crimson peak: thomas & lucille [it is a monstrous love}

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«the things we do for a love like this are ugly, mad, full of sweat and regret. this love burns you and maims you, and... twists you inside out.»

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13 dic 2015




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HUNK - Unmasked
HUNK - Unmasked 3 mesi fa
You crazy girls are just a bunch sociopath killers just like Jodi Arias. Thomas didn't deserve to die like that bitches!
Emily McCoy
Emily McCoy 3 mesi fa
Wait aren't they siblings? That's disgusting!!!
anime fan
anime fan 4 mesi fa
I ship Thomas and Edit. Iucille and Thomas had a sooo sad story. She protected Thomas and she's going mad. Thomas loved her because she was his sister. But Edit was his true love.
elia kelly
elia kelly 7 mesi fa
this movie deserves more recognition seriously
UnoNumberOne 11 mesi fa
Beautiful video, perfect song. Your selection of clips demonstrate the depth of all three characters. Any video depicting Thomas and Lucille's relationship, always have some comments about how disgusting incest is without showing any understanding of the reasons behind it. As monstrous as their relationship is, Lucille is the only security Thomas has ever known. They share a horrific backstory with physical and emotional abuse by parents who hated them and each other. They were isolated from other people and Lucille is the only one who protected Thomas his entire life (his father almost killed him twice). Their reliance on each other is both compelling and inevitable. Anyone entering their world will always be an outsider because they were not part of that shared horror which dominates everything they are. They were broken as children by the people they were supposed to trust, so they've learned to disassociate emotionally from others. Once the servants were all let go, Lucille was made to butcher pigs and other animals in order to cook for her father, so she learned to kill while being dispassionate about the act. Every time she killed, it was either to protect Thomas or their relationship. It's a heartbreaking story yet Guillermo depicted it so beautifully in all its horror. Thank you for reflecting this in your video.
Lorelei Lucile66
Hey “looking”, Morningstar here, thx for showing me...
Shannon Collins
I keep finding my way back to this breathtaking video. It is definitely my favorite CP fanvid, not to mention the music choice was the best! Everytime I hear this song, I think of the Trio.
sayla withrow
God, i loved this movie.
Sara Without An H
One of my favorite songs and my favorite movie, AH, I love it, thank you so much for making it!! ❤❤❤❤🦋🦋🦋🦋
I love Thomas Sharpe and this video so wonderful
Gemini Pafford
This is incredible. Makes you want it but then you feel bad for wanting it.
Luna Iero
Luna Iero Anno fa
i love lucille
Praewa Papuntai
What song is this? It really is beautiful with all the vids!
Jade Bancroft
Jade Bancroft 2 anni fa
What song is that?
Shannon Collins
Jade Bancroft In this moment-Scarlet
Mollie Raye
Mollie Raye 2 anni fa
I would really love a more clear backstory of Lucille and Thomas and how they came to be. Also, some more on the child.
yRodriguiinha ZiKa
Nunca assisti o filme ;_; Quero assistir!!!
Soul Raiver
Soul Raiver 2 anni fa
Sir Thomas Sharpe :(
Jai Vignesh
Jai Vignesh 2 anni fa
gonna watch the movie only coz of ur vid damn tht bg music awesome luv they u edited 😗🤗😍😍 great job 😘 whts the bg music??
1313fina 2 anni fa
I love this movie! As soon as I get back to the States, I'm gonna marathon this and geek out over it all over again!!!
Piper Tudhope
Piper Tudhope 2 anni fa
***Spoiler Alert*** 😳 Did I just figure out what I thought I saw? 😑 Ugh I haven't seen this movie yet! Looks amazing!
K.C. Elliott
K.C. Elliott 2 anni fa
This movie honestly did not get the praise it deserved. It's my favorite because of the story, the cinema photography, attention to detail, and the characters. It was an incredible movie. Such a shame that it didn't get the attention it really deserved.
oriana suarez
oriana suarez 2 anni fa
What's the song?
Nicolette Lovett
This is so good. Captures the story perfectly. I've watched it so many times
Saralah Rajandran
evil Lucile
madame360 3 anni fa
Wow this is beautifully done, the song by In this moment and the editing of the scenes, so much emotion! Splendid! A work of art!
Raven Delgado
Raven Delgado 3 anni fa
name of the song please...?
Raven Delgado
Raven Delgado 3 anni fa
+nicole1989payne Thanks 😊
nicole1989payne 3 anni fa
in this moment- scarlet
agentseacow 11
agentseacow 11 3 anni fa
I love Lucille!! Jessica Chastain played her beautifully!! X
bev clarke
bev clarke 3 anni fa
someone please tell what this song is called
nicole1989payne 3 anni fa
in this moment- scarlet
Laumyr 3 anni fa
name of the song?
Rhowski 3 anni fa
never apart!!!! :D пять минут назад досмотрела фильм, (долго руки, ноги и глаза доходили, конечно,) - и прямиком сюда. теперь все имеет более глобальный смысл! песня пристроилась когда и куда ей следовало. 11/10 :3
The Band Kid
The Band Kid 3 anni fa
I just recently watched crimson peak for the first time and it was like 2am. I was tired and as I watched the movie it really messed with my head. I really liked that it did that too. and this mash up actually made it even better. I like that your video captured their 'love' and its just great. I love it.
Lena TheHyena
The Band Kid Same, but I love horror movies and Tom Hiddleston so I couldn't resist XD
Haleema Rafiq
Haleema Rafiq 3 anni fa
ART 🙌🏽
Mez 3 anni fa
Their love was depraved and deserving of one another. I'm not a fan of Mia W but her character Edith was too good and pure to be tied to Thomas. He was too far gone to redeem himself except only by dying and helping Edith live. Edith said so herself, she would prefer to die a window, and i think that was her fate.
Shai Hazel
Shai Hazel 7 mesi fa
@martin the coffee machine Some passive aggressive socialite made a jibe at her for being a writer. Implied she'd die a spinster like Austen(??) and she quipped back, saying she'd rather be like Mary Shelley and die a widow.
martin the coffee machine
Mez but why she wanted to die like a widow? i don’t understand..
Martin Hübel
Martin Hübel 3 anni fa
What is the name of this song?
sun & moon
sun & moon 3 anni fa
Lucille and Thomas or Edith and Thomas?
Anissa 3 anni fa
edith and thomas
WeAlwaysSurvive 3 anni fa
This is insane, wow.
Jenni Bontekoe
Jenni Bontekoe 3 anni fa
i effing love this!
Netsco 3 anni fa
Beautiful song choice. One that I'll have to look for after. XD Equally beautiful editing and coloring. The moment at 2:00 was perfection, how you sort of parallel the two shots of Thomas and Lucille looking up.
megan ivy
megan ivy 3 anni fa
What a fantastic mash up. Perfect song choice and beautiful images.
blue sky
blue sky 3 anni fa
when lucille killed thomas an then she started crying I was crying too♡♥I love lucille...
Tsundere Maiden
Tsundere Maiden 3 anni fa
What I don't get is all the ghosts. Why were there so many ghosts in their mansion?
Phoenix 3 anni fa
+Michelle Joy Carbajal Thomas married three women for the money to fund his machine, all were murdered by Lucille. 1) Pamela Upton (the ghost who cannot walk, who drags herself through the hallway, made recordings of her voice, and used a wheelchair in life), 2) Margaret (she is the ghost with the caved in skull, I think, whose body floats to the top of the red muck) and 3) Enola (who appears in Edith's dreams and floating above the stairs. She has very long hair as a distinguishing feature). Enola cuddles Thomas and Lucille's baby (ghost #4). It's unclear if the baby died of natural causes or was murdered (Lucille mentions it was "born wrong", possibly some deformity due to incest, and it could have died of that BUT it's ghost is red, which seems to signify being murdered). And finally, their Mother, the bathtub ghost with the hatchet in her skull, is #5.
1313fina 3 anni fa
this is really good!
fancy flower boy
just.. wow somehow you always take songs and use them with movies/tv that i'd never imagine them being vidded with, and it just.. works i'd pay good money to see your vidding process from start to finish because everything you make is SO good and your editing is soooooo powerful & full of emotion definitely going to check out this movie now that i've seen this masterpiece
임송연 3 anni fa
well done
Henry Aguilar
Henry Aguilar 3 anni fa
And this is when Edith became Alice Madness Returns lol
Zylice Liddell
antoine esposito
very good work!! :-)
Wow, this song just match perfectly with the movie!! Congratulations!!!
ilovemusic55100 3 anni fa
The editing on this is absolutely flawless. You made a terrifying relationship look gorgeous xD 10/10
2 girls slime !
2 girls slime ! 3 anni fa
wait why does he die if he is just stabbed in his cheek ?
2 girls slime !
2 girls slime ! 3 anni fa
She also stabbed in the chest repeatedly shes horrible!
Kitten 3 anni fa
Because the knife went up from his cheek through his skull. Presumably into his brain. :P
Snowii Editing
Snowii Editing 3 anni fa
wow good Job! It's beautiful
phoebeboszi 3 anni fa
Fantastic video
Abbie H
Abbie H 3 anni fa
What's the song called? I love it 😊
❄ Serenity ❄
It's called 'Scarlet' by In This Moment :)
Cisa Laufeyson
Cisa Laufeyson 3 anni fa
Beautiful video. Lucille breaks my heart, my poor little girl. Great job
TheIronnia 3 anni fa
me too i cried when she killed thomas. i was sad for her.
MaraSophita 3 anni fa
I remember watching this bevor I decided to watch the movie
lookingforastar 3 anni fa
+MaraSophita thank you very much (:
rabbitmaze 3 anni fa
I had the movie for a while but could not be bothered watching it until I saw your video. I guess the same with a lot of people! :> Jessica was great in the movie, so crazy but awesome. Its a flawless video once again, and I love how long it is! I wish ALL your videos were as long. ..
peemmza 3 anni fa
Tom is so beautiful.
Isabeau 11 mesi fa
SusanPlasma plain looking? Huh ! He's hot.
Lena TheHyena
SusanPlasma I beg to differ
SusanPlasma Anno fa
No. He is plain-looking.
peemmza 3 anni fa
Really good. Well done.
Rico g
Rico g 3 anni fa
I've been a fan of Jessica Chastain since 'the help' and she didn't disappoint in this movie either. She's a great versatile actress .( Celia foote vs her character in this movie) I think this movie was a bit too predictable though I thought in the end she would proboly have been consumed by the ghost but I enjoyed it none the less.
Ivana Cincur
Ivana Cincur 3 anni fa
I haven't watched the movie, yet, but I guess I will now! It always happens with you! xD Amazing, mesmerizing editing, you bring out pain on the screen, and that's what makes you the best at what you do! P.S. The other day, I saw myself on the list of people you're inspired by, and it brought me such happiness. Thank you for being brilliant!
lookingforastar 3 anni fa
+Ivana Cincur you're welcome and thank you so much (:
Полина Заярная
Божественно!!! А не подскажете трек ?
Полина Заярная
@lookingforastar спасибо огромное!
lookingforastar 3 anni fa
+Полина Заярная спасибо! In This Moment - Scarlet
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