Taylor & Soph
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THIS WAS SO FUN! We love you guys!
Sophia: sophiahilll...
Taylor: taylorrwatt...
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EMC Anno fa
Sophia is so classy…..she handles everything so well. Never says anything to put Taylor down, so sweet. Even when he buys her a 3X 🤣🤣🤣
Branden Leimbach
Soph has a good taste for fashion. The green button up outfit was 10/10.
Grace Wyse
Grace Wyse Anno fa
Literally the cutest. I love the chemistry and imperfections. Y’all are the most human ITvidrs I’ve seen in a LONG time
Jess West
Jess West Anno fa
I cannot get enough of watching yall... I look forward to everything you both do together! Stay Blessed!!!
Vanessa Marroquin
you guys always make me laugh 🤣I love your videos♥️
Patricia Bridgers
You 2 are awesome. Loved your outfits and loved Taylor's message at the end even more ❤️ 💕 God Speed too a beautiful couple 💑
Shannon Yancey
Shannon Yancey 10 mesi fa
I love the bow tie outfit it's soooo cute. Sophia can make anything look great
Sabryn Sole
Sabryn Sole Anno fa
Girl y’all are so cute! You’re gonna be a beautiful bride when you both get married 🥺❤️❤️
Christine R
Christine R Anno fa
Lol you guys had me laughing the whole video. Love your guys' personalities and relationship!
You guys are my motivation keep up the great content. More challenges you plan on making?
Michelle Harjo
Sophia! The goodwill challenge is SUPPOSED to be a funny outfit. You went all fancy 😂
Love you two so much! Obsessed 😍. Please do the challenge where they have a time limit like 2-5 minutes 😂
Emy Perkins
Emy Perkins Anno fa
I love how she is ready for winter and he is stuck in summer. That’s hilarious to me!
Cathi Carlin
Cathi Carlin Mese fa
Sophia did a great job!!! ❤ Taylor that needs to be your new look!!!
norwaytibbie 2 mesi fa
You guys are so cute and funny. 😃Just subscribed to your channel and catching up on your videos. Love your southern accent. I`m from Norway, but have been many times to the States. Look forward to more of your videos. 👍🏼😃
Anna Peterson
Sofia won this challenge hands down 😂😍
Michelle Corona
You both did amazing love it and made my day 😂😆
Maggie Dillon
Love these kind of videos! Anddddd, thank you for sharing your faith in the Lord!!❤️❤️
Hayley Smelcer
Would you do the tik tok one where you walk down the aisle touching the clothes with your eyes closed and tell the other person when to stop. Whatever you land on you have to stick with it and try it on. You pick out your whole outfit that way. Love y’all 💕
Ella DeBlanc
Ella DeBlanc Anno fa
Pls do more challenges like this it made my day I couldn’t stop laughing love yall
Emilia Montoya
Emilia Montoya 2 mesi fa
That white shirt is ADORABLE on Soph! She should keep it and wear it tucked in to some jeans. like some cute mom jeans or something:)
Katherine Golden
Soph definitely rocked this one!
Morgan Weier
Morgan Weier Anno fa
“& I heart Sophia” 🥹😂- Taylor has me dying
Violet Thomas
my new favorite youtubers i genuinely love you guys and your videos so much!!
Sara Paskiewicz DiVito
I cannot stop laughing at this!! :)
♡ Mariah ♡
LOVE YALL SO MUCH! Love thrifting I did this with my mom it was is fun
Y’all are so prefect !!!! Amazing couple !
Soph won that one but y’all both did a great job love the rooster 😂😂❤
Aubrey Aebersold
Yall should do this challenge but whatever yall pick for each other, you have to go on a date in. No matter how silly❤️
elle Anno fa
you guys should try the snack one! Where you try and get your favorite drink, candy, etc with whatever your favorite color is to match what you get
Megan Townsley
This is so funny and cute 😂❤️❤️❤️
Callie Paul
Callie Paul Anno fa
Haha. Love how he guessed Rooster so quick. Love that movie though!!
Morgan Weier
Morgan Weier Anno fa
“Our separate ways .. for the first time” - Taylor 😂😂
Crawley R
Crawley R Anno fa
Dudes- I’m super happy to see you here and support you. I’ve told some friends about you (What does Taylor do? Nurse?)
Skylar Mayle
Skylar Mayle Anno fa
Y’all inspire so much thank yall
Kelsey G
Kelsey G Anno fa
i love y’all so much. if you see this just know y’all are my fav❤️
Cathi Carlin
Cathi Carlin Mese fa
Taylor you are SO sweet ❤
Matthew G
Matthew G Anno fa
BAHAHA this video is great! “I know how much you love pink” good man good man lol
Kimberly Waddell
Y’all are just precious.. love the pink.. 💖💖
Sally Wodicka
Oh honey Taylor, bless your heart 😂😂😂
linkish ish
linkish ish Anno fa
Cutest couple 🥰
Hannah Peters
Hannah Peters 4 mesi fa
The white shirt is really cute on Soph 🥰
Christina Lincoln
Y’all are so cute. I def want some Mexican now
Robyn Houseknecht
Taylor, Sophia outfit is a good pick just not those picks together and size matters 😂 but you did good Sophia, the outfit you picked for Taylor makes him look so good and snazzy! You both did great love this couple ❤️ Sophia did a better job picking outfit for Taylor btw A for effort Taylor
Angelina Anno fa
How does she never wear hats that beanie looked so cute on her
rebecca fansler
rebecca fansler 11 mesi fa
How come y'all are the cutest?!
Shannon Adams
Both so cute tbh ❤️
andy harrison
Great job to both! Sophia wins!
Jennifer James
Jennifer James 6 mesi fa
Sophia, you won, Taylor looked awesome in the green. Would love a 2nd part
Dawn Junior
Dawn Junior Anno fa
Love you guys, God bless!
Pamela Bell
Pamela Bell 4 mesi fa
Sophia Picked Out The Best Outfits
Brianna Wall
Brianna Wall Anno fa
You guys should do reaction and pranks!!!! Love yous!!!
Sophia Pew
Sophia Pew 2 mesi fa
I love y’all video! Never stop theyre all I watch
brittany harris
Sophia did amazing!!!!
Laura Adams
Laura Adams Anno fa
Taylor did match everything...he just needs to check sizes next time. And you guys have to wear them out in public!!! And I've been a subscriber! 😉😎
Alayna VanReenen
I love y’all so so much!
Shelley Jacobs
Shelley Jacobs 3 giorni fa
I got the same shorts with hearts on them. I love thift shopping.
Jennifer Butler
I think you guys should do a who knows you better. Parent Edition.
Jessica Marie
I thought "oh no" when he showed his choices. However, she looks so cute in the hat and sweater. The sweater looks cozy for lounging. Maybe pink is her color.
Cynthia Figueroa
Sofiaaa! 💗 do it again!
Christina Lincoln
Also. I used to work at the academy y’all are at. Love it
Crystal Clotfelter
Y’all should do the one where you go to goodwill and walk down the aisle and the other person says stop and whatever you land on that’s what you have to wear out on a date.
Y’all probably won’t see this BUT if you do: how did u guys decide to kiss on the lips before marriage? I’ve always been told (as a Christian girl) first kiss should be for the wedding so it’s special but I don’t think it makes it any less special
Jessica Rave
Jessica Rave Anno fa
Why did Taylor literally look like Barbie Ken with Barbie on the beach 😂😂😂
Tori Kaitlyn Gross
I know y’all are practicing purity but you should tell Taylor you’re pregnant and see his reaction lol
Emma Mccord
Emma Mccord Anno fa
omgg we live right near y’all! we need some couple friends!
Miranda Russell
You guys should do let the person in front of you pick what you are eating!
Sabrina Holt
Sabrina Holt Anno fa
Yess, I love these videos
That pink hat on her looks nice!
Brandon Stewart
Definitely looking like rooster lol Ngl though soph he did great 👍 👏 he cares alot and it shows stay and stick with him
Conner Wilson
When’s the next ITvid video coming out? Are you gonna do a video about Taylor moving back to his dorm for college?
Taylor & Soph
Yes! We filmed that. Posting next week🥰
Austin Kendrick
love the vids guys keep it up
Lizzie Anno fa
Hey Taylor and Soph, I'm a big fan of you guys, but I was wondering.. do you have any tips to help me get into a closer relationship with God?
Marissa Clemente
Read the bible everyday Pray everyday Talk to him like he is your best friend Bring him into every part of your life he should be the center of your life not just part of it. You do that by being mindful and acknowledge him in all your ways Have fellowship with fellow believers
Trippster Anno fa
I love y’all so much
Grande Anno fa
when you guys get married i volunteer to be you kid 🤭
Josie furnish
I love u guys your videos are soooo goood😊
Hailey Anno fa
One of my favorite worship songs is “Homecoming”
Julianna Slabaugh
Lol so good 😂
FE Anno fa
Omgggg you guys are so cute
jane lozoya
jane lozoya 10 mesi fa
What part of Georgia y’all in ? 🥇💯👍🏼👀🌻🤠 Taylor’s heart outfit for Sophia 😂😮 Luv y’alls ending ✝️
Emma Loveless
Emma Loveless 9 mesi fa
I love rooster 2 😂😍
♡ MagicalCosmos ♡
I liked taylors pick 🤣🤣🤣!
Amanda Archer
Soph I think you would look good in any thing. Taylor the suit was smokin hot
Dominique Diorio
Okay but the white shirt with shorts or jeans would be so cute
Tsavion Dududud
You’re my favorite people on tik tik
Carrie leonard
You should one of him putting on your make up😂😂😂
Fuchs Anno fa
Congratulations on 30k
They are expandables 😂😂😂😂
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson Anno fa
I'm subscribed yall are awesome
jehehrh Anno fa
I love yall
Roz_vibez Anno fa
I love u guysssss
Jessica Anno fa
I think one day you will look back to this video and say where you started and look where you were but I really liked the video and was very entertained
Bridget Merfeld
me and my friends and sister are all going thrifting tomorrow and we all have around a 100 dollar budget
Reed Nohre
Reed Nohre Anno fa
What does he ask his barber when he gets a haircut. I want mine identical to it
Davis Reville
How have never seen y’all around town
Kennedi Tompkins
hey i'm new to your channel I gave you a thumbs up and subscribed!!!!!!
soph definitely won..
Infinity on Hannah
You both dressed each other like toddlers lmao 🤣