Cyberpunk's World Is Terrifying (And Why It Matters)

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The Captain's back, and ready to nerd out on a 50 minute gameplay video.
#Cyberpunk2077 #Gaming #RPGs #Worldbuilding #Lore
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Music: Alexander Brandon (Tyrian); Danny Elfman, Russel Shaw (Fable); Alexander Brandon (Jazz Jackrabbit); Mariko Nanba, Keiichi Sugiyama (Blinx: The Time Sweeper)
Opening Animation: LilFuchs, Captain Murphy


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26 set 2018

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PORTAL_ LIZARD! 24 minuti fa
this is literally a perfect representation of anarcho-capitalism
Mindfood 21 ora fa
fuck me..its Syndicate with woman. good job 2019, 1:30 enjoy that collision. hands down will not buy.
bombbay321 Giorno fa
You describe it like it's a bad thing. Its wolves and sheep, let the slaughter begin. Never heard of cyberpunk before last week, now I'm definitely going to buy this.
T.J. Poductions
T.J. Poductions 2 giorni fa
Just want to point out its not anarchocapitalism it's corporatism and it's the same system the u.s. follows today.
Munib Francis
Munib Francis 2 giorni fa
how dare you speak on skyrim like this
psychotrip 2 giorni fa
Ideaharp Gaming
Ideaharp Gaming 2 giorni fa
I’m lovingggggg the graphics!!! It’s like metro exodus but a million times better with the narrative/ innumerable experiential modules etc... can’t wait to play it on max settings!
Calvin Hinkle
Calvin Hinkle 3 giorni fa
Its like watching a buzz feed article...
Chicken Oner
Chicken Oner 3 giorni fa
Lawbreakers did exactly that and it flopped
BulletBill110 4 giorni fa
Cyberpunk is supposed to be dystopian, unfortunately people have forgotten that and only see “whoa cool space stuff”
Chimps coma
Chimps coma 4 giorni fa
anarcho-capitalism is already a thing in mexico, so.....
Ethan Hart
Ethan Hart 5 giorni fa
I wish it was a 3rd person game
boomeh ocean fish
boomeh ocean fish 5 giorni fa
9yrs : see tiddies *OMEGA BUSTA NUTD*
Tristian Lefebvre
Tristian Lefebvre 5 giorni fa
You know what I think is more scary. The fact that there is a country which believes the free market is the way to go for everything.
psychotrip 5 giorni fa
@Tristian Lefebvre So was I. The majority opinion is not represented here.
Tristian Lefebvre
Tristian Lefebvre 5 giorni fa
@psychotrip i was refering to the US of A.
psychotrip 5 giorni fa
More like less than half of a country, but sure!
Jason Crews
Jason Crews 5 giorni fa
This game is what I call a world changer. Meaning if you are smart enough to learn the lore you might find out how much more creepy this game is than it's presented to be. I for one am I proud someone has the balls to go this far finally.
AMV Expo
AMV Expo 5 giorni fa
The is no government int hat world, It is owned by the corps
AMV Expo
AMV Expo 5 giorni fa
Cyberpunk reminds me of my life, why play the game when you can play it in real life, I would rather buy The division 2
AMV Expo
AMV Expo 5 giorni fa
@Baandi soz never played fortnite or cod, don't play pubg either. I did play Tom Clancy's the division, bought the seasonal pass for over a grand but never got anything extra, the second division is been released, basically what the first one should have been :3 finally there is drones! I am thinking of getting monster hunter world and borderlands 3 looks interesting as well but this cyber punk I am already playing tho, its called life xD Would like to play it but pc doesn't allow me too sadly.
Baandi 5 giorni fa
AMV Expo yeah because your life is set on 2077 and this cyberpunk style.. You're Just a casual gamer that likes to play those common games Like cod or fortnite. You are going to play this game anyway because Its going to be too big everyone's going to be talking about it.. You are going to play it because You're Just a casual filth that plays what everyone else's playing
PewPewZee LawL
PewPewZee LawL 5 giorni fa
Dude , you a dumb dumb, acting like a wet girl comenting this game, wtf is wrong with you.
Mecha Apophis CloseAirSupport
Not to forget the maker of Cyberpunk the game ect. He started this interessting world and CD with this guy made a great "other dimension might come true" world that most of us are looking forward to be a part in.
Raul Oliveira
Raul Oliveira 6 giorni fa
I live in Brazil and i can relate to a lot of those night city problems...
Willie Schick
Willie Schick 6 giorni fa
I’m high and that intro was lit.
Niraj kumar
Niraj kumar 6 giorni fa
Talking t00 much
Named User
Named User 6 giorni fa
Captain Murphy is a great artist wheres the credit you thug.
Fake Social Dynamics
You are talking out of your ass,this game is AAA trash.
Eliot Harrell
Eliot Harrell 6 giorni fa
I’m so excited for this game
Mammon 6 giorni fa
The wealthy are all that matter in this world, too.
Red Sanic
Red Sanic 6 giorni fa
sounds alot like shadowrun , I like it
psychotrip 6 giorni fa
It definitely does! I'd kill for a shadowrun game like this too
[]Commander Wiktor[]
but what if you somehow DON'T have a chip in your brain? Then you can't get hacked, and others can't detect if you're lying.
xXx MLGMASTA 6 giorni fa
put your little bethesda hissy fit somewhere else i was enjoying this video until u wet urself
xXx MLGMASTA 6 giorni fa
lets hope they don't pull a uplay
Yudanta 6 giorni fa
Can't wait to jack off with this game.
psychotrip 6 giorni fa
Why wait?
Ruku the Dragon
Ruku the Dragon 6 giorni fa
It looks like Cyberpunk 2077 is Deus Ex with extra steps.
psychotrip 6 giorni fa
You can think of it that way! I'm not sure which came first though. I know Cyberpunk is from the 80s.
bitbutter 6 giorni fa
Would anarcho-capitalism mean the rich abusing the poor (more than they do under the status quo), as they seem to do in this game world? Here's David Friedman introducing considerations relevant to the question: "Rights Enforcement without Government" itvid.net/video/video--PnkC7CNvyI.html "What about the poor?" itvid.net/video/video-ewbTfv40vWs.html
Fischstix95 6 giorni fa
I daydream about this game. I'm kinda nervous that I'm gonna see some serious dark shit I've never seen before, and it'll push the boundaries of narrative fiction in video games. Just as CDPR did with the Baron's story in The Witcher 3.
richard hockey
richard hockey 6 giorni fa
night city is this world with a few illusions torn away: 1) the illusion that governments control things not corporations 2) the illusion that there are more important things in the world than money 3) the illusion that altruism governs what we do instead of self-interest
123 456
123 456 6 giorni fa
Alright chill out. It’s a game. A very extreme and unrealistic game. It’s fun but some of y’all are saying it’s the current world😂
psychotrip 6 giorni fa
Yeah...I think some people are getting carried away, but it's always interesting to see how people relate to games and their worlds.
Michael Torres
Michael Torres 6 giorni fa
wake the fuck up samurai, we have a city to destroy
psychotrip 6 giorni fa
caminam studios
caminam studios 7 giorni fa
This game is open world?
psychotrip 6 giorni fa
Hell yes it is!
Eeaster Kinf
Eeaster Kinf 7 giorni fa
It’s prolly not this deep just a cool game
one above all
one above all 7 giorni fa
Mega City One is as terrifying, if not MORE terrifying, than Cyberpunk's city
virtualatall 6 giorni fa
How would you compare system of judges with corps?
psychotrip 6 giorni fa
Yeah, Judge Dredd and Cyberpunk take a lot of inspiration from each other.
Josh Kariakin
Josh Kariakin 7 giorni fa
in short a lot of channeling of the 80s...in a good way
psychotrip 6 giorni fa
Pretty much, dude!
Damian Navarro
Damian Navarro 7 giorni fa
EMP can Destroyed that city if that emp proof not emp proof you so dead If your robot half humam life support when turn off by EMP Well You DIED
Damian Navarro
Damian Navarro 6 giorni fa
I think the bad ending is EMP Bomb blast in the core of the city i think?
Damian Navarro
Damian Navarro 6 giorni fa
@XIAO Yup Good new for Full flesh human with no tech they will be safe from EMP
XIAO 6 giorni fa
Yes EMP very dangerous! xD
michael lowe
michael lowe 7 giorni fa
fuck me your voice is disgusting you sound like a very camp krusty the clown! you should not be making gaming videos, sorry bro just how I feel
psychotrip 6 giorni fa
Thanks for watching!
chron1c 7 giorni fa
In b4 this video doesn't age well monkaS
psychotrip 6 giorni fa
Lol I'm fully prepared for that. What if this games ends up being complete shit? That would be both depressing and hilarious.
Luke Clark
Luke Clark 7 giorni fa
Kool Karing Kids
Kool Karing Kids 7 giorni fa
shut up nerd
psychotrip 6 giorni fa
WaveHello 7 giorni fa
Is this really new or bold? Yes, the world building is amazingly deep, the details are revealed perfectly. But it's not doing anything that hasn't been done many times. The Cyberpunk genre is 30 years old - so old it's already made a retro comeback with a Bladerunner sequel, live-action Ghost in the Shell, Altered Carbon and Vaporwave/Outrun music. Is this just me?
psychotrip 6 giorni fa
How many of those examples are video games? My point isnt that Cyberpunk is new or unique IN GENERAL, but that within the video game industry there are few examples of such a bold, fully realized world.
Cole Dibiase
Cole Dibiase 7 giorni fa
No you are completely right, but he needs to make an interesting video even if he's lying.
JurassicPlank 7 giorni fa
At least they appear to have solved obesity.
Cole Dibiase
Cole Dibiase 6 giorni fa
@JurassicPlank Obesity is not as big an issue as everyone says. Everyone is saying "Four out of ten Americans are morbidly overweight!" When really no, it's more like one in a hundred is overweight, one in a thousand is morbidly overweight, it's sad and way to much, but it's not nearly as bad as the internet says. You walk down the street and you see a bunch of people who are normal sized, every now and then you see a beer belly. Americans are obsessed with image, are you really going to tell me that that one of the most health obsessed countries is also the most overweight? Everywhere you go, people jog and run, the women only ever where the most reveling clothing they can get away with without getting charged with public nudity, and I have literally seen a cop tell a woman who had kids with her that she needed to put on more clothes because she was showing to much side and under boob in a children's playground. Yes we have our fat people, more then everyone else, but it's not as bad as everyone says. So yes, I will leave my comment about how the NPCs in a game our thin because they probably don't even need to eat. I wish you well good day/night.
JurassicPlank 6 giorni fa
Perhaps that one is a bit too high brow for you.
Cole Dibiase
Cole Dibiase 7 giorni fa
They are hardly even human, can a robot get fat? No!
Natasha Haase
Natasha Haase 8 giorni fa
No fire dept?
taith2 8 giorni fa
ah, capitalism at full force, don't you love it? no state, just hard cash rolling this place!
the man in miami said its over
This game is verywide, but good woke lol
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