Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe. Epic Rap Battles of History

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Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe in this episode of Epic Rap Battles of History. Who won? You decide.
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#epicrapbattles #cleopatra #marilynmonroe
▼ CAST ▼
Marilyn Mornoe: Kimmy Gatewood
Cleopatra: Angela Trimbur
Marlon Brando: EpicLLOYD
John F. Kennedy: Nice Peter
KassemG: As himself
▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist
Written by:
Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Lauren Flans & Zach Sherwin aka MC Mr. Napkins
Beat Production by:
Allrounda Productions
Song Produced by:
Nice Peter
Mixed by:
Rafael Serrano and Nice Peter
Directed by:
Dave McCary
Edited by:
Dave McCary, Andrew Sherman and Nice Peter
Assistant Editor:
Marc Chester
Director of Photography:
Jon Na
Arthur Hong
Music Supervisor and Playback:
Dante Cimadamore
Art and Costumes by:
Mary Gutfleisch and Natalia Fedner
Special Costume by:
Morgan Christensen
Makeup and Hair:
Candice Levendosky

Production Coordinator:
Atul Singh
Script Supervisor and Production Assistant:
Chris Miller
Production Assistant:
Jose Mendoza
Produced by:
Michelle Maloney
Executive Producer:
Mickey Meyer for Maker Studios
Associate Producer:
Gabe Michael


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7 mag 2012




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Commenti 244 183
Alan Sanderson
I like Cleopatra the best.
Almighty Ninjask
help me iam stuck in an autoplay cycle
Sara Xhani
Sara Xhani 6 ore fa
Marliyn monroe is the best
Megumi Athena
Megumi Athena 8 ore fa
Lol cleopatra done woop her. I want cleopatra vs eminem
Cleopatra didn't die from snake bite. She committed suicide
DAsia Rouser
DAsia Rouser 15 ore fa
My favorite one
Lucille Walraven
See maryilen monroe actually went to college and graduated she was really smart she just didn't act like it
Yannick Martinez
Cleopatra: hot as hell in every way.
Alizabeth Williams
Cleo: "Married a writer, but I don't think you can read." I can't even breath lmao
Simply Lily Productions
I actually think 5hat Cleopatra won
Shawn Simpson
Shawn Simpson Giorno fa
Beyond the Facts
Cleo has way more attitude that Marilyn!
White Phosphorus
why is cleo aggressively jamming grapes down her throat at 0:24
Otto Giorno fa
‘Tossing Caesars salad’ I don’t see how being with one of the most powerful leaders ever negatively influences cleo’s reputation but okay
killeristhebest- kid
I think cleapatra is sexy she won to me
Chris Perez
Chris Perez 2 giorni fa
Marylin Monroe win
Eyleen Colon
Eyleen Colon 2 giorni fa
Samuel Pérez García
No disrespect intended to the lady who played Marilyn, but the real was actually hot.
Unknown and the strange.
Why was there no sequel?
Paisley Blackburn
Paisley Blackburn 2 giorni fa
Yeah Cleopatra easily won this battle lol
Cupcom5 3 giorni fa
"Got an hourglass figure, BUT THAT'S ABOUT IT!!" Coming back to this again, that part gets me alot XD
Cupcom5 3 giorni fa
"Got an hourglass figure, BUT THAT'S ABOUT IT!!" Coming back to this again, that part gets me alot XD
Cheese Man
Cheese Man 3 giorni fa
Yo this rap got deep had me say *DANGG* too many times lol
M.D.Metal 4 giorni fa
"You lost so many babies, we should call you Miss Carriage." _FATALITY!_
unicorn cat
unicorn cat 4 giorni fa
I forgot how little girls will hold back
Bruno Prieto
Bruno Prieto 5 giorni fa
mad banana
mad banana 5 giorni fa
years later and that Miss Carriage bar still hit different...yikes
and that’s the tea
“You’ve lost so many babies we should call you Miss Carriage.” Holy shit-
Isabellah Bacon
Isabellah Bacon 7 giorni fa
0:36 Is she humping the chair,or..~Here we go again..0:44 BOI STOP HUMPING THE CHAIR CLEOPATRA! JeSuS
Isabellah Bacon
Isabellah Bacon 7 giorni fa
You're a sandy vagina have a,seven year itch,Man xD That got me real hard.
Cillian McGovern
Cillian McGovern 7 giorni fa
Learn how to spell
Olympe Jumel
Olympe Jumel 7 giorni fa
Monroe had actually a IQ incredibly hight (more than Einstein if I record well)
Maskarette 7 giorni fa
Cleopatra obviously one. Come fight me
TheAphoticSoulx8 8 giorni fa
Did she diss kassem G? Oh shit lool
Indominus Rex
Indominus Rex 8 giorni fa
Nonstop G R I N D
Nonstop G R I N D 8 giorni fa
I honestly still can’t decide on who actually one, this is too much of a close call
Paygie T.
Paygie T. 9 giorni fa
Cleopatra definitely won this!
Tyler Diorr
Tyler Diorr 9 giorni fa
Marilyn Won😭😭😭
Rarted boi
Rarted boi 7 giorni fa
Tyler Nickira Miss Carriage
Bloodshot_Eyes 9 giorni fa
I shockingly didn’t grow up in these ages But the clout that they held made ‘em feminine sages. This knife fight of a cat fight transcending through ages When they both held a corner that filled books with pages.
Ephraim McDowell
Ephraim McDowell 9 giorni fa
Cleopatra was actually ugly af ... *it's all the inbreeding*
MeowDraws 9 giorni fa
holy shit... this was released on my sixth birthday..
John V
John V 10 giorni fa
I remember watching this battle years ago, but I sure as hell didn't remember it being so savage
Joe 9 giorni fa
This match seemed like the only one where they hated each other
Oscar Cheruiyot
Oscar Cheruiyot 10 giorni fa
Um i like it hot
Tuka Raumea Samatua
Tuka Raumea Samatua 10 giorni fa
We need a fkn rematch💯
NoTimeToExplain 10 giorni fa
7 years later this is still the shit
Omnipotent Arima
Omnipotent Arima 10 giorni fa
After seeing Hillary vs Trump all I see right now is Hillary Monroe, help, please.
Scorpion/Hanzo Hasashi
Who’s more hot Cleoparta or Marilyn Monroe?
Mad Dog
Mad Dog 11 giorni fa
Marilyn Monroe beat that Egyptian skank’s ass.
Jean Pol
Jean Pol 12 giorni fa
Cleopatra won, Angela will also win against breast cancer!!!! Prayers and Blessings! God permit it!
Gab's vlogs
Gab's vlogs 12 giorni fa
This is stil one of the best even after 7 years nobody can defeat Miss carriage
Newbie 616
Newbie 616 12 giorni fa
i used to think that whoever had the last verse in a rap battle automatically wrong, this is the best evidence to prove me wrong
Salla Kolehmainen
Salla Kolehmainen 12 giorni fa
Honestly, this rap battle gives both Cleopatra and Monroe way less credit they actually deserve. Both women were highly intelligent and had multiple talents, but were sadly reduced to pretty faces and sex symbols.
Jocelyn MSP playzz
Jocelyn MSP playzz 12 giorni fa
the " u fucked ur own brothers" got me :D
Emily III
Emily III 12 giorni fa
The beat slams
Archiballd123 13 giorni fa
Cleopatra win this contest
Ivette Gonzalez
Ivette Gonzalez 13 giorni fa
“You’ll lose this battle like your bout with barbiturates” damn nothing’s off limits here.
Gunning Wolf
Gunning Wolf 14 giorni fa
No chill
Randall Petroelje
Randall Petroelje 14 giorni fa
I NEVER Ever step between two women fighting.👍I’ve tried it once, never again 😂👍
Doctor Gaster
Doctor Gaster 15 giorni fa
Somebody wrap this bitch back up in a carpet! Translate this into heriogylphs: your sandy vagina has a seven year itch You can’t kick my ass so kiss my clitorus
Doctor Gaster
Doctor Gaster 12 giorni fa
I bet you do that do everyone you spelling / grammar nazi! You are most likely a sad little boy behind a computer crying because your ‘girlfriend’ dumped you. Your sandy dick has a 14 year itch so shut up boy!
Cillian McGovern
Cillian McGovern 12 giorni fa
You can't spell
Justin Kim
Justin Kim 15 giorni fa
miss carriage will stay longer and forever
Elkins Alexandr
Elkins Alexandr 15 giorni fa
Клеопатра я весь ваш
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