Crimson Peak (8/10) Movie CLIP - You Love Her (2015) HD

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Lucille (Jessica Chastain) discovers that Thomas (Tom Hiddleston) has true feelings for Edith (Mia Wasikowska) and, unable to live with the grief, stabs him in the face.
In this gothic romance set at the turn of the 20th century, a mysterious stranger named Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston) woos young author Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) and brings her as his bride to his mansion atop a clay mountain in Cumbria, England. There, Edith meets Sharpe's strange and secretive sister Lucille (Jessica Chastain), and learns that her new home holds many disturbing secrets that will force her to fight for her sanity and her very life. Directed by Guillermo del Toro.
TM & © Universal (2015)
Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain
Director: Guillermo del Toro
Producers: Callum Greene, Jillian Share Zaks, Guillermo del Toro, Jon Jashni, Thomas Tull, Maguy J.B. Cohen
Screenwriters: Lucinda Coxon, Guillermo del Toro, Matthew Robbins
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19 ott 2016




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Commenti 279
selfawarecobalt 18 giorni fa
vibe check
Will Hulme
Will Hulme 21 giorno fa
I swear Tom's cinema siblings are rarely kind to him..
TheGirAddict Mese fa
Wrong thing to watch while eating
Sirius 27
Sirius 27 Mese fa
1:10 girl you better get your dirty hands off my boy. I had to go through thr same torture of his characters dying and this happens. BULLSHIT!
ann park
ann park Mese fa
“Yes but it happened” - you should’ve just lied tbh
Grace Gonzalez
This is some sorta weird retelling of Jane Eyre. Where Bertha is actually Rochester’s sister and no body lives happily ever after 😐
Julie Mese fa
I should not have watched this was planning to watch the whole movie
Gabriella Batres
“We’ve been dead for years, Lucille.” Why... is no one.... talking about this???
Arieru Saronga Sarazāru
Not the handsome face
Andy Luna
Andy Luna 2 mesi fa
This scene was so heartbreaking 💔
Koalas 2 mesi fa
She was making holes all over him and he was like "Ouch" lol
ggflowergirl 2 mesi fa
NOOOOOO AHHHHHHH😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
ot juli
ot juli 3 mesi fa
"I've always closed my eyes to the things that make me uncomfortable". Here, after Lucille stabs him one of Thomas's eyes gets full of blood, even with a bloody tear pouring out. It creates a duality on his face - one clear eye and another one, bloody and crying. Like his two loves. People mostly talk of how when Thomas kisses Lucille with his eyes closed and Edith with his eyes open, but this here is yet another powerful scene with similar symbolism.
Elizabeth 3 mesi fa
I love how he dies yet he ain't letting go of the knife 😂 dedication for you 😂😂
la belle province
That woman is very creepy one!! It is scary!!
apenas uma_Garota
Night Has Fallen
When we saw this at the cinema and she stabbed him in the face the whole audience burst into giggling
If she couldn't have him, nobody else could.
Subhana Sarwar
Subhana Sarwar 3 mesi fa
The background music sounds like the one in deathly hollows part two . Snapes memories ?
Juggs 3 mesi fa
I am so *clap* *clap* SHOOK!
Eric Singers Cat
LOKI!! 💗
Sam Marshall
Sam Marshall 4 mesi fa
She was willing to give it all up for him until he said all, that was their downfall. I love this movie!
I'm a pink potato hehe
Senorita Awesome
Why the face. WHY IN THE DAMN FACE.
Hima 4 mesi fa
He also had baby with his previous wife. But he didn't save her.
Moonlightbae15xx X
Tom acting here 10/10
Haidee B
Haidee B 4 mesi fa
I watch this one when I was nine I’m still little bit scared of Jessicas Chastain
Loulou Willis
Loulou Willis 4 mesi fa
So much for love.
Elizah 4 mesi fa
Always the handsome guy dies :(
Moonlightbae15xx X
I can’t stop thinkin of it as Loki
Doesn't it look like he's crying blood instead of tears?
Niniveh Peralta
Niniveh Peralta 4 mesi fa
Can we just recognize their brilliant acting here and also how they make a gorgeous siblings!!!
Barrymarti #
Barrymarti # 4 mesi fa
This is extremely painful to watch
creation lord
creation lord 4 mesi fa
she killes ppl like they are made of mud or something and not of blood n flesh
That looks painful! 🤕
Jaylynn&Kailynn Monias&Bird
He dies in EVERY movie he plays in it’s SAD and I’m crying thanks!!
Angelika Beck
Angelika Beck 5 mesi fa
Jaylynn&Kailynn Monias&Bird no he doesn’t.
God'sChild #JCReigns
I am sickened.
cookie crumbs
cookie crumbs 5 mesi fa
Selfish woman.
da96103 5 mesi fa
Hiddleston missed a Patrick Bateman quote here: Not the face, I say not the face.
McAvoy Afton
McAvoy Afton 6 mesi fa
The knife slides in so.....smoothly
Bernice Tam
Bernice Tam 6 mesi fa
1:58 If you didn't want him to die, then why ya stab him?
Helena Chisté
Helena Chisté 6 mesi fa
Que que tá acontecendo aqui jesus
Marlou 7 mesi fa
Well that’s what happens when you stab your brother, loki.
NAPRAO 7 mesi fa
She's not scared for starting a new life, but all the things that she did she known no one will accept and really love her like Thomas and know that no one will love her or surrender like Thomas again. Maybe it’s cuz there, parent and how there treat them, let them see what should not and make a little girl be an evil. Their dad hit her legs until she can’t walk and Lucille hit in her head cuz hate her. Ooh look like a little girl got more from dad than mom. And you know a boy always love mom even she’s evil.
Holy Prophet Elijah Tishbite
Crimson Peak. 2015. 15 ELIJAH, 2+15=17 TISHBITE, 2+1+5=8 TISHBITE. Created after my holy name.
Odinson 7 mesi fa
Ugyanúgy vérzik a szeme, mint Lokinak. :(
Faith Wu
Faith Wu 8 mesi fa
Can't help feeling bad for Lucille. All she wanted was Thomas and true love but she ends up accidently killing the one person she loved the most, Thomas. That's heart breaking to me.
Ms.gshunw 8 mesi fa
That was definitely disturbing
Anita Ayala
Anita Ayala 10 mesi fa
You mean to tell me he couldn’t just push her away after the initial stab 😪
l i t e r a l l y /
Thomas was actually kind of selfish in this. He wanted them both at the same time and it isn't fair to Edith and Lucille. I mean, lucille is a bad person but I think she really did love her brother
NaptownFinest 97
NaptownFinest 97 11 mesi fa
So Thanos wasn’t the only one that killed Loki Loki got killed by her sister
Tom Hiddleston/Loki Fangirl 2003
Like if you’re mad at Lucille
Sebastian Emond
Brad Jones (Cinema Snob) said it best in his Midnight viewing, "Who the f#*& stabs faces?!"
Sarah ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Tom and Jessica is really good actors!! When an actor makes you hate their character, they're very good. i really hated Loki in thor and i hated Lucille in this movie. Props to them 👍
Ej Fegarido
Ej Fegarido Anno fa
Is she related to Loki? They're both Stabby-stabby! Surprisingly enough the actor of Loki is her brother here, so yeah I guess they are related. 😂😂😂
Justinhulk Anno fa
Tom Hiddleston/Loki Fangirl 2003
😭😖 that’s horrible and seems painful 😖
Victor Vilorn
Lucille, wtf? Also, Thomas pulling the knife from his face is freaking painful to watch!
Shambhavi Dikshit
Very well first u kill him then u cry..
Drizzle Studios
Tom, your neck has been snapped, you have been stabbed, and you fell into a galaxy Im pretty sure you might have been able to handle a knife to the face... i mean js
syrenibi Anno fa
its an unpopular opinion, but i prefer lucille over edith. i just love her character so much.
Anne T
Anne T Anno fa
syrenibi so do i
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