THE ART OF COLOR *game changing*

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Color theory is easily the NUMBER ONE THING I wish I'd known about when I was younger! So many of the times I thought my skin or whole self didn't look good it was because the color and shade I was wearing was working against me. Color is simple to the eye, but a little complex to understand. I have simplified it, through my eyes in this video so you can shop and use this as a guide for purchases that bring you tons of confidence. Enjoy the video! #TheArtOfColor
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Hi, I'm Alexandra. I believe life can be both glorious, tricky and painful.. which we all know. Beauty is a practice I have enjoyed from early childhood as a way to build my confidence in myself. Not just on "special" occasions, but in my every day life and decision making. On my ITvid channel I show you practical steps and psychology to understand and apply methods in all areas of beauty; inclding fashion, makeup, hairstyling and femininity, to help us evolve and transform into our personal visions. I believe when a girl feels good about herself, she can make better choices for herself in ALL areas of life. Welcome to my channel, I'm glad you found me!
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Commenti 80
Lizette Gonzalez
I get that I have to find my shade match but how do I find it? How do I know what shades go with my unique/ specific skin tone?
Andrea Gutierrez
Does anybody know how this would apply to a neutral undertone?
Claire Kyx
Claire Kyx 5 ore fa
Please don't go away for a long long time. We need you!
Claire Kyx
Claire Kyx 5 ore fa
The queen is back! Hallelujah
Air Coffee
Air Coffee 7 ore fa
Hey honey! I love your videos a lot and you have really opened my eyes and made me feel good about myself in almost every aspect of life. I love this video so much that I keep coming back at it again and again because of how informational it is. I just have a request for you my love. Can you make a video on how to dress according to your body type or how to find the clothes that best flatter you. I know that you can tailor clothing to fit and flatter your body type. But a few of us don't have the money now to buy the clothing and then tailoring it. Maybe just how to find pieces and know that it will suit you. This is because I think you can pick the right color of an outfit and finding a piece of clothing that will flatter our amazing body is something really euphoric. Thank you my dear.
Victoria 9 ore fa
You are seriously a beauty scientist
Mrs. Blue
Mrs. Blue 14 ore fa
I really loved this video, I even took notes from it. Thank you so much ! 💕
Harley rose
Harley rose 17 ore fa
Did you know that the color brown doesn’t actually exist it’s just orange and a different lighting
Steldwin Cotiere élève
Oh rly can’t wait for the next video of Womanly
the Wanger
the Wanger 18 ore fa
ok wow.
Claire Dlcet
Claire Dlcet Giorno fa
This video is a literal gold. I've learned so much from this. Thank you 💗
Hayley Hansen
Hayley Hansen Giorno fa
This makes so much sense!! Thank you!! :)
TheGeekInvasion Giorno fa
This is really well done 👏🏻
Hooda Beauty & lifestyle
You r my inspiration ❤️
triss gray
triss gray Giorno fa
If you come to ohio pleeaasseee take me shopping with you.... you can just pick out my whole life lol
ximitsv xary
ximitsv xary Giorno fa
hello nice video. i was like wathing this video like 4th times already. Now i can understand what my undertone color and skin tone. The main question here is should pick clothing colors matching my undertone? and doing make up (eyeshadows lipsticks etc) matching my skintone?
Eimear McCollam
Eimear McCollam Giorno fa
What lip gloss do u use, it’s stunning! 😍
Tara Linneman
Tara Linneman Giorno fa
Mind blown. I’ve looked at so many different approaches to color theory, and I always feel like it’s off somehow for me. I’m surprised that my complexion is clear lol, but I feel like this suits me better than any other color analysis test I’ve tried
نور نور
نور نور Giorno fa
Wow you give us great information i love you thank you for help me I followed you from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦♥️🙏🏻
Amy Giorno fa
Me, loving her and her videos, but wearing black only lol
Holly Andrews
Holly Andrews Giorno fa
i was wondering if your eyebrows are part of having a clear or soft complexion. I am blonde but i have really dark eyebrows does this make a difference?
Allyshia Berger
Allyshia Berger Giorno fa
You speak so eloquently and really know what youre talking about 😍 I love these episodes! Please do more ❤🥰 Also what a good time to have neutral skin! 😌
naturaloutkast 2 giorni fa
Great video! Does she remind anyone else of andreaschoice?
Kade Channel
Kade Channel 2 giorni fa
It's Ritu
It's Ritu 2 giorni fa
Wtf this was so informative and educating. I love you too Alexandra
Alice 2 giorni fa
I'm just confused because I'm Cool-Toned and have very light skin but also a Clear Complexion. So the Cool-Toned says I should dress in light shades, but the Clear Complexion says I should dress in true colours. What would be a colour example that has both of these?!
Alice 2 giorni fa
PS: I have Pale Ivory skin and Black hair. Thank you!! :)
noor alwari
noor alwari 2 giorni fa
omg!!!! life changing!!!!
Johnny Football Club
smaller creators are talking about all this for years
petra alissa
petra alissa 2 giorni fa
how can i find my shade and undertone?
Charlie de Lanauze
Charlie de Lanauze 2 giorni fa
I have extremely pale skin with cool undertones and I feel like this doesn't apply to me... pale and cool colors make me look washed up and sort of dead
NDN 2 giorni fa
third episode pleeeeeeease
mcqueen35 2 giorni fa
I love the tartan skirt! Where is it from?
Katie MB
Katie MB 3 giorni fa
I feel like everything about my color choices/style just clicked! This video has been in my recommends for so long, and I'm happy I finally watched it...I've always loved pastel clothes, but a few of the pastel clothes I own look really strange on me. I'm guessing it's because they're cool-toned, when I'm warm :D Time to go through my closet!!
s0phi 3 giorni fa
Now I'm a bit sad as I have the same skin and hair color combo as Anne Hathaway, making me clear complexioned, BUT I love muted, softer, neutral colors as opposed to super vibrant ones. Shit
s0phi 3 giorni fa
I relate so much. When I wake up, I'm excited to do my makeup, and I feel inspired to try something new, and I usually just go with the flow on my face and I usually always will love the outcome, or at least find it decent. THEN, it's time to get dressed and I LOATHE this time. I always find there's a mess in my closet by the end of it from trying one thing on, taking it off, trying another thing, etc. Most of my closet consists of different cuts/styles of either white, black, or blue jeans, some plaid skirts or pants if I'm feeling preppy, and an array of tops which I have no idea what to do with.Sigh.
Masooma Bushehri
Masooma Bushehri 3 giorni fa
i love you
N 3 giorni fa
I have a clear complexion, but the soft jeans are soo much nicer in my eyes. What should I do
N Giorno fa
@Hannah Carroll Oh, okay thank you!!
Hannah Carroll
Hannah Carroll 2 giorni fa
I’ve actually studied color quite a bit myself, and from what I’ve found, just focus more on wearing your “good” colors closer to your face. So like shirts/scarves etc. You don’t have to worry as much about skirts/pants not being your best shade.:) Just my two cents!
Andrea Pressley
Andrea Pressley 3 giorni fa
The best video on the art of color I've seen and I've been educating myself for a loooong time. Thank you for the detailed video!
S P 3 giorni fa
Love your videos, girl. They’re all useful, full of information, and not generic. Thank you!
Nancy Miceli
Nancy Miceli 3 giorni fa
I perfectly understand this and I am able to identify what shades suits other people, but I just can't see it on myself. I am the only one?
An C
An C 3 giorni fa
Genuine and amazing video. Good job. Many thanks.
•ᄉ•Pris 3 giorni fa
You said advertisement and it cut straight to the ads😂 A+ Editing
Lisa R.
Lisa R. 3 giorni fa
This is so well done!
Marine 3 giorni fa
Qui est là grâce à Coline ? 🇨🇵
Денаис Узунов
She is not only beautiful she’s elegant and smart a perfect woman👏
Garima dixit
Garima dixit 4 giorni fa
But now I am really confused! How will a muted red will work for soft warm skin? A true red would have worked more as it is warm in nature?
momosanpeach 2 giorni fa
Actually, generally speaking, true red is cool. Warm hues in color theories are those that are more YELLOW. True red has more blue (you would never describe an orange-red as true red). Muted red is some red mixed with gray--that red can be cool or warm toned. Ex. brick red is a deeper (darker), muted (mixed with gray), and warmer (slightly yellow) red. A muted red that works for cool skin would be closer to a deep berry. Both reds have grey mixed in but one will be slightly orangish and one is slightly purplish. Reds are super tricky because they fall smack dab in between blue and yellow so they can go either way.
Chewy Praline
Chewy Praline 4 giorni fa
I actually disagreed with a few of your examples of less flattering shades.
Xiomara Videz
Xiomara Videz 4 giorni fa
Someone help me out with this please! : If I did it right from her first video I have cool toned skin, but now that I'm watching this video (because I have light skin & dark hair with pink undertones) I have "clear skin". So supposedly I should be able to wear bright colors, but bright colors are warm toned, which in her first video says they'll make me look washed out or weird. So I'm not sure where I fall in the categories. I guess I'm confused on how to shop for closed that will look good for my skin tone.
Isabella Ochoa
Isabella Ochoa 4 giorni fa
what if you’re a neutral undertone?
Tracy Meserve
Tracy Meserve 4 giorni fa
Buddy system doesn't really work. Have you ever looked at seasonal color analysis? I have light skin and dark hair and brown eyes. I look great in dark shades and washed out in most light shades because I have deep coloring and a cool undertone--the dark colors look good on me because they balance the contrast between my features. So, burgundy, forest green, navy blue, and black look great on me (all cool deep colors). My skin tone is actually pretty close to Blake Lively's and I would look absolutely awful in the lighter pink she was wearing but better in the darker shade of pink that you thought looked bad on her (which I agree she looks better in the lighter shade of pink). Blake is cool toned, but does not have deep coloring. So while I think you have Blake's coloring right, your system would not work on someone with more contrast to their features. You are missing a third factor--depth. Btw, I *think* you have deep warm coloring.
Sophia De Galicia
Sophia De Galicia 4 giorni fa
she's like a scientist for beauty... and the big sister we all need
carina garcia
carina garcia 4 giorni fa
I love this! Will there be a part two on how we can choose our shades? I’m a bit confused. I’m definitely clear with a cool complexion but idk what I should be looking for.
CornMochi 4 giorni fa
Me as a teen girl watching this; I absolutely LOVE it, I'm learning so much.
CornMochi 4 giorni fa
I feel like I need to shop in America😫😫, because the clothes over there seem more my type and are nicer😭😭😭😭
ji. 4 giorni fa
how would we know when to darken or lighten a certain color in order to shade match with out skin?
Michelle F.
Michelle F. 4 giorni fa
Omg where are the yellow and blue coats from 🙀
Elisa Castillo Sarmiento
So I watched this in black and white😂
Ronica Desha
Ronica Desha 4 giorni fa
How am I only finding this video!? 😍😍 I love how this video appeals to everyone..
Sima Merkininkaitė
COLOUR IS SO IMPORTANT. I literally never thought about it like that untill I started to watch your videos. I always wondered why I felt so good in certain colours and so insecure in others. Thank you Alexandra, you are a real game changer not only for me but for all of these people that watches you. From now on I know what I should do to feel and look my absolute best
Frida Narvaez
Frida Narvaez 5 giorni fa
I loved this video, it is very informative and if you like to learn more there is a channel called Aly Art she talks a lot about this too.
Grace plays
Grace plays 5 giorni fa
I missed you
Anna Fed241
Anna Fed241 5 giorni fa
I’m confused on whether I’m soft or clear coloring. I have fair skin but medium brown hair. There doesn’t seem to be enough contrast to be defined clear but my dark hair and fair skin would suggest otherwise
MidnightMaya 5 giorni fa
you're a genius I bow down to you
High Priestess19
High Priestess19 5 giorni fa
The quality of this content through me for a loop. My wardrobe is being thrown out, time to switch
PrincessMommy6 5 giorni fa
It's so obvious when you point it out but I cannot figure out what I am ... been trying to figure it out for years... sounds dumb but I cant tell
Edgyedgelord 5 giorni fa
I really like how you explained colour theory but please to everyone watching this, this doesn't have to determine what you wear. You are always beautiful and if you like that specific colour with that specific shade, you should go for it. It doesn't matter if it 'matches' your completion. Wear what makes you feel happy and not what is told to match. You are not in this life to be a perfect picture. You are in this life to enjoy it, and if wearing neon pink is enjoyable for you and colour theory says no, fuck colour theory.
Sophie Williams
Sophie Williams 5 giorni fa
You’re back wooooo
Katamoii 5 giorni fa
I feel like I have issues telling warm and cool toned colors apart lol am I colorblind
Chelsey Kanipe
Chelsey Kanipe 2 giorni fa
It just takes practice, you’ll get there
Gabrielle Laforest
Gabrielle Laforest 5 giorni fa
THANK YOU !!!!!!!
kind wildflower
kind wildflower 5 giorni fa
RilesSweetPea Gacha
Wait but couldn’t you just see that hair color in the yellow light, and tell your hair stylist you want that exact shade in normal light? I’m just confused because I thought that’s what she did and then it was dark.
melissa fischer
melissa fischer 5 giorni fa
Ok, I know now, that I have a clear complexion, but I still can’t tell the undertone of my skin and I have no idea how to tell which colors are clear and which ones are soft. Like I saw both green clothings she showed and before she said which one was supposed to be clear and which one was supposed to be soft, I couldn’t tell which was which. I thought first that maybe clear is like bright, but none of the green clothing was bright. And the same goes for a couple of other clothes. So I am confused about what to wear. I googled for clear colors and then for soft ones and it looks like it is supposed to be bright/cold and warm. Somebody please tell me where the difference is and how to tell. And how do I know my undertone? I guess I could be considered to have a light undertone, but I just feel like I am always pale or red. On child pictures I don’t look pale or red, but more healthy. So how do I tell the undertone. I know it is not something that changes depending on how often your skin sees sunlight. Somebody please explain...
T SA 6 giorni fa
Omg go online shopping y'all the soft and clear thing is in use there
T SA 6 giorni fa
This is why I wear black or really dark colours because I couldn't find the right shade so I just played it safe
Likitha Bh
Likitha Bh 6 giorni fa
For a person who draws confidence by looks and dress sense, this is so helpful, this is truly a game changer, thank you for a beautiful content
Mary Murguía
Mary Murguía 6 giorni fa
This is very defined and exact. A perfect video for perfectionists.
Ainul Najwa
Ainul Najwa 6 giorni fa
This video explains why i look good and govtowards clear colours! Thanks 😊
Archa A Pillai
Archa A Pillai 6 giorni fa
Simply amazing..I wish I knew this before.
Jennifer Elyse
Jennifer Elyse 7 giorni fa
I feel like I was the only person my age who was taught about this as I was growing up, so my colour palette is still the same as it was when I was 5, except back then they were called seasons (and then light/dark etc). I'm a dark summer, I wear a lot of muted/antique colours like vintage grape, mauve, sage green, butter yellow, chalk white. I do not wear primary or neon colours ever. I also don't wear gold, always silver. Thank you for continuing this colour theory video, it really makes ALL the difference.
Gen Taco
Gen Taco 7 giorni fa
She's literally a fashion scientist
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