
She's like a wind
Bill Yelich
Bill Yelich 2 anni fa
think this is good? u should hear The Davison Brothers Band sing this song
Augustine Cervantes
holy shit how am I just now hearing this song? gave me goosebumps!
Thadd Turner
Thadd Turner 2 anni fa
Great song and video to direct! Thanks Clay!
rayboy79 2 anni fa
Good Old Vidor, Texas boy.
countrygirl country musiclover
rayboy79 try Beaumont. From.google's distance Beaumont and vidor are over an hour away
bigoldinosaur 2 anni fa
Clay Walker may wanna be like Jesse James but I wanna be like Johnny Cash. A modern day outlaw.
Mark Hamilton
Mark Hamilton 2 anni fa
filmed at the Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid, NM, and Cerrillos NM...
MaryJane Adkisson
He LOVES blackberry cobbler, gonna make him one of the best!!!
Elaine Summy
Elaine Summy 3 anni fa
Love this song! It was written by Kellie Pickler's husband, songwriter Kyle Jacobs.
R. Diamond
R. Diamond 3 anni fa
Yes it was released in 2012. Peaked at #57 in U.S. country. Clay Walker has 6#1 hits. I woulda thought this make 7
countrygirl country musiclover
R. Diamond this wasn't released in 2012.
Eugene Grewing
Eugene Grewing 2 anni fa
+R. Diamond If you're talking about this song, it was released in 2010 on the *_SHE WON'T BE LONLEY LONG_* album.
BMfan4eva 3 anni fa
never heard this song till I looked ya up n this was one of the videos. was this released nationwide as a single? I like it
Amy Ringer
Amy Ringer 3 anni fa
love this song
Karen Jenkins
Karen Jenkins 3 anni fa
you rock Clay ... a true texan with a great soul and a true cowboy at heart god bless u and your family with healing from MS and prosperity. Happy trails I love this song.. Cowgirl Sweetpea
raja daibess
raja daibess 3 anni fa
this my favorite song
Tracy lynn Chambers
awesome song
Jewel Baldree McCollum
This reminds me of someone I used to know lol.
prince analytics
steve bolen
steve bolen 3 anni fa
I really like this song especially when im drinking that's when I tend to get in trouble lol
TheCireMC 3 anni fa
Related to Jesse James on both sides of the family, sometimes I wonder what it was like at that time for him. Great Song! Heard it on The Highway on XM Radio
basschamp169 3 anni fa
Love the Tombstone reference. Law don't go around here...
Michael Harrell
Michael Harrell 4 anni fa
Totally awesome song clay
Joe Jaboro
Joe Jaboro 4 anni fa
At 0:55 is that Penny from Iron Man ??
Prossimi video
The River
3 anni fa