Curry Drills 12 Threes Including The Game-Winner |  

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Steph Curry knocks down 12 threes, including the deep game-winner, as the Golden State Warriors visit the Oklahoma City Thunder in an instant classic on February 27, 2016.
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19 mar 2020




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@KellyWakasa 3 anni fa
Goosebumps 🐐🐐🐐
@saleh6907 3 anni fa
@@saleh6907 ♻️
@brandonp.8544 3 anni fa
What u doing here fam
This game was a perfect example of how great and unique the 2015-16 NBA season was.
@AlexDaGr8One21 2 mesi fa
Too bad they lost the Finals
@ppp9977 2 anni fa
The reaction of the crowd after Curry’s last shot. Priceless😮🤭😵
@turkey4957 Anno fa
The thunder bench too hahaha Kanter is like bruh
@champspec 9 mesi fa
Its almost as good of a reaction as the Grizzlies’s fans had when They see their last chance possession get stuffed hard before Curry flips the script w/ the most crowd deafening 75ft buzzer beater, the sound of the net could be heard from Dallas.
Tickets to the game…$250 Parking…$40 Hot dog & root beer $50 Watching reaction of crowd after that shot: Priceless Yes, you’re absolutely right!
@fjmp5096 Anno fa
6 years later... Still my fav regular season game ever! Shoutout Steph for always grinding through the noise.
@kcmataria8201 2 anni fa
I remember watching this live when I was 14 years old. I knew Steph Curry was a great shooter but I was unaware of the changes he was making to the game of basketball. The game had me jumping up and down in excitement because of the closeness even though I wasn’t a fan of either team. After the Westbrook miss I was excited for the opportunity of a golden state game winner. I couldn’t believe that Kerr decided not to call timeout as I thought, “ there’s not enough time for a good shot” from then on I expected Curry to sprint down the court hoping to get the best possible look. I saw him jogging past half court. “What’s the deal?” I thought. Out of my amazement, he pulled up from near half court. At this point I thought there was no way he would make it. A second later Mike Breen was screaming “BANG!” Chills went down my spine. Even my mother, who was not a sports fan, let out a scream of excitement . At this moment i knew I was witnessing the greatest shooter of all time
The legwndary "Bang! Bang!"
This made me smile
@zeroxyzzz Anno fa
@@z1_297 i was 13 lol watching the highlights in 2016
@@zeroxyzzz I was born in 2004, and 11 at the time…
@chrollo_7499 2 anni fa
The fact that I’m not the only one who watched it on tv live, the hype and everything was there, this game will forever be one of my faves
@cyberft Mese fa
That’s what always shocks me about this game. This matchup was such must see TV that even casual hoops fans watched it live.
5 year anniversary of this game. Still remains greatest regular season game I've ever watched. Chills every time
@bmwright1991 2 anni fa
I feel that! We watched it at Imos (me and my girlfriend). It was so intense. When he got hurt I was worried as hell but it was a good game so I was like let’s see if he comes back. When he came back, I saw the limp, but he was still going so I said yo let’s stay. It’s crazy, a lot of people didn’t watch that game live, the energy watching it live was just different. I know I’m not the only one that held my breath. It was worth almost dying for.
@Lloyd01 2 anni fa
It’s sad that lebum litteraly had to injure Andrew bogut and suspend draymond green
This game and the 2009 Kobe buzzer beater against Wade and the Miami Heat are the best regular season games I have ever seen
@ericglenn979 2 anni fa
@@Lloyd01 this is true.
im pretty sure it was a playoff game btw
@worm4218 2 anni fa
arguably the greatest regular season game ever? can’t really think of a game better than this. it’s so memorable in the back of my mind i’ll never forget watching it live.
@yuh8753 Anno fa
Not arguably, just the greatest regular season game ever.
Game 7 steph vs durant and russ playoffs was another greatest game to
@MogliKush Anno fa
Watched this game 6 years after, remembering my childhood, how these guys where like kind like superheroes for some of us. How time flies.
@renek4416 Anno fa
@MonkeyMC3 11 mesi fa
I agree definitly
@lwhite7905 11 mesi fa
being a kid while curry and the warriors were running through the league was something special
December 18th, 2021... 4 days after curry broke the 3point all time record and I'm back here. This is probably my third time watching this game and it still gives me chills... Curry Man, so inspirational... This is still mind-blowing... LET'S GO WARRIORS!
@mehdiachouri 2 anni fa
This is the first basketball match I ever watched. My heart nearly stopped twice. First at the end of the final quarter and the second at the end of the extra 5 minutes. Stephen Curry drew me to basketball.
@nikkib.2414 2 anni fa
same, mate
The game that will be always remembered as the game Steph Curry changed the game with 3 point shooting🔥
@whung7 3 anni fa
Feels like a playoff game. Best regular season game of all time.
@maxdurk4624 3 anni fa
Hung Victor This or Miami vs Chicago 2013
@noblevenom2858 3 anni fa
nah, yall are both wrong. Quintuple overtime game between bucks and sonics.
@auburnmann3630 3 anni fa
Wizards vs Cavs Feb 2017
@@auburnmann3630 it doesn't have the same feel as this one. The Cavs vs warriors 2017 on Christmas day was pretty lit tho
@Simba365 3 anni fa
This and game 6 GSW vs OKC 2016
Steph was shooting the 3 at 46% 😳 insane. He gets guarded so much now that his 3 point percentage has gone down but he’s still the best shooter ever
His 3pt% hasnt even went down that much.
@xixi0606 Anno fa
rewatching this and i still have goosebumps. imagine the pressure iguodala must have felt during those free throws at the end of the 4th qrt. their fate was basically also in his hands.
It’s 2023, I still comeback to watch this game lol. Classic ❤️
The Warriors lead by Steph Curry is something truly special.
@telmolicious 2 anni fa
This is when watching Steph went from amazement to disbelief 💯 He became an actual video game character 😂
@dripp2080 2 anni fa
Shoutout to everyone who still watches this game when they want to be reminded of greatness. Curry is amazing man
And we were reminded again last season leading the league in points with all the defences opposing teams puts on him.
@N-Ice_ Anno fa
Ye, he's amazing
@N-Ice_ Anno fa
@@LorentJalabert Hahaha, great joke dude. I laughed at that. You have a career as a comedian
@N-Ice_ Anno fa
@@LorentJalabert no shame because there should not be any. He's a professional basketball player. It's a criticism that he has to keep in mind and improve on.
I'm in. Stephen Curry is the best! My ultimate crush in NBA. 😍❤
@michikoina 3 mesi fa
Best regular season ever! Re-watching again in 2023 🤩
One of the best and most legendary games in NBA history!
@brucewayne7281 9 mesi fa
Just to add to this awesomeness, 2 games prior to this game curry had 42 vs miami and 51 pts vs magic including half-court buzzer beating shots from both of those games. Watching this from start to finish, then knowing how hot he was from the games before, makes you understand just how much of a legendary game, shot and individual performance this fcking shit is.
Bro this game was the best nba game I ever watched live …. I still get goosebumps from hearing the double bang ‼️
@padamers Anno fa
Rewatched this game so many times. But every time I still get excited as if I don’t know how it’s going to play out. One of the best games to ever watch!
I love this sequence, Klay gets a deflection then Draymond saves the ball from going out of bounds then Iguodala making clutch free throws. Later on, Curry finishes it off with a memorable 3 pointer. What a phenomenal game.
@mrkickinthesky 2 anni fa
thats what made the dynasty,it was klay who is always locked in,draymond who had the heart and hussle,iggy the clutch veteran and curry for the magic moments,superb offense,great defense,great pacing,selfless basketball
@goldlady55555 2 anni fa
Curry is great.so is Draymar.
@stfu8202 2 anni fa
@@mrkickinthesky dont know why but i got chills from reading that lol
This year will be comeback for more than half the 2016 Warriors. Experience counts for at least 5 years of youth, right? 💛💙
I love igudala
@QualtkmunAI 11 mesi fa
Still remains greatest regular season game I've ever watched. Chills every time
@jabbaranks3241 4 mesi fa
This game to me is still the greatest regular season game ever
@tylito4764 Anno fa
I know people hate on it but 73-9 with the talent in the league today is INSANE
@telmolicious 2 anni fa
1:26:41 Steph's comeback is on 🔥 1:28:18 💯 1:32:00 🙉 1:33:25 🧊Klay 1:34:32 🐍 1:36:28 🥜🥜 1:45:13 🙈 1:47:30 🥶 1:49:34 🧊Klay 1:55:55 🙉🙈🥶🔥💯🥜🤷🧊🙌🙏🥳🤩😍🥳🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯🔥🔥💯
@ongod31 Anno fa
45:18 curry called a foul but he tripped on his own foot
@@ongod31 russell landed on him
@emoh9225 Anno fa
@@ongod31 he was telling his teammates to foul because he's hurt. If not it would've been 4 against 5players
@@emoh9225 smart person
I watch this game from time to time when I miss Stephen Curry's greatness
2022: Curry sets all-time 3-point record, wins All-Star MVP, wins NBA Championship, awarded Finals MVP. How are you "missing" Curry's greatness?
@@LeFraudHasChokedInSIXFinals : The comment was made before the NBA 2022 FINALS.
@solohere5608 2 anni fa
Re-watching this makes me appreciate how much of a beast Draymond is defensively. Looking forward to watching him show up 2021-2022 season.
@nat_1111 2 anni fa
bet they'll get to the finals (if klay is healthy and also the rest of the team)
@Yute01 2 anni fa
@@nat_1111 they actually could
@teebo5298 2 anni fa
Mans open doors for the small bigs
@@nat_1111 Y'all overhyping the Warriors, Klay ain't gonna be the same dawg, he could average like 17-19 this season but his defense and ability to get Open Will decrease
@Powgchamp 2 anni fa
@@messimanuel1076 I hope this comment age well
@lee7996 3 mesi fa
After seeing Curry use the last three-pointer to reverse the score at the end, I can no longer describe my feelings with excitement.😆👍👍👍
Ever since Kobe left the game I was wondering who would be next I thought it was Bron at first but quickly realized he wasn't until I saw Steph he's bought joy n excitement back to basketball he's hands down the best player in the league and got the next best player on his team amazing
Klay Thompson isn't the next best player in the league lol
@NuisenceTV 2 anni fa
I'm so glad I watched this live. This game had me on the edge of my seat. I had bet my co worker on this game. My home boy favorite player was KD, mines was Steph so I had to tune in. When I saw that shot I jumped off the couch and went to work the next day with the Vince McMahon walk. Good times.
@culu37 Anno fa
Even though he’s played in a bunch of way bigger games, I think this game winner is the signature moment of Curry’s career
Come back to watch this game very once in a while. Still one of the all time greats. I remember watching this, it was incredible. Thought it was over when Durant hit the clutch 3 at the end of regulation, and it was so tense when Iggy went to the line. Steph had 16 points when going out with an ankle injury and then just took over, going for 31 more. That month was one of the best rampages I've ever watched from any player. Feb 2016: 36.7 PPG 54.9% FG, 53.6% 3PT, 87.5% FT. And he sat out of the 4th quarter most games.
You know you’re in trouble when they do have a timeout but decide not to use it.
@Cookie-ed8bf 3 anni fa
The word play lol
@dankuso8414 3 anni fa
@lilboom3708 3 anni fa
Broooo 💀
We can all agree that this is one of the best games in the nba
@CButler4223 2 anni fa
I cant tell you how many times I've seen this game. Legendary game.
@danmicah_ Anno fa
it's 2022 and this is STILL a classic!
One of the most dramatic games in NBA history. Curry and Durant's prolific scoring, the Warriors huge comeback, Curry's injury and return to the game, Durant fouling out, 60% free throw shooter Igoudala making two clutch FTs to send it to OT, and finally Curry's "Bang Bang" shot. Wow!
Zaddyy Lebron 👍🏿😩
It’s so insane to me the fact that this was a regular season game 🤯🤯🤯
@trell6360 3 anni fa
This is really one of the best games of all time
@markasher7473 3 anni fa
Made kd leave and shake up our life's
Thank goodness I thought you would say no for this game Thank
@notaydan8567 3 anni fa
Yeah Man!!
It's a first day of 2022 and still love watching this over and over again. 12 threes and now he's the king for the 3-pointer made. Just wow, a perilous journey for him but he just showed and impressed us with his spectacular performance.
@YuniqueKelsey 5 mesi fa
I watch this full game in 2023 it’s still amazing to watch
@JordanABL880 2 anni fa
Watchin this feels so nostalgic. Everyone in the nba was in their prime and everything seemed so much more energetic and engaging
Wym more energetic? There's still good games these days
@Jayswingler530 2 anni fa
Curry broke records 5 years ago, and he’s now in his prime
@blueguppy9321 2 anni fa
He been in his prime since 2015
@robglobal1 2 anni fa
@@blueguppy9321 facts
@col7004 Anno fa
Not that he’s not still amazing but his peak was undoubtedly the 2015-16 season
@keving1072 Anno fa
And he’s balling right now in the playoffs
@UnseenRB Anno fa
@@keving1072 yessir
@BigDaddy52525 4 mesi fa
Possibly the greatest game ive ever seen live.
1:56:05 I could watch this over and over Watching everyone’s reaction The fans reaction And the legendary commentary of this moment This is why we miss the NBA so much
@hackman88 3 anni fa
Raw emotion from everyone. Singler, Kanter, Ibaka look like they are scarred for life. Green learning why he loves basketball. Fans shocked, 'what just happened?'
@hackman88 3 anni fa
If this was a videotape, it would be all worn out at that spot.
@lenoxloo3569 3 anni fa
My favorite reaction will forever be at 1:57:02 where the blonde lady just turns around and covers her mouth in disgust and disbelief lmao
@jpongsta 3 anni fa
So many fans with their hand on their head when Steph gets the ball like they already knew what was about to unfold.
@bmwright1991 3 anni fa
Lenox Loo she was in TEARS bro 😂😂
@ThatGuyYouShot 5 mesi fa
I’m thankful for an era of internet to be able to rewatch this whenever is amazing. Curry is literally the god of 3
@Kazeon Anno fa
Wow Curry checked into the game then casually erased 10 okc lead in less than 2 minutes!! Chef 🔥🔥
I remember being 16 in High school. My buddies and i were doing fantasy and so I had a lot on this game. And STILL to date this is the best game of basketball i ever witnessed. Watching it live was something else that last minute of the game
I watched it again and it still takes my Breath away at the awesomeness of Steph Curry
@yettiluch1 6 mesi fa
This almost brought a tear to my eye. This is the klay we need. Get at that basket. Settling for 3's isn't the way.
Greatest NBA season ever: Kobe's farewell tour Warriors 73 win season Spurs trying to get 70 wins too Duncans last season Great playoffs And to top it off the finals series 2016 was by far my favorite season
@mixondeo9884 3 anni fa
Ima warriors fanband i know they loss that season in the finals and those 3 championships might influence my decision but I agree great year it also gave a good cavs vs warriors story
@edwin9867 3 anni fa
Dunk Contest also
@maxdurk4624 3 anni fa
Weenie Hut Jr. 1993
@curt5504 3 anni fa
me too also im a warrors fan
As a Warriors fan I completely agree even though they choked the lead but it was a hell of a season. Add the dunk contest and a great all star game too
@nbecker 2 anni fa
This game is so crazy. Mvp curry, Durant Westbrook, 11 point comeback in last 5 min, iggy free throws, overtime, curry’s greatest shot ever, 3 point record. Best game ever
watched this game over and over and yet I can't still believe SC30 made it , felt goosebumps all over 😂 Kudos to OKC KD for playing like a monster but this Warrior team is really something else 🤔
@jmolymol9 Anno fa
This might be the greatest game I’ve ever seen. Watching it that night was incredible
This is one of the best games I've seen on the NBA. It's so fun, and awesome to watch the greatest teams, and it's greatest players going at it. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are on of my favorite players to watch.
@esquibelle Anno fa
Russell Westbrook was not exactly a scrub ✴
@@esquibelle true
@roronoa9694 Anno fa
The warriors 2022 championship run reminded me so much of this championship run. Pure greatness from curry
@to3sted248 3 anni fa
That was probably one of the best offensive game of a player ever in the history of basketball.. like wow!! This curry was just something else that year
@ximopierto2544 3 anni fa
Latzky Gaming 3-1 LEGOAT is the Mvp 2016
Was something else?!?! IS something else!!!
@ryl99 3 anni fa
@@ximopierto2544 He cant even average 30ppg . And his freethrow is 48% 😂😂😂
@astro_pste162 4 mesi fa
Mi juego favorito de la NBA GSW vs OKC❤
@dooshdoosh4312 2 anni fa
Best regular season game i've ever watched. Actually better than most playoffs games too.
still rewatching this masterpiece
@asdfjklm5261 4 mesi fa
remember watching this live it was a saturday night me and my boy went to the bar to get food/drinks and it still amazes me how this game brings back the “i knw exactly where i was” feeling watching this game..curry the top g frfr
Almost 5 years past, i still have goosebump and overwhelmingly excited watching this again and again! GOAT STEPHEN CURRY!!!
So that shot not only tied the record for 3s in a game (at the time) but also beat Curry's own record for 3s in a whole season (also at the time). Wow
He also broke the record for most consecutive games with at least one 3
Yeah. I've just realised that too. This game will go down as the game that totally changed the NBA. People started taking 32 footers like it's nothing now. The birth of 'Logo Lillard' and Trey Young's ridiculous range 🙌🏻
@drippy3139 3 anni fa
nah he beat his record with this shot 1:47:34
@@anqproductions5079 *Trae Young and also people (including Curry) had been taking those sorts of shots for a decent amount of time before this game
Angus Parker dude trae young wasn’t even in college when this game happened...
@Alima0728 18 giorni fa
one of the best games anyone could see in history of this sport.
Will never forget this game. Iconic.
That’s a game you never forget and so glad you got to watch live. Draymond blew up in the locker at halftime I remember the fans mocking him 2pts. He was amazing in the second half he didn’t score but he was everywhere on defense made so many hustle plays. And you knew when it got close that the warriors were going to win it.
Here watching this game before the finals… crazy how the warriors been so consistent for years.. before the finals I said warriors in 6 and I’m sticking to that.. I know this team can rally together to pull this out. People continue to talk about what Boston had to go through to get to the finals but people don’t realize what the Warriors been doing for YEARS to get to where they are now.. they’ve played bigger/tougher teams with talent and won.. this time it won’t be any different let’s go Dubs.
@Romanus- Anno fa
Good call👍🏻
@rmleider Anno fa
This game is just one reason why Steph Curry is a top 5 player all time.
@rmleider Anno fa
@@dantewilliams7458 you're delusional if you think magic or any other guard on the list is more skilled or more dangerous than curry
@blovett0814 2 anni fa
One of, if not, the greatest regular season games ever! Top level competition from both teams, KD's free agency in question, the Warriors' historic regular season run, Steph going down with his ankle roll, and Steph's game winner with a rare double "BANG" by Mike Breen. Iconic! 🏆
The very best regular season game so far no question
2017 Cavs vs Warriors Christmas Game is the best regular season game
I don't see anything special about this regular season game besides the game winner, that Christmas Game had Suspense, A backstory, not to mention they were going tip for tap scoring and Kyrie hit the Game Winner
@@KDSlimReaper nah okc vs warriors feb 27 2016 is one of the greatest best regular season games of all time. It’s the competition how OKC was up by near 20 every quarter till 4th. That shot Steph shot at the end just says it how this was the greatest game of all time
@@KDSlimReaper hmm, I don't recall that, I'ma jump on there as soon as I'm done here. Thx for the heads up yo.
@Lawzii 2 anni fa
Such a legendary game 🔥
Watching this in 2023, we definitely took this era for granted. What a game!
Curry did not let the duo take the flowers. He did everything to win this game. Kudos to his teammates as well.
Men, this is classic 🔥 i always love this game 💗 the thunder who's competetive enough but the warriors is a beast and wanted ro win. And that Steph Curry game winner never gets old. The "they do have a time out devide not to use it" and the "Bang". Just pure.
@AbiJSC Anno fa
One of the most incredible basketball games I’ve seen in a while
@george.1407 3 anni fa
These games make me forget what’s going on in the world😊
@clbgy 3 anni fa
George. Big facts everyone stay safe and healthy
@ericwright2594 3 anni fa
@ george best comment
@KBonilla 5 mesi fa
This is Steph’s legendary signature game
Watching this after #KlayDay give me goosebumps! and to actually sinked in that Steph Curry still doing what he does. "they have time out and decide not to use it..BANG!!!!!"
@mdilz33 2 anni fa
Greatest regular season game in NBA History!
@tomigunn777 5 mesi fa
I could watch this over and over again.
@AlBaraaHadi 5 mesi fa
Man this was a crazy game!!!!
@RichYork 3 anni fa
I'll literally never forget this game, who I was with, where I was, everything.
Where were you and who were you with?
same here remember it just like it was yesterday
saturday night on abc
@RichYork 3 anni fa
@@brandonspence8318 lol I was in Brooklyn at my mom's house and she didn't really want to watch but I told her Steph Curry was playing and that's the only reason she watched with me
in a bar in the Lower East Side and literally jumped on the bar when he hit that shot. And the bar was packed and nobody blamed me for it cuz we all knew that shit was crazy lmao
Great comeback from Golden state there and the deep 3 Curry shot at the end was briliant
Six years after and I watched it as the first day, What a game!
It's always good to come back to this to remember what I remember as if it were today and right now 👉 Thank you Wardell Stephen Curry ll for making me love you from the first moment and for making me love basketball in the world. Long live the man who changed basketball in the world 😍👏👏
@telmolicious 2 anni fa
Can't Remember the last time I watched a regular season gane with this type of intensity 🔥
This game lives rent-free in my mind. GSW had everything against them to lose and pulled that win out. Steph is blessed. Still amazing in 2022🎉🎉
I know its 2021, but this is classic
I’m watching it now facts 😭💯
I know
@deetaylor334 2 anni fa
They were starting Roberson over harden😂
@smartino546 Anno fa
this is probably currys greatest game ever. no one else made a 3 pt shot in all 4 quarters except curry🤯 he made every 3 on his team
@jt9065 Anno fa
Watching GSW games because Klay is coming back tomorrow! And I keep forgetting how great Curry was in this game. Turned his ankle in the 3rd quarter, came back, exploded and obliterated OKC with additional 31pts. LOL the guy yelling at Draymond at 57:22. "You got 1 point, Draymond! ONE POINT!" 🤣
This reminds me so much of the 54 on the knicks. just an absolute show of Stephs greatness
I remember the hype for this game was real, and it didn't dissappoint, it was fantastic
2022 AND still watching this epic Curry performance
@raywang9783 5 mesi fa
You chose to do that
@andrewb9942 2 anni fa
When I watched this live I legit flew off my sofa at the end. Best NBA game in history.
Same lol
I’m an OKC fan and did exactly the same - jumped out of my chair, walked a few paces forwards, then didn’t have a clue what to do with myself 😂 Such a great game!
@LiLLaLa707 Anno fa
Lmfao I fractured my ankle bcuz of this game 😂😂😂
This game right here solidified Curry as the best shooter ever IMO
@@LiLLaLa707 f
This will be the best classic game of all time. Curry is the best.
It’s wild to think he’s still getting better…. Watching this game curry is a defensive liability on isolation situations. Fast forward to this season and curry has vastly improved as a defender.
@bndz046 2 mesi fa
The commentators reaction never gets old
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