Craziest Tennis glitch 😳 (via @jakethejuice3)  

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Highlight Reel
Highlight Reel 4 mesi fa
Video credit: @jakethejuice3 Link to his channel: youtube.com/@jakethejuice3 Check him out on insta and ITvid!
Charlene Pretorius
Sorry I ain't clicking on links
Canadians Sped
Canadians Sped 4 mesi fa
Hey can I use your video for a video of mine
Kata Seiko
Kata Seiko 4 mesi fa
`What, 14 days trial for that tennis glitch?
Rexar Gaming YT
Rexar Gaming YT 4 mesi fa
​@Canadians Spedyes you can go ahead buddy pal.
Cool Mool
Cool Mool 5 mesi fa
For those who don’t understand when he tosses the ball into the air u look up at it and in the split second he throws another ball out of the hand he’s holding the racket with
Nate 5 mesi fa
it looks like he just throws his hand into the air and instead of tossing it into the air he just drops in into his racket
Degradierer 5 mesi fa
LOL i was looking for a cut scene in the background xD
Juney Mercado
Juney Mercado 5 mesi fa
Where tf does the othe ball go?
KTC12490 4 mesi fa
Is that legal in a match?
Johnrap 14 giorni fa
Didn't realize that holding a second ball in the racquet hand counted as a glitch in the matrix.
Holty 5 giorni fa
SLIMIEY 5 giorni fa
Why are you hating?
jumpman_all_day_everyday Lesher
It does when you don’t realize like some people PS my head still hurts from trying to figure it out lmao 😂
WhatIsMew 4 giorni fa
It doesn’t make sense because where does the other ball go if there’s a ball in the hand of the racket?
SLIMIEY 4 giorni fa
@WhatIsMew what? There's the decoy that he threw in the opposite hand, and the actual one in the racket hand.
For those who don't get it, he blows time away with King Crimson.
Gio V
Gio V 4 giorni fa
That makes so much more sense now, Erasing Time sure has some nifty uses!
William Garcia
William Garcia 3 giorni fa
CONFUSION...will be my epitaph
Rio 2 mesi fa
For those who don't understand. He is currently living with 700 ping
Fear 2 mesi fa
Thought so I think I played him in COD earlier today
chess brah
chess brah 2 mesi fa
Not quite, it’s low testosterone
Aris Villarias
Declan 15 giorni fa
For those who don’t understand he throws the first ball really high and far away and then has a ball in the same hand as the racket and throws that ball up and hits it
Conlash 5 giorni fa
*Sportsmanship has left the chat*
oddesii Giorno fa
It’s like juking someone but in tennis
NightWolf Giorno fa
@oddesii and using two balls lol, or two clips.
AceFr0st 2 mesi fa
dude made me watch it multiple times and had me rethink my life
Sports highlights
Goku black
Goku black 2 mesi fa
He has 2balls pause one u see the other in the hand with the racket
Soufyan L
Soufyan L 2 mesi fa
​@Goku black🤨
Momo 2 mesi fa
Under the sun
Under the sun 3 giorni fa
Bro doesn’t need to give the editor a raise he just needs better Wi-Fi😢😢🙏
WittyStreams 7 giorni fa
For those who don’t understand he is actually getting a whopper junior with hella cheese at Burger King and he’s a bout to be booty farting.
Fernando Flaquer
Fernando Flaquer 3 giorni fa
im fuckin weak
hyuki 3 mesi fa
We apologize for the inconvenience to the players, we will fix this bug problem as soon as possible, thank you for contacting us.
Saikrishna hota
Saikrishna hota 3 mesi fa
Pach note 1.6 ?
lee 3 mesi fa
genshin player 💀
Edwin Kanggo
Edwin Kanggo 3 mesi fa
​@lee NO ML BRO
gygy cra
gygy cra 3 mesi fa
Need upgrade driver nvidia too ?
Aqim Julayhi
Aqim Julayhi 3 mesi fa
Meanwhile Respawn: we need more gay characters
Martin Rocha
Martin Rocha 13 giorni fa
For those that don’t understand he’s Dr. Stranges half brother
Anania Tassew
Anania Tassew 4 giorni fa
Bro needs a Oscar
Joey Johnsonson
Joey Johnsonson 3 mesi fa
the best part is that this only works if your opponent is standing behind you. otherwise they can clearly see the ball in your other hand
It’s Me
It’s Me 3 mesi fa
Its held between his side and elbow
chillvibess 3 mesi fa
@It’s Me no its not
JonnyDarcko 3 mesi fa
Don't ruin the illusion man. 😢
massacre mark
massacre mark 3 mesi fa
I mean it would still be a guess of which one he’s gonna serve, is it gonna have a wind up or not.
EL- 3OMDA 3 mesi fa
thx for the explenation
BoredAf 9 giorni fa
Bluds living in the matrix💀
Dragon Mercenary
Guys we have a glitch in the matrix again. we'll hurry and fix it before they notice.
Taliaa Mese fa
For those who don’t understand, he is a witch and was burned at stake shortly after this video released.
Demontime Mese fa
not that anime 😭😭
Brogon Mese fa
@Demontime bud burning witches isn’t just castlevania thing
RJ Gaming
RJ Gaming Mese fa
tommy lu
tommy lu Mese fa
this is exactly the answer I'm looking for
Jhuma Bhattacharya
Jhuma Bhattacharya 3 giorni fa
bro became dr strange💀
Nils 5 giorni fa
For those who don't understand, the glitch is that the bricks in the first clip didn't turn darker and fall out after he hit them
eltravos99 2 mesi fa
For those who don't understand: He graduated from Hogwarts.
Azure Schum
Azure Schum 2 mesi fa
Rahul Purohit
Rahul Purohit 2 mesi fa
Got it
Hlumelo Siyo
Hlumelo Siyo 2 mesi fa
Understandable, have a great day
Kowalski 21M
Kowalski 21M 2 mesi fa
This answer is satisfying and makes sense
Joseph be
Joseph be 2 mesi fa
Good one 👍
$moky_Gun 5 giorni fa
My eyes left the chat 💀
Qvalue99 20 ore fa
Legend has it all three of those tennis balls thrown up are still headed towards orbit
Titus Badger
Titus Badger 4 mesi fa
for those who don't understand, this is how your tennis balls all go missing
In’s minutes
In’s minutes 4 mesi fa
It was at 400 I ruined it
In’s minutes
In’s minutes 4 mesi fa
And I’m proud that I ruined it
King Meliodas
King Meliodas 4 mesi fa
@In’s minutes ima ruin your insides
Illuzio 4 mesi fa
@King Meliodas In minutes 💀
Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan 12 giorni fa
For those who don't understand, he toss the ball and mitochondria is the power house of cell.
Holty 5 giorni fa
Him: serving a tennis ball normally Tittle: CrAzY tEnNis GliTcH ShOt!!
Richard Mincer
For those who dont understand: that serve will be the easiest serve you ever returned.
MythicCheese Mese fa
lmao true
Michigan Lake
We can shut down Internet after theses words !
Apollo Recker
​@Trading Aspirantlmao he threw it behind him.
zell 11 giorni fa
the world needs to get an update
Areefa Rajpoot
Areefa Rajpoot 7 giorni fa
Practice makes a man perfect
Kukuluku TV
Kukuluku TV 3 mesi fa
What's really impressive is how he changes clothes and locations in seconds.
greenut 3 mesi fa
its called editing?
Kukuluku TV
Kukuluku TV 3 mesi fa
@greenut hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha
Chickenblade 3 mesi fa
Novacast 3 mesi fa
@greenutthis why people don’t like you respectfully
Definitely Not An A.I.
His ping must be NUTS
Meena Bhadoriya
Meena Bhadoriya 9 giorni fa
For those who don't understand : He throws the first ball so much high that he knew it will never comeback, so in anxiety his ball were came out to save his reputation and hence you know the rest.....
Jaffa 14 ore fa
For those who dont understand it, he is Jason Bourne
Stay Hard
Stay Hard 2 mesi fa
Now I know how dogs feel 😂
Jefe33 Montana
Jefe33 Montana 2 mesi fa
Brandon Escobar
Brandon Escobar 5 giorni fa
Now I know how dogs feel 😂
Honey Butt
Honey Butt 17 giorni fa
Practice made him perfect. ❤
Holistic Goat
Holistic Goat 19 giorni fa
for those who dont understand, he has never had sex in his life before
sean h
sean h 14 giorni fa
"For those who don’t understand," the other ball goes over his head, he's tossing it backwards and out of camera frame
Waqar Butt
Waqar Butt 12 giorni fa
Practice made him perfect
shru_cute 3 mesi fa
"I miss the days when comment sections had answers" -WISE KID
Tp gods
Tp gods 3 mesi fa
Green man?
Grant Lawler
Grant Lawler 3 mesi fa
He has another one in his other hand
bủh lmao
bủh lmao 3 mesi fa
This is just too ez peezy for those youtube gurus to leave their hideouts and enlighten us
Jaevid Broadfeather
its hidden in the hand with the racket and he just pops it out when he throws the other out of camera view. -ITvid Guru Incorporated
shru_cute 3 mesi fa
Guys I know it I made this comment before someone explained it But thanks for telling.
Cj's Just Chilling
Cj's Just Chilling 20 giorni fa
Oh yes.. that shot is so fast and powerful that you have 0 time to react cus you’re too focused on the ball in the air.
KHAOSDEAN. 3 giorni fa
RIP to all the people that thought he only had one ball
6_luv 3 mesi fa
"Don't watch the ball, Watch the hands" - Peter B. Parker (Didn't say it)
xie 3 mesi fa
F. Nazeer Ahmed
F. Nazeer Ahmed 3 mesi fa
People who watched in 0.25x :🗿🗿🗿🍷🍸
Слава Анисимов
Это монтаж можно увидеть как он мяч бросает
Antonio Oliva
Antonio Oliva 3 mesi fa
2 ball🥎 one shot
Окуясу гачер
"Watch the hands. And uhh... *LICKLICKLICKLICK*-" -Yoshikage Kira
Akio Sama
Akio Sama 24 giorni fa
Kuroko irl:
Zach Fine
Zach Fine 3 giorni fa
For those wondering: he has two balls (besides his junk) one which he throws with his left hand up. He then throws a ball with his serving hand.
RamireZTKD 2 mesi fa
Nick Kyrgios's team:"Write that down, write that down"
Cheemu 2 mesi fa
lol true but he dosen't have a coach not even a team
Has a team
hajime2k Mese fa
Kellen Winslow Jr. made that quote too.
franco5301xd gamer
franco5301xd gamer 6 giorni fa
Gravity left the chat💀
I am AI
I am AI 3 mesi fa
For those who don’t have dads he clearly does magic
Mine does too. He’s bad at it because he doesn’t know how to reappear.
Matti Sinon
Matti Sinon 3 mesi fa
AdrianFixel 3 mesi fa
Nah bro he forgot to update the game
Kz 3 mesi fa
@ReasonForTreason brooo 😂😂😂
Mouhmamadou Sow
Mouhmamadou Sow 3 mesi fa
The second ball is in the same hand as the tennis
Jimmy_Newborn Giorno fa
For those who didn't get it : He has 4th ball in his hand where he is holding the racket.
Rishi Sharma
Rishi Sharma 4 mesi fa
For those who don't understand he is updating the local Matrix code which causes a Deja Vu to appear in the form of the duplicate ball. The real ball is already deleted by the Matrix.
MT10 Moto
MT10 Moto 4 mesi fa
Patrick Ray Santos
Dam I thought he just raised his hand and dropped the ball to give it the illusion that he threw it up
C-Themane 4 mesi fa
Mr. Anderson 🤵🏻‍♂️
Bro that 10k comment is overrated
Gt Bkts
Gt Bkts 4 mesi fa
I love nonsense answers that sound real. Lmfao, that's a good one😂
Johnny C 137
Johnny C 137 Giorno fa
He obviously talked to the guy about his extended warranty.
Filipel 19 giorni fa
Bro duplicated his ball💀
Shaurya 3 mesi fa
For those who don't know, 4th dimension has entered the chat...
Shueib Dahir
Shueib Dahir 3 mesi fa
You mean the fifth?
Dobbin 3 mesi fa
​@Shueib DahirThat was one of the secret chords, the 4th the 5th, a minor fall, a major lift
Máté Reichardt
Not fooling the other player
Shaurya 3 mesi fa
For those who don't knows this ball went to Cooper's station (Intersteller)
Smokey Greeny
Smokey Greeny 4 giorni fa
For those that don't understand, they dont know me, son. They don't know me, son. Who's gonna carry the boats and the logs!??
Shiro-chan 4 giorni fa
Damn the devs should fix this glitch sooner or later
Ronin Mese fa
That one friend with the worst internet possible :
DWKA Mese fa
Aaron Paul
Crafter Jassa
Dont copy binod 😂
Thallius Mese fa
Eliase Bertini
Fr fr!
Kevin Stasney
Kevin Stasney 3 giorni fa
I love how people explain things to you like you are short bus material. I was fully able to understand what he was doing. Cool trick though.
PrimeGutoXd 19 giorni fa
Cara merece um Oscar me engano de jeito
frajola 2 mesi fa
For those who dont understand, the cameraman ping is too high lately, so he removed some animations so it can run better
diya dizayee
diya dizayee 2 mesi fa
No he had an extra tennis ball in his hand so dont try acting smart
Mozambique Here
Mozambique Here 20 giorni fa
For those who don’t understand Serena Williams is driving a civic
SirDestroyerlt 6 giorni fa
Damn Jesse really went from meth to tennis
Sebastian Reade
Sebastian Reade 4 mesi fa
Fam literally had a trick up his sleeve.
King_11 3 mesi fa
The guy didn’t have a sleeve
Wisping 3 mesi fa
Bro it's literally cut just slow down the video you see it go off screen then it just appears
Jack Writer
Jack Writer 3 mesi fa
More like his hand if you want to be accurate, though I doubt it would be legal in an actual match
Wisping 3 mesi fa
@Jack Writer bro didn't slow it down no the ball goes up all the way off screen and then the ball appears
Henrik Hansen
Henrik Hansen 3 mesi fa
​@Wisping cut? lol no. He just has a ball in the other hand too.
Mr. Peanutbutter
Mr. Peanutbutter 14 giorni fa
For those who don't understand, piss is stored in the balls
CrAZygurl:) 14 ore fa
I could watch this for HOURS
Salvatore Dore
Salvatore Dore 2 mesi fa
For anyone who doesn't understand he used the hand he was holding the racket with and held a ball in that hand. Then he served the first ball threw the second ball from his hand and served using the second ball.
Poppy Mato3
Poppy Mato3 2 mesi fa
The answer we all needed
Matthew Hicks
Matthew Hicks 2 mesi fa
Bro finally an actual answer, most underrated comment on this whole vid
Philosophia 2 mesi fa
There's a video on ITvid demonstrating this. I'll try and find it, but it could take a long, long time. I definitely recall watching it - some guy serves 3 times, wearing different clothes for each serve, yet continues to use the same racquet.
C. L.
C. L. 2 mesi fa
the real question is why the first ball doesn't fall back down from out of the frame
Luvias 2 mesi fa
@C. L. Probably either tossed it behind or in front of him.
Stu Plays
Stu Plays Giorno fa
Biggest glitch... the ball he throws never comes back down!
Piano Dentist
Piano Dentist 20 giorni fa
I'll try that one, next time I qualify for Wimbledon!
staticthreat 2 mesi fa
For those who don't get it he added milk to make the eggs fluffier.
WOoOW 2 mesi fa
yo milk does work but water is an infinitely better choice as it doesn't effect the taste but has the same effect to the fluffyness of the egg source: 5 years professional cooking experience
Adan Sanchez
Adan Sanchez 5 giorni fa
You're hiding the Tennis ball behind your hand.
Dislike Gang
Dislike Gang 7 giorni fa
For those who don't understand it's physics, math and engineering. Machine it, draft it, build it, break it. Every time something new gets built the whole world advances.
Ryuu. 3 mesi fa
For those that don't understand, we apologize for this minor bug, it will be patched in the next hotfix.
lee 3 mesi fa
demon slayer enjoyer 💀💀
Ryuu. 3 mesi fa
@lee ofc
Zack先輩 3 mesi fa
What in the destiny 2 😂
Ryuu. 3 mesi fa
AlexRoen09 3 mesi fa
​​@lee what's demon slayer? Is that a person? An animal?
RobertM627 16 giorni fa
Ah yes this is my special move, I call it… cheating
RustyKrieger 21 giorno fa
“How not to serve.”
For those who don't understand : Earth server is having 8 billion people online rn, so it's a bit laggy. Will be fixed in the next nuclear war patch
moxieagain 2 mesi fa
ah HELL nah
FunnyPenguin - Brawl Stars
Thanks for the information
YoruHazu 2 mesi fa
30 Pranay Pawar
30 Pranay Pawar 2 mesi fa
it still needs an antivirus update.
M A N 2 mesi fa
As an Indian do you need Tech Support..... We will clarify all of your issues 😃
The Hyper Sonic Gaming Channel
For those who don't understand, they all had a ball under while holding in the racket, and when they threw the first ball, they threw the second ball.
Jamie Graff
Jamie Graff 18 giorni fa
For those who don’t understand he’s will smiths hand
Chicken Feet
Chicken Feet 4 mesi fa
For those who don't know, Balenciaga called me yesterday for a workout.
lKenshi 4 mesi fa
RIP, u finna be a wax model for em now
David Carter
David Carter 4 mesi fa
U bad 4 this
I Was NEVER Here
Get it!
Owen Archibald
Owen Archibald 4 mesi fa
Second ball In the other hand
Emanuel Alex
Emanuel Alex 2 giorni fa
Lagging in a game be like
reimu 13 giorni fa
my brain had to render what the hell is going on
DEADSHOT16 2 mesi fa
Guy got the McDonalds Wifi💀 Edit: Stop spamming likes on this comment. You're too kind.
Rangga Gladyant
Rangga Gladyant 2 mesi fa
day245 2 mesi fa
You’ve eaten IN McDonalds since the creation of the internet? Fascinating. Should be a Netflix doc about you
DEADSHOT16 2 mesi fa
@day245 💀
Maddox 2 mesi fa
Man, if you didn’t comment this I would have thought I was the only person to see it. I had to rewatch the video so many times, I was very confused
M AAA ISLAMI 8 giorni fa
practice made him perfect
Cebopla 13 giorni fa
For those who don’t understand, the video is edited.
truth seeker
truth seeker 4 mesi fa
For those who don't understand when he throws ball in the air, his nuts comes out due to anxiety but he played very well Edit: my likes are increasing faster than my salary.
Sev Tas
Sev Tas 4 mesi fa
Wow thats hot thanks for explaining
ReaperLeviathan 4 mesi fa
His nuts ☠️☠️☠️
volleymaster2 4 mesi fa
Merk 4 mesi fa
I kinda felt like that’s what happened but I don’t know how to play tennis
batang quiapo
batang quiapo 4 mesi fa
Two balls
The new Creator
The new Creator 12 giorni fa
these tennis tricks make me feel like a dog watching ball in amazement
Crep TV
Crep TV 8 giorni fa
"For those who don't know...I don't know either"
Nice Dubs
Nice Dubs 3 mesi fa
For those who don't swim, he's not really magic, just a ball in each dimension
Moonlakes 3 mesi fa
i.. okay
Juice 3 mesi fa
😂😂 this is one of the best ones
Jaja Lacson
Jaja Lacson 3 mesi fa
Bro had a stroke
He's oddly correct xDDDD
Lasagna 3 mesi fa
Go find your dad instead of commenting nonsense in every video you see on tiktok and ITvid short
NoobMaster 5 giorni fa
Bro really thinks you wouldn’t see the second ball coming at you at 2 mph. Smh, it’s not even legal in real tennis anyways😂
IDontCare 19 giorni fa
Basically he pretends he's gonna throw it up but instead he drops it down so he can hit it
sillyscallywag 4 mesi fa
For people that don’t understand: golf magazines make good midnight snacks
Tay 4 mesi fa
Ohhhhhhhhhh okayyyyy
Dick 4 mesi fa
I can think of a couple tennis players that would also
Crazy Az
Crazy Az 4 mesi fa
Cricut_queen0 4 mesi fa
Sid Mughal
Sid Mughal 8 giorni fa
practice made him prefect...
Ankit Dhakrey
Ankit Dhakrey 16 giorni fa
Who watched this video more than two times 😅
Muhammad Basharat
Muhammad Basharat 17 giorni fa
Bro dlitched the universe☠️
Josh 13 giorni fa
How to give your opponent an easy return more like.
Neyys 4 mesi fa
I guess the first ball had a beef with Isaac Newtown.
Jef Re
Jef Re 4 mesi fa
new town?
Neyys 4 mesi fa
@Jef Re i misspelled it.Yours the right one.thanx for correcting me.
D.A.N.I.A.L 4 mesi fa
@Neyys yet you didnt changed it
Neyys 4 mesi fa
@D.A.N.I.A.L I can't. Im afraid Jef re would get mad at me for doing that .
Uta 4 mesi fa
Silverflow 17 giorni fa
Prince of tennis would like his move back
JG 2005
JG 2005 Giorno fa
throwing the ball so fast it breaks the time barrier and comes to its past position
devo1977s Mese fa
For those that don't understand he's actually a part time people greeter at Walmart
Matthias Neudorf
Matthias Neudorf 21 giorno fa
Adair Janney
Adair Janney 19 giorni fa
well no crap but where is the first ball he doesnt show it fall so its really weak
hugh janus
hugh janus 13 giorni fa
He’s actually made of pudding
Zakwan Ayub
Zakwan Ayub 12 giorni fa
Really great trick. He looks like an expert
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos 22 giorni fa
Eu vendo que uma hora esses vídeos vão chegar no exército e eles vão chamar ele pra servir kkk
Speed King
Speed King 2 mesi fa
For those confused...It's the same ball. He just throws it up into a portal above him and the ball travels through time and appears from another portal that's in his right hand. Hope that helps ✌️🤟
sbeventedb 2 mesi fa
underrated comment
0.09%'er 2 mesi fa
Thanks bruh, someone with some COMMON SENSE! Thank you Jesus!!!
Joe Fan Renaissance Man
Actually if you look at the shadows in some of the shots, you can see the shadow of the first ball as it falls out of frame. :)
nicolass 2 mesi fa
ur not funny
Haziq Asim
Haziq Asim 7 giorni fa
Practice makes man perfect
carlos rosado
carlos rosado 10 giorni fa
Todos peguntandose de donde sale la segunda pelota, y yo preguntandome cuando baja la primera 😂
Guillermo Murua
Guillermo Murua 3 mesi fa
For those who don't understand, he is a ballbender from Avatar
Ethan Loxterman
Ethan Loxterman 3 mesi fa
JLaw962 3 mesi fa
Hands down best comment 😂😂
Ass Snatcher
Ass Snatcher 3 mesi fa
Dreddly 3 mesi fa
I know a few of those
Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson 3 mesi fa
@JLaw962Dang it I was going to say that
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