Cyberpunk's World Is Terrifying (And Why It Matters)

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The Captain's back, and ready to nerd out on a 50 minute gameplay video.
#Cyberpunk2077 #Gaming #RPGs #Worldbuilding #Lore
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Music: Alexander Brandon (Tyrian); Danny Elfman, Russel Shaw (Fable); Alexander Brandon (Jazz Jackrabbit); Mariko Nanba, Keiichi Sugiyama (Blinx: The Time Sweeper)
Opening Animation: LilFuchs, Captain Murphy


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26 set 2018




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Commenti 4 685
Solomon Kane
Solomon Kane 2 giorni fa
Cybershit... WITCHER 4 !
Mr420weirdo 5 giorni fa
She's part of the arg
ugene k
ugene k 17 giorni fa
Cyber Punk world is caused by "crony capitalism" not "capitalism" a big difference. When you impute stuff like that you confuse your audience.
Rick 137c
Rick 137c 18 giorni fa
its the real future that is coming
TakeRefuge Games
TakeRefuge Games 20 giorni fa
why not just say libertarianism instead of anarcho-capatilism
ZumiiTron 21 giorno fa
Welcome to the real world bruh
lastdon85 21 giorno fa
hokay but, like, tell a producer that. the people that fund shit ABSOLUTELY want a safe bet with the largest possible return. that means appealing to the largest possible audience, and that, that means more skyrim, less morrowind.
Maze Runner
Maze Runner 22 giorni fa
It's look like you described Romania
BadMamuJamu95 22 giorni fa
Wow ur voice is fuckin annoying
thespACEchannel 22 giorni fa
Cyberpunk looks more like Downtown LA, than GTA does.
Big Bear
Big Bear 23 giorni fa
Why do you talk like a Walt Disney character...???
trap queen
trap queen 25 giorni fa
Reminds me of that old game state of emergency
Strange Person
Strange Person 25 giorni fa
The makers of this game should make AD Police the game. :)
Cosmonauteable 25 giorni fa
gives me 2000 deus ex vibes, i like it as far as i've seen
Claymore77 25 giorni fa
Do yourself a favor and put this on 1.25x speed.
xdbos gaming
xdbos gaming 25 giorni fa
Hell yeah I'm going to prepurchase this game because it's lit
Manny Calavera
Manny Calavera 29 giorni fa
Subbed,shocked you have so few subs. Great analysis!
Raz Alghoulz
Raz Alghoulz 29 giorni fa
if you think thats inviting it say more about you than the world lol
Soda Pop
Soda Pop Mese fa
this shit already exist in america lol
Re-Birth Mese fa
please please please let there be a quarter of the dialogue and cutscenes and pointless garbage as the witcher 3
Punam Topno
Punam Topno Mese fa
Your just really trying hard to make a game look bad. But I got news for you buddy your word means shit and your channel's pathetic and no one probably will ever click on one of your video i guarantee you that
Bossnium Mese fa
Must be hard to always talk that way damn i hate fake commentary phonetics
Narco Bob
Narco Bob Mese fa
Who would we blame our problems on if we didn't have corporations?
LAQueja Mese fa
I hope the online aspect of the game doesn't destroy this game, but online destroys everything. From trophy hunting to basic upgrades.
So bored with the whole evil corporations trope.
Narco Bob
Narco Bob Mese fa
People gotta have their boogeymen.
rakwar Mese fa
Great Review with super narrative..your voice slightly reminds me of the honey badger narrative lol
Sweeney Todd
Sweeney Todd Mese fa
If it was my team, they'd wait until they hear the magic words "the corp gets what it wants" and then the warehouse would have exploded.
な6IXLXRD Mese fa
It's pretty obvious that if you decide to work with that Corporate Boss in the future, she'll eventually want the D.
abdul lala
abdul lala Mese fa
So basically it's terrifying Cus it has a link to the real world and the future and the game
Venice Waves
Venice Waves Mese fa
Overall this is a good argument you pose on what it can mean to be authentic, despite our doubts.
[ Redacted ]
[ Redacted ] Mese fa
>So different, so devorced from my own reality God I wish I could live under a rock like you
Phillip Lucion
Not saying this isn't a sick looking game but where the hell did this game come from never have heard of it before what dimension is this from for real is it for console or pc
Outta my way manlets
4:24 This is for myself ignore it
Lownslow2.0 Mese fa
How tf do u only have 12k subscribers. That was the best commentary I think I’ve ever listened to. How u worded everything had me sucked in. Keep it up man
The Big Apple Agent
do you get to play as a guy or just a woman?
The Big Apple Agent
I like having a choice. As a guy i want to play as one. If there's no option, I'll skip the game. 👍
Emily Mese fa
The Big Apple Agent Probably just as a woman. But we don't know for sure if it's just a female. Either way, you still play it the same regardless the gender. It doesn't matter.
cassels23 Mese fa
Good video can wait for It just wash PC specs so I could get ready for the games!
Boston Chris
Boston Chris Mese fa
Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m commenting a year later after this video
Ev Cruel
Ev Cruel Mese fa
Just buy guns and knives and accept that you'll die very soon, very quickly in Night City
Led Floyd
Led Floyd Mese fa
Play Morrowind before shitting on Bethesda’s world building
A.s.C Mese fa
What's with the " Stat-Hit " numbers coming out the bodies when you hit them with EVERY bullet ??? I keep seeing commenters using words like " Immersion / Dark / Adult " etc. If you think " Stat-Counts " are immersive, dark and adult then ok. It's a GAME RUINER and SHAME on everyone NOT bothered about this growing trend … tut, tut, tut …
kagetsuki23 Mese fa
Did you miss the part where V eyes have the ability to scan everything, including the amount of damage she generate.
ahmet games
ahmet games Mese fa
cant wait for this game.
HuffPuff Mese fa
The more and more society continues... the more real cyberpunk 2077 seems... Oh wait
Razum Tazum
Razum Tazum Mese fa
Great analysis, man. Got me even more excited for this game!
Sean Winkfield
But why are people becoming cynborgs? It doesnt make sense, for protection? Just make a Android bodyguard to protect and work for you, you'd be untouchable and cant get hacked.
psychotrip 15 giorni fa
@Sean Winkfield I'm not saying you're wrong for not wanting cybernetics. I'm saying you're wrong for not believing that many people WOULD want cybernetics. Your opinion on the subject is 100% valid, but I was merely trying to explain why so many people could disagree.
Sean Winkfield
psychotrip I think small? You don’t know me on this subject. I can argue about this all day. Cybernetics is dumb, I see what your saying but “why Not be a Cyborg?” Would ultimately lead to the question “what is the point of life?” This is a deep subject CDProjekt is tackling and I hope they understand this because this shit will influence people. Personally, you could never convince me to get it for the reason I mentioned unless... I got in a car crash and lost half my head or got cancer and they had to remove my face. You are the one” thinking too small” on this. I don’t care about “glitz , glamour, and being beautiful” those are small aesthetic things. I don’t want to live for 100 years or even forever. Why would I want to escape death I’m not afraid of any judgement. I know in the game they will explore the key to immortality because your character has it and even explore religion which I’m glad. But imagine this... I believe everything you imagine is real because we have computer graphics and eventually VR. If someone wants to live forever and upload their conscious to a network I’m going to figure out how to hack their dumb ass into my Hell simulation forever while I sit at my desk laughing,drinking a milkshake and eating a cheeseburger. This is a big topic and no way I can debate this in small comments. But the point is YOU CAN GET HACKED! Also why the FUCK would I care about being smarter when I can just have an Android do everything for me? Maybe someone hacks my android to attack me, so I should get cybernetics 2B smart to counter it? But those cybernetics could get hack...🤔 Do you see the pointless nihilistic Dogma cybernetics comes back too? There can be a point to cybernetics like the stuff you mentioned but ultimately there is no point like I mentioned. Also you can live forever but the Universe will eventually destroy itself, so you better figure out how to go to another dimension... but by then you probably won’t be human. .....so maybe the question is “Do you want to be human?” Not “Why NOT be a cyborg?” I would be glad to debate this with you because I can do this all day. I must’ve triggered something in you with my comment to say I’m “thinking too small” because you know it’s true, it’s pointless. But it doesn’t mean people won’t get cybernetics.
psychotrip Mese fa
You're thinking too small. Imagine being smarter, living for hundreds of years, needing less sleep, being as beautiful as you want to be. Cybernetics is a core aspect of Night City's society. The technology is so advanced that they're also relatively cheap. Getting a new implant is like buying a decent laptop. It's a bit expensive, sure, but nothing the average middle-class person can't afford. So the question is: why NOT become a cyborg?
nikhil sha
nikhil sha Mese fa
I hope my system can play this game, gtx 1060 6gb
Monsta R.o.e.
I know you wouldn’t understand why they didn’t call the cops. In the hood we don’t call the cops
psychotrip Mese fa
Except here the whole city is the hood.
parafitality Mese fa
I don't find this terrifying at all
Geralt of Night City
Add me here!
Briobane H.
Briobane H. 2 mesi fa
i just hope nothing gets censored by the ESRB ratings on its U.S. copies. may just buy a European/polish copy to get the game as it was intended.
MrChunkyMaster 2 mesi fa
So in this world it's possible for Disney Land to have its own personal army
sinkiy 2 mesi fa
It’s all about eddies baby. Without them you ain’t shit here. In night city there is 0% responsibility and care for human life and quality lol. This game reminds me of altered carbon a lot. One of my favorite sci-fi book and series.
Bob bison Bobbert
Sounds like America
Gaming Spite
Gaming Spite 2 mesi fa
People are definitely over hyping the crap out of this game this will only end bad for them.
Zed Main
Zed Main 2 mesi fa
Bloodborne and the other Fromsoft games handle world building so well. It's refreshing to see other studios doing this as well.
Wiley Marmot
Wiley Marmot 2 mesi fa
Good review, but you're mistaken in routinely ascribing your emotional reactions, impressions, thoughts, observations, etc to the rest of us. In short; don't say "we feel"; when it's really "you feel".
Zalem Zabon
Zalem Zabon 2 mesi fa
Read the manga Gunnm. Best cyberpunk setting ever.
Edmond Bugos
Edmond Bugos 2 mesi fa
goddammit, anarcho capitalism is not corporatism. They say the world is taken over by the free market and there are no police or government around but it is controlled by corporations who control government. Which is it? Is there a government or not. The banks run a plutocracy today in the real world, not in a world where the free market is in control. This is what happens when you're brainwashed by marxist views of reality. One doesn't realize that what they fear already exists, and what they want is actually a free market. In most anarcho capitalist works, especially if you stick close to the source, you will find ideas on how law and police would work, you don't find a want for lawlessness. That is a straw man that could not be further from the truth about its philosophy. Corporatism is a version of fascism that anarcho capitalists reject. Even real world cypher punks know this.
roberto bandana
roberto bandana 2 mesi fa
meanwhile national geographic tells us how we humans differ from regular animals....meeeh
Adam 2 mesi fa
how does this dude only have 12k subs?
Kadanss 2 mesi fa
wait wait wait whoooaa what was that animation at the beginning
psychotrip 2 mesi fa
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