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29 nov 2022




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jimbob junior
jimbob junior 2 mesi fa
Glad to see this bear getting more roles. I've been a fan since The Revenant.
Jon Rivers
Jon Rivers 19 ore fa
Someone needs to set up an imdb account for the bear and list all his movies!!!
Eduardo Resto
Eduardo Resto 2 giorni fa
Augustin Valencia
Augustin Valencia 2 giorni fa
MiÑONGA 2 giorni fa
Cs he's Pablo Escobear
phil tang
phil tang 2 giorni fa
I liked him in Anchorman.. 🤡
Pat Gray
Pat Gray Mese fa
I'm glad this documentary is finally receiving the attention it deserves
MAST3RCHIEF 3 giorni fa
@EmDub 1984 is certainly real
Groove Federation
Groove Federation 6 giorni fa
@EmDub Brawndo's got what plants crave. It's got electrolytes
Warren Stemphly
Warren Stemphly 8 giorni fa
@A180CombatBowser Game pro some people just want the world to burn
A180CombatBowser Game pro
@Warren Stemphly i can
Warren Stemphly
Warren Stemphly 8 giorni fa
You’re currently at 420 likes, I can’t break that, sorry dude, but good comment anyway
VadulTharys Mese fa
I remember when this happened, it was so freaking hilarious we made all the jokes that this movie is putting into it.
user Mese fa
im so hyped for this film
Jesse Mcleod
Jesse Mcleod Giorno fa
Sounds interesting lol I can't wait
HORIZN Mese fa
sane bvrlo
None None
None None Mese fa
This bear is going places. Straight to the moon. 😲
Totally Legit Youtube Person👌
We're living in the timeline where Ray Liotta's last role was in a movie based on a true story about a bear going on a cocaine fueled rampage.
JimiJop Woodstock
@David Davidson I need to know how to highlight reply like you experts
JimiJop Woodstock
@David Davidson dude we living in a meth head generation so many freaks vaping drugs. This is their wheelhouse type crap. Hey I’m a pothead from way back and these films are fried and lame . The chi on the bear in trailer was average at best. I guess people will get baked and pissed and watch this . I’ll watch for ray liotta. Each their own . This is a free ITvid movie in a few weeks from release and 3.8 star rating
David Davidson
David Davidson Giorno fa
@JimiJop Woodstock Clearly plenty of people disagree with you judging by the comments. And it's not stealing. You chose to pay or not. Nobody is forcing you to watch this movie.
JimiJop Woodstock
@Wobig5085 Gaming black bears matter( their faeces is white)
JimiJop Woodstock
@David Davidson it’s a one joke premise that maybe deserve a skit in crappy snl. A feature to steal your hard earned cash no fking way
Daniele Mese fa
Yesssss!!! Can't wait!!!
This is the only movie to get me hyped to go to a theater in, like, five years.
Bsd Nmd
Bsd Nmd 14 giorni fa
I havent felt this since Top Gun Maverick. Its not woke as fk and it's what we want, to be entertained
Agent Holmes
Agent Holmes Mese fa
Some people going to be disappointed, bear died minutes after his first dose ( which was couple of pounds or bag full of cocaine)
AZ Onyx
AZ Onyx Mese fa
This could’ve been a pretty interesting horror movie.
Julian Tapia
Julian Tapia 2 mesi fa
If they wanted us to come running back to theaters, this is the kind of movie they should've offered sooner. I'm definitely going.
Awkward Sanchez
Awkward Sanchez 3 giorni fa
@Duke Dixonso what
Earyummy 16 giorni fa
I am gonna go just to see the theater crowd. I bet it’s gonna be packed. Fun is back. Yay!
Aurora Montes
Aurora Montes 19 giorni fa
drshades1 Mese fa
@Duke Dixon Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?
B K 2 mesi fa
@Duke Dixon This will teach her to make good movies rather than crap
Gray Rook
Gray Rook Mese fa
This looks like the most promising Comedy Horror flick we have gotten in years.
James Fishwick Guitar - Uk
@Amadmaniac1 tucker and Dale vs is a hidden gem I remember seeing it at the cinema and thinking would be bigger than it is so underrated
Andy Cutright
Andy Cutright 6 giorni fa
@Amadmaniac1 And Knights of Badassdom, Rapture Palooza. And The Voices.
Andy Cutright
Andy Cutright 6 giorni fa
Hopefully it reaches Tucker & Dale vs. Evil levels of comedic genius!
Anthony 6 giorni fa
@Amadmaniac1 deadstream wasn’t too bad
Amadmaniac1 6 giorni fa
@James Fishwick Guitar - Uk Don't forget about Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
Lazy Dino
Lazy Dino Mese fa
I loved the moment where the bear its "It's cocainin' time!" and cocained all over those guys. Bravo Vince!
Marc Reyes
Marc Reyes Mese fa
Im here cause of mr ballen, holy shit i didnt expect this story to be true
Matt Hanf
Matt Hanf Mese fa
This looks awesome 👌
Slow Turtle
Slow Turtle 2 mesi fa
Instant classic and destined to be labeled as a cinematic masterpiece.
Ansem Thewise
Ansem Thewise 2 mesi fa
Definitely lol finna do endgame numbers I'm tryna watch asap
•Snoopy• 2 mesi fa
@Jinerith That doesn't even look like horror, just looks like a comedy tbh. Me and my dad were laughing so much at this trailer
MV 2 mesi fa
Like Morbius
trippieleaks 2 mesi fa
@Slow Turtle don’t compare it to Scarface that movies a masterpiece this movie will not be
Jinerith 2 mesi fa
@Craig Wortham you tryna defend a bear on cocaine
T P Mese fa
I had no hope for the future of cinema. These days very rare to find anything creative or new. Cocaine Bear is an absolutely brilliant idea! Thanks to those who were brave in writing a check for the many millions this may have cost. To those who were brave in asking for that check. You will be rewarded with my opening night purchase of a ticket!
Omg!!!! I can't wait!
tiny Mese fa
I can't believe this is real I thought it was fake 😂
Sai Satwik
Sai Satwik Mese fa
These are the kind of movies that I want to see more of. Just pure feast for our minds to process.
M K 2 mesi fa
Give this bear an Oscar. Not only did it do cocaine in such large quantity, it also didn't die of a heart attack immediately!
Awesome gotta watch this shit
EmDub Mese fa
well it took a shotgun blast to the back to kill Tony Montana after 100 shots to the front
The Ethicist Philosophy Show
Fun Fact: The only non-human actor to be nominated for an Oscar was Bart the Bear in 1988.
Matt Broyles
Matt Broyles 2 mesi fa
I hate to be the one to tell you this, but they went through like 40 bears and a lot of cocaine making this movie.
cruizerdave 2 mesi fa
@Monkadelic no it’s really not.
Alejandro Mata
Movie of the century! As long as it ain’t woke 😂
This has the same energy as Sharknado.
John Rino
John Rino Mese fa
They had me at Cocaine Bear
Julie Newman
Julie Newman Mese fa
Two movies Ray Liotta starred in with cocaine. Goodfellas and Cocaine bear. If you haven't seen Goodfellas you must see it. Brilliant film. Rest in peace Ray Liotta.
Samouha Bedira
Samouha Bedira 4 giorni fa
love it❤
Samouha Bedira
Samouha Bedira 4 giorni fa
love it❤
Zohir Chérifi
Zohir Chérifi 2 mesi fa
Give this movie an Oscar already
Cole Downing
Cole Downing Mese fa
@yorkiyorkxxbetter than the M-She-U
Capricorn Black
Capricorn Black 2 mesi fa
@Michael Navarro 🤣🤣🤣
The Ethicist Philosophy Show
Fun Fact: The only non-human actor to be nominated for an Oscar was Bart the Bear in 1988.
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray 2 mesi fa
@Yurt the Silent Chief this isn’t a major movie. Look at it again. It’s just a corny horror comedy film. Nothing more. If this is what you use to talk about the standards of movies, then no wonder. Movies like this have been around for decades. Only a few exceptional ones ever get remembered. But you’re currently getting to see every film come out. That’s how it’s in “reverse gear.”
codars 2 mesi fa
@X Your Broker “He telling by his joy” I don’t understand Spanish very well. I’m sorry.
Jonah Rains
Jonah Rains Mese fa
Thank GOD! An original movie! Not a sequel, prequel, reboot, remix, reimaging or regurgitation. Not another d@mn cookie-cutter superhero movie! Not another watered-down, weak, woke movie telling me I should hate myself. A fun, crazy movie where I can go in and enjoy a bucket of popcorn and get away from the real world! Looking forward to it!
forble Mese fa
Fun fact the last 15 minutes this bear was alive it was the dangerous creature alive for that time
Aline Mayne
Aline Mayne 4 giorni fa
I didn't know I needed to see a movie like this, this looks awesome 😂👌🏻I can't wait!
susan tovey
susan tovey Mese fa
the fact that this is based on a true incident makes this 110% funnier and scarier
Son-of-1 2 mesi fa
Never thought I’d see a movie like this be made in this day in age out of fear of it not doing well, but I’m glad it’s happening. Hope it’s good
Ben R.
Ben R. Mese fa
Shit I didn't know what TED was in theaters because I don't watch TV. I nearly took my 4 and 5 year daughters to go watch it. Glad my daughters didn't go because I thought it was a family movie. It was the opposite. When I saw SETH McFARLANe (the devil in disguise) name pop up I knew it was anti religious and every thing that could be obscene by society put in the movie. (every thing Seth McFarlane makes is just one big Tik Tok video)
Sierra Rose
Sierra Rose Mese fa
@Abuglife6 I think I read somewhere the real cocaine bear ate the cocaine, ran 100 years then dropped dead. I just love that someone heard this story and thought "what if the bear, high out of its mind, went on a rampage" lol
Aaron Fraire
Aaron Fraire Mese fa
@Deth Incarnate Dude, it's a movie about a bear going on a cocaine-induced rampage. It's clearly not the kind of movie that's supposed to make you think. Just sit back, turn off your brain, and have fun.
Aaron Fraire
Aaron Fraire Mese fa
Yo can tell it's gonna be an instant cult classic.
Northfold Mese fa
I love this for the sole reason that it passed the initial pitch to a exec
Joseph Rowe
Joseph Rowe Mese fa
I can't wait for the sequel 'Meth Bear'. Though the third movie 'Weed Bear' is probably a bit of a letdown because he eats the weed, then attacks a grocery store while eating all the pastries and then just sleeps the rest of the movie
SSP Mese fa
This is the movie, Joe Rogan waited his whole life!
HT Entertainment
This is their best song in YEAAARS got that old school DBE feel to it. 2:09-2:49 that flow is disgusting DBE cemented their place as uk legends insane to see their journey
C Cannon
C Cannon 9 giorni fa
@Nikki G I hope they know...
Nikki G
Nikki G 14 giorni fa
lol do you realize this is a very faithful *cover* of the OG classic White Lines by Grandmasteer Flash and Melle Mel??
Marcus the Gamer
Marcus the Gamer 25 giorni fa
1:27 had me Laughing So Hard 😂
j 2 mesi fa
It's crazy to say that a movie about a bear doing blow looks like the most entertaining movie to come out in a long time.
a Perez
a Perez Mese fa
I am not going to be the one who fucks up 666 likes. Hail Santa!
LexAsakura Mese fa
Mobius Flammel
Mobius Flammel 2 mesi fa
@RCGshakenbakeI think it mostly says that Hollywood is more averse to risk than it used to be, and the era of relatively lower budget comedies and action movies being everywhere is over. They are more focused on blockbusters that bring in mountains of cash.
Sponsor Skip Man
@Berj Bedrosian I was watching some ITvidr I got an advert for violent night and I didn't skip it I watched all 2 minutes and 30 seconds of it because it was absolutely hilarious
RCGshakenbake 2 mesi fa
Says so much about Hollywood doesn't it?
Megan B
Megan B Mese fa
For those of you that don't know, there's a true story about a bear overdosing off eating a shit load of Cocaine that he found in somewhat of a similar fashion. If you google 'Cocaine Bear' or 'Pablo Escobear' you'll find the story. Just absolutely fucking wild!! hahaha! 🤣
Abraham Park
Abraham Park Mese fa
We know it's going to be a shit movie but we're still watching
Hon Bowlo
Hon Bowlo Mese fa
Ain’t no way this dood actually made it into a movie😤
First Violent Night and now this, who did they put in charge of the horror comedies and how do we keep it going?
Sleepingmonster 2 mesi fa
Love how this bear career is going in Hollywood. From Revenant to Prey now this movie. Give this bear an Oscar!
Shashank Vats
Evelyn Kirkaldy
@redhurricane24 Not a joke. Ignorant villification of bears that feeds into human fear and ultimately gets bears shot.
Shredkowski Mese fa
You forgot the Edge
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong 2 mesi fa
Will he loan it to Zelensky?
Evelyn Kirkaldy
Evelyn Kirkaldy 2 mesi fa
@redhurricane24 This kind of stuff helps villianize bears and creates bogus justifications for ruthless hunting of their species. Not a joke!
An On
An On Mese fa
When you get ripped and teared By a high as fuck bear Cocaine
CPY Mese fa
Compared to what happened for real. Bear ate 40kg of cocaine and died like 90m away less than a minute of overdose.
Patrick Grengs
Patrick Grengs 6 giorni fa
I've not yet even watched the trailer -- and yet I have this feeling -- we're gonna get non-stop sequels to this brilliantly acted and scripted masterpiece.
This bear market is crazy 🤣 Bears taking it too far
Jorge Alvarez
Jorge Alvarez 2 mesi fa
The movie no one asked for, but the movie we definitely needed
Vladimir Nuken 🇷🇺
@zachkennedy9282 I agree this movie looks like a drugged up highschool kids idea
Vladimir Nuken 🇷🇺
Only crackheads would like this movie
Nikki G
Nikki G 14 giorni fa
@Zach Kennedy SHADDAP!!
Ant Mese fa
@C Asaying people are lame for finding this funny doesn't make you look cool it actually makes you seem lame
Vault Hunter 777
@Joshua Rogers Sr. So? I still think it'll be alright. I am allowed an opinion and so are you. Don't go see it then plain and simple.
Misty And Opal
We are living in a world where there is a movie based on a true story of a bear on crack cocaine
An American
An American Mese fa
I was wondering how they were going to make a bear eating enough cocaine to fund a school for four years in value a movie
Ant R
Ant R Mese fa
a bear doing cocaine.......Shiiiiiiiit. Anyone get that? I feel like the Shaun of the Dead cast should be in this
ImaDrummer Mese fa
Is it just me or can you not tell if this is a Comedy or a Horror.
TusslinTom 2 mesi fa
I love how this never really happened with the real cocaine bear but this what you’d imagine from hearin the story for the first time, just the term alone “cocaine bear” it’s insane
Kirsten Campbell
Meth alligator is a real thing too 😩😂
MaximusPrimeXY 2 giorni fa
@Anomaly it was the strongest living creature for about 5 minutes till it died
thewinesmith 6 giorni fa
Pablo escobear
Anomaly 7 giorni fa
@Tat3rd Yeah it just ran a few feet in a burst of energy and then died almost immediately.
Tat3rd 8 giorni fa
Didn't it actually just run a good distance and overdose? It's not as exciting as what this movie is trying to make, lol.
Mkc SMAR Mese fa
I think it's gonna be Highly Fun-tasting & Exciting Year 2023... Lots of big Movies relishing like MI-series, Marvel's movie, Dc & WEB series... 😎🤩🤩
Brad Lafferty
Brilliant original concept for a movie
I am from the year 2055 and i can confirm this is the undisputed Nr. 1 on the IMDB Top 250 films of all time - my wife and myself sacrificed our firstborn son in a satanic blood ritual just to travel back in time to see the cinematic release again.
Z G Giorno fa
J K 4 giorni fa
shoo, shoo, rabbi
Bsd Nmd
Bsd Nmd 14 giorni fa
I remember you! I kicked you out for crying after the ending credits. What was up with you?
Dawn Fischer
Dawn Fischer Mese fa
I'm will absolutely watch this. A real conversation starter. Looks like my Friday nights in Miami back in 1999. Thank you Elizabeth Banks for this important film. I'm certain I will enjoy every second of it. It will not only be nostalgic, but tell a story that needs to be told.
Manny Mese fa
You've got to be kidding me 😒 The Bear didn't kill anyone, hell it didn't even live long after ingesting the duffel of drugs! The bear's body was found _dead_ of multi-system organ failure with cocaine in it's stomach. I figured this movie would be an interesting story centered on how the bear met it's fate from this misguided actions of drug smuggler Andrew C. Thornton II, but this is just plain ridiculous 🙄 What had the potential of being a legitimately interesting and exciting film is now just a laughable cash grab 🤦
Randal Wung
Randal Wung 25 giorni fa
Y'know, action in movies is so ubiquitous these days, it's easy to take for granted all the skill and preparation and risk to life and limb taken by the unheralded stunt performers who make hilarious craziness like this possible. So mad props to the stunt bear-you rock!
If anyone is interested in a story about the true version of this movie, Mr. Ballen does a great job connecting the dots on how the bear even ended up doing coke lol
Jaxx Traxx Productions
This movie actually brings some horror b-movie vibes of the 1980s, gory and funny AF in that sense. And I'm surprised Ray Liotta made an appearance in this film before his passing. Also, the fact that Cocaine Bear is inspired by a true story, that's pretty hard to believe. Be definitely lookin forward to seeing this one in the theaters for real
Jaquavious Bon Jovi
@Gold bond Shaq you just proved his point 💀
Carol Bulzone
Carol Bulzone 2 mesi fa
@Mecha Funny….the bear was looking for food, the coke killed him in a couple hours, Funny ????? Not !!!!!
Rich Weigel
Rich Weigel 2 mesi fa
@The Lobster right?! I seen him at Whole Foods the other day!
Gold bond Shaq
Gold bond Shaq 2 mesi fa
@Kevin Thompson You’re still trying to argue bro bro
Kevin Thompson
Kevin Thompson 2 mesi fa
@Gold bond Shaq You made the first reply to my comment to tell me how I was wrong about 80s movies. And you replied again, also to prove me wrong. That sounds like the very definition of arguing. And now you seem determined to have the last word. Prove me wrong.
Jerit Smith
Jerit Smith 18 giorni fa
When the bear snorted a line of coke off the bitten off arm had make laughing 😆
Ayubu Ngonyani
this is🔥🔥🔥
Batman Mese fa
Wow, Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys and Margo Martindale in the same movie? This is a secret sequel to The Americans apparently!
The Everything Channel
And… that’s enough internet for me today
SlowDrip 2 mesi fa
The movie we all didnt know we actually needed
Yotam Oron
Yotam Oron 2 mesi fa
Chris Frank
Chris Frank 2 mesi fa
I need it like yesterday. 😳
TheMagnificentTube 4 giorni fa
I haven’t been excited to go to a movie theater in 19 years. I love bears and thrillers and this looks absolutely hilarious.
ItsBully Mese fa
The movie we didn't want or deserve But probably needed
ShadyRonin Mese fa
audiences: "stop making sequels & remakes and give us something original!!!!" Universal Pictures: "best I can do is Cocaine Bear"
EmDub Mese fa
OMG- the guy medic is the same guy that does those WalMart employee tik tok rants LOL
Ricardo Coss
Ricardo Coss 2 mesi fa
This looks better than anything Disney is putting out.
Elvin Garcia
Elvin Garcia 27 giorni fa
@Cory Avila Jon Favreau
Cory Avila
Cory Avila 2 mesi fa
If Disney made this movie the bear would be gay.
Jelani Tarik
Jelani Tarik 2 mesi fa
N M 2 mesi fa
Ooh thank you for reminding me to see if Critical Drinker has done a review! 😄
Ashley Oasis
Ashley Oasis 2 mesi fa
Disney make the bear a peado
Luke Masters
Luke Masters Mese fa
this movie basically a fever dream
Green Sakaar
Green Sakaar Mese fa
“ we have such good luck in nature” I love that part. Would have been better if they were wearing I ❤ California shirts.
H-Dawg 8 giorni fa
It’s always the best films that are the ones who’s based on a true story. Can’t wait for this to come out.
V G Mese fa
This is something Joe Rogan would tell you on his show while smoking pot.
Benjamin Filbert
What an amazingly uplifting story about a timid little black bear finally learning to unwind.
Samouha Bedira
Samouha Bedira 4 giorni fa
love it💖
Samouha Bedira
Samouha Bedira 4 giorni fa
love it💖
Samouha Bedira
Samouha Bedira 4 giorni fa
love it💖
Samouha Bedira
Samouha Bedira 4 giorni fa
love it💖
Dawn Fischer
Dawn Fischer Mese fa
Antonio Mese fa
breaking news: bear wins Oscar for best performance
SOuR Mese fa
the real question is who was on cocaine to green light this
B Mese fa
Digging this gritty Rampage reboot
dubs4 dayz
dubs4 dayz 18 giorni fa
Imagine being in the back of a speeding vehicle and STILL getting mauled by a bear from like, 10 feet away. A fear I never knew I had.
Corey Casciano
Corey Casciano 2 mesi fa
Looks insanely fun, I love these movies that don’t take themselves seriously, and the fact it’s based on a true story is hilarious
sage saiyan
sage saiyan 2 mesi fa
@GrandGojira54 WTF r u for real pablo esca bear 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nomi Sunrider
Nomi Sunrider 2 mesi fa
@Carol Bulzone That's not wildlife, it's a pile of CGI pixels.
Carol Bulzone
Carol Bulzone 2 mesi fa
@Nomi Sunrider Yeah…..kill All the Wildlife. You’re so superior !
GrandGojira54 2 mesi fa
@Luke Wright a bear DID get into the cocaine, but it died almost immediately afterwards. He became known as Pablo Esca-bear
Heather Ulm
Heather Ulm 2 mesi fa
@Lux Palafox poor bear. That breaks my heart .
Piromyśl Mese fa
*Based on a true story*
Someone Out-there
This and Violent Night seem like two of the best movies to come out in a while. Can't wait to see them both. 🤣
Eric Brown
Eric Brown Mese fa
IMO, Violent Night could be viewed as a cult classic at some point. I've seen VN. Great campy, bloody fun.
Bazookatone1 9 giorni fa
Mildly fun fact: that opening scene in the trailer? with the ambulance in the georgia state park? That was actually filmed in county Wicklow in Ireland. Myself and my family happened to be in the place where they were shooting that day, and they had built a fake cabin, created a sign for a state park and imported the ambulance and a handful of 1980s american cars to set it up to look like Georgia. Apparently, with the tax breaks and stuff, it cost less money to fly cast and props to Ireland than to film in the US. I asked one of the crew what the name of the movie was and he said "cocaine bear",and I honestly thought he was joking.
Andrea Thompson
Andrea Thompson 2 giorni fa
This should win an Oscar
Michael Riley
Michael Riley 2 mesi fa
I love that they managed to make this story into a full length feature film.
EmDub Mese fa
when you can turn 15 min life to death into 2 hours - that is raw talent
TurtleShroom 2 mesi fa
@Macumazahn *NO FUN ALLOWED*
John 2 mesi fa
The producers and director must have been on coke.
John 2 mesi fa
Cocaine's one helluva drug.
Marc 2 mesi fa
@Jorge And they were GREAT, which is why this crap will be so f**kin' awesome. Back to the future, and F**K the wokies!
Fahriddin Turgunov
And when is the movie on the screen ?
J K 27 giorni fa
This is going to sweep the Oscars.
Secretary bird 929
1:29I the bear:*intense sniff* oh more crack He should tell the the bear we’re crack is mainly found, the bar. Then he wouldn’t have been bear drugstore of guts
Beefed up Tech Reviews
1:11 gets me everytime
Diaz4Prez 2 mesi fa
Finally a movie for those of us who've been able to blend in with the other mature adults but our hearts can't deny what really amuses us
LuxLoose 2 giorni fa
U wanted this type of movie? Idet it's funny
John Stark
John Stark 3 giorni fa
Stupid fun and chaos?
Diaz4Prez 4 giorni fa
@Humblemonk M Remember the good ol days when this was funny because we all knew it wouldn't happen and now it's funny because nobody would be surprised if they did 😆
Humblemonk M
Humblemonk M 4 giorni fa
Hush... They're gonna find us!
J C 4 giorni fa
Hahhh exactly
_Invincimiles_ 12 giorni fa
At first i wasn’t interested now i am can’t wait to see it hell yeah 😂
Hero EDM Music
A timeless classic,one of out of this world music.
Ninja Dildo Show
Ninja Dildo Show 28 giorni fa
This is gonna be the best movie ever!
Valerie Deshotels
let me ask. how does this happen lol?
TheHardMode 2 mesi fa
1:27 The look the bear gave and the guy realizing his powdered body kept me laughing for hours. 😂
indi 2 ore fa
@M1l35_81 yess it’s hilarious 😂
M1l35_81 5 ore fa
Did you notice the song was saying “Get higher baby” as he was not only trying to get higher up the tree to reach them but to also get higher on more coke🤣
deejhion1 6 giorni fa
Like that one guy who hops in the cubicle with a set of keys 🤣
Richard Buckland
Richard Buckland 6 giorni fa
@eshswam 88
TheWindTV 8 giorni fa
He was like: GIMME THE POWDER!!!
Maximus Stotzner
...and the Oscar goes to...
Zach Blackburn
Not gunna lie, this actually looks pretty good!
Denisha Mese fa
Who’s here after watching Mr. Ballen? 🙋🏾‍♀️😅
Cyb3r D3athcor3
lol ✋
Ritz Mese fa
I am glad I've lived long enough for a movie like this 😆
Xenia Martin
Xenia Martin 2 mesi fa
I think the most hilarious part about this is the fact that side from the comedy bits, this story is true. A bear did get into cocaine and for like 5 minutes or something, it was the absolute most dangerous animal on the planet before it did eventually die
Aquired skill
@RoboNinjao the real story was 5 minutes long. The whole happening was only 5 minutes long
Xenia Martin
Xenia Martin Mese fa
@Rick Sanchez no one is calling this bear 'lightweight'. who the fuck said that? and how the fuck are you comparing him to Paddinton?! A CARTOON BEAR!!!
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Mese fa
I'm miffed where people are getting their 'minutes to death' figures from. This is a bear. Trust me, the bear had a great time and would've at least managed to craft a prolonged wank out of it before it copped it. Minutes you say? On kilos of cocaine? I'm not buying it. This bear would've likely forced itself upon you before it ate you. All I'm saying is Paddington was high as shit and loving life waaaaay longer than a couple of mins. You calling this bear a lightweight???? Good luck with that.
RoboNinja Mese fa
@tucker zenski Do you think the movie is 5 mins long? Like tf are you talking about.
Vitaliy Mese fa
@gavin dooly dude it’s black bear not grizzly. Also they not as bad as you say, I live in port Coquitlam BC and we have bears walk on the streets here everyday during spring, summer and fall. They just looking for food, eat berries, flip garbage cans but don’t attack people. Every time we see them everyone just steps back and let’s them pass.
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Quando nasci con un Talento
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