Coldplay: Everyday Life Live in Jordan

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On November 22, 2019, Coldplay premiered their new album, Everyday Life, live at the Amman Citadel, Jordan. The first half was performed at sunrise, the second at sunset. It was the first and only time the album was performed in full, broadcast live around the world.

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Since forming at university in London, Coldplay have gone on to become one of the planet’s most popular acts, selling more than 80 million copies of their eight Number One albums, which have spawned a string of hits including Yellow, Clocks, Fix You, Paradise, Viva La Vida, A Sky Full Of Stars, Hymn For The Weekend, Adventure Of A Lifetime and, most recently, Orphans.

In November 2019, the band released their eighth album Everyday Life, described by Rolling Stone as “Coldplay’s rangiest and deepest release by orders of magnitude, maybe even their best” and by GQ as "A gift - hard to deem it anything less than Coldplay's best".

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Commenti 4 550
Dayana Narciso Quispe
Dayana Narciso Quispe
#EveryDayLife 💜✨
Sofia Wiborg
Sofia Wiborg 3 ore fa
I like this band every time more! They just don't know how they are important for me...♥️♥️
Leire Arana
Leire Arana 10 ore fa
Euskaraz idatzitako oharrik ez eta... bikainak musika, bideoa, hitzak, lekua... Artelana. Patxadaz eta giro lasaian entzuten dut maiz eta aldiro bakean uzten nau. Sendagarria ere badela esango nuke. Milesker, Coldplaykoei!
marie21000 23 ore fa
Thank you again for this mesmerizing show!!! The whole album is unique with deep, powerful songs!!! the whole setting really enhances the beauty of this album.
AlchemEnergy Giorno fa
The chord progression of Bani Adam was divinely otherworldly.
kohjiro kinno
kohjiro kinno Giorno fa
Lilian Silvestre
Me llega a el alma, me dan ganas de llorar y no es por tristeza.
Joy Voice
Joy Voice Giorno fa
This is great. Intense, creative, not mainstream... I LOVE it, touches me, listen to it very often....
Megan Mccrorie
Megan Mccrorie Giorno fa
the one that forgot, now can connect the dot's . thank you beautiful soul
MckLozenge Giorno fa
Revisiting this cause I grossly underestimated it and didn't realise it was a masterpiece till now!
Bobbyboy Kenyon
Bobbyboy Kenyon 2 giorni fa
Always in all ways forever
Bobbyboy Kenyon
Bobbyboy Kenyon 2 giorni fa
Every day family life
Bobbyboy Kenyon
Bobbyboy Kenyon 2 giorni fa
Always friends
Bobbyboy Kenyon
Bobbyboy Kenyon 2 giorni fa
I personally will ensure that my team deal with everything else
Bobbyboy Kenyon
Bobbyboy Kenyon 2 giorni fa
We will never abandon our people ever
Bobbyboy Kenyon
Bobbyboy Kenyon 2 giorni fa
Our lands
Bobbyboy Kenyon
Bobbyboy Kenyon 2 giorni fa
My whole family united
Bobbyboy Kenyon
Bobbyboy Kenyon 2 giorni fa
Or her
Bobbyboy Kenyon
Bobbyboy Kenyon 2 giorni fa
I will destroy everything to anyone who stops his marriage
Bobbyboy Kenyon
Bobbyboy Kenyon 2 giorni fa
My son love him
olivier proix
olivier proix 2 giorni fa
Waouhhhh quel Bonheur quel Bonheur... Merci infiniment
Erneeraq Fleischer
Erneeraq Fleischer 2 giorni fa
One of the best albums 👍🏼
Melany Ferreyra
Melany Ferreyra 2 giorni fa
Este live es precioso, definitivamente tuv que ser de principio a fin, que maravilloso todo.
Lori Arguello
Lori Arguello 2 giorni fa
Muchas gracias Chris and team . One of my favs
Tran Stu
Tran Stu 3 giorni fa
This set warm me up during cold mornings.
Ujwal Raj
Ujwal Raj 3 giorni fa
0:36 Sunrise 2:48 Church 6:40 Trouble in Town 11:10 Broken 13:42 Daddy 18:34 WOTW/POTP 20:20 or 20:30 Arabesque 25:50 When I need a friend 27:40 or 28:00 Sunset Guns 30:07 Orphans 33:40 Eko 36:35 Cry Cry Cry 39:35 Old Friends 41:53 Bani Adam 43:22 speech of a woman 45:17 Champions of the World 49:13 Everyday life
Fernanda Souza
Fernanda Souza 3 giorni fa
Donald Enyekung
Donald Enyekung 3 giorni fa
who's the lady adding her vocals in the Church song?
Simply Different
Simply Different 3 giorni fa
I Want It All and èkó nade me real cry. The first one of both because the love everyone spread :'(
Panji Pro
Panji Pro 3 giorni fa
i think its great concept..... whatching this perform feel like i"m in there.... thanks coldplay.....
Ethel Da Costa
Ethel Da Costa 3 giorni fa
I love this album too
PAUL DOHERTY 3 giorni fa
time-stamp here
PAUL DOHERTY 3 giorni fa
no they dont mere ripples
PAUL DOHERTY 3 giorni fa
it happened to U2 also money no need for cause they really dont change the WORLD
Dennis Feldman
Dennis Feldman 3 giorni fa
Still pitching a Broadway production! These songs translated.
B FM 4 giorni fa
Will they play also Everyday Life Album songs on the new Music of the Spheres World Tour next year?
Lilimonada 4 giorni fa
Siento que esta era al álbum que merecía mucho más amor y reconocimiento que cualquier otro, hay tanto detrás de él cada canción es una pieza única. Damn it covid >:'c
Наталья Кузнецова
Всё немного уныло…..и старо 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♂️ну кто будет слушать ретро…🙄🤷‍♂️
Chelsea Hansen
Chelsea Hansen 4 giorni fa
Music and Letras
Music and Letras 5 giorni fa
itvid.net/video/video-_gk2rgVjFvA.html ♥️
Chumba Wamba
Chumba Wamba 5 giorni fa
Pour la paix et la justice, toujours !!!
Chumba Wamba
Chumba Wamba 5 giorni fa
Ont est tous frêres. Bravo et merçi. Merveilleux !!!
cho pangesthi
cho pangesthi 6 giorni fa
Anyone knows what surah of Quran did they read at the end?
Mel V
Mel V 6 giorni fa
It was amazing! Such a beautiful concert, Coldplay makes the world a better place!
Dấu Phố
Dấu Phố 6 giorni fa
I love Coldplay
awais kkk
awais kkk 6 giorni fa
Coldplay visit pakistan...waiting here
elke macalister
elke macalister 7 giorni fa
For me their best album yet - end to end listening
Jorge Balboa
Jorge Balboa 7 giorni fa
Cuando Coldplay saca este tipo de discos melancólicos y calmados vuelven a ser de mis 5 grupos favoritos y no dejo de escucharlos, ahorita volvieron con my universe espero que no todo el disco sea tecno
Nadia' matias
Nadia' matias 7 giorni fa
Después de escuchar mots quisiera que el tour fuera de este álbum pero weno aún así los quiero
Mariana C.
Mariana C. 8 giorni fa
Amo mucho este álbum es maravilloso 💓
Toshiro Vidal
Toshiro Vidal 8 giorni fa
Qué pena que no le den el verdadero aprecio que se merece. Everyday Life, sin duda alguna, el mejor álbum después de VLV. Simplemente grandioso. Thanks Coldplay ❤️
Dennis Feldman
Dennis Feldman 8 giorni fa
So beautiful on so many levels. These guys are truly amazing.
Dennis Feldman
Dennis Feldman 8 giorni fa
Maybe I will!
Dennis Feldman
Dennis Feldman 8 giorni fa
A Broadway show? I think it's perfect! Wish I could write it myself.
Ricaardino Manuel
Ricaardino Manuel 8 giorni fa
That's live with amazing views of the city.
Blatzye 9 giorni fa
When we will get a Show Like that From MOTS
Blatzye 9 giorni fa
When we will get a Show Like that From MOTS
Lesley Cartledge
Lesley Cartledge 9 giorni fa
Love this album - it will be an absolute classic! Coldplay at their very best! The more I hear it, the more I love it!
Brittany Lassiter
Brittany Lassiter 9 giorni fa
Besides the absolute brilliant album and gorgeous voices of each and every one of them individually and together, all I could think about was the people of Jordan waking up for Fajr and instead of hearing the Adhan they heard Coldplay 😅
Khaled Khaldoun
Khaled Khaldoun 10 giorni fa
JJSR 10 giorni fa
Astonishing work of sound capturing & mixing. Every modern professional studio nowadays can turn a piece of junk into gold. However, coldplay is already a diamond!! Just listen to Chris's speech vs singing voice. They are the same. It's pure live IMHO
Ilona Gal
Ilona Gal 11 giorni fa
I think this is the most complex Coldplay album, it literally saved my life in the hospital:)
César H.
César H. 12 giorni fa
qué grandes son estos tíos......
Irina Popescu
Irina Popescu 13 giorni fa
The premiere was on my birthday.....how sweet
patrick guescon
patrick guescon 13 giorni fa
Ce message est pour les amis et la famille ce matin en préparant le petit-déjeuner et en le prenant nous avons écouté un concert wouah wouah peut-être certains penseront que Patrick il déraille. en écoutant surtout en regardant le contexte où se situe ce concert j'ai eu la poitrine serrée et des larmes à l'oeil me sont venus je n'ai jamais regardé et écouté à aujourd'hui un concert aussi humaniste que celui-là. il démontre que tous les peuples ont besoin de musique que c'est la seule arme aujourd'hui qui est la plus puissante pour combattre ce qui se passe dans ce monde la musique permet de nous detoxer, de nous faire oublier le négatif ou du moins de le supporter. grâce à ce concert je comprends aujourd'hui qu'est-ce que c'est d'être humain, être un humain je tire mon chapeau à ce groupe, rien de commercial que du cœur et de l'amour je me suis juré après l'avoir écouté jamais plus je commenterai et parler négatif. quand j'aurai une chute de moral je me tournerai vers la musique, je pense que c'est la meilleure des thérapies quand vous aurez écouter ce concert peut-être que vous me comprendrez. en attendant je vous souhaite une très bonne journée. sur pour moi grâce à ce concert je vais bien la démarrer. je vous aime tous
Juan Pablo González
It breaks my heart that this is the least sold Coldplay album, because I truly think that the band went on a very different direction while making this. It’s so experimental, so unique, and it almost felt like Coldplay went back to their roots for this one. It feels old, and new. I’ll always remember this album as one of the most underrated records made by Coldplay. Rock on🤘🏽
Hakan Karakurt
Seeing the Music of the Spheres, I understand that Coldplay has two sides. They can put out mainstream popular music very well but they can also produce music like Everyday Life which is masterpiece/classic level... I don't complain about how most people missed this masterpiece etc. it is cheesy. I'm rather thankful this happened and I'm here to appreciate...
Viko Gutierrez
Viko Gutierrez 4 giorni fa
totally agree
Riley 5 giorni fa
Don’t worry, they didn’t market it as much, I don’t think Coldplay kind or expected it to sell a lot. I love this album, better than music of spheres
Niton 7 giorni fa
I realised that a few days ago. With their new record out, Everyday Life seems like the record they needed to put out first, before going more mainstream again.
Dianne Wilson
Dianne Wilson 14 giorni fa
You are an accomplished musician and I thank you for singing for me and giving me a voice.x
Andy Heaton
Andy Heaton 14 giorni fa
Love this, only just heard this album and it's already two years old!! I'm not sure Jordan was the best place to debut the Gospel stuff though??
Y. Vanessa Linares
Y. Vanessa Linares 14 giorni fa
No me cansaré jamás de escuchar este concierto que me transporta a muchas etapas de mi vida.
Наталья Кузнецова
Да ладно ,они молодцы но уже устарели…
Carlos Guilherme
Carlos Guilherme 14 giorni fa
Essa banda do coldplay e para sempre amei esse vozerao
KKKati 15 giorni fa
Carla Pedroso
Carla Pedroso 15 giorni fa
Magnífica, sensacional! Inspiração e leveza. O mundo precisa de muita inspiração e amor. 👏👏🌺💯
Ailtonsantiago 18
Ailtonsantiago 18 15 giorni fa
MAL STOCKTON 16 giorni fa
I'm not religious... But I feel the cosmos.. Omydays bless x
Talles Alves
Talles Alves 17 giorni fa
É tão tipo extasiado..... De amor♥️
hector chavarry garcia
Jim K
Jim K 17 giorni fa
Chris Martin is a positive light in a rather dark world. Keep shining bright buddy!
marboub13 18 giorni fa
Einas Zeyadeh
Einas Zeyadeh 18 giorni fa
I have been to a concert at sunset in this particular place. It was out of this world. Watching Coldplay in this setting brought back that mesmerizing memory of a life time, and I guess I watched the performance with a privilege of understanding the natural sound effects and the aura of the location. it is simply a comprehensive work of art.
Michelle Loves Music ❤️
Amazing 😍 loved listening ❤️ 🎧 Thank you for the music Super🌟zzz❤️
Michael Creagh
Michael Creagh 18 giorni fa
Absolute 💎
Erick 19 giorni fa
Muito obrigado Coldplay 🤍
Zirrix Wivder
Zirrix Wivder 20 giorni fa
Luciana Araujo
Luciana Araujo 20 giorni fa
DVD emocionante
Çağlar Hasçallı
Çağlar Hasçallı 20 giorni fa
I really enjoy listening this video when i work, after all those time listening i just saw Stromae dueting with Chris ( min 21:00 ), this made my day :)
Mouad Hanafi
Mouad Hanafi 20 giorni fa
Your music is magic ✨ 🎶
Pamela Giglio
Pamela Giglio 21 giorno fa
I really can't get enough of listening to it every day!!
Iniapy 21 giorno fa
This is for me the best album you ever made. 😍😍
alex_vom_rhein 22 giorni fa
Best album since X&Y
Ailtonsantiago 18
Ailtonsantiago 18 23 giorni fa
nina W.O.S.M
nina W.O.S.M 23 giorni fa
We enjoy your song and music, thankyou Coldplay
Bhargav Bhatt
Bhargav Bhatt 23 giorni fa
This is easily one of the Top-10 hours of my entire life.
Augusta Hevesi-Nagy
Augusta Hevesi-Nagy 24 giorni fa
The Very Best Of Coldplay in Concert With Everyday Life and Live in Jordan.
27trem 25 giorni fa
Sondaki ezan coverı ❤️❤️
Alejandro Longopas
Alejandro Longopas 25 giorni fa
I like the multicultural spirit of Chris Martin!
Norbert Elsinghorst
Norbert Elsinghorst 25 giorni fa
❤️liches Dankeschön! 💜
Yulissa A. Ortiz
Yulissa A. Ortiz 26 giorni fa
Lo amo x 100💕❤
Andrea Campa
Andrea Campa 26 giorni fa
I just don't get why having some of the songs as "playback" in the post-processing of this video. Removes half of the beauty.
JAYA SAPUTRA 26 giorni fa
Coldplay bukan hanya sebuah Grub Band,tapi dia lebih dari comunity yang menjunjung tinggi toleransi Umat Beragama Serta keberagaman.. I Love You Coldplay I,m from indonesia..cintailah kedamaian karna dengan kedamaian hati anda akan menjadi tenang.
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