David Gilmour " Guitarist Extraordinaire "

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Marooned - Coming Back to Life - Sorrow
Support band
Phil Manzanera: Guitar, vocals
Phil Palmer: Guitar, backing vocals
Pino Palladino: Bass guitar, backing vocals
Paul "Wix" Wickens: Keyboards
Ian Thomas: Drums & percussion
Cassandra Nicole Malaise: Backing vocals
Margot Buchanan: Backing vocals
Steve Balsamo: Backing Vocals
Helen McRobbie: Backing Vocals
The Strat Pack Concert Wembley Arena


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6 ott 2012




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Commenti 80
Des Byrne
Des Byrne 3 anni fa
David Gilmore is by far the most crisp clean and perfect guitarist that's ever been. he has a way of bending and pulling strings everytime he plays . that's why his sound is so unique . pink Floyd 50 years on and our kids will say the same in 50 years from now . shine on my friends
Søren Guldbjerg
gilmore, slash, sum41 g's , many to look up to :) need the hat tho :P
MrMajar9 Giorno fa
he is surely not the only one who "bends and pulls " them strings. who doesn t ( except for jazzers ) ? more important than this basic " tool " of blues and rock guitar playing is his ability to tzell a lot more with just few tones than army of schreders with vacuum in their heads.
Gabriele Gentili
Gabriele Gentili 5 giorni fa
@penta15786 i'm not shure... i think is another person.
William Chapman
William Chapman 5 giorni fa
Lovely passion without apology ❤
penta15786 6 giorni fa
@Gabriele Gentili David Gilmour admired his guitar hero Hank Marvin.
whocaress no
whocaress no 6 ore fa
if you reeeally know about music, you listen to david bowie, cohen and dylan. and when you finish that, go to listen modern instrumental music, and real music. The cannon is stupit and bored, famous musicians are bored when you know about music.
OdeonRoldo Roldano
El Bárbaro Adducci
roman witnicki
muzyka na ukojenie tych pier...ych wyborów ,,mam was ku,,,y gdzies wszystkich psy,
Nancy Offenhiser
When his tongue sticks out..you know it's gonna be GOOD!!
jason beard
jason beard Giorno fa
the best.
Brigitte Sánchez Gutierrez
Buen guitarrista
Renata Pessoa
Renata Pessoa Giorno fa
Como alguém dá deslaike num talento extraordinário desse?! Minha nossa.... é bom demais!❤️🎶👏
Søren Guldbjerg
it depends, who, tells the story :D love it
JiggidyNDG Giorno fa
David just picks up a guitar and goes places!
Vargr í Véum
Vargr í Véum Giorno fa
Where were you when I was burned and broken While the days slipped by from my window watching Where were you when I was hurt and helpless Because the things you say and the things you do surround me While you were hanging yourself on someone else's words Dying to believe in what you heard I was staring straight into the shining sun Lost in thought and lost in time While the seeds of life and the seeds of change were planted Outside the rain fell dark and slow While I pondered on this dangerous but irresistible pastime I took a heavenly ride through our silence I knew the moment had arrived For killing the past and coming back to life I took a heavenly ride through our silence I knew the waiting had begun And headed straight.into the shining sun
nigdomio soli
nigdomio soli Giorno fa
Simplemente lo máximo
Jose Calisto
Jose Calisto 2 giorni fa
muy buena musica
Antony M
Antony M 2 giorni fa
Its like the whales and dolphins..My God..!!!!!!
ErinRedLass 2 giorni fa
Ah David.....Absolutely brilliantly lovely....how very much I’ve been in love with you!! From the first time I heard your voice and glorious hands on those strings..... God bless you laddie..... for 50 years this long red haired Hippy chick has been grooving to your music 🥰🌹
Andres Guerra
Andres Guerra 2 giorni fa
Maestro de Maestros !!!! Gracias Vida por permitirme disfrutar de este músico en mi paso por este mundo.
BTC roll
BTC roll 2 giorni fa
I just love how David plays the guitar" wow its just the best of the best
Toncor12 2 giorni fa
This music will be streaming down the halls of care homes twenty years from now......
Gurry l.
Gurry l. 2 giorni fa
12 56 вынос чердака
Bebe Bogo
Bebe Bogo 2 giorni fa
Manuel Maiorana
Manuel Maiorana 2 giorni fa
Molto bella Girolama di maggio
Port de Plaisance de La Rochelle
I'm 57 yo & my dream, since I was 15 is to see & hear David Gilmour at concert. I hope to live until to realize this dream. Pink Floyd always was a continuing line, a light in the dark during my all life. Hope it wil continue ... David is a perfectionnist, sensible and highly experiment guitarist. Respect.
Martin Couperthwaite
Bar none
eric pstill
eric pstill 3 giorni fa
Stop playing games with me I'm getting sick of you set up
eric pstill
eric pstill 3 giorni fa
I sent in my comment but it is no where to be seen
Guillermina Schunk
Guillermina Schunk 3 giorni fa
Love love love
eric pstill
eric pstill 3 giorni fa
David To me you are the best guitarist in this world. You are just amazing. It is just awesome. You are God,s gift to the universe. You are the most talented, versatile, brilliant musician and we are blessed that you have been sent to us from God. Love you David. Thank you and God Bless you You are indeed a legend
Alex Roostson
Alex Roostson 3 giorni fa
jennifer chiluisa
jennifer chiluisa 3 giorni fa
Simplemente hermoso
Brian Charles
Brian Charles 3 giorni fa
I no mate bargain I was going to by it but I was 50quid short
William Castleberry
I can't stand the thought of losing him. He is the God of guitar.
Wallace Wiggam
Wallace Wiggam 2 giorni fa
William, I thought the same thing today.
Ирина Пнева
The best. 👌
Mario Assumpção
Mario Assumpção 4 giorni fa
doidera total ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ fumar para escutar David Gilmour, dolirio total.
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 4 giorni fa
Sweetest guitar I have ever heard comes from this man
Eru Iluvataår V.
Eru Iluvataår V. 4 giorni fa
j b
j b 4 giorni fa
Anne Marie Stevenson
Just beautiful!
Тимофей Болотин
Сэр Гилмор великолепен!!! Божественнен в своём виртуозном мастерстве !!!
Stephen Kerrigan
Stephen Kerrigan 4 giorni fa
What a voice and what a guitar player! Always great to see and listen to amazing talent. Music is the best thing anyone can have- you will never be alone, it lifts you , the emotions in seeing a great live band to putting on your fave cd at full blast , singing along, playing air guitar and banging the drums. I discovered music at 9 yrs old - 54 now and will never tire of it. Thank you David and Pink Floyd.
Leonardo Calabrese
Leonardo Calabrese 4 giorni fa
tulsipuri 4 giorni fa
My favourite over 45 years.
Moz Azar
Moz Azar 4 giorni fa
Pink Floyd band is modern Beethoven!!! Classic Rock!!! The incredible story behind every song!!!!
Dan Schumann
Dan Schumann 5 giorni fa
V.A.K GAMING 5 giorni fa
whats the name of these songs?
Giorgio Zoppi
Giorgio Zoppi 2 giorni fa
penta15786 6 giorni fa
David Gilmour admired his guitar hero Hank Marvin.
marcin rychlewski
marcin rychlewski 6 giorni fa
thx USA
Timothy 6 giorni fa
It’s amazing how music just makes you feel some kind of way
Michael Prentice
Michael Prentice 6 giorni fa
Wonderful could listen 2them all day .😁🇦🇺😊😁 mike p ..
leonard durand
leonard durand 6 giorni fa
5.5k dislikes ??? Wtf
Creative COW
Creative COW 7 giorni fa
Which one's Pink? You have your answer.
IRA FREEDMAN 7 giorni fa
Thank G-d, he made it past 27
Turbo Turbo
Turbo Turbo 7 giorni fa
Очень сильно!!!❤👍
Pablo Bai
Pablo Bai 7 giorni fa
sujon Ahmed
sujon Ahmed 7 giorni fa
Hey is that Prince Charles on bass? haha..
Jose Alberto Schilling Pulgatti
Its varry good
Walter Ricardi
Walter Ricardi 7 giorni fa
Ya lo vi 1000 veces...mas 1000 vecas vere...capo
ramona reed
ramona reed 8 giorni fa
Gives me chills while I'm trying to catch my breath!
Bertalan Virág
Bertalan Virág 8 giorni fa
lost soul waiting twin flame
You are an amazing amazing guitarist! Just order me electric guitar Yamaha! Cant wait till I can make that guitar sing n make skin crawl! But I'm going for it I played drums in high school n couple years after BUT GUITAR THAT CAN MAKE YOUR BODY TALK
William Schwartz
William Schwartz 8 giorni fa
Whoever paid 3.9 million dollars for his guitar, got a real bargain. BRILLIANT
indigo reseñas
indigo reseñas 2 giorni fa
@Henrique Puppo Boueri Yeah, you are right. Its not the guitar, its the guitarrist-
Henrique Puppo Boueri
@Gary ferguson I got your concern, but even tho I guitar holds too much history, it is Gilmour who gives it a meaning, and he is still awesome. His play style will never get old, he plays with his emotion, not with his finger. Take Comfortably Numb as an example, this songs isn't technically hard to repeat, but the felling passed from Gilmour through the guitar is unique. I haven't had the chance to hear his new song, but I've read it was recorded with his daughter. Is she's got half of his talent, she must be awesome and a very pleasant surprised. I hope these dark times go as fast as possible, tho I'm sure it has its contribution to Gilmour's "inspiration".
Gary ferguson
Gary ferguson 2 giorni fa
@Henrique Puppo Boueri When David sold his collection, including the black beauty, I mourned as though that was *it*, no more Mr Gilmour musically. The release of a new song felt like somewhat of a resurrection. It appears it is a collaboration with a family member who he has of course been locked down with. You have to ask the question, would that have happened had it not been for these times? And if so, and if we want to look for some light. Then for me at least, it's Mr Gilmour releasing a heartwarmingly beautiful new song :)
peter mills
peter mills 3 giorni fa
@Henrique Puppo Boueri Thanks. I thought it must have been for something like that.
Henrique Puppo Boueri
@peter mills "David Gilmour sells his guitars to raise record-breaking $21 million for climate change charity"
Qui sait de nos jours faire de cette musique, la vraie?
Ricardo Álvarez Fonseca
Cero moscardón y la rompe igual...
roberto giuliano
roberto giuliano 8 giorni fa
and glory,if you' re here
roberto giuliano
roberto giuliano 8 giorni fa
and explode in beauty
roberto giuliano
roberto giuliano 8 giorni fa
beg for mercy if yoy can
IlIlIlIlI I 8 giorni fa
Whats the name of the first music please ?!!
IlIlIlIlI I 8 giorni fa
@Abhishek Sarswat thank you
Abhishek Sarswat
Abhishek Sarswat 8 giorni fa
Karen Nielsen
Karen Nielsen 8 giorni fa
God I can't believe David is 74 music sucks today when was the last time you seen 4 teenage boys and 4 guitars and drums and a keyboard in a garage become the next rock God's
Grygoriy Melnyk
Grygoriy Melnyk 8 giorni fa
Он делает звук похожим на извлечение смычком
Daniel Lacerda
Daniel Lacerda 8 giorni fa
Fantástico David!!!!!
Leidy Johjana Ramirez
me encanta, realmente me encanta, me llena de todas las emociones,
Melissa Schroeter
Melissa Schroeter 9 giorni fa
still looking for the one that lets me say me.... as you play the string s that make my heart feel..... you play it … want to hear ….. who feels it.... why else would you play it.... if words were not felt by the strings you play...…. I have lived..... life of joy and pain.... string s can b e either... saying who we are..... trying to live them both..... that laugh and cry we can be as life take s us ….. to experience who we are..... no living with out either... some more some less ….. will see what life is …. as we find our way back to what ? loss mAKES you think..... about who you are.... laugh only sees light ..... no dark... some have laugh and some have dark.... most of their lives..... how to get through that hell to see any light.... that already took your soul..... find any light in the dark we have already seen.... in a world that was to b e a light for us all..... but we only saw dark.....
daniel sloss
daniel sloss 9 giorni fa
Having a Hazy IPA by Stone Breweries of San Diego Ca😎😃🙏🏽🙏🏽👉🏼
Mike Hill
Mike Hill 9 giorni fa
God will end C-19 God bless 🙏 you and your family love Michael
Zaymon Esquivel
Zaymon Esquivel 9 giorni fa
Ke voz y k avilidad le adado dios y uno de los megores guitarristas de Mundo
Oegoenoegoe 9 giorni fa
Wanna know who slaughtered Romanovs, killed Kennedy, did USS Liberty, 9 11 and are behind Corana scamdemic see EUROPA THE LAST BATTLE - FULL VERSION (2017) BitChute
Ian Durman
Ian Durman 9 giorni fa
Hair on the arms stands up listening to this...no matter how many times
Michael Prentice
Michael Prentice 6 giorni fa
I agree with u..🇦🇺😁
Nelson Cerda
Nelson Cerda 10 giorni fa
Que guitarrista que sonido un maestro
Craig Butterfield
Craig Butterfield 10 giorni fa
One of the most gifted musicians to ever walk this Earth.
FACIL EGL 21 ora fa
A Guitar Walker Heart
Sam Gunderson
Sam Gunderson 7 giorni fa
This level of mastery and sheer talent transcends what 99.99999~% of us can produce. It's really on another plane of existence. It's one thing to play the music after it's been written, but to conceive it in the first place.... Wow.
lost in space robinson
I still love you David ,,,,🇬🇧
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