Cyberpunk 2077 - Official E3 2019 Cinematic Trailer

Cyberpunk 2077
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Mark your calendars - Cyberpunk 2077, the open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC April 16th, 2020.
Pre-order now: www.cyberpunk.net/pre-order
About Cyberpunk 2077:
In the most dangerous megacity of the future, the real you is not enough. Become V, a cyber-enhanced mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant - the key to immortality. Customize your cyberware and skillset, and explore a vast city of the future obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. The choices you make will determine the story and shape the world around you.
Learn more:
Chippin' In is the track created in collaboration with REFUSED (Dennis Lyxzen, David Sandstrom, Kristofer Steen, Magnus Flagge, Mattias Barjed), All Rights Reserved, 2019.


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9 giu 2019

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Commenti 32 761
Szymon Non
Szymon Non 11 minuti fa
Tonual T
Tonual T 21 minuto fa
Keanu had predicted the future in 1995 !!! itvid.net/video/video-J1okpAj7Fhw.html
MrSpynel 28 minuti fa
Блять, как же это охуенно
Benji Wis
Benji Wis 40 minuti fa
Hey CDPR, Please do NOT listen to the SJW's, they can never EVER be satisfied. Make the game YOU want. Those fucking cancerous idiots is not even gonna buy the game... Love you CDPR! Can't wait
DJ Alma
DJ Alma 55 minuti fa
This games will be awesome! Don't worry bout being too politically correct. Almost all of us gamer just wants to enjoy this masterpiece. I'll buy the game twice to support your work. Please just ignore those few haters out there.
I don’t actually know what to say
Augusto Ora fa
You are amazing Cd projekt red !!!! This game is a must!!!
tatt oo sticker
Last scene is my alarm tone forever now 🤘
Björn Persson
Yawn... it seems the future stopped aging back in 1982. Most large cities in Asia already look more futuristic than this.
Thane Vakarian
Please don’t cave to the fake outrage. Most of those people would have never bought your game to begin with. I spent hundreds of dollars on the Witcher 3 and related merch. I am so hyped for this game but if you cave to this pressure I can’t in good conscience spend money on this game. Just ignore these people. Do the right thing.
Subi_fan 2 ore fa
5.4K dislikes from the SJW losers and their faux outrage.
Lee Anon
Lee Anon 2 ore fa
shutup and take my money!!!!!
its a game or a movie?
lapin_san 3 ore fa
CD Projekt RED 🇵🇱🥇👏
Lieutenant Bootlace
(Seeing Jackie die) _Personal responsibility_
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 3 ore fa
1:48 when i'm on toilet but I ate kebab with hot sauce
Илья Муромец
Предзаказ сделал Cyberpunk 2077 в GOG версий.
Silent Wolf
Silent Wolf 3 ore fa
Keanu Reeves: We have a city to burn. My wallet starts talking: We have money to burn!
MDMR450 3 ore fa
2:25 LMAO
アオ 3 ore fa
Grinvarg 3 ore fa
Сделал предзаказ. Спасибо вам ребята, работайте не спешите. Мы верим что это будет шедевр и готовы подождать.
追你九族 4 ore fa
A A Games
A A Games 4 ore fa
Baba Yaga
Artaeum 4 ore fa
Just here to show my support. Ignore the contrarian bullshit CDPR, you're doing absolutely nothing wrong and the people who are actually going to buy the game know it!
Will Bailey
Will Bailey 5 ore fa
Kinda shows how much they believe in their game that they didn't show keanu until after already showing gameplay months before like 'yeah we know you're all super hyped for this awesome looking game... Oh btw did you also know we have keanu reeves!'
Henzy Akodokyn
mr turkey 75
mr turkey 75 5 ore fa
Dogan Can Ayik
Last scene is my alarm tone forever now 🤘
Nasty Boy
Nasty Boy 5 ore fa
That’s def Rick Ross
mandatory 5 ore fa
so 6 years whent by that fast huh..
EmBwoz 6 ore fa
Ignore the idiot journo's CDPR!
ValurQuality 7 ore fa
What's named is that's song? 0:16
I’m Surprised
He looking like John wick
Aleksander Kwiatkowski
Hi! Could you guys please answer short survey for the purpose of analyzing CD Projekt company? Thanks forms.gle/omYGUzSdb9uLKegP7
Eugene Cheong
Eugene Cheong 7 ore fa
Just thought of a cool Easter Egg... Kevin Flynn's arcade as one of the buildings in Night City...or wherever...eh...??? Eh...??? Have to run that one by Mr. P...
Alexey Kangrotov
Apache Helicopter
CDPROJEKTRED thank you for being the last bastion of passionate ethical AAA game making, The Witcher 3 was an absolute masterpiece and this is shaping up the same. Don't listen to the screeching of SJW weirdos and make the game as it should be without infantile politics or changes thrown in for a bunch of children that will never buy your product. I will however and can't wait!
Shin Kintsurugi
Keanu/10 would play this game
Bapak kau budi
Happy Cat
Happy Cat 8 ore fa
Я единственный русский который это смотрит? Обидно 😟😭
Aphantom47 9 ore fa
Red project nailed it
I'm ur dog
I'm ur dog 9 ore fa
I love how this game is based on Cyberpunk 2020 and the release date is 2020. Well played CDPR
Outlaw 9 ore fa
This game is gonna set new limits of the game dev industry
Blacktegrity TV
The original game was called Cyberpunk 2020 and now Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out in 2020, good marketing or just a coincidence? lol
Sins Digital
Sins Digital 9 ore fa
CDPR literally put cyberpunk on on the google trends 100% searches achievement
Lech Wałensa
Lech Wałensa 10 ore fa
Do some one knows ,CD Projekt Red is polish game producer?
lil puppet Boiyz
Let's go
Andrew Graham
Andrew Graham 10 ore fa
I hope we can wield a katana. Wouldn't be much of a samurai without it
Star Rat
Star Rat 10 ore fa
If my pc can’t handle this game I’m gonna be so pissed
ofc! I'm already pre purchase!
Relapse XXIV
Relapse XXIV 10 ore fa
You’re all breathtaking.
Gamer Content
Gamer Content 11 ore fa
Can't wait to stream it, I love Keanu
Adrian Kudłacz
Adrian Kudłacz 11 ore fa
Izrael zaprosił do Polski Władimira Putina Prezydenta Rosji TVP Info i TVN Milczą Analiza Komentator itvid.net/video/video-tfdM4kyAodE.html
flash 11 ore fa
Omg Keanu ❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Cua Sếch
Cua Sếch 11 ore fa
minimum : i7 8700k gtx 1080 :)))
Amse Master
Amse Master 11 ore fa
Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes
Games of Robes
Games of Robes 11 ore fa
(trailer plays) Me: I mean, I dunno, it looks pretty cool, and all but I don't see the thing having John Wi- (Keanu Reeves appears) Me: *I'LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK!*
Febbry Sulistyo
Febbry Sulistyo 11 ore fa
wow,release with same date as my gf birthday..
SHUTupNrocK8 11 ore fa
It's that time of the day again to watch my daily Cyberpunk 2077.
Cherie Southall-Steward
Bum head😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Alexander Lebedev
Guys, are you serious? Your screenplay for this trailer is just a crap! If you paid for this, congrats, you're just had been f&ked!
Rácz Béla Rácz
No, you're an idiot
Golden Gamer113
Golden Gamer113 12 ore fa
Wake the fuck up samurai, we have a city to burn.
Anthony Hernandez
my question is, is ciri going to appear in the game from Witcher 3 when she popped into cyberpunks universe?
Jack Harper
Jack Harper 12 ore fa
I’m not a rich man, but I’ll happily buy two copies of this game as long as you do not bend the knee to Anita Sarkeesian...
Purple Monster
Purple Monster 12 ore fa
3:43 aw that’s hot aw tha- we have a city to burn samurai
aravind s asok
aravind s asok 12 ore fa
Keanu : u stole my puppy. U r dead/2018 Keanu : u sneak up my house. U dead /2019 Keanu : u reboot? Dead of course 🔥🔥
Gloria Borger
Gloria Borger 13 ore fa
I’m selling “wake the f up samurai” replays but it costs 1 like 3:43
pewp3wpew 13 ore fa
Please do not bow down to the SJW's. Keep doing what you're doing and let all that get offended cry them salty snowflake tears.
Rusty Jones
Rusty Jones 10 ore fa
Poles don't give a shit what people who wouldn't buy the game regardless think.
Arca The Artic Fox
Let’s see if this is true in 2077
Nailuj Egnassa
Nailuj Egnassa 13 ore fa
Торічна демонстрація геймплею сподобалася більше, ніж цей трейлер 😰 😓
Mohammed kashif firdous
No games can beat rockstar games
Rácz Béla Rácz
@Mohammed kashif firdous cyberpunk won't be an "action game" either
Mohammed kashif firdous
Bro open world action games
Rácz Béla Rácz
The witcher 3, zelda breath of the wild, mass effect 2 and the last of us just to say a few and there are many more
Mohammed kashif firdous
And now just wait for grand theft auto 6. It will break all the records of this generation....
Mohammed kashif firdous
Name some plz
Criminal Scum
Criminal Scum 13 ore fa
Coming 2077
Satanspy 13 ore fa
The only developer that can top CDProjekt Red in an open world game is Rockstar.
GamesHot 13 ore fa
Pls dont tell us that the NPCs in your trailers are like in GTA 5 trailers, scripted, and was not actual in like retail.. They never do random things like in trailers, your NPCs activity and crowed looks like that scripted, and maybe will not remain same in retail. 😐
Павло Безгубенко
"U R Breathtaking" itvid.net/video/video-j7-qaRs3XxQ.html
Christian Azuero
Dear CD Projekt Red. It would be possible to add music from the album Shadowtask to the video game. It sounds like futuristic cyberpunk music. The musician is PYVOT and he is very good.
Dr. Hans Chucrute
Freaking Rocket League on ITvid gaming thumbnail.
Michael Traydor
Michael Traydor 14 ore fa
Wooooooooow so cool !!!!
Kiki 15 ore fa
If you tell me Cyberpunk Keanu is dateable, then I'm preordering in 1 second.
Jack Currie
Jack Currie 15 ore fa
Problem with this game is it will cost $10060 $60 for the game $10,000 for the hardware required for said game
Yoga Amrulloh
Yoga Amrulloh 15 ore fa
What song in taxi?
Samuel Fast
Samuel Fast 16 ore fa
My most hyped game.. finally gets its release date revealed... on my birthday.
Brayden Brown
Brayden Brown 16 ore fa
The new watchdogs
PointBlack 16 ore fa
Your Breathtaking!
Jonathan Lumbreras
3:42 what you’re here for
xX FritoTheLay Xx
GTA but in the future
McLego 101
McLego 101 16 ore fa
Person is sent to deliver a chip but is stopped and then shot but ends up being being found. Me as an intellectual: Fallout NV but futuristic and alot better textures?
Master of Death
Master of Death 16 ore fa
It comes out on my birthday!
Oreo902 16 ore fa
eldel fornais
SuperSam 16 ore fa
I just came after seeing Keanu’s face. We don’t deserve Keanu!
Gavin Lee
Gavin Lee 17 ore fa
I can't wait, this game is GOING TO BE EPIC!!!
Miraç Çetedir
Miraç Çetedir 17 ore fa
Waaaooow It's Fortnite Guy !!!!!!!
Игорек Коцапов
Опа, спойлер к Джону Уик 3: он не только выживет, но и еще и до 201773 года доживет в кибер рукой
earthly firefly5
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earthly firefly5
People are unceasingly stupefied by 1) what is called the Church and 2) what is called Science. Lev Tolstoy On Insanity
gabriella bruno
gabriella bruno 17 ore fa
Is it just me that thinks that male V looks just a little bit like Jacksepticeye?
panggop jio
panggop jio 18 ore fa
your breathtaking
Michael Traydor
Michael Traydor 14 ore fa
Youre breathtaking !
ghgh gt
ghgh gt 18 ore fa
Filipe Vaz Pascoal
É o John Wick???
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