Cleveland Cavaliers All 25 Three Pointers vs Atlanta Hawks NBA Record!

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CLEVELAND (AP) Your shot, Warriors.
Dropping jumpers from every corner and angle, the Cleveland Cavaliers drained an NBA record 25 3-pointers - the most in any regular season or playoff game - during a 123-98 runaway win over the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night in Game 2 of their second-round series.
J.R. Smith made seven 3s as the Cavs, looking like an Eastern Conference version of Golden State's Splash Brothers, had the most prolific outside shooting game of any team in league history.
From the outset, they were on target and on a tear, and afterward LeBron James struggled to explain it.
"Tonight was a special night for all of us who played," he said. "This league has seen so many great teams, so many great players and great shooters and for us to set an all-time record is truly special."
James made four 3s and scored 27 points for the defending conference champions, who were able to rest their starters for the entire fourth quarter. Their arms were tired.
Cleveland finished 25 of 45 behind the arc and had 10 players make at least one 3.
Even the team's furry mascot, Moondog, got in on the act by making an over-the-head, backward fling from half court on his first try in the final minutes.
"When they put those shots down, I don't know if anyone can beat them, to be honest," said Atlanta's Kyle Korver, one of the game's deadliest shooters. "We were hoping that they'd start missing at some point."
The Cavs never did.
They made 18 3-pointers in the first half and added seven more after halftime to embarrass the Hawks, who have lost 10 straight postseason games to Cleveland.
The Cavs spent the final few minutes chasing history and when reserve Dahntay Jones dropped the Cavs' 24th 3 with 2:24 left, it bettered the mark of 23 previously held by Orlando (2009) and Houston (2013). Mo Williams added another 3 for good measure.
The Warriors, who beat the Cavs in last year's Finals and seem to be on a collision course with them again, recently set the postseason mark by making 21 3-pointers. Stephen Curry and Co. have a new bar to aim at.
Smith made six 3-pointers in the first half - the Cavs knocked down seven straight during one dizzying stretch - as Cleveland built a 38-point lead over the stunned Hawks, who will head home for Friday's Game 3 down 2-0 in the series and utterly demoralized.
There was little Atlanta defenders could do against the Cavs, who stood behind the line, took aim and dropped shot after shot after shot.
After making Cleveland's 16th 3-pointer in the first half, the easygoing Smith skipped back on defense like a little kid on a schoolyard playground as Cleveland's towel-waving fans danced with delight and smelled blood.
"When he's making shots, it's contagious," Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said.
By halftime, the Hawks were down 74-38 and finished. The team posted on its official Twitter account, "If you take away their 3s, we're right in this."
Cleveland went past Golden State's record when Kyrie Irving nailed a 3-pointer with 5:06 left in the third quarter. But that wasn't even enough to satisfy the ravenous sellout crowd which was still chanting "Let's Go Cavs!" with Cleveland leading by 40 points.
Paul Millsap scored 16 points and Jeff Teague added 14 for the Hawks, who need to regroup quickly or they'll get swept by the Cavs for the second straight year.
Here's the kind of night it was for Atlanta: Millsap knocked down a long 3-pointer to end the first quarter, but replays showed it came after the horn and was disallowed.
Not that it would have mattered much.
"That was overwhelming," Hawks guard Kent Bazemore said. "I thought they shot (really well) in Game 1, but that was amazing."
NBA teams are required to send at least one player to the postgame news conference, but none of the Hawks was eager to step to the podium.
Seldom-used backup center Mike Muscala, who played 14 minutes, eventually agreed to represent Atlanta.
Kevin Love wasn't slowed from injuring his right shoulder in Game 1 and finished with 11 points and 13 rebounds for the Cavs.
Hawks: Korver scored seven points after being limited to one shot in the opener. ... Cavaliers assistant Larry Drew coached the Hawks from 2010-2013, compiling a 128-102 record. . Atlanta's 108 regular season wins over the last two years are a franchise record.
Cavaliers: James refused to comment on reports that he will star in "Space Jam 2," a sequel to the popular Warner Bros. film with Michael Jordan. "My team is handling that, and I'm not going to take my focus off what my job is right now and that's being in the postseason," he said. ... In addition to passing Tim Duncan for fifth place on the career playoff scoring list, James played in his 184th postseason game, tying him with Robert Parish for 13th place in history.


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Commenti 1 683
Ashton Hague
Ashton Hague 6 anni fa
I have to admit as a Hawks fan this was the saddest playoff game ever
Z 7 mesi fa
So glad i didnt become a hawks fan until 2021. 2015 and 16 would've made me suicidal 😭😭😭
Christian Charles
@Cloudy Korver to the Cavs a year later
_ Xds4325 _
_ Xds4325 _ 9 mesi fa
@Cringe Master well the hawks have made the playoffs since then atleast
Drain Stats
Drain Stats 9 mesi fa
They're getting there
lnd1998 2 anni fa
This team is an all time great team. They went 10-0 to start the playoffs and beat the team with the most wins all time in the finals. Put some respec on them
Alaja.mp3 7 mesi fa
@Weeb Trash used to be like that but now it's not
Alaja.mp3 7 mesi fa
@Weeb Trash Tbh it's pretty balanced
Tony Scott
Tony Scott 8 mesi fa
@_ Xds4325 _ prime love is even funnier
lil gucci
lil gucci 9 mesi fa
East was definitely weak back then also doesnt help lebron getting fellow competitors best players *cough carmelo*
_ Xds4325 _
_ Xds4325 _ 9 mesi fa
@The real Osama prime shumpert is fucking hilarious
akaNudr 2 anni fa
imagine being a hawks fan and hearing “THREEEE” every 10 seconds
Oscar Fox
Oscar Fox 17 giorni fa
Thank god the whopper commercial didn’t exist in 2016
Aaron Roibeard
Aaron Roibeard 2 mesi fa
Mad Max Live
Mad Max Live 3 mesi fa
Tony Chung
Tony Chung 10 mesi fa
Stop it alreadyyyy meh😭
Mdiddy 29
Mdiddy 29 4 anni fa
Cleveland needs to realize that this is JR Smith's legacy for Cleveland, not the blunder in Game 1 last year. He was as valuable as ever in these playoffs
Owen Murphy
Owen Murphy Mese fa
die hard cavs fan since birth and i’ll always remember him for his play before that game, that play pretty much ended his career. But he was so good for us in the playoffs before that, cavs legend
Markel Scott
Markel Scott Mese fa
Jr was a bucket when he wasnt high
ScareCrow07 Mese fa
Most us Cleveland fans already realize this lol, we will always be appreciative for the shooting that man added to our team
dave umbrella
dave umbrella 2 mesi fa
@Lizzo’s Belly bruh he was crazyyyy, he'd be in the mid range area wide open, then step back to the three
Lizzo’s Belly
Lizzo’s Belly 2 mesi fa
fax real fans would always brag about how jr makes 3s only when they are contested. i miss that man
Fakundo Federico
Lebron dancing with the cancer patient in the beginning made my entire day 😭 this is why I love Lebron
Henry Okonkwo
Henry Okonkwo 10 mesi fa
Yet I don't understand why people hate lebron James so much
Just Another Youtuber
People just want to hate on him because he brings up stuff want they want to bury. Their jealousy, racism. Lebron is one of the best humans on this planet, even without his talent
The Sports talk
The fact that Mo Williams was the one to break the record is poetic
Terry Gill
Terry Gill 8 mesi fa
He was there since bron got there. I think he was the only one left from that era. Sasha and boobie Gibson and wally and then boys.
Eliot Pacella
Eliot Pacella 6 anni fa
By the third quarter the Hawks were just like "Okay can we please stop this now?"
Branden Nelson
Branden Nelson 15 giorni fa
andrew christopher
This team was so lethal from outside, 9 players with a 3PM in this game, just absurd. They ran the same right side rub play with Love and JR all night, Kyrie too, just unstoppable.
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry 6 anni fa
Hearing that "THREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" all game has gotta be the most intimidating thing to ever play against i feel bad for the Hawks
Lejohnd Anno fa
That’s why they got swept
Lejohnd Anno fa
TheKYRw 6 anni fa
"They're obliterating the NBA record book" that quote just gives me chills lol
Colin Saunders
Colin Saunders 2 mesi fa
as much as i love the current cavs team nothing will beat this one
Darwin Leonardo
Darwin Leonardo 2 anni fa
This is probably one of the greatest team ever built. Just wow!
C Mac
C Mac 2 anni fa
So nobody is gonna talk about Mo Williams getting an assist off Muscala's head?😂😂😂 4:38
lo 3 mesi fa
that had me dting
T12 9 mesi fa
he faked his teammate😂
im not lazy
im not lazy 10 mesi fa
How perfect was that?🤣
im not lazy
im not lazy 10 mesi fa
JOSH BBB Anno fa
Jonathan Player
Jonathan Player 2 anni fa
As a Clevelander born and raised, life long Cleveland fan...this was the first Cleveland game I turned off because we were up by so much I had no doubt we were going to win.
Daniel Johnson
Man I miss this team they had the city going crazy
Pranav Manie
Pranav Manie Anno fa
Watching this after the Clippers made the WCF this year. Ty Lue's emphasis on 3-point shooting is insane. The Clippers were the most efficient 3PM team this year. I can see the roots of that strategy.
Antoni Nicolas
Antoni Nicolas 3 anni fa
Say what you want about him and his terrible mishap in 2018 Finals. JR Smith more than pulled his weight for that ring in 2016 💪🏼
Malcolm Benjamin
The announcer had to be tired from yelling out THRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!
TheUnthinkable 6 mesi fa
Too bad the PA announcer defected to the Nets
EDZEL TV 8 mesi fa
Regier Productions
Jerry Del Toro
Jerry Del Toro 9 mesi fa
@Gentle 🤣
Jim Criniti
Jim Criniti 6 anni fa
This is why Kevin Harlan is the best announcer in the business today!
TeamGreats 10 mesi fa
Imagine hearing "BANG" after every 1 of these threes....Mike Breen is the GOAT
Gilbert Jr. tapic
@Mbaxxeni marvs albert
Rhandail Dave Francisco
Kevin Harlan makes the game more intense😤😤😤😤😤
Reyes 3 anni fa
1:24 that is THE iconic play of this roster. Big 3 makin' it happen. Was fun while it lasted
TheUnknown Mese fa
I was expecting a Kyrie, LeBron, and JR shootout. The whole team contributed!
Carter Bilbro
Carter Bilbro 3 anni fa
This is why I believe the Cavs would've beaten the Warriors win 5 in 2015 if healthy
Ryan Zefanya
Ryan Zefanya Mese fa
Sam Fischer
Sam Fischer Mese fa
@gor9027 as if the warriors were fully healthy in 2016..if anything, those two teams were so close that few missed games were crucial for the win.
Rey resendez
Rey resendez 8 mesi fa
bleach 9 mesi fa
@Reinz Mark Solis Mejia 2016 was such a magical year
bryan martinez
bryan martinez 9 mesi fa
Probably but lebron dosen't not to much competition in the east playoffs the west is way more stronger when the west you have san Antonio spurs okc thunder dallas Mavericks houston rockets clippers golden state warriors
Brandon Myers
Brandon Myers 2 anni fa
I remember watching this game live. EVERY PLAYER ON THE CAVS CAN SHOOT THE 3. It’s wild.
Travis Sloan
Travis Sloan 6 anni fa
How JR didn't get a playoff card in 2k with a 99 3 point rating is ridiculous
Dennis Marvin Fanega
99% 3 point rating while fully contested.
Roderick Strong
Roderick Strong 2 anni fa
Atleast he has one in 2k20
Khrande 2 anni fa
@Cosmin Alexandru umad ?
Cosmin Alexandru
@Khrande bruh stick to minecraft
Khrande 6 anni fa
Travis Sloan ray allen shot the most 3s in a career.. and he would take clutch and difficult ones as well....
Aaron Roibeard
Aaron Roibeard 2 mesi fa
I remember watching this game…… Still gives me chills 😂
Zephyr Gaming
Never Gets Old... already been 6 years since but it never gets old...
DJ Buenaventura
I watched the whole playoff games of Cleveland in 2016. And boy I cried when they won the Championship!!!! Fuckin best finals I’ve seen.
TheBrownMamba 6 anni fa
When Love hits that 3 at the end of the half it gave me goosebumps lmao
Andrei Alexandru Parfeni
AugReady He has to teach Korver how to do it, now that he's on the Cavs.
Andrei Alexandru Parfeni
AugReady He has to teach Korver how to do it, now that he's on the Cavs.
AugReady 6 anni fa
for me it was when jr got korver in the air, dribbled one behind his back and shot it up so pretty. And made it.
Dom Anno fa
The most enjoyable playoffs ever. Cavs were destined to take the title
YvngGoat Anno fa
2016 was such a great year of basketball
King Luke
King Luke 7 mesi fa
Man fr everybody had their own team & it was just pure basketball
Andrew McNicoll
Andrew McNicoll 2 anni fa
Say what you want about JR, but that man's got the smoothest jump shot I've ever seen.
Nikhil Patel
Nikhil Patel 9 mesi fa
The energy in the arena at this moment was at an all-time high 4:52
Get Money
Get Money 6 anni fa
If Jr was just more consistent, he could really give Klay Thompson a run for his money
Ranjan Udayashankar
If a dog had a square butt, it would poop blocks.
Huy Phuc Mai
Huy Phuc Mai Anno fa
in his younger years ii remember he was quite the beast, especially that reverse dunk over lebron as a knicks
sgtburns Anno fa
aged horribly
Raheem Patterson
Jr Smith was unstoppable when he had the threeball going for him
CreRaetions 6 anni fa
I was at that game. A blowout isn't a whole lot of fun. That one was!
metal354 2 anni fa
@Jaylan The internet stay sus
Yung Banana Clip
@Jaylan dawg she looks like 15 😬
Joshua 23
Joshua 23 2 anni fa
@CreRaetions lmaooo
CreRaetions 2 anni fa
Jaylann Burnett I dont have a phone
G. Shumway
G. Shumway Anno fa
at 4:42, the pass was intended for Jefferson, bounced off of a Hawks player’s head, landed in Shumpert’s hands and he made the three. The entire game summed up in one play…
JAI Tiller
JAI Tiller 7 mesi fa
“A Hawks player’s head” lol don’t disrespect Kyle Korver like that
Tom Cat
Tom Cat Anno fa
Their slogan in 2016 was sooo perfect. They really went ALL IN that year.
11B 6 anni fa
Games like this is why I love JR. He has so much talent.
Watched it live, still don't believe JR was ever this good looking back
King Tshilobo
What a time to be a Cavs fan
Poker Master
Poker Master Mese fa
Man I miss it
prophet DJS
prophet DJS 8 mesi fa
Yeah these were the some of the best days for Cavs fans but your new team is looking good, & they completely surprised everyone by making the playoffs, the future is definitely bright
flowzzz27 2 anni fa
J.R. Smith was on fire this game oh my god. Bruh after 4:07 when J.R. hit that turn around fade away three I would have been gone home lol 🔥😐😂
Rydell Rose
Rydell Rose 4 mesi fa
That game was amazing I remember watching and losing my voice because they were so lethal 🤣🤣.I'm from Cleveland
UstinkCuh 10 mesi fa
This always shows up in the recommended, JR Smith fall away and stepbacks was unguardable 🔥 .
Nicholas Bilger
Nicholas Bilger 11 mesi fa
I have to admit I've watched this video too many times in the past, and I'm coming back to it because for some reason it is just so satisfying watching this.
Jax Teller
Jax Teller 2 anni fa
This team was so good such a shame they split up, if they stuck together they would of got another chip
Romero Clay
Romero Clay 2 anni fa
Even Mo Will came out of retirement like: "Aye lemme get some of this shit.." 👌
Me So Horney
Me So Horney Anno fa
Jon C
Jon C Anno fa
I laughed I'm like even mo
Lejohnd Anno fa
Good stuff
Bashir cambe-jr
Bashir cambe-jr 6 anni fa
I was watching this game with my sister we both enjoyed one of the best game in the playoffs for me
Vish 6 anni fa
gimme her IG
The traveler
The traveler 6 anni fa
The first half was the best half of basketball I've ever seen. 74-38
Chase green
Chase green 2 mesi fa
I watched this game live & it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen 🤣🤣 I lost my voice yelling so much
WH Anno fa
"Every chamber is filled!" What a line.
CN27videos Anno fa
this yr is the most historic yr for this team and for the nba bruh. first ever champ in ohio state history coming from 3-1 deficit. man that's why i love basketball
Brady McBride
Brady McBride 2 anni fa
Man I miss these days. What a time to be a Cavs fan
Jorge Anguiano
They’re back
Kd 03
Kd 03 Anno fa
I miss this team so much 🤧
Jie Er Lu
Jie Er Lu 2 anni fa
4:38 One of the best, if not the best pass of the game
Brandon Rodas
Brandon Rodas 6 anni fa
when the game sliders up to 100% 😂
Dominate. Anno fa
Lol playing nba2k16
TalentOnTheBeat 2 anni fa
500th Like After 3 Years
Watson To Cooper
On rookie with everyone adjusted to a 99 three and HOF limitless range
Shane 5 anni fa
Fadeaway out of bounds it nothin but net
Prodigy23 6 anni fa
Rome Will
Rome Will 6 anni fa
Rome Will
Rome Will 9 mesi fa
@Demane McGibbon it's ok. I've carried this burden for a while now.
Demane McGibbon
Demane McGibbon 9 mesi fa
I’m 5 years later but AYYOOOOO
Brandon Ang
Brandon Ang 10 mesi fa
Pause 🤣🤣🤣
Ubay Hussein
Ubay Hussein 11 mesi fa
I was lookin for this after like the 10th “THREEEEE” I lost it 😂😂😂😂😂
Jcd Mago
Jcd Mago Anno fa
No that's no problem for an android
Muhammed Al Boo Boo
You know its over when bron is making 3s
Mr. Crowley
Mr. Crowley 8 mesi fa
@Mitchell Rauma Yeah. Like why fcking force a shot with like 2 defenders on you. Nothing entertaining watching someone hogging the ball so much.
Desmund Reynolds
Facts! When the Heat were battling the Kg Celtics I was rooting hard for Celtics then lebron start hitting 3’s I knew deep down 😑
圣婴 Anno fa
Now Bron is on my Lakers.. Yesss!!
Dre Blunt
Dre Blunt Anno fa
This aint it
It me Jac
It me Jac Anno fa
Green Eggs 16
I sprained my ankle jumping up and down while landing on a shoe watching us win the championship.. Never forget it
robrtfit Anno fa
JR Smith was insane in this game
i - i - i Elian Rash
Best team ive ever seen on my entire life
Artteezzyyy Anno fa
This is what i want to see in valentines day, missed the old cavs
Klipzers 6 anni fa
J.R was on fire yo
Felix O'Ryan
Felix O'Ryan Anno fa
Life was good when JR was heating up. He became my favorite player to watch on these sorta days.
Nicholaus Bell
Back when JR was actually a sniper
Shane 5 anni fa
Fransico Serrano
Char Young-Kim ml
ETO 6 anni fa
I was watching and when Kevin Harlen said "NO NOOOO" I just looked at my dad and said "it's over man" we just laughed and just watched in awe at this shit
Dwayne 2 anni fa
I was never a fan of this Cleveland team (I'm a Bulls fan), but this is very impressive
Sayahn Mudd
Sayahn Mudd 3 anni fa
2016 JR Smith was a different beast. You couldn't guard him when he was on.
DSCB MOE 13 giorni fa
Them boys had the 3pt sliders up 🥵
The Pope
The Pope Anno fa
This was so pleasing to watch. Just beautiful unselfish offensive basketball
Lino Albeus Nardo
This the jr smith we needed for the lakers❄️
Ayush Tyagi
Ayush Tyagi Anno fa
JR was out of his mind😂😂🔥
michael berry
Damn I almost forgot how good this squad was
Giant Asian Sticker
That was at the point that James completely skipped the dunk just to pass to his teammates for the 3. Their trust to each other back then was strong.
GoodBoy 2 anni fa
Extending the announcers’ dialogue while transitioning between clips is such a subtle change, but it makes that transition between clips so smooth. Crazy that people don’t think to do that more often with sports highlight vids
J Klutz
J Klutz Anno fa
these were the good old days 🥺
SON_OF_ YAH 2 anni fa
The cavs absolutely scorched them this game. I remember watching this at home.
Mulamu Erastus
Mulamu Erastus 10 mesi fa
The announcer had a career high night yelling 3s! He’s in the Mount Rushmore of announcers now 🐐 3eeeeeeee
Zyrhone Gapor
The takeover in the first half was just torture for the hawks, They are just down by 30+ points, and the cavs already up by 70+, I've never seen a great game like this in the playoffs, What an entertaining game though 😂
Charmaine Lane
Charmaine Lane 2 anni fa
Omg the city was on fire 🔥 I'll never forget this year theland 2016 take me back 🙌🙌🙌🙌❤
gSquAdGaMinG Anno fa
Facts bro im from Columbus real fan I miss those moments
KK Mese fa
JR 3’s are exciting the way he shoots them from all angles
Timothy Quiros
Damn literally Tristan Thompson is the only dude who isn’t a 3 point threat in this Cavs team! Those were the days man…
Dwyn Anno fa
The Cavs that night were just built different.
BG The One
BG The One 2 anni fa
This was a thorough beating... I miss this team
rmd Mese fa
ı have been warriors fan but that Cleveland team was so fun to watch, they got shooters and clutch player .It was perfect team for lebron play style.
Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson 2 anni fa
I felt so bad for Atlanta in this game. It was no chance of them winning the series after being on the other end of seeing the Cabs shoot like that! They were defeated after that
Braking Late
Braking Late Anno fa
Legend says, the announcer is still recovering from saying threeeeeee
Gusion Parsley
The reason why they can go toe-to-toe with the Warriors in that NBA Finals.
Pranav Manie
Pranav Manie Anno fa
Good lord, JR Smith is a contested three monster.
Mr. Ahmed Guillermo-Letrondo
Motor ni Labz
Motor ni Labz 2 anni fa
what a magnificent performance by the CAVS...and now who CAn beat this new 3pt nba record?
Mason Hopkins
Wow I miss this cavs team. If this team was healthy we would have won 2015 finals
njay 9 mesi fa
That pass off the head to shumpert for a 3 is underrated
E L I 8 mesi fa
I miss this team💯
cb Anno fa
Damn good times in Cleveland. Never be like that again
Kahlil McFleeky
5 years later my boys in the Eastern conference finals again #BELIEVEATLANTA
Emmanuel Moses
Man I love Jr Smith..Glad he got a second championship with the Lakers.
L H 2 anni fa
This team would've been back to back champs if they didn't have all those injuries in 2015
Eric Spicer
Eric Spicer Mese fa
The assist to Shumpert that went off the Hawks dude's face at 4:38 is hilarious lmao
Sasa Sese
Sasa Sese 2 anni fa
Cleveland was on fire they had a 3 pt competition between their own team
Sergio Fabrietti
18 threes in the first half, they were up 38 by halftime 😱
Poker Master
Poker Master Mese fa
That’s just nuts, for a playoff game
Howard Lee
Howard Lee 2 anni fa
Jr is such an underrated shooter
D. Coleman
D. Coleman 10 mesi fa
As an Atlanta native, I just can't call myself a Hawks fan. Falcons break my heart enough.
KrisTopable Gaming
As a warriors fan I hate to say it, but this cavs team was just so well rounded and I’m not surprised why we lost.
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