Deborah de Luca @ Château de Chambord for Cercle

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Deborah de Luca @ Château de Chambord for Cercle
☞ Deborah de Luca
Thanks to the beautiful Château de Chambord for their warm welcome (facebook.com/lechateaudechambord/).
Thanks to our partners Topito Voyage, Greenroom, Le Routard, Région Centre-Val de Loire, My Loire Valley, Techno Germany, Deep House Tech House Minimal Techno, Partyinfo.si, Techno Festival & ONLY TECHNO.
Video credits:
Artist: Deborah de Luca
Produced by Cercle
Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla
Directed by: Derek Barbolla
Assisted by: Pol Souchier, Quentin Eynaud, Agathe Faccendini & Aurélien Moisan
Directors of photography: Anatole Vaillant & Jérémie Tridard
Photograph: Alexandre Brisa
Live Editor: Pol Souchier
Sound Engineer: Timothée
Technical partner: FL Group
Follow us on www.cercle.live


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8 set 2017

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Commenti 5 210
Patrick Copic
Patrick Copic 13 ore fa
Hot dj, great location, but shit music
Gora Official
Gora Official 17 ore fa
Entdecke Gora_Official auf #SoundCloud soundcloud.com/user-797911761
Gerald Good III
Gerald Good III 19 ore fa
I wonder if her career would have blown up as fast and big as it did if she wasn’t so damn hot. Yes she can dj. She’s good not just for a female but full stop good. I sometimes feel the business techno is in full effect with her and Amelia Lens and DeWitt Now Paula Temple and Rebekah.. fire!!! They’re not playing conservative stuff. They’re pushing harder all the time.
Sebastian Stolarski
Thanks Debbi for all ❤❤❤❤❤
Justin Craft
Justin Craft Giorno fa
Who could imagine the use of a Chateau as a drum head. Amazing perspectives, Artist and audience reactions. I want sound samples from soo many locations!
Gianluca Caputo
Gianluca Caputo Giorno fa
Sebastian Stolarski
Do You married me Deb ❤❤❤?
Sebastian Stolarski
I luv YOU Debbie 😍😍😍😍. Regard from Poland ❤
moha -jackson
moha -jackson 2 giorni fa
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 2 giorni fa
35:59 ;)
Berserker 3 giorni fa
The guy on 2:58 with FILA shirt dancing so fake lmao... it’s like hey they filming me, they filming me alright = just dance
TECHNO ZONE 3 giorni fa
Maracik DAMIAN
Maracik DAMIAN 4 giorni fa
Tami Lee Krebbs
Tami Lee Krebbs 6 giorni fa
And another new find for me, serious (but a little aged) house / industrial / techno fan here, must have been under ANOTHER rock since this gal hopped on the tables! And so, thank you "miss de luca"!! Clearly, some mighty badassery is afoot...She be droppin" that sweet, dark beat, without one bead of sweat to be seen. First, she is gorgeous! There are lines of dudes all along the front of her tables, but this doesn't blow her mind, she continously brings it hardcore, with just that calm face or a little half smile, so cool, girl! TO ANYBODY READING THIS: humor me here, for the genre game?....a little drum and bass, but is it Trancy(sort of?), or even Industrial? some Minimal woven in here and there? Its bomb, attempting to capture the genre of these techno wizards and wizardettes! But I know this: we are only at 56:10, but this set is DooooPE!! Even those trippy little vocals...they work!. She's got this oh-so-serious look on her face, NOT of conceit, she truly looks....driven, guarded, even... but all the while she totally has it handled, this set is so on point... there will be no freaking out worried, rushed, SHE brings the beat that gets in your soul, rollin' it out, and it ain't comin' back till that last little high-hat "TssT"...Awesome! :)
Kronenkind Der King
Drop a bomb their.
Maximus Degre
Maximus Degre 7 giorni fa
Daniel Gibas
Daniel Gibas 8 giorni fa
Sztoosik ;)
Luis Ayllon De Mingo
Musa Sanyang
Musa Sanyang 8 giorni fa
Schade das du in so nem geilen Ambiente vor so nem schlechten Publikum spielen musstest ^^
SOLID GHOST 9 giorni fa
aufgepumte lippen sind low^^, was für ne schreckschraube
saša 9 giorni fa
Mouthbreather hoe with fake lips playing fake crap, not even a single shit is her.
FaruK VoccA
FaruK VoccA 9 giorni fa
Marco Barrara
Marco Barrara 11 giorni fa
brava e bbonaaaaa!😎
Αddic7ed Tube
Αddic7ed Tube 11 giorni fa
she is a beauty
Prego 11 giorni fa
45:22 midemde hıssedıyorum parçayı yaaa.. 1:06:57 beynimde hissediyorum parçayı..
johnny big potato
johnny big potato 12 giorni fa
Anal Church ?
Артур Смирнов
под такое пляшут, только в слюни обдолбанные ребята, для которых любой топот и шорох будет ритмом. На заводах такая музыка каждый день
Артур Смирнов
@Cristian Scutaru Blyad ! Я так и сделал
Cristian Scutaru
Cristian Scutaru 10 giorni fa
Blyad esli ne nravitsa to ne slushai, vseo prosto))
Артур Смирнов
Внешность норм, техно которое она играет - гавно! Треки безпонтовые. На ее выступление не пошел бы даже еслиб мне заплатили
unknown subject
unknown subject 11 giorni fa
Подмойся женщина и сиди грамоту учи.
VALENTIN Ж 12 giorni fa
Ivan Simunovic
Ivan Simunovic 13 giorni fa
us Doborah.....
Ivan Simunovic
Ivan Simunovic 13 giorni fa
US Luca.....
Furkan Salva
Furkan Salva 15 giorni fa
helal bacım
Владимир Ермаков
Да то такое, как то сухо
Bryan Grey
Bryan Grey 16 giorni fa
simon dufour
simon dufour 16 giorni fa
Nul a chier cette meuf
Pratik Lahkar
Pratik Lahkar 17 giorni fa
Genti Agoli
Genti Agoli 18 giorni fa
Bravo Deborah 👍
Benito Weiß
Benito Weiß 19 giorni fa
I. Luke dat, love set
Daniel Ogorelica
Daniel Ogorelica 19 giorni fa
Woow !
Jozsef Klèment
Jozsef Klèment 20 giorni fa
Agustin Acosta
Agustin Acosta 22 giorni fa
I have a question, how did they get that place? like... booking? or how did they get the place to make the party? bbbbro
Agustin Acosta
Agustin Acosta 21 giorno fa
@NÉHÉMIE BEN ISOCRATÈS i love you honney
Part public fundings in an operation of territorial marketing, part from the chatelain himself, in order to raise funds for the conservation of the site. It's actually not that difficult in France because old castles are almost all in the public domain or used in order to fulfill goals of public interest. And yes, techno is of public interest in France.
Mr22brian22 22 giorni fa
There is some very wealthy people's sons and daughters at this particular gig, but that's why I'm not there, because I come from a housing estate in south Ireland 🇮🇪 Beautiful and Stunning Female DJ though....
Genni 1
Genni 1 22 giorni fa
Bella musica è molto brava, Ma Si Bell Propio Tu Deborah Kiss Kiss
Ridwan 23 giorni fa
imagine if skrillex played there and wake all the ghost up in that castle
Edward Mallay
Edward Mallay 24 giorni fa
Edward Mallay
Edward Mallay 24 giorni fa
Radio intense good afternoon to the Best DJ in the world United kingdom of God in blazing AKA in Texas
Edward Mallay
Edward Mallay 24 giorni fa
In the gym waiting for the $$$ 🌲
NiKkoFTW 24 giorni fa
i love you
TurboAcki 25 giorni fa
1:13:00 - what song? set/dj after this?
southern sunny
southern sunny 26 giorni fa
seeeeexy baaaaatgirl
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