DABABY - BLIND ft. YOUNG THUG (Official Video)

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Directed By: Motion Family




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Commenti 16 138
Efionayi Etinosa
Efionayi Etinosa 3 giorni fa
Slime 👑
CUSCUZ GAMES 4 giorni fa
Perfeitaaa ♥
madmaverick911 6 giorni fa
제주 탑동골목
제주 탑동골목 2021년 9월 9일 오후 8:41 손님 신청곡 현재 탑동골목에서 손님이 신청한 노래입니다:)
PatrickPlayzGames 9 giorni fa
So inspirational
Malik 1g
Malik 1g 10 giorni fa
Young Thug The Goat
SKY MUSIC 10 giorni fa
The fact that you are here, reading this proves that you're listening and not sleeping on this masterpiece so congratulations!
dunn Gee
dunn Gee 11 giorni fa
The kind of collab that had always been a dream,it happened.
Schnider Mesidor
Schnider Mesidor 12 giorni fa
this song fire but who is G??
Joey Smith
Joey Smith 13 giorni fa
crazy how good this song is and how little views it has.
vAmariIs#1 15 giorni fa
Grandpa old but still going.
Aishat 15 giorni fa
Thou I can't watch the video due to my eyes blindness but I'm not deaf I still enjoy this song ❤️🤘💥📈.. Hit differently
Eliezer Augusto
Eliezer Augusto 15 giorni fa
Vai Corinthians corinthiano maloqueiro
Jlifn 15 giorni fa
Aigbevbiosa Gift
Aigbevbiosa Gift 16 giorni fa
U da great on song
Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis 17 giorni fa
Hugghh sayyy whhhhaaa who ya best friend now den huggh
ItsjaseA 20 giorni fa
This song hit
Samuel Ted
Samuel Ted 20 giorni fa
Shaheed Miller
Shaheed Miller 20 giorni fa
Respect to this rapper... Multi talent... Next best artist to DMX
Shaheed Miller
Shaheed Miller 20 giorni fa
This shit is on repeat 💯
just play
just play 20 giorni fa
The song would be great for a fortnite montage 🤑🥶
Dhurhd Boo
Dhurhd Boo 22 giorni fa
Lit no matter what year fire 🔥
Jwala The Rapper
Jwala The Rapper 24 giorni fa
Dababy Rockstar Song Indian Version itvid.net/video/video-bPnK8OaROm0.html
Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis 24 giorni fa
Too close frann
UZI Vert
UZI Vert 24 giorni fa
Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis 24 giorni fa
Yup real spit truth is truth even when the world is on FYE 🔥
RNG-Bananaツ 27 giorni fa
Hassna Lamghofale
Hassna Lamghofale 27 giorni fa
I want this grandpa 🧙‍♂️🙄😂
GK #21
GK #21 29 giorni fa
If uever feel useless, just remember that dababy pulled on a car even though he could turn a nigga into a convertable!
LTkiki Mese fa
My friend is matching you
Lucid wrld
Lucid wrld Mese fa
I want a collaboration with dababy
Googlebanmetoomuch 2
Honestly thought the video would have more views
Junior Antwi
Junior Antwi Mese fa
"yeah im off probation so its gas i blow, i found luv in ma bitch so i don ask no more" THUG BE ON A WHOLE NOTHA LEVEL
Chandler Bing
Y'all sleeping on this classic mann !!
미국 한국 혼혈 쌍둥이
this song is underated
Isheanesu Mvundura
3:24 dababy using his hand to direct a blind person 😂
Cassandra Fearon
Dulce Magaia
Dulce Magaia Mese fa
Da baby 😎
Halloe 618
Halloe 618 Mese fa
Them doors CLOSING for him now😅
kunal gandhi
kunal gandhi Mese fa
I wanna Also This Type Special Plan On My Birthday 🥂🥶
da baby convertible! 0:08
KeeKillem Mese fa
I’m still rocking with you bro 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💯💯💯💯
Prince Wesseh
Classical video always Dababy
Prince Wesseh
I which to be like you And Rap like you
Christopher Dodd
Luis Vasquez
Luis Vasquez Mese fa
The grandpa tho🤣
OG_Krispy YT
OG_Krispy YT Mese fa
aye what kind of glasses are those tho?
Trina Hister
Trina Hister Mese fa
Ok this song is a vibe. Ok fellas. DA baby is sexy as hell. 😍
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez Mese fa
Jazmin Pierson
Jazmin Pierson 2 mesi fa
Re minded me of my Grandpa Jack
Jazmin Pierson
Jazmin Pierson 2 mesi fa
melvin colon
melvin colon 2 mesi fa
Luis Flechaderecha
ONG thats slime fault
Tyler DiCicco
Tyler DiCicco 2 mesi fa
Went from DaSameflow to DaDollaSign
Canada Moose
Canada Moose 2 mesi fa
렛츠고~ 🏎
Tobechukwu Nwankwo
cool shit
Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods 2 mesi fa
Thugger!... woah!
Cecile Rudge
Cecile Rudge 2 mesi fa
WHATup yall this song means my name blind aka cecile keep it going laugh with yall eyes.and find out the rest im in suriname paramaaribo zuid amerika.born where yallat bron city.next level shit.come end give us money please with showers in wreed blocks.thankyou gusy my god bless yall
Loco Dawg MUE
Loco Dawg MUE 2 mesi fa
Bupe Simutowe
Bupe Simutowe 2 mesi fa
gracie 2 mesi fa
okay this is like really fucking good
Mitchel Hawii
Mitchel Hawii 2 mesi fa
still missing this vibes from dababy× thugger
Shitenda-Boy 2 mesi fa
let's goo!!!
sam cook
sam cook 2 mesi fa
Thuggers verse is immaculate
Tom Zart
Tom Zart 2 mesi fa
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huang jack
huang jack 2 mesi fa
The sordid shingle undoubtedly want because trail globally scrape like a acrid apparatus. valuable, obsolete oboe
THE G SHRIMP SHOW live from chiraq
If you like DA baby.go look at the G shrimp show live from CHIRAQ...let's go.
Ronda McCarron
Ronda McCarron 2 mesi fa
₴₭Ɽ₮ Ø₣₣
KiingRichHard 2 mesi fa
Nice video
Олег Счастный
Дедушка участвовал тростью модель имел
mmusetso melane
mmusetso melane 2 mesi fa
Ricca Francois
Ricca Francois 3 mesi fa
🇭🇹 🔥Wyclef here please🇭🇹🔥
Dick'N Yo'Ass
Dick'N Yo'Ass 3 mesi fa
Far farther
John Nenga
John Nenga 3 mesi fa
hack 9192
hack 9192 3 mesi fa
Topsonic Records
Samba Francois
Samba Francois 3 mesi fa
Artricia Shenell
Shout to DABABY for dat 💥 #MemphisMusic🔥 playing @ 00:26 to 00:29 #Moneybaggyo #Memphis WE so lit. Follow me on IG
Too Much Drip
Too Much Drip 3 mesi fa
I've been blind for a while now............ Let's Go yeeeaaah
Geno Corey
Geno Corey 3 mesi fa
bro his grampa be savage tho
Skyler Gaming
Skyler Gaming 3 mesi fa
not me noticing the tesla at 0:23 in the background
iseeyou 3 mesi fa
When Dababy sings . Woooowwwww just wowwe
Krispy 3 mesi fa
I been qurantining with my kids tryna teach me how to chacha... Nigga what? 😂😂😂😂
Kristian Muhammad
Dababy came with a diffrent vibe in this song
3 mesi fa
Go old man
Webby 3 mesi fa
This is the first time is hasn’t cursed while singing
Beautiful Nightmare
Nicole Toland
Nicole Toland 3 mesi fa
I've been blind for a while now 😜😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💯💯💯💯💯💯facts
Nora Berry
Nora Berry 3 mesi fa
The pleasant slice apparently comb because buffet suprisingly spark mid a watery celeste. cloistered, ludicrous nurse
nose fart
nose fart 3 mesi fa
If that's actually babys grandpa that's cute af
Naija Registe
Naija Registe 3 mesi fa
I love mister yeah
leekjaymusic 3 mesi fa
Uncle drew vibes . Who is that old nigga ?😂😂🤔
Ash-Music Vevo
Ash-Music Vevo 3 mesi fa
Yow your very Talented bro I like the flow
Lil BABBLu 3 mesi fa
How Thug falls
Best Music
Best Music 3 mesi fa
Dababy sound its dope but they put autotune for fk sake.. So bad..
wn pog
wn pog 3 mesi fa
I miss the old *LESS GO* 😢
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