DaBaby - Gucci Peacoat (Official Video)

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Directed By: Gemini Vision (@Gemini.one1)
Song Produced By: K.I.D (@iamdjkid)





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ImGlidin 16 ore fa
Ramon Slepcik
Ramon Slepcik Giorno fa
Joey Luna
Joey Luna 2 giorni fa
Facts mad respect fo @dababy
Squirrel gangツ
Squirrel gangツ 4 giorni fa
Donald Evans
Donald Evans 5 giorni fa
This song talks to my soul brah … Sorry for ur loss #LONGLIVEG💯
Onfroy... 12 giorni fa
Remember He’s not dying until he’s forgotten.
Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson 14 giorni fa
I love my brother man .
710fps 15 giorni fa
love u g
Suer Koprel
Suer Koprel 16 giorni fa
Marukesu 17 giorni fa
R.I.P. Glenn❤️
Official Risk King Jeremie 👈
This song is kind sad 😢 losing someone 🙏. But Jesus he’s everywhere amen 🙏. 🙁😔 👉 #Dababy
Official Risk King Jeremie 👈
I gat it. This song is kind sad 😢 losing someone 🙏. But Jesus he’s everywhere amen 🙏. 🙁😔
J&N Vlog
J&N Vlog 18 giorni fa
Who still Jam this every day
Davontay Stinson
Davontay Stinson 21 giorno fa
Wicked Jenn
Wicked Jenn 21 giorno fa
I didn’t expect to cry but I am. I lost my first born the same way last August 2 weeks after his 29th birthday. He was my baby I had as a”baby” we grew up together. I miss him every day but I’m thankful my mom was waiting for him. He thought no one would miss him he was so wrong.
Donald Evans
Donald Evans 5 giorni fa
Sorry for ur loss
Land Malcolm
Land Malcolm 22 giorni fa
My big brother just got killed one week ago.. this song hits different rn rip Roderick Miller I love you big brother
Zaddyy Rodriguez
Zaddyy Rodriguez 24 giorni fa
T Dubb
T Dubb 25 giorni fa
Ayo I never knew DABABY would make me cry ngl
Stygian Giorno fa
lmfao exactly
Spikedup 223
Spikedup 223 26 giorni fa
Bacon uwu
Bacon uwu 26 giorni fa
As a big brother this song kills me
Laila Alsam
Laila Alsam 26 giorni fa
Long live G
Quesi Kilburn
Quesi Kilburn 28 giorni fa
Rip g
Bookey Carr
Bookey Carr 29 giorni fa
Don't cry da baby is okay you in your. Bro love you tho okay so don/t cry
Charles Noise
You the reason baby brother cut throat i felt that man 😥😥
Izayah Hicks
Izayah Hicks Mese fa
Man I know its hard to not cry bruh it's gone be ight dawg hes in peace now bruh he in there wit yu dad bruh they in peace I'm sorry for Yu lost bb
Red Dawg
Red Dawg Mese fa
Da babys pain real
Xavier Balboa
All 4.2k people that disliked should unalive themselves
NBA Youngboy Fans
I love this song ❤😍
DABABY goes so hard on this, never disappointed. he is not like other who are going viral by using Authenticviews to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees
Jacob Frecces
This shit real man i felt this
Liza Thomas
Liza Thomas Mese fa
Fort Daddy
Fort Daddy Mese fa
The people who disliked this was crying so much they couldn’t see the like button
MoeJohnson 21 giorno fa
@fast_and_the_curious He’s saying that if u dislike this video ur jus whacked out of ur mind. Like got severe brain damage or smthin. This song’s so powerful idk why ppl dislike it
Cap stop
GregDaBeast 975
"DaBaby sounds the same in all of his songs" This song: Allow me to introduce myself
Jeremiah Tirado
Rip to his brother man 😔 I hope baby can one day heal from that pain. God bless you all 🙏🏾✝️ Dababy the goat Fr 🐐
Anxiety Mese fa
You can straight up feel the pain. Long live g. I’m sorry this happened bruh. 💔
Jonah43 6
Jonah43 6 Mese fa
I actually liked this but I’ve just seen the ig of his bro blaming him so not sure what u done Dababy but damn that vid u clearly done something to ya bro
xzotc editz
xzotc editz Mese fa
"before I let you do that wouldve killed a 100 n****
aldo Mese fa
Damn i don't fw da baby music but this deep
Stygian Giorno fa
Dylan Elgert
Dylan Elgert Mese fa
My brother died the same way the same way the same month this comes out. Always looked up to him like this. Scary how close this story is to mine
Desmon Hayes
Desmon Hayes Mese fa
Song got tears in my eyes. Miss you Bro
fleshy D
fleshy D Mese fa
Eric Flynn
Eric Flynn Mese fa
this shit fire rip G👏🕊
r kid
r kid Mese fa
man this remind how i almost died so was playing basketball with my brother then a car pulled up and grab a gun which a drive by they was finna shoot my brother but i had save his life and got shot but went the hostipal and been in a coma for about a few weeks then i thought was gonna die but made it out alive wake up then was a hero it wasnt for me my brother would died
Nysia Rudd
Nysia Rudd Mese fa
Rip 🙏🏾🤍🕊
Angel Lujano
Angel Lujano Mese fa
My uncle killed himself RIP 😔🥺👌😔
Ashton Vazquez
Long Live G
geezus Franko
Crazy how much significance this song has to my family now after my aunt lost her first born to a very random house fire 💔 R.I.P Scotty Hicks
Yøur mums Śecret løver
Im at peace so you can be at fucking peace
Tristan Autry
This song hits so hard. 😭
Fuckın Great
Godson Robinson
You sacrificed your brother to get in that industry
YoMom blowsme
lost my big brother a month ago due to a car crash shit hurts
Suicide is a just permanently solving a temporary problem- Bruce rivers
Qlaspi Mese fa
Melody Galo
Melody Galo Mese fa
I can relate my friend killed himself
Vinci Perri
Vinci Perri Mese fa
this deep
GregDaBeast 975
DaBaby should make more meaningful songs like this 🔥🔥😎😎
Gloria E.
Gloria E. Mese fa
This song touched me deep! My little brother will make 1 yr 06/18/2021 that he decided to leave us to. It's so tragic and it changes you. #Forever20 #JFG
Kishana Franklin
Arpi bro we love you
You know this song is a masterpiece
Alfreda Mckinnon
Listen to this song and all I felt was tears coming down my eyes because it made me miss my big brother so much it is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss my brother
Jaedyn Furtick
Llg bro 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🗨
I was on da verge of suicide before so dis song hits different i looked at da baby as my lil bro thank u DABABY I COULDNT DO DAT TO HIM sorry for ur loss bro keep puttin out dope music
Pascal Mese fa
sentimiento = verdadero 😜
iam theinternet
Fucking crying...
iam theinternet
on god this is... like... maaaaaaan.
Casey Stickley
You made 2 songs about your brother you must been sad making it don't stop
AYO Mese fa
Lay&Jaz Channel
omg im so so sorry for your los :(
Jaylah Hodges
R.I.P its crazy because his brother and my momma got the same birthday same year and everything they the same age wow rest easy
James Tillman
Evetime I hear this I fill baby love u to Bro R.i.p. Hen Dog
PRINC3 JOK3R Mese fa
Hell nah bro
Jessica Marie Davis
How did his brother pass away?
mJordan Mese fa
Suicide. He shot himself.
Krispy Mese fa
I thought this song was some JUMP type shit but this shit hit me hard cuz my great grandma died
Enrique Villar
I got dababy air forces
Da’Ron Blakely
See this is real music. Music that has a meaning I really don’t like how most rapper like talking about twerking or just how people are whores. This is song has none of that which is why this is one of my favorite songs from dababy
mJordan Mese fa
Listen to ‘intro’ by dababy. Quite similar but with a little bit of flex.
Bikelife420 Mese fa
Long live g 🕊🔥
Reagan Harris
I was cry because my papa died from cancer
Is_ Vibin
Is_ Vibin Mese fa
“Lookin at my nephew and he think his daddy breathin“ 😢
a king from tegucigalpa
i agree dababy this song is very good - riocky
a king from tegucigalpa
thank for this song dababy i hope you are doing better
Andrea Harrison
your bad you say bad words
Cristopher Martinezz
Rip gg
Queen Nee
Queen Nee Mese fa
💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️. FLY HIGH LA familia prayers for you and your family @dababy
Tameon Robinson
“You the reason that ya baby brother cut throat...you the reason baby brother love gun smoke” you can hear the pain in the man voice
Dream Mese fa
Misty Blue
Misty Blue Mese fa
Any loss is painful
You can hear the pain in his voice he sounded like he was bout to cry 0:11
CBWwisdom Mese fa
O.T.F Robba
O.T.F Robba Mese fa
Damn bro this shit hit hard to me bro
Joey Purger
Joey Purger Mese fa
JR the Gent
JR the Gent Mese fa
Nah that ain’t DaBaby that’s Jon Jon right there. #704
Yordonka Hunnewell
Just lost one of my best friends a few weeks ago due to suicide and this song spoke to me. Thank you dababy and anyone who likes this comment and comments in support. I love y'll. Thank you so much MWAH!
Yordonka Hunnewell
@GWL Khi thank you. muah
GWL Khi Mese fa
Sorry for yo loss
Yordonka Hunnewell
Thank you whoever like this. You made my day. MWAH
Ashlie Williams
Ashlie Williams 2 mesi fa
So sorry for your loss 🙏🏾
Joseph Parker
Joseph Parker 2 mesi fa
prayers for dababy and family rip g
Da Legend
Da Legend 2 mesi fa
My New Album itvid.net/group/PL9tvEzzJDaHQuWouO8XKh5bo9wL2ITFrs
Memphis Mentzer
Memphis Mentzer 2 mesi fa
If I could end it and it wouldn’t hurt anyone I so would
Mykhia Johnson
Mykhia Johnson 2 mesi fa
I miss u bro big bro cam
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