Danny Duncan | Best Of 2019

Danny Duncan
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Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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Commenti 80
Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan 2 mesi fa
Thanks for another amazing year! Love you guys ❤️ excited for 2020 I’ll do my best to go harder haha ... www.dannyduncan69.com
Andrea Jones
Andrea Jones 2 giorni fa
You should jumped on the table because how crazy you are
Simoneau Jacob
Simoneau Jacob 2 giorni fa
How the fuck you change the building lighrs?? Real talk
Jarrett LeMaster
Jarrett LeMaster 3 giorni fa
How tall is Danny??
Riley Pequin
Riley Pequin 6 giorni fa
This didn't age well lololol
Carver GODX
Carver GODX 9 giorni fa
That emotional tho
king jay
king jay Ora fa
Most dangerous men wear black Air Force ones papa Jim wear his black crocs
freddy palacios
Gotta love alex E!
Plan Bee
Plan Bee 3 ore fa
Man I really just watched this whole video at 4 in the morning
david hechavarria
almond milk you have to respect cows lmao 15:36
brom bromzz
brom bromzz 4 ore fa
I’m part tree an this is really offensive
Quilts 4 ore fa
your fucking cool ass dude
Halogen 5 ore fa
My girlfriend was sleeping on my arm and woke up at 54:01 ....the look she had was....”oh”
AM PB 8 ore fa
Yo but how was he changing the colors for real
Tate Smith
Tate Smith 8 ore fa
Why is Alex so good at acting
CastingCouchYt *
I dont usally cry but seeing danny cry brought me to tears
Alexis Catalan
Alexis Catalan 10 ore fa
josh stevenson
josh stevenson 10 ore fa
"push him down" fucking drop kicks him into next week
King McKinley
King McKinley 13 ore fa
did i just here mister beast swere like omg
Maine River Tide Fishing
fuk u danny
XxBillybobjoexX 15 ore fa
did anyone else accidently watch the whole thing
JJ Mahomes
JJ Mahomes 16 ore fa
1:15 :09 Aaron is freaking out
Carter Tidwell
Carter Tidwell 17 ore fa
41:51 funniest shit I’ve seen today😂😂
Matt Hogan
Matt Hogan 18 ore fa
This has been the best hour and 46 minutes of my life lmao
Joe Sarkozi
Joe Sarkozi 19 ore fa
I just had the most fun. I've ever had watching that.
Im.just.michael 23 ore fa
Why is Danny good at everything like why
blizzard Giorno fa
have you guys ever questioned like what happens when danny gets older and passes on whats gonna happen
Braxton Pieper
Braxton Pieper Giorno fa
Danny: I’m ok Old lady:no your not and I can tell your not
Very Complex
Very Complex Giorno fa
54:06 wtf
Riley Walsh
Riley Walsh Giorno fa
Andrew reminds me of Donald glover
NAE PotionѰ
NAE PotionѰ Giorno fa
Boisback Sup
Boisback Sup Giorno fa
Danny: were gonna eat them all 2 hours later Throws watermelon at mail boxes
Nick rebol
Nick rebol Giorno fa
18:41 mr beast cuss
Dylan Mills
Dylan Mills Giorno fa
best part was the budombudonbudom
Payton May
Payton May Giorno fa
1:42 :07 Aaron’s arms One bigger then the other🤔
D4ddy Mags
D4ddy Mags Giorno fa
Who’s rewatching this during quarantine, cause you’ve watched everything else.>
Jiles Mason
Jiles Mason 4 ore fa
DOLLARS 6 ore fa
Me lol
Jubin Weber
Jubin Weber 10 ore fa
zoom zoom
zoom zoom 11 ore fa
WizKidRocks238 Giorno fa
1:40 :19 my favorite part
Carson Conner
Carson Conner Giorno fa
“I’m not a baby dude” - Aaron literally every video
JJ Mahomes
JJ Mahomes Giorno fa
Aaron says I’m not gonna crash dude And he knows he is gonna crash
mr beast
mr beast Giorno fa
At 18:42 beast drops an f 💣 FAMILY FRIENDLY I don't think he knew he was on 📷
Yeet Ny deer
Yeet Ny deer Giorno fa
JAMES JAYDEN and the other guy
Yeet Ny deer
Yeet Ny deer Giorno fa
I’m only likening cause I saw mr beast and I know who wins Before it even starts
Gabriel b
Gabriel b Giorno fa
Gary Winthrop
isaiah green
isaiah green Giorno fa
Lmao Danny always says Aaron is a baby when like he does some crazy shit lmao
Cowan Allen
Cowan Allen Giorno fa
mr beast swears
Alex Burton
Alex Burton Giorno fa
I’ve watched this 10 times already
The Eagle
The Eagle Giorno fa
1:06 :00 These people are so sweet
Beaugun Giorno fa
aye who else watched the whole thing!?!?
Fihx Future
Fihx Future Giorno fa
30:22 this man ready for a sea bear attack
Snipe 1385
Snipe 1385 Giorno fa
this was uploaded on my birthday
Devan Garcia
Devan Garcia Giorno fa
Who makes a beat moments about them self’s😭
Cheesy Chris
Cheesy Chris Giorno fa
TRZ jams
TRZ jams Giorno fa
Beaugun Giorno fa
dude Danny is literally good at like every sport lmao wtf
Marcus Romero
Marcus Romero Giorno fa
danny is bi im calling it
Taylor Pearson
Taylor Pearson Giorno fa
I am a manager at Publix and I approve this video.
Mount ooferest
Mount ooferest Giorno fa
Him: destroys stuff Also him when someone asks him how much he has destroyed: yes
FangedDolphin Gaming
Fets luck hahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha
V e l o c y
V e l o c y Giorno fa
While watching your intro, I thought: You should get arrested, m8.
LewisTheGamer 94
Danny was tryin to give that guy a heart attack at the strip club
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Giorno fa
I just finished the whole video
SHEDD 2 giorni fa
Rip I live in mobile al
Joseph García
Joseph García 2 giorni fa
i watched the whole thing
Antonio Suarez
Antonio Suarez 2 giorni fa
I fucking love when he was getting interviewed
Lars Reksterberg
Lars Reksterberg 2 giorni fa
Aron and danny is the funniest
Ryan Plaistek
Ryan Plaistek 2 giorni fa
11:50 GDK
Rogee Silva
Rogee Silva 2 giorni fa
What vlog is it on 55:00
John Johnson
John Johnson 2 giorni fa
1:18 :30 wade Barrett?
Andrewbaseball5 08
Andrewbaseball5 08 2 giorni fa
Mr. Beast said a cuss word
Sam Holden
Sam Holden 2 giorni fa
BigRod1k 2 giorni fa
We need to link everybody at pc Englewood and Charlotte and North port say I’m funny asf I’m down to do whatever 😂😂
Henry -TV
Henry -TV 2 giorni fa
Jon James
Jon James 2 giorni fa
Jon James
Jon James 2 giorni fa
Jon James
Jon James 2 giorni fa
Liam Bennett
Liam Bennett 2 giorni fa
1:19 :00 is the funniest thing in my opinion
Corey Steffensmeier
1:17 :09 Vietnam flashback
DieHard Skateboarding
Danny Duncan is like Mr. beast but way better and more fun
Jordan Mills
Jordan Mills 3 giorni fa
Hahah I wouldn't be able to take someone seriously if they told me they were a 'Risk Manager' of a party, the bloke was asking to get ripped 😂
Markus White
Markus White 3 giorni fa
I would fucking love to be in your group you guys are fucking crazy
Nico Brakus
Nico Brakus 3 giorni fa
7:27 my car in GTA
Directed Battle
Directed Battle 3 giorni fa
Watched the whole damn video
Dab Cityyy
Dab Cityyy 3 giorni fa
Man this video was soliidddd
Gt Ww
Gt Ww 3 giorni fa
1:40 :14 danny:I will get in front of him WOW u sweet BOY
Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez 3 giorni fa
Danny needs to put a PA system in the Tesla
Aj Moberly
Aj Moberly 3 giorni fa
I feel bad for Cameron
Haiden Boland
Haiden Boland 3 giorni fa
Danny duncan the movie
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