Coldplay - O (Fly On) - Extended

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1 feb 2016




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ARIEL Pampam
ARIEL Pampam 4 anni fa
The extra part belongs to Mattia Cupelli *.*!!!! beautiful
Isabella Medeiros
Isabella Medeiros 11 giorni fa
@Cleudo Oliver po
stay true
stay true Mese fa
Anyone out there?
Priscilla Hoffmann
Nunca llegó, me voy
Andy Shen
Andy Shen 3 mesi fa
sending you a hug
Rina Loré
Rina Loré 3 mesi fa
Are you writing in Arabic, Sir?🤔I'm curious to know what faith you follow, is all. +This isn't a commandment. (; 🇨🇦✌🏻❤️✨🌎💫
Roberto Passaretti
The Music makes this life a wonderful adventure. You can almost sense the freedom. Essence of life.
Gabby lynne
Gabby lynne Giorno fa
I had this song played at my sisters funeral.. she went in for a dental procedure and they messed up and she didn’t make it.. today is 6 months without her. I miss her so much.. I can’t wait to fly with her one day❤️
Craig Best
Craig Best Giorno fa
Coldplay music is better than the Beatle's....
Amanda Ann
Amanda Ann Giorno fa
aku hebat tau gila
Gregorius Chris
Gregorius Chris Giorno fa
kmhebat hhee
Christian Gould
Christian Gould 2 giorni fa
I don't understand why there needs to be a promotional advert for 5 seconds in the middle of the song? :(
Eaglion 2 giorni fa
I am ready to fly like a eagle........ fly on
Phil Moran
Phil Moran 2 giorni fa
How anyone can dislike this is absurd. Love it, heavenly. Well done 👍
Mayte Flores
Mayte Flores 3 giorni fa
Me encanta esta musica me recuerda mucho a mi hermano que fallecio en el 2016.😔🙏
Jonathan Compton
Jonathan Compton 4 giorni fa
Nothing to say apart from this tune sums up my life .. some good some bad and the one that away x
nightcrawler c
nightcrawler c 4 giorni fa
I love you mom ❤ hope to see you again one day. 💔
Sonny Crockett
Sonny Crockett 6 giorni fa
when they were still able to make music
Fé e Encantos
Fé e Encantos 6 giorni fa
Essa música entrou na minha vida em um momento muito difícil q eu estava passando mais ela me ensinou a voar naquele momento e ser livre Obrigada .
Flounder 6 giorni fa
I remembered @Timeworks from this.. Let's fly on
Karen Yates
Karen Yates 7 giorni fa
Every morning I Listen to this song remembering the good times I had with my late Mother I miss you so much and can't wait till we meet again 🌹
steve sebastian
steve sebastian 7 giorni fa
This comment section is just so beautiful. Amazing beings we are
ROMINA Frías 8 giorni fa
Silvia Platzer
Silvia Platzer 9 giorni fa
My Parents are lying for one Week in the Covid Stadion in the Hospital. My Mother has had Parkinson for a long time and now she is beginning to die slowly. My Father is lying with her in the same room. I hear the Song with a broken heart.
Debra Forbes
Debra Forbes 8 giorni fa
So sorry. Pray for strength for her to pray to God & be sure she is saved through Jesus. Praying for ya'll.
Suzane Camila
Suzane Camila 9 giorni fa
Nuuuuuusssssssssss que viagem essa musica! que mundo que eu vivia que não tinha visto essa perfeição aqui?
Kim P.
Kim P. 10 giorni fa
So peacefull
Joel Aranda
Joel Aranda 11 giorni fa
This song came on my playlist suggestions, I’ve always loved Coldplay but this song played in a moment needed most, a dear friend and classmate passed suddenly and unexpectedly! This Song …… well you guys already know
Leslie N. Dean
Leslie N. Dean 11 giorni fa
I always avoid ths song / it's their saddest 1. But every Cplay song has its moment and it seems time has come 2day💙
Prophet Tshimologo
Prophet Tshimologo 13 giorni fa
I cry 😭
malcolm douglas
malcolm douglas 13 giorni fa
I always going to remember you Uncle Felidin,sorry for not be in your funeral,but now I´m so far from grow up I only ask to god to give me another talk with you,giving me that very impressive tips to the bussines,now I am a man of good and like always you said "Study and give the best", I´m doing that uncle,I´m doing my best, Thanks I miss you so much.
Patrick DeBord
Patrick DeBord 14 giorni fa
Chris Martin, your voice makes me feel. Everything
Patrick DeBord
Patrick DeBord 14 giorni fa
I love this song.
Tina Lawson
Tina Lawson 14 giorni fa
You still touch my heart and feelings in my life. You really are special when you reach the parts that really matter. Thank you coldplay xxxxx
Omar Aldarwich
Omar Aldarwich 15 giorni fa
Cassia Gomes
Cassia Gomes 15 giorni fa
M. S.C.
M. S.C. 15 giorni fa
Babul Singh
Babul Singh 15 giorni fa
Music is a mirror that reminds you ... You're still alive...
Kayalah Yapah Shal Banyamyan
Rest my beautiful most honorable mother of mine. Debra J Jones I love you forever, you put up a good damn fight!!! I'll fly with you one day I pray 💐🍁🍁🌄
Ahmad Zain
Ahmad Zain 16 giorni fa
It's crazy how everything reminds me of her... As if I need a justification to miss her. I'm 30 now, it's that kind of love that passes and leaves a trace. Not only in the heart but in the whole existence, right in the soul. She was not what I wanted but she was everything I would ever need. I miss you, a lot.
الزعيم عيد
الزعيم عيد 16 giorni fa
Very nice channel leader Eid
الزعيم عيد
الزعيم عيد 16 giorni fa
جميل جدا قناة الزعيم عيد
johntheking2k6 17 giorni fa
What if all we ever do in this life ,is fly. What if we never actually land ,constantly floating in a star stricken universe,surrounded by silhouettes of what we might become . What if landing is the end of us,and our strength is only justified by our ability to keep going ....
Alison More
Alison More 13 giorni fa
Beautiful... 💖
Aurora Moraes
Aurora Moraes 18 giorni fa
Todas as vezes que ouço essa música sinto vontade de chorar, depois sinto uma sensação de libertação. De que tudo vai dá certo.🇧🇷
Ann S
Ann S 18 giorni fa
PAOLA ALVARADO 19 giorni fa
Daddy, someday I'll fly next to you. It's been almost eight months since you're gone and I still miss you everyday. Sometimes I feel so unprotected and vulnerable, you never got to see me graduate from college. But it comforts me to know that you're resting in peace now, free of pain and fears. Rest in peace, daddy. You're my angel.
ByeongSoo Kim
ByeongSoo Kim 19 giorni fa
beautiful song ever
Natalia Art
Natalia Art 19 giorni fa
Best Ghos Stories song
Caroline Ferreira
Caroline Ferreira 20 giorni fa
anaci paulina
anaci paulina 20 giorni fa
My broken hearted song😂😂😢😢😢
איתן לוינסקי
One day ill be dead, i will fly like a bird to the sky, one day and im ok with that. im not afraid anymore from you death :)
Carlos Paredes
Carlos Paredes 20 giorni fa
I love you, Matthew. Always will.
John Arnett
John Arnett 21 giorno fa
This in memory of little Gary. God took him too soon from us. Love you buddy. ✊️✊️✊️
Jeryho S
Jeryho S 22 giorni fa
I love Coldplay ... it is the same like Daivd Guenerta for me
Marcella Campagna
Marcella Campagna 22 giorni fa
Cielo d' oro Nel giorno degli Angeli custodi dei nostri tesori delle nostre preziose Esistenze, un cielo azzurro e oro al tramonto, ci isola dal Frastuono, dalle cose inutili inesatte, progettate da noi miseri e fallaci. Divini angeli terrestri ci avvicendiamo maldestri
Kirinna Official ♪
A flock of birds Hovering above Just a flock of birds That's how you think of love And I always Look up to the sky Pray before the dawn 'Cause they fly always Sometimes they arrive Sometimes they are gone They fly on A flock of birds Hovering above Into smoke I'm turned and rise Following them up Still I always Look up to the sky Pray before the dawn 'Cause they fly always One minute they arrive Next you know they're gone They fly on Fly on Ohhh so fly on, ride through Maybe one day I'll fly next to you Fly on, ride through Maybe one day I can fly with you Fly on Fly on Fly on
Murad GA
Murad GA 23 giorni fa
Maybe one day Iwill fly next to you Fly on ride throug Maybe one day I can fly with you ... ❤️💝
Pannapa Chaipon
Pannapa Chaipon 24 giorni fa
ทุกอย่างจะถูกลืมอีกหรือเปล่า ? ฉันจะถูกจดจำ หรือถูกลืมเลื่อน ฉันแก้ไขซ้ำๆ รู้สึกเหนื่อย ทั้งหมดนี้เพื่ออะไร ? เพื่อใครกัน ? หากฉันเลือกได้ ฉันอยากมีชีวิตเช่นกิ่งไม้ หรือว่ากิ่งไม้รู้สึก มันร้องไห้เป็นหรือเปล่า เจ็บปวดเป็นไหม ?
Thomas Hansen
Thomas Hansen 25 giorni fa
god is a lonely son of a bitch
Stela Ca
Stela Ca 25 giorni fa
Perdí a mi querido hermano hace unos días, la letra de esta melodía me recuerda que algún día en algún lugar lo volveré a ver.
Maha ahmed
Maha ahmed 25 giorni fa
A flock of birds Hovering above Just a flock of birds That's how you think of love And I always Look up to the sky Pray before the dawn 'Cause they fly always Sometimes they arrive Sometimes they are gone They fly on A flock of birds Hovering above Into smoke I'm turned and rise Following them up Still I always Look up to the sky Pray before the dawn 'Cause they fly always One minute they arrive Next you know they're gone They fly on Fly on Ohhh so fly on, ride through Maybe one day I'll fly next to you Fly on, ride through Maybe one day I can fly with you Fly on Fly on Fly o
Mustafa 25 giorni fa
Yapmış olduğum hatalar ve yapamamış olduğum doğrularla birlikte ruhumu gökyüzüne doğru uçarken hissediyorum. 29/09/21
rxptorz -
rxptorz - 22 giorni fa
@Mustafa aman diyeyim
Mustafa 22 giorni fa
@rxptorz - Yok yok, o değil :)
rxptorz -
rxptorz - 22 giorni fa
umarım düşündüğüm şey değildir
Mustafa 25 giorni fa
Maybe one day I'll fly next to you
Lilly Mathews
Lilly Mathews 25 giorni fa
I lost me beautiful daughter January 2020. She was a survivor baby. I was with a bad boy at the time and he has now left me scared. I lost her at 13 weeks and even to this day I miss and cry about her. I was only 14😔
Lilly Mathews
Lilly Mathews 25 giorni fa
Also my mum don’t know, my dad isn’t in my life and no one in my family knows as I am too afraid, they know about the boy as I couldn’t hope that in any longer. He lives on my street and we don’t have enough money to move so now every time I go out I see him and all the horrible stuff he did to me, I do hope that one day I will be able to tell my mum but I feel like she won’t believe me...
Alondra Figueroa
Alondra Figueroa 25 giorni fa
This song is MAGIC.
Mohammad Manasrah
Mohammad Manasrah 26 giorni fa
Spectacular !
Tracy E. Gugel
Tracy E. Gugel 26 giorni fa
Fly on my son.😘🐦 🦜 🦢 🦚
sushma dhaser
sushma dhaser 27 giorni fa
Please accept my condolences dear...God is there with you , strengthening you, loving you,building you.... Stay strong for the kids .. God is a wonderful provider, protector,guide.. He will be with you.. through all your ups and downs... Stay in faith..Always stay blessed!!
Shan Sins
Shan Sins 27 giorni fa
I lost my best friend/brother, my cat who was my support and companion of 14 years, my wife, and now I'm losing myself.
mizzb 29 giorni fa
May his spirit and heart be present for u and your/his babies forevermore, xo
Dehlanni Mese fa
Been moving on through some real hell on earth but this song, it gives me joy! I so wish I was going to see this concert tonight :*
Gaijin Grimpora
9/9/21 the day I held my mom's hand as she passed away.... 2 forms of Covid, bronchitis, and pneumonia on top of her pre existing asthma...... Her lungs were paper and she had severe brain damage...... She didn't even know I was there....... She was 49..... I'm 25...... She was the only parent in my life...... Even if that was by her own design...... I just got home and it's all just hitting me...... I can't stop crying....... Everything reminds me of her........ Rest in Peace mom....... I love you......
Ana Rosa Cocolan
Descansa en paz Joaquín y John, mi cuyo y mi cotorro respectivamente que a su forma amaban con locura a está canción. Cada que la escuchen, cada que la cante, cada que la recuerde veré como ahora son más libres y fuertes que antes.
Soura Man
Soura Man Mese fa
Cold always and forever be my favourite bend
Ronit Kumar guru
Eremika forever💔🥺....
Ronit Kumar guru
Ronit Kumar guru 2 giorni fa
@sleepy 😓
sleepy 28 giorni fa
Aight homeboy no need to make me more depressed about the ending than I already am. 😭
Junshu Liu
Junshu Liu Mese fa
RIP Gabby Petito.
shazib turi
shazib turi Mese fa
amazing mindedness song.... amazing every year win over and over thanks amazing
M. S.C.
M. S.C. Mese fa
alex Ander
alex Ander Mese fa
Even if I know that your decision is right, my heart will never be able to let you go... I will carry you inside me until even a single beat will keep me alive.... Beyond time and distance..... Always and forever
Guilherme Soares dos santos
Que Deus coloque muito amor no coração de todos nós.
Anish Ghimire
The art on that pigeon is beautiful
yovina yusmansyah
the melody.....im cry
WAFA MIM Mese fa
This is therapeutic
Triciaandsaye Q
Me riding my motorcycle and peacefully listening to this wonderful music
Mohammad Reza Rezaei
Loving this song so much
Douglas Bell
Douglas Bell Mese fa
This song is sooo peaceful
Kelly Timmons
Lost my middle son in 2019 to a battle with Meningitis. He was only 3 1/2 weeks old. We held him up until the end, and when my husband and I were finally getting ready, we grabbed our belongings by the window. We looked out at the hospital campus and asked if there was a sign that he was okay. Just as we said it, two large geese flew right up in front of our window and into the thundering sunset. This song hits hard, especially talking about "fly on". I felt our son's soul was taking on the back of those geese.
Anna ML
Anna ML Mese fa
Dislike! You just want to make money on other people's authorship. kkkk
Small Tribe
Small Tribe Mese fa
Dedicated 💙 to Avery ( baby bean) met and loss on September 14th, 2014. Mommy loves and misses you. 💙💙💙
Nyram Tf
Nyram Tf Mese fa
This very random, but I was in a nostalgic mood and this randomly started playing in the background. That felt so perfect LOL. It's like some anime music that signaled that I needed to do stuff XD
kala baba
kala baba Mese fa
Today my grandmother has passed away who love me the most selflessly no matter what i did regardless of its right or wrong, few hours ago i saw her for the final time and carried her to the graveyard where she will sleep with my late grandfather. May allah grant her jannah
Kenny Vawter Misappropriation of Estate
Contracts to rule in favor of.... docs.google.com/document/d/1cUx1BBr98SyiG_oopeLmKvO0xJtvOXurGRTECK7ugvo/edit?usp=drivesdk
Indah Dwi Afta Fakhomah
jihoon 🥺
Evalina Channel
Her Tamabung Gyalshing Rural
I don't know as to why do I miss u so much mom n dada who is seeing me through heaven 😘😘
Thanator king Hell
is beautiful bird song is just like my moive the love of the blue bird it makes me very sad 😁😔😞
Dewi Wednesday
Im missing my friends so much, one of the like coldplay as much as me… the others so so… but we are alwys enjoyed with all of coldplay songs… we unite by coldplay’s songs i guess.. lol.. btw, my group of friends named with lol.. i cant remember the reason.. but i think we are all defined by the word of lol, lol 😂 Now, im missing them so much… cz i have nothing.. i felt humiliated by them… i have no money, awful marriage, the one who never match with their will… i left them.. but now i miss them so much.. with their kindness, our togetherness…. Im missing them when they were never judging me and just accompany me the way i am.. but I understand they bored with me.. they have changed… their lives changed… but i am not.. so i left them.. i hope they are alwys in happiness
Anders Pettersen
coximefd fred
09/21 🥺
Adnan Alamgir
I want to hug everyone around the world.
Duffy Anna
Duffy Anna Mese fa
This's.... masterpiece...i can't stop crying remembering how my life goes...
Judy Schwartzkopf
My husband of 29 years is 53 being diagnosed with lung cancer im so sad loosing my bestfriend 😢 😞
nichole Roberts
I've lost my mom June 26,2021 to cancer . I miss her so much. But this so bring me so much closer to her .
Singer Tamii
Singer Tamii Mese fa
Am in love with cold plays songs they bring tears to my eyes in a different way 😔😭😍❤️
marco brás
marco brás Mese fa
Simply amazing ♥️
Yashas Nish
Yashas Nish Mese fa
This sounds a bit like Finneas but that’s probably just me
Melk Lima
Melk Lima Mese fa
Another one followed by "The Time Has Come"/ "Friday Night"/ "Tokyo Cries" (Discothèque remix)/ "Sunshine"/ "Wolfgang Gartner Anthology"/ "Panic Station"/ "Venus"/ "Mary Jane Holland"/ "Gypsy"/ "Changing of the Seasons"/ "Always in My Head" that I discovered today, Madeon is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
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