Dana White on Colby vs. Masvidal; Fury/Ngannou and Bob Arum/Crawford lawsuit

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There are lots of ways to support our brave first responders - drinking a rich & smooth Proper Irish Whiskey is one of them.


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14 gen 2022




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Commenti 2 612
Sumanth sf
The way dana handles press and stupid questions is just magical.
Niek de haan
If the doctor guy had just gone in a little harder we would’ve been served with a masterpiece of a dana rant
Aaron Wilson
Dana’s smile when he said “and I’m NOT a doctor” 😅😅 priceless
Josh Connor
God I love Dana whites interviews because he is so brutally honest
Eric Honea
Dana White is the most spot on definition of a Boss. No bullshit, firm, makes a lot of money, and works 24/7 on making his business better and better.
Jimi James
Respect to Dana for pushing back at that fucking journalist asking if he was a doctor.
Enrique D
Lmfao thank you Dana for standing up for the people. We need this kind of attitude in our government aside of any other type of qualification it's this attitude that we need.
We almost made it through a presser without a Conor question..... almost 😂
I'm honesty always excited for new Dana press conferences, he's a really interesting and genuine person. I'd love to see him on the Joe Rogan podcast (if his insane work schedule allows it lol)
Christian Morales
Dana stood his ground
Steven Pooler
Love Dana's energy in his interviews 🤣😂🤣
Jr Ruiz
Looking forward to another great year and these Dana white post fight interviews 💯💯💯
Blockchain Jay
Anyone that has even a tiny bit of ambition knows Dana is the man .
Greg Q
Go Dana! Fantastic. His type with his platform is exactly what this world needs. Precisely, I hope he keeps this up, he was buzzing of the Truth in this case...
That journalist got owned by Dana 😂
The way Dana handled the "Are You A Doctor" guy was so satisfying to watch, not the biggest fan of Dana, but hat's off to him for that.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Dana is always a fantastic interview/press conference
Christian Avila
“You’re a doctor?” Lmao I thought Dana was about to go off
Stephen D
Dana roasted the living f*** outta that “are you a doctor?” Guy! LMAO.
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