DDG - WHY/ARGUMENTS PT. 2 (Official Music Video)

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Video Director: @LewisYouNasty
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7 nov 2019




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Commenti 80
Youngsauuce 4pole
This shit still make a nigga tear up 😢🤧
Amarah Scaturchio
Amarah Scaturchio 2 giorni fa
Did you killed her are you kidding me right now you are the worse boyfriend ever to her you just rand her over in your car you dum you can’t just do that to her and now she has to go to the hospital because of you and what you did to her she is a pregnant woman and you should talk to her and stop fighting and the are arguing needs to stop now she didn’t do anything to you so why did you rand her huh
Maxx Alvarez
Maxx Alvarez 2 giorni fa
You no damn well if he was playing 2k and he was in a match and she was touching his controller that nigga wouldnt be smiling
Isaac Arroyo
Isaac Arroyo 2 giorni fa
Bro I jus noticed on the phone was the lyrics to toxic🤯 shi im prolly late af
Erica B.
Erica B. 3 giorni fa
I can’t help but wish they were still together after watching part 1 & 2 🥺 lmao it just puts you in that mindset
Dangerous Habits
Dangerous Habits 3 giorni fa
Miss y’all tg🥺
Dangerous Habits
Dangerous Habits 3 giorni fa
GamingWith Trego
GamingWith Trego 4 giorni fa
This ain’t music...It’s a storyline...
Isabella m.
Isabella m. 4 giorni fa
Wait so when kenndy got hit by a car was that rlly real n true is that how she lost her baby ???
Charlotte James
Charlotte James 6 giorni fa
Hey always go back and watch the music videos he's growing.
amya james
amya james 7 giorni fa
omg i love how ddg can master every music style. im just waiting for him to come out with a country song.
amya james
amya james 7 giorni fa
whos here after all the "whos here after toxic" comments?
Queensland nova
Queensland nova 8 giorni fa
Is she pregnant
Queensland nova
Queensland nova 8 giorni fa
Did she die
Dat Kid RoXk
Dat Kid RoXk 8 giorni fa
Who made da beat
Halea Schultz
Halea Schultz 11 giorni fa
This video got me thinking she died in real life
Mariah Massari
Mariah Massari 12 giorni fa
Ddg really underrated!!
ManiThe Hbk
ManiThe Hbk 12 giorni fa
Facts this deserves to hit top 100 billboards 💯
Linny Jones
Linny Jones 12 giorni fa
Listening to all ya music daily You’ve grown a literally lyrical fire !
Linny Jones
Linny Jones 12 giorni fa
This Boy is sooooooo underrated y’all been sleeping on DDGENUIS ! No pun intended Daryl You are a real one .... putting the competition to shame NO CAP wit yo Drake /Da baby vibes but (drababie) needs your fresh real heart felt creative musicality n honesty Drake collaboration would be sweet even for him. Listened to all your music so refreshingly different crisp be encouraged not boastful stay focused hold on to what got you here don’t slip n get So caught up you can’t see clear I’m saying use ya head not ya heart De stress with exercise not drugs be more conscious of each action you take !! and the consequences form them your choices will be your circumstance. You got skills but it takes wisdom to stay up after coming so far don’t be foolish.
Chavez Thompson
Chavez Thompson 13 giorni fa
Fuck ddg
Aaliyah Smith
Aaliyah Smith 13 giorni fa
Period fire lol let me stop
Isabelle Joseph
Isabelle Joseph 13 giorni fa
Missing them together
C Nattion
C Nattion 13 giorni fa
0.5 speed make it sound like a real get in your feels song
Alissa M
Alissa M 13 giorni fa
I love this 🥰
Finesselevel 14 giorni fa
DDG NEW MUSIC - No Cap (click link below) itvid.net/video/video-GWeUhR3Wiak.html
Chimpy Worldwide
Chimpy Worldwide 14 giorni fa
This song still hitting hard
Layla Webb
Layla Webb 14 giorni fa
Hey ddg u got my phone number I texted u
LouiWellOff 15 giorni fa
DDG is so underrated
Atasha James
Atasha James 15 giorni fa
More and more singing in these song these days.
Cayhizzle Tv
Cayhizzle Tv 15 giorni fa
I really thought I did a reaction to this song comes to find out I didn’t 🤦🏾‍♀️
Saphelia Miller
Saphelia Miller 15 giorni fa
This song is fire.. I never heard it DDG🔥
Atasha James
Atasha James 16 giorni fa
He should have just left classic argument alone
is this actually true????????????????
itzmichxlle 16 giorni fa
i miss them together🥺
Kevin Burris
Kevin Burris 17 giorni fa
Good music video to listen to ddg music
FlyGuy Ant
FlyGuy Ant 17 giorni fa
Who’s here after exotics ?
Riri mensah
Riri mensah 17 giorni fa
I love dis song so much
Maliktoofficial 18 giorni fa
Mrthingz and thingz
Mrthingz and thingz 18 giorni fa
i always play this song while thinking about my ex .....but fuck her i don't want her anymore
Athereall 19 giorni fa
Here after exotics?
Jeremy Stubbs
Jeremy Stubbs 19 giorni fa
Prosper Mwape
Prosper Mwape 19 giorni fa
Dawson Jean-jacques
Dawson Jean-jacques 20 giorni fa
Ddg the goat 🔥🔥
Pablo Escabar
Pablo Escabar 20 giorni fa
i mean , ik im not the only one watching this in 2020
Princess Niyah
Princess Niyah 20 giorni fa
Damn done watch both of dem grow
Jason Pruitt
Jason Pruitt 21 giorno fa
P3 ??
King Jullian
King Jullian 22 giorni fa
Yoo I cried watching this.
Yur Nathan
Yur Nathan 22 giorni fa
This is really good music needs more recognition
niquavious hargrow
niquavious hargrow 23 giorni fa
Lulu Calixte
Lulu Calixte 24 giorni fa
The Song is amazing!!!! It's SO crazy how much i've played this in the past 2 weeks. The words are so emotional and his vocalsssss lordddddd this is amazing.
ItsLilRed 24 giorni fa
The smile of Ddg is adorable and Kennedy
FYN PIMPZY- TOPIC 24 giorni fa
Cheneverts Coffee
Cheneverts Coffee 24 giorni fa
LubiGee 24 giorni fa
My advice to you DDG as a man, be a smart rapper, read more often perhaps about rap history start S/O big names, get on another level, play with the instruments find different lyrics but most importantly be yourself!
Luiz Caudillo
Luiz Caudillo 25 giorni fa
Anybody here after arguments went gold😃
leon Ecstasy
leon Ecstasy 25 giorni fa
This is a banger
Energetic Lioness
Energetic Lioness 25 giorni fa
Crystal Hurb
Crystal Hurb 26 giorni fa
Don't understand why this part 2 is not jumping off the charts. Y'all missing out
Girl Sis
Girl Sis 26 giorni fa
Can y’all jus fix things😔I’m here after toxic and it’s really sad because it seems like he’s not over her I swr 🥺
Brownskin Baby!!!
Brownskin Baby!!! 27 giorni fa
I’m still here in 2020
Brandon Low
Brandon Low 28 giorni fa
This a banger bro😄😄😄
Farnesha Brown
Farnesha Brown 28 giorni fa
Mfs sleeping on this song fr 😩‼️ Every time it get to 32 seconds I start it over 😂 I love that part
Life with J.T
Who here after toxic dropped
Luvly Hamilton
I just want to say that you have a good day
Tika AlaskaGrown
two beautiful souls. god if its meant to be it will be.
Lovelies2me Mese fa
Jennifer Johnston... I can totally relate to this, the same shit arguments every damn day he could never shut it off for me, but he could for ANY and EVERYbody else. Literally . .... deja vu ...... I'm still seeing you... .smh
Cartier Frames
This song underrated for sure
Abby C TV
Abby C TV Mese fa
I miss him and Kennedy together 🥺
mynameisbaka baka
you to where so cute
mynameisbaka baka
Zariya Friday
I love your vids
Zariya Friday
I love you ddg 💕😂
Brian 1k
Brian 1k Mese fa
This a radio song
Dionskii Mese fa
I like this side!!
Butterfly Kisses
IvjayTay Tay
IvjayTay Tay Mese fa
Jenny Garibay
DDG do you ever listen to your own music and get in your feels?
ICEYY JT Mese fa
please work stuff out with her
TYannah best
TYannah best Mese fa
danm that shit is fire
KingChrisTV Mese fa
Part 2 better than part 1 fight me😤
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