Coldplay - Hypnotised (Official Lyric Video)

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Coldplay - Hypnotised is taken from the Kaleidoscope EP released in 2017.

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Directed by Mary Wigmore
Produced by Casey Byron
Executive Produced by Arts & Sciences
Art Direction by Andy Goldman
Cinematography by Peter Zuccarini
Edited by Sean Lagrange


Since forming at university in London, Coldplay have gone on to become one of the planet’s most popular acts, selling more than 100 million copies of their eight Number One albums, which have spawned a string of hits including Yellow, Clocks, Fix You, Paradise, Viva La Vida, A Sky Full Of Stars, Hymn For The Weekend, Adventure Of A Lifetime, Orphans and, most recently, Higher Power.

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1 mar 2017




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Commenti 20 156
Ha Luo
Ha Luo 14 ore fa
We are thinking about this song for our slow dance in our wedding. We are both Coldplay's fan. Anyone chose this song to be the wedding dance song?
Corinne Gearing
Corinne Gearing Giorno fa
Both mystical and magical 👍❤️👍
Ghazanfar Ali
Ghazanfar Ali 2 giorni fa
Kahan gaee tu
CHICAGORILLA 3 giorni fa
Currently in trauma step down from ICU for the past 5 days about to be discharged. Ive been through a lot over the years and this was just a small hiccup but a reminder to all i have to be grateful and positive for. ✨
Monserrat Ordoñez
Monserrat Ordoñez 3 giorni fa
Esta cancion es mágica ,me transmite mucha paz 💗
Diego Alves
Diego Alves 3 giorni fa
Mil Iko
Mil Iko 5 giorni fa
This one , I will hold close to my heart. What a master of music and art (Coldplay)
Mariana Secundino
Mariana Secundino 5 giorni fa
Esse som é paz pura... viajo nessa música. Consigo sentir a natureza vivendo em mim. Obrigada cold💙
حسین نوری
حسین نوری 6 giorni fa
This is a Ayahuasca I love Ayahuasca
Raja Gurung
Raja Gurung 6 giorni fa
Bass line from 2:30 to 3:00 fav part❤️
susi indriyani
susi indriyani 7 giorni fa
This one has always own a special place in my heart, its a masterpiece ♥️
Sabine Volz
Sabine Volz 8 giorni fa
Une superbe chanson beau clip
Albertina Camus
Albertina Camus 8 giorni fa
Im hypnotized watching eagerly this precious vídeo
Santiago Rico
Santiago Rico 16 giorni fa
Recuerdo a mí padre, recuerdo el primer salto en el mar, recuerdo cuando todo tenía un color distinto, más claro, más vivo. Quisiera olvidar por un momento tener nostalgia y agobio en mí cabeza. Quisiera volar y no dar marcha atrás, quisiera hundirme y permitir que la densidad de todas las circunstancias colapsaran este cuerpo, está realidad y está mortandad.
Emma Lucero
Emma Lucero 17 giorni fa
No hay descripción para esto , solo disfrutar
Richard Lionar
Richard Lionar 17 giorni fa
Tammy Leeder Whitaker
RIP Greg✝️ You found your peace finally. Kids miss you. You went home finally. Oct. 27. Lord knows it has been hard on the 7 children. I pray for them all.
Facundo 21 giorno fa
Tereza Moura
Tereza Moura 22 giorni fa
ᴷⁱⁿᵈˡʸ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ ⁹⁹ᴷˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳˢ ᵂⁱᵗʰ ᴺᵒ ⱽⁱᵈᵉᵒˢ
The people that disliked this song should get their Covid test, because one of the main symtoms is no taste.
Amee Madden
Amee Madden 23 giorni fa
AMEN without end Amen
Andrea Gomez
Andrea Gomez 24 giorni fa
Quisiera compartir este video en face,no me lo permite 😞... cómo hago?... es maravilloso!!!
Laura Gaona
Laura Gaona 8 giorni fa
Toca descargarlo y ya, si quiere comenta tu WhatsApp, y te lo envio, después lo borras
Ailtonsantiago 18
Ailtonsantiago 18 24 giorni fa
Sofia Costa
Sofia Costa 25 giorni fa
So beautiful :)
独灿不服来辩 26 giorni fa
This song is really making my heart pure like water,thank you Coldplay
Rhea Sadorra
Rhea Sadorra 26 giorni fa
sept 28, 2021
Kaleidoscope Hearts
Kaleidoscope Hearts 25 giorni fa
Michael Meadows
Michael Meadows 28 giorni fa
My life my Coldplay
Esther Bones
Esther Bones 28 giorni fa
This song just bring me to another level of awareness. My inner being loves it.
Marko Darkman
Marko Darkman 29 giorni fa
The upbeat easy to sing along songs are for the masses like Hymn for the weekend, Adventure of the Lifetime, A Sky full of Stars, Viva La Vida, Something Just like this while songs like this, All I can think about is you, Aliens, Ghost Story, Midnight, Oceans, Cemeteries of London, Twisted Logic, Spies, High Speed, Amsterdam ,Us against the world are for listening alone to experience it by yourself.
Rayda Silvros UwU
Rayda Silvros UwU 29 giorni fa
porque no escuche antes esto TT
Adry 072
Adry 072 Mese fa
Ash Lopez
Ash Lopez Mese fa
I've liked Coldplay for a long while now but just as I'm starting to get more into their music, I keep discovering masterpieces. I would love to go to a Coldplay concert. Their music is so raw and it's always so beautiful. O and Soon feel me with so emotion.
Emmie wilson
Emmie wilson Mese fa
My song 🎧 xx
Giovanna Pacheco
Ashton Deveaux
Wow y am I juz finding diz song fagive me cold play
I'm Rejin
I'm Rejin Mese fa
Music has no Language 💫 I'm just Hypnotizded by this Song 💞 മലയാളി 👋👋
Debbie Williams
My fave song of all times. ♥️
Gabriel Graterol
completed hypnotised, this song makes me fly.
Jose Luis Ortiz
Gracias Coldplay por tanto!
Touched my soul❤
DataData Mese fa
Still here
Bryant Mese fa
I thought I already heard all Coldplay's songs after I listened to about 60 of them until I started seeing this in my recommendations. So, I googled how many songs does Coldplay have, and I learned that I'm still far from halfway it.
JL Mese fa
Amo toda la discografía de Coldplay
Suhaimi Awang
Aaa coldplay never disappoinred
Jhenny ramos
Jhenny ramos Mese fa
Prantik Das
Prantik Das Mese fa
This song connect me with freedom of mind
Michael Harter
This band is God's gift to the world in musical form.
marie Eacott
marie Eacott Mese fa
Love all there albums a big fan see you soon live again ❤ thanks
Kaloyan Roussev
Hello, unreleased track from The Division Bell. Absolute masterpiece
One of their best bests songs, the replay views speak for itself!
Joyce Millichip
I love the way you use colour ♥️♥️♥️ I need a brand new coat of paint and some wd40
esdras pires
esdras pires Mese fa
Mohamed Essam
Still remember my happy days when this song realese..
Roxana Macarena Lupo
Esta cancion es tan relajante, de principio a fin, la amo!
walking brazil
Hypnotised video
walking brazil
Im Hypnotised with this amazing video and beautiful Music
When i see this song,i like with the title before watch.
Pato Correa
Pato Correa Mese fa
hay temas de Coldplay, como esta belleza, que me ponen directamente en estado de meditación. Es maravilloso lo que me produce escucharlo. No puedo enumerar porque temo olvIdarme algunas. GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS
Ruth Alvarado
Ruth Alvarado 2 mesi fa
Siento una armonía al escuchar esta hermosa canción, es demasiado hermosa como para describirla, así fue mi historia junto a él, siento que esta dirigida a nosotros, a pesar de las distancias, creo que esta canción esconde un mensaje, como un acertijo oculto que no se como descifrar , hace 5 años pudimos ser felices nuevamente pero dejé pasar esa oportunidad, ahora siento que solo esta canción nos une, solo el tono resulta ser tan melancólico, como todo lo que pase, estando lejos de él, me privó de escucharla en el día, porque siempre tiendo a llorar , aunque yo se la dedicaré por siempre , espero que este, donde este , sea Feliz, siempre te amaré 💖
robinson castro
robinson castro 2 mesi fa
simplemente coldplay!
redwinet3 2 mesi fa
Why have I never heard this!
Adi Saputra
Adi Saputra 2 mesi fa
Perfect 😀
Higher Power Thrills
If the new song People of the Pride has a music video when it comes out it should be similar to this please
yovina yusmansyah
I dont know but this song makes me feel sad🥺 This is a beautiful song really
Amee Madden
Amee Madden 2 mesi fa
Epic Club
Epic Club 2 mesi fa
I really love the metaphor, the wings symbolizing our dreams and revealing it makes people laugh at us. But there's always that one reason, or person, that inspires us to pursue what we love and fly. Lmao I'm into music as damn this fire ❤
Dhan K Adhikari
Dhan K Adhikari 2 mesi fa
Eases my heart whenever I listen.
Kadri Venkatesh
Kadri Venkatesh 2 mesi fa
I can listen to this all day…so awesome…
Marietta Limberger
so wonderful, so amazing -this is .....COLDPLAY!" my greatest love of all...."! forever!
Sakura Kaulitz
Sakura Kaulitz 2 mesi fa
love this song ♥
Kevin Gill
Kevin Gill 2 mesi fa
Love this!
Aryaa 2 mesi fa
More of a therapy than just a band. Thank you coldplay for saving me everytime i needed someone.
EXO KONCEPT 2 mesi fa
Yadira Mendez
Yadira Mendez 2 mesi fa
Albertina Camus
Albertina Camus 2 mesi fa
Oh yes, flying beneath the sea
Tammy Leeder Whitaker
László Nagy
László Nagy 2 mesi fa
Gottfried Aumann
This song smells wonderful, like a rose.
Giulia Lo tauro
Giulia Lo tauro 2 mesi fa
I Pray
radar 46
radar 46 2 mesi fa
Para você para você e nada significa nada para mim
Halda Azhim
Halda Azhim 2 mesi fa
Damn, so relate to me in 2017
Alexandre Pinho
Alexandre Pinho 2 mesi fa
Simplesmente, obrigado Coldplay! ;)
Bailey Reed
Bailey Reed 3 mesi fa
Wait.. This isn't Dire Dire Docks Redub? Jk - this is amazing!
Ruth Alvarado
Ruth Alvarado 3 mesi fa
Beautiful 😍
Nicole 3 mesi fa
Coldplay : une voix et une musique qui élève toujours notre esprit vers le merveilleux. Clip magnifique.
Gianluca Ducci
Gianluca Ducci 3 mesi fa
Sua voce ..la sua musica.,le sue immagini ...💙
Pauline Aube
Pauline Aube 3 mesi fa
Love this! The song first, the video , the words written.....wonderful !
Aaron Good
Aaron Good 3 mesi fa
Kaleidoscope EP was the peak of Coldplay's music.
Erminia Lihard
Erminia Lihard 3 mesi fa
With this song i travel with my mind
T_M_K 3 mesi fa
peak coldplay
Deysi Castillo
Deysi Castillo 3 mesi fa
❤️💓💓esto si es musica 🎶
M J 3 mesi fa
francisco santos
Una delicia musical
Rahul Das
Rahul Das 3 mesi fa
Love From💚💚🇮🇳🇮🇳
Markéta Košťálovà
신진수 3 mesi fa
Lucky Sevemn
Lucky Sevemn 3 mesi fa
This masterpiece heals almost every chaos within soul
lei agbisit
lei agbisit 3 mesi fa
still my favorite❤
FilmBoy 3 mesi fa
@3:13 I have tears in my eyes everytime I listen to this section. Very intense
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