Cristiano Ronaldo speaks to Juventus TV before Atletico Madrid return leg

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Cristiano Ronaldo is ready. And you?
Watch the full exclusive interview on Juventus TV ➡️ juve.it/2AXA30nZsDW

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10 mar 2019

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Commenti 2 793
Simone Forte
Simone Forte 13 giorni fa
Juve nel♥️
Matilde Ferrari
Matilde Ferrari 23 giorni fa
Loveyou ❤️🔐
rugmgg Mese fa
Great Super CR7 MR champions league the only player win 3 trofies en Europe England . Spain and Italy SERIE A for juventus of Turin the best of best CR7
miriam cr7
miriam cr7 Mese fa
Y love you io lingua italiana io anni 10 ti amo
xamze nachu
xamze nachu Mese fa
i didn't see this video before unbelievable you are number one
celinee fan de tal
Le meilleur joueur du monde c ronaldo
Dave Clark
Dave Clark Mese fa
He’s quite a good footballer this Chris lad
African Fashion
If he was black they would hate him
Carlito Jesus
The Best Best of the best
Y4Y4 Mese fa
I LOVE JUVENTUS 💖💕 From INDONESIA Pokok e juve !!! Mantap
aladji faty Aladji
littlemouse 2 mesi fa
this man is extraordinary. he should give motivational lectures some day.
Toast Toast
Toast Toast 2 mesi fa
Still speaks better English than Harry Kane
hanoof malik
hanoof malik 2 mesi fa
Donde esta CR7? CR7 Donde esta? Estoooooy Aquiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
PAK CEL 2 mesi fa
Ronaldo ****
hanoof malik
hanoof malik 2 mesi fa
cr7 hattrick😍😍😍😍😍
ya00007 2 mesi fa
I wanna see Ronaldo and Messi play together.
zoro kou
zoro kou 2 mesi fa
His English much batter now.
Obed Kanglom
Obed Kanglom 2 mesi fa
"Fantastic, unbelievable, exciting" You will always hear these in his interview 😁
Slobodan Karapandza
XENOX 2 mesi fa
why he leave real madrid, .....weird
XENOX 2 mesi fa
Barcelona hasn't lost tho
messi fans counter 👎 with the actually number of 438 😂😂😂😂
eddyson ##
eddyson ## 2 mesi fa
Ronaldo King of Comeback
Mn B
Mn B 2 mesi fa
People want to dislike Ronaldo but the proof is everyone who plays with him likes him.
Moneerali 0
Moneerali 0 2 mesi fa
اكو عرب بالطيارة 😹💔
The Protaganist
The Protaganist 2 mesi fa
Real GOAT takes challenges like this🔥, rather than hiding in Camp Nou and scoring hat trick against underdogs...😃
Sil Via
Sil Via 2 mesi fa
SOCCER FOR LIVE Anouaryacoub
He is the best in football history
George Master
George Master 2 mesi fa
@1:13 - 1:17 Obama speaking hahaha
Gugulethu Nomatse
Cristiano Ronaldo is greatest player of all time
Rahul Verma
Rahul Verma 2 mesi fa
"Hey Crisitiano is there anything you would like to say to the fans?". "Yes , don't worry, have faith in me. I'll kick atletico's ass as I always have. I'll obliterate them single handedly. I'll prove Simione is nothing but a bag of pussy, about time I shut his mouth for good and show him his place."
Zekiya jaja
Zekiya jaja 2 mesi fa
Ajax will destroy juventus
Brusus La Legende
Brusus La Legende
Brusus La Legende
Mersi Minardo
Mersi Minardo 2 mesi fa
I'm Get ready to comeback⚽⚽⚽ Cr7 The Beeeeeest👍👍
ChapZ 14
ChapZ 14 2 mesi fa
Why are there dislikes on this ?
N!Mm0 2 mesi fa
I bet you get hat trick
Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed 2 mesi fa
Mutuma Dickson
Mutuma Dickson 2 mesi fa
Does he speak Italian?
Mutuma Dickson
Mutuma Dickson 2 mesi fa
Does he speak Italian?
Afzal Shaikh
Afzal Shaikh 2 mesi fa
And what a come back cr7 rocks
MrX 2 mesi fa
Emilio M. M.
Emilio M. M. 2 mesi fa
00:17 "we are in the top of the league, we are sixty points from the second" damn.
Emilio M. M.
Emilio M. M. 2 mesi fa
+Adil Turysbek yes. He said sixty, but he ment sixteen. Bad joke btw, sorry.
Adil Turysbek
Adil Turysbek 2 mesi fa
I think he said sixteen points
Adil K.
Adil K. 2 mesi fa
Nicholas Kimenyi
Unlike Neymar #Fakeplayer
Pressed MV
Pressed MV 2 mesi fa
you sure did ur job brother, you sure did :)
tere rere
tere rere 2 mesi fa
really special...real leader!!
Bruno Gomes
Bruno Gomes 2 mesi fa
Rtk Zo
Rtk Zo 2 mesi fa
Cristiano is a very special gift from God
Who is Kristiana ? 0:00 Subtitles btw
Ян 阳
Ян 阳 2 mesi fa
Криш хуйню не скажет..
MrKarlozz 2 mesi fa
Used to dislike Ronaldo as a kid, but today I appreciate his candid and headstrong attitude. What a legend
lwazi mchunu
lwazi mchunu 2 mesi fa
Yall dont see this shit is set up?
Authentic Self Guide
Does Ronaldo speak Italian?
Tuber Youb
Tuber Youb 2 mesi fa
I wanna see Messi talk English like Ronaldo but i know Messi is under educated little ginger midget
R.eese.2D2 2 mesi fa
After all this time he still speaks better English than Jaime Carragher
Noorullah Haidary
Rye ellz
Rye ellz 2 mesi fa
Jessica G
Jessica G 2 mesi fa
Well he wasn’t wrong when he said he was going to come back
Donny Yong
Donny Yong 2 mesi fa
think about what he do age 35 in football...hatrick in the game....there is no doubt,he is the the best player ever live in football history.....
Ali Papitoo
Ali Papitoo 2 mesi fa
Always Cristiano
Marco Arroyo
Marco Arroyo 2 mesi fa
I dont like cr7 bc I'm a Barca fan but will not fail to acknowledge hed one of the greats and when I was playing football as a youngin I looked up to him while he was at manchester. Cant hate on him at all if u love football bc he is football.
Ola 2 mesi fa
I want to be as confident as Cristiano ♥️
abdikadir Sayla
abdikadir Sayla 2 mesi fa
C.Ronaldo and his teammates. Juventus will win this champion league..... I am fun liverpool 💪🏻💪🏻
Ronald Dre-Gan
Ronald Dre-Gan 2 mesi fa
Just absolutely amazing what this guy has done In 3 leagues now. Why people hate on him blows my mind. You must really have some sick jealous hater disease to bad mouth CR7. And not to mention what he does off the pitch. What he’s done in Portugal alone for kids and sick people. Then he helps people threw out the world.
38 YOUNGMONEY 2 mesi fa
When CR7 say he’s gonna do it just know he’s gonna do it better than Nike 😎
Sourav Bhadra
Sourav Bhadra 2 mesi fa
U did it again king
metal garurumon
metal garurumon 2 mesi fa
Chesbert Francis
Anybody realized juventus next game is against Ajax...lol
I like guy he is my role model. For me he is the best.
Randy Hendrix
Randy Hendrix 2 mesi fa
Jive still will not win even if they sign Messi too
Jagat Dolai
Jagat Dolai 2 mesi fa
Fuck off
delantonious dicker
he was ready to destroy....crazy game
nuno gomes
nuno gomes 2 mesi fa
And hè Did
Lee Palmer
Lee Palmer 2 mesi fa
I put a bet on him to score a hattrick an won 10 thousand pound im foreva cr7b
Real M
Real M 2 mesi fa
It was a bit like Mohammed Ali vs Forman. Everybody thought Forman would beat (and even hurt badly) and humiliate Ali, but Ali knew better. He destroyed Forman for a looooong time. It will take a looooong time for Atletico to recover from this beating.
Good Man
Good Man 2 mesi fa
This humble man is the only Goat 🐐 😍
S Tv
S Tv 2 mesi fa
itvid.net/video/video-Jq4rqWJ4LGk.html just this. ..
Hussain Bugdadi
Hussain Bugdadi 2 mesi fa
You did it CR7 👍
bernard oloo
bernard oloo 2 mesi fa
He is so underrated
Ben ‘El Fenomeno’ De Lima
Jerome 2 mesi fa
Spoiler alert! Messi will win ballon dor!!!
Kyle Vin
Kyle Vin 2 mesi fa
Nick jr.
Nick jr. 2 mesi fa
He does what he says...this man is out of world 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️
Elijah Rodriguez
Ronaldo his my hero
Nikhil Surendran
Think if you were in his shoes Brought to Juventus hoping you will lead them to win 120£ million spent Lost first leg Haters screaming happily The whole world talking about the lose and your responsibilities Pressure is over your head More than 100 million watching the game Money relative to the game being exchanged respectively Haters talking all the bad names But here's the man, 34 years old, having the interview with confidence, determination and moreover, that fearless smile. Then the night comes, he does what he has done several times in his past. How can you not get goosebumps?
Simple Rick
Simple Rick Mese fa
Amen man
Abhimanyu Singh
Win or lose ...CR7 real fans will always be their to support him ....but you are absolutely right he handled pressure really well ....credit goes to juventus team .....specially Ronaldo and bernadeshchi...
Nikhil Surendran
+littlemouse I know right. And it's not his first time. Has done it more than any other player
littlemouse 2 mesi fa
you're totally right but I think many people are dumb and don't understand how difficult it is.
Jim Doherty
Jim Doherty 2 mesi fa
MindofW on Mixer
Cristiano Ronaldo - Are you okay ? Atletico Madrid - Yes Cristiano Ronaldo - I'm Back baby SIIIIIIIIIII Atletico Madrid - OMG Cristiano Ronaldo - It's Okay Atletico Madrid :) Take a seat with Barcelona
deepak karki
deepak karki 2 mesi fa
Juve vs Ajax 🔥
Bablu das
Bablu das 2 mesi fa
You done it
Mewdou3e - subject
R.I.P english
abduL Hadi
abduL Hadi 2 mesi fa
You are welcome cristiano
creative adventure
He is getting old bt nt his ability...
Sidd m11
Sidd m11 2 mesi fa
He is the man of words we fans are always with u CR7 keep scoring
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