Cody explains the Triple H reference in his DoN entrance, Jon Moxley, his match with Dustin

Chris Van Vliet
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Cody Rhodes talks to the media (including Mark Henry) after Double or Nothing in Las Vegas. He explains how he came up with his entrance with the sledgehammer and the throne and how it ties into Triple H, he discusses Jon Moxley's contract, competing with WWE, his match with his brother Dustin, whether AEW's TV show will be rated PG and much more!
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26 mag 2019

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Commenti 1 447
Matthew Goodwin
Reagan Cole
This got number 2 on Trending! Congrats!
enrique bravo
When do they air on TNT anybody know ?
Michelle Green
Mark Henry in AEW too. WWE is done
evan momin
evan momin Ora fa
What the hell mark Henry😂
Andy Ward
Andy Ward Ora fa
Cody vs Dustin classic
Gambo Master
What is Bray Wyatt's dad doing there?
temeti to
temeti to Ora fa
*Triple H picked up his ball and went home*
ben lopez
ben lopez Ora fa
They should of made that interviewer take that WWF shirt off... but cody allows freedom of speech unlike Vince McMahon who makes his fans throw away anything that has to do with another promotion....
Jerry Spencer
Kid asks question and reporters turn around looking more interested then they were 30 seconds ago lol.
this man has a great head on his shoulders. and what Dustin said was right.....if Vince comes out with that BS tomorrow night it will mean they haven't learned shit.
Stephen Twilling
Cody got a steal with Jon Moxley . Jon moxley got treated like Cody did taking a backseat to many main wwe roster stars . Marked my words prince Devitt character will return and sign with aew . They should of pushed Finn at MITB Instead they were pushing former 205 live star Ali who only been on main roster fir 4 month . I pretty sure Kevin Owen will leave for aew too and return to Kevin steen character. They screwed the fans and superstars out of a great mitb brief case match , not having control over Brock is killing rating . I feel aew rating are gonna better then wwe when the air in fall . Negative match and not much of rating match was the boring all Japanese 6 women tag match
Stephen Twilling
As dean ambrose character in wwe ^
The Lake Elsinore Special News Cast
I want to see AEW succeed. I’m a new fan of this wrestling promotion, and I’m highly excited for their weekly tv deal with TNT .
Adnan Amin
Adnan Amin Ora fa
Cody and the rest of the AEW wrestlers, thank you so much for reinvigorating the childhood in me. This is by far the best wrestling pay-per-view I have seen in the last 15 years. Thank you from the bottom my heart. 🙏🏽❤️
Young guy's t-shirt sticking it to WWE throughout the whole interview, damn. Now where can we get one of those by any chance?
Sean Mallory
You were a bitch in wwe your a wanna be dolph ziggler
Hussy Ora fa
Wrestling was cool when everyone stayed in charecter. This shits nerdy af
blake timmins
It's funny watching this fool thinking he's the top dog of a shitty promotion hahahaha. Come at me haters you fucking cunts
Hudsey Ora fa
I'm excited for what they're gonna bring to the table. Just wish it wasn't such a long wait for the show to premiere.
Arun Ora fa
Where can I watch aew??
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts Ora fa
Wwe going out of business soon
Tommy Hallum
Am I the only one who has noticed that these days you have AEW guys talking about WWE guys and vice versa (in promos and in real life) but back in the day that never happened you didn't see WCW guys talking about WWF guys but maybe rarely. What's REALLY going on. Is Vince McMahon pulling the puppet strings here as he work in us all? He owns both companies doesn't he!? Lol.. And hes just trying to save the business as a whole!
Wrestling fan would mark like all hell if.... CM Punk.
auroshik das
Was it really Mark Henry?
StarChomp Ora fa
Does one show. Tries to beat WWE. lol . AEW the next TNA
Jeffrey Moscardelli
So you sed wins and losses count how dose a disqualification stand with no match for page?
Pa Musa Ngom
Jax Wins
Jax Wins Ora fa
The Russian Nightmare
I really dislike how they refer to the "characters". Fans know they are characters they don't need to be reminded. Let them be lost in the show, this is why KAYFABE needs to comeback with a vengeance. Fans don't go to the movies and keep being reminded that the actors are just playing a character, the are allowed to be lost in the show.
djkennothon 2 ore fa
Black reporter is Mark Henry 🤔
Dennis Day
Dennis Day 2 ore fa
Wrestling has more than ONE royal family...
Belle Reinette
Well that confirms it. AEW is not competing with WWE (who lost already) Their REAL competition is NXT, WHO, BY THE WAY, CAN ACTUALLY KEEP UP!! But that being said NXT will return the message in six days and that's a good thing for wrestling fans...Also I just wanna say I wouldn't put it past Velveteen Dream to wear a "nightmare" inspired in outfit, just sayin
Jax Wins
Jax Wins 2 ore fa
That Potato
That Potato 2 ore fa
Am I the only one who thought this was about the kpop group Triple H lol 😂
Mark Henry vs CVV microphone on a pole match at All Out! Book it Cody!
whats up
whats up 2 ore fa
Im very impressed and excited for aew future. Thank you cody so much for getting me back in wrestlng. Wwe had burned me out
LXOMG 98 2 ore fa
I hope AEW kills WWE
Angry Program
Angry Program 2 ore fa
Loved it a very cool way to bring and deliver a message!
Brian Mcminn
Brian Mcminn 2 ore fa
I have a feeling if CM Punk ever returns that its gonna be AEW this company is perfect for him
cerberus144 2 ore fa
7:35 Oh Hai Mark Henry
Andrew Bell
Andrew Bell 2 ore fa
I loved jerichos entrance brilliant
derek lubke
derek lubke 2 ore fa
He wanted to come play ball with us... next their tag line will be "Where the big boys play."
Majin Styles
Majin Styles 2 ore fa
Damn mark Henry u got super gray
jack napier
jack napier 2 ore fa
I'm so proud of the Rhodes bros. That was an instant classic.
kendell harrell
Cody a man with ambition i love this
Area51 Secret Agent
Dope PPV
crillz 2 ore fa
10:46 - 11:47 is exactly what i wanted to hear, not interested in the PG bullshit that WWE implements in their show, wrestling has to be believable before anything, the kids are gonna like it no matter what, one show a week displaying violence, and attitude era-like characters, isnt gonna ruin the future of these kids
Yic17 Studio
Yic17 Studio 2 ore fa
Love the 6 women tag match. Excited to see those girls go into the single's division and see how they do. Overall, amazing PPV. Although I question their decision to let Kenny lose. He is supposed to be the best of this era (arguably). So him losing to Jericho I'm afraid it might hurt his image/stock a bit. I know to the hardcore wrestling fans it won't matter because we all know how many epic matches he's had and what he's capable of. But to people who are unfamiliar with him, I don't know if that's a good decision. I hope they have a good storyline planned out for Kenny and he'll come back strong. Really don't want them to downplay him since he is once in a lifetime greats.
Luca Colecchia
The most excintg match from the night of Brian WM 30hands off my fiends
Justin Maloy
Justin Maloy 2 ore fa
When will aew start on TNT as a weekly show like raw and smackdown ?
Matt Badish
Matt Badish 2 ore fa
I think either September or October.
Prime Time
Prime Time 2 ore fa
Thank God for AEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! save us
Fahir Blast
Fahir Blast 2 ore fa
Dean Ambrose
Barry Lab
Barry Lab 2 ore fa
I love the whole press conference after the matches for pro wrestling...it adds a new dimension never before done before
Jase 2 ore fa
What a cool guy Cody seems.
Steve Hutchinson
Cody is my favorite in wrestling right now. Great match, great symbolism, love AEW.
Randy Bradley
Randy Bradley 2 ore fa
It's crazy how old Cody is. The entire Runnels family on the male side look easily 10 years older then they actually are.
Christopher Brand
Wwe are in trouble and I don't care how much money they have, but having said that the guy backing aew is a billionaire too so money ain't a factor.
Mash 709
Mash 709 2 ore fa
I love this real talk post show interviews. They get it man. I'm really liking aew! Count me all in lol.
arsenworld 123
By itself this is no problem its a goof little luck but I would beg the to keep thing like this to a minimum (which if you listen to that young bucks they don't plan to) or it could turn sour really quick think about it they have the goodwill now but that can turn on a dime one good stretch by wwe and a bad one by aew and instead of the fans saying how cool it I that they are standing up to the establishment it will be why are they teaching so hard to be like wwe ..........oh and PS matt Jackson you are not a billion dollar company you are an upstart with a billionaire backing you the difference between khan an Vince is if aew starts bleeding money khan can cut and run to his other interest while Vince on the other hand will use every dime to make sure the wwe lives because it is his baby and is all he has(xfl not withstanding) so don't get that point confused TNA did and look at them now
tom myers
tom myers 2 ore fa
I’m sold on AEW. I just want them to kick WWE out of there complacency. I am a fan of pro wrestling.
gav ster
gav ster 2 ore fa
I haven't been excited for wrestling in a long time but this legit has me jacked up !!
Anjali Sharma
Anjali Sharma 2 ore fa
Aew is 0ⁿ000
tom myers
tom myers 2 ore fa
Please don’t be mad when I say this but I hope AEW has inter gender wrestling. It would spice things up.
D Hadley
D Hadley 2 ore fa
If they sign cm punk aswell that will be massive.
Jaimar Dela Rosa
Premium wrestling AEW
Abdallah Gurey
Why’s his face mashed up
What About
What About 2 ore fa
Cody is a natural heel, he comes across very smug and phony, which is bad for real life but it good for pro wrestling. P.S., the Triple H reference wasn't very subtle, pretty damn obvious.
Babin Rai
Babin Rai 2 ore fa
E. J.
E. J. 2 ore fa
Man, I'm so proud of Cody and what they have been able to pull off with AEW!!! Camt wait to see the success of this franchise!!
Mark got old!
austen wilson
austen wilson 2 ore fa
He's got to be the most humble wrestler ever
Jaimar Dela Rosa
So happy for you bro Cody!!!!
Saturnz Bonez
Saturnz Bonez 2 ore fa
the blood of his brother is still in his hair!!! O.O
LXXMD XCVI 2 ore fa
AEW must blacklist Hogan and Nash. If they sign them that would be asenine.
Great Cornholio
Pg? Huh people were flipping each other off and one guy was smoking in the middle of the ring
John Rambo
John Rambo 3 ore fa
Wrestling is back!
FLEX Ninja
FLEX Ninja 3 ore fa
All In then All Out and after that All the way
Michael Zamora
Aew: “we don’t wanna be anti wwe and focus on being in competition with them. We’re doing our own thing” Also aew: “literally every possible thing is a reference or jab at wwe” even the interviewers are asking questions that bash them. Just focus on yourself and being greater
LonelyStoner 209
Love how he does the interview with his brother's blood in his hair lol
Greg Burch
Greg Burch 3 ore fa
Chubby Ron Swanson in the background.
Matthew.C 3 ore fa
go fill up a football stadium them we can talk
Starscream91 3 ore fa
Cody Rhodes knows who Shao Kahn is. My respect for him just went through the roof.
ItzYaBoiAlex 3 ore fa
I would love to see Cm punk vs Cody Rhodes at AEW that’ll be lit
Hason Morris
Hason Morris 3 ore fa
When I saw Mark Henry I was like WHAT sensual chocolate in the house
Shan Sohrab Rajput
Where is question of cm punk return? Anyone?
People will talk about this show man, I’m excited for what’s next.
William Noetling
Cody is a BOSS for sure. Great comments, great interaction and all around great stuff. Such a breath of fresh air from the canned, corporate comments we get from that other company.
tj Ridgeway
tj Ridgeway 3 ore fa
mark henry said this my interview now
Matthew.C 3 ore fa
ehhh we will see you guys really think you can even touch wwe you're drunk its the nfl vs high school football
shawn pfeiffer
Si that blood still all over his face? He couldnt have showered before this?
Chris Van Vliet
He explains in he interview why he hadn’t showered yet. It’s a tribute to Dusty.
wackedout13 3 ore fa
His do I watch aew?
Isla Nublar
Isla Nublar 3 ore fa
If Hogan shows up in this ever I will stop watching....just saying
aneva02 3 ore fa
I'm really happy for everyone at AEW
Jonathan Cisneros
Worlds strongest man needs to go to AEW.
Jon Wilson
Jon Wilson 3 ore fa
Seeing highlights from this show has brought my interest back. The Dustin and Cody match was the best I'd seen in so many years. Amazing!
Ash Sultan
Ash Sultan 3 ore fa
Listen to Meltzer dick riding - what a cock!
branden scorpio
Is that mark Henry?
branden scorpio yes
Jean 3 ore fa
yall know this fake right?
Nice bait
Michael Fisher
I heard there was some shit going down with cody and hhh, him destroying the throne was pretty funny I'm betting hhh will do something to get him back now lol
Hajal Ali
Hajal Ali 3 ore fa
NO ONE could interrupt Mark Henry 😂
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