Deborah de Luca @ Château de Chambord for Cercle

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Deborah de Luca @ Château de Chambord for Cercle
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☞ Deborah de Luca
Thanks to the beautiful Château de Chambord for their warm welcome (facebook.com/lechateaudechambord/).
Thanks to our partners Topito Voyage, Greenroom, Le Routard, Région Centre-Val de Loire, My Loire Valley, Techno Germany, Deep House Tech House Minimal Techno, Partyinfo.si, Techno Festival & ONLY TECHNO.
Video credits:
Artist: Deborah de Luca
Produced by Cercle
Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla
Directed by: Derek Barbolla
Assisted by: Pol Souchier, Quentin Eynaud, Agathe Faccendini & Aurélien Moisan
Directors of photography: Anatole Vaillant & Jérémie Tridard
Photograph: Alexandre Brisa
Live Editor: Pol Souchier
Sound Engineer: Timothée
Technical partner: FL Group
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8 set 2017




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Commenti 5 381
Ernest Williams
Luv The Energy She Brings,Ya Feel Thru Urrr Whole Body Can't Stopp Dancing.....🕺💃💯💃🕺
Miguel Alvear
Miguel Alvear Giorno fa
EndiessFacepalms 2 giorni fa
13:13 xD
Dwrec K24
Dwrec K24 3 giorni fa
Just started listening to her this set was bananas 👏🏾🤘🏾 keep rocking .. NYC IN THE BUILDING ✊🏾
Marcus Thielecke
Marcus Thielecke 3 giorni fa
Love From 🇩🇪
Marcus Thielecke
Marcus Thielecke 3 giorni fa
Ohhhhh yesssss ❤️❤️❤️
FeLionix 3 giorni fa
Hello Rave Communitiy ✨ In case you listened to all the Mixtapes on ITvid and still want to discover new Sh*t, check out my new started Mixtape serie „FeLionix First Choice“ much love 💜 itvid.net/video/video-IwTD3JFZmwg.html
marcow0w 4 giorni fa
doamne coaie te iubesc jur sa n am parte de nu
vladimir23rus 4 giorni fa
she's a goddess.. respect from Russia
micheal miles
micheal miles 11 ore fa
vladimir23rus red specs nice
Doppio Diesis Production
immaginate se avessero usato della VERA Musica al posto di questo schifoso rumore!.
Fresh Gofio
Fresh Gofio 6 giorni fa
Pascal Goesel
Pascal Goesel 8 giorni fa
Paul Balan
Paul Balan 10 giorni fa
she 's so pretty
Rosi Mar
Rosi Mar 10 giorni fa
Que fiesta carajo
This Guy Miko
This Guy Miko 10 giorni fa
"Music", as some would describe... George Carlin would destroy these people with comedy. But he can't, because HE'S DEAD. And not even because of that, but because this "Woke" world forbids making fun of people, because someone would feel offended. :D How can some people listen to such crappy s**t? This is not even music, this is especially not dancing... I don't know what these people have for brains, but the whole thing is outrageously stupid and unproductive. It's like standing in one place and not moving. Not moving at all. Like a fly in a spiders web, waiting for death with the sounds of techno, whilst being raped by everything around. ;D No energy, at all. Just nihilism of mind. Of soul, also. Boring as hell, but to some "awesome". ;) By the way, I was to Chambord, but I would never have done that to this castle/palace. This is utter affront for the history and the meaning of this place. These people are not capable of creating their own ideas, they use what's already there. Just as sounds ("music"). They use what's beautiful to level it with their ideology of "empathy". Things get destroyed because they think the stable vacuum is the goal of life. Then why the vibrations? Why not just taking a bullet to their head? This "woman" had to go through a deep depression to actually go through with combining these sounds into musical compounds, scrapheaps of stolen sounds. These is compressed, rhythmic rumbling. That's all it actually is. And I just can't even reason with these people. They really convince themselves it's fun. And they force people to go to such parties, because they don't want to stay alone. For starters it's "new" to them, then they need support from outside, like communism, to survive their vibe. It's like going to a common park and imagining it's heaven - it's plain lying to oneself. And lastly (please, don't get me wrong, I love emotional and empathic music) - this ain't one. These are sounds. This is a stable sense, not an extremely emotional experience, which music should create within. That's why all those losers use stimulants. Because they can't live up to the quality of life that they have personally imagined when they were young. They lost their act, the urge to achieve. This is the reason behind why this circus even works, and I'm telling you, it's not healthy. I've got some friends that went to such parties. I also was at several. But the more they still go there, the more they render soulless, as an outcome. They locked their potential inside of themselves, and life goes on, burning them out. This is egoistic, although they're convincing themselves it's empathic. This is the error of techno. I know empathy and it has nothing to do with this. Empathy is responsibility within ones own abilities in showcasing and spreading energy to others. It's not sipping it from others, like emotional vampires do. These people slowly regress. And they stop to search for the reason of things actually living. They get it from outside, like on a silver platter, especially due to stimulants. I don't need to elaborate on how a soul gets weaker thanks to that. If you're not capable of comprehending it, then you're actually a moth that dies by hitting a light bulb, whilst not understanding what it really is that it hits. All these people have got left is using life as it is left. Left dark in their weak minds, searching for artificial light outside. That's the deep reason I do not accept techno societies. They're futile in being a generation. They degenerate, regress in what they do (whilst working for corpo, as we all know). They create nothing, nothing at all. They steal sounds and put in musical compounds. This "music" is simply basses and sounds, literally linear digital rumbling, and it's far different from African tribal experiences - those were being always created by meaningful preparations before ceremonies being actually done. These basic individuals think these basses create vibes within them, yet it's just McDonald's, a fastfood energy, a fastenergy for a soul. They eat vibes from outside and go to sleep, being happy with a stimulant for only ONE night. They're not capable of realizing that their own bodily vibrations and experiences could get on much higher levels, even surpassing the intensity of musical ones (music is always an additive), only if they were able to create them within themselves, without the help of this rumbling musical scrapyard. Not to mention stimulants for complete losers whose base energy is zero. One last remark: this is not about generation. Generation Z, millenials, etc., or anything like that. This is about some people, some "society" having the most artificial "fun" possible at a level of a whelp, since buying a stimulant from a dealer is an obligatory thing to feel this experience. Simply put, it's mental idiocracy and emptiness in all its worst. Whoever watched the movie Idiocracy, knows what I'm talking about. And no, I'm not having fun with watching what those people do. When I have children, I will say all this to them, before they lose their lives to this pitiful, unproductive, nihilistic way of life. My child will see what energy is. Truly.
Maurice Koot
Maurice Koot 7 giorni fa
well, you either like it or not, if not, just don't get here!
Wilson Grazon
Wilson Grazon 11 giorni fa
buena musica
OSCAR TRIP 13 giorni fa
Todos Somos un par de células bailando
Que Canal
Que Canal 11 giorni fa
Crazy trip
Yenifer Pernia
Yenifer Pernia 15 giorni fa
M gusta
Pan Ky
Pan Ky 16 giorni fa
This is it!
Felix 17 giorni fa
when you’re beautiful so you can do anything. That doesn’t mean you make good music ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Enrique Nava
Enrique Nava 18 giorni fa
Uffff bravo great!
Sebastian Jimenez
Sebastian Jimenez 18 giorni fa
Oxana Mazurenko
Oxana Mazurenko 18 giorni fa
BadaBing 19 giorni fa
The real show strarts when she pulled up her hair min 37.34
Ingrid Elguif
Ingrid Elguif 19 giorni fa
Il faut faire sa sur tout les châteaux en même temps pour le 14 juillet de chaque années avec feu d artifice svp'
Seb Mart
Seb Mart 19 giorni fa
Marc Vanessa
Marc Vanessa 19 giorni fa
Deborah c'est la belle de Chambord, une signeure
Marc Vanessa
Marc Vanessa 19 giorni fa
Deborah est belle comme Chambord
Ivan Palmier
Ivan Palmier 21 giorno fa
AAAH tranqui panki ese techno ,nos vemos el 25 geña
FLATOUT #46 22 giorni fa
Her body is hot but her face nahhhh😠
Mark Reeves
Mark Reeves 24 giorni fa
I'm troubled by the dishonesty why won't this person come forward and say they were born a man just like Trump's wife was born a man in Trump was born a woman alien skin
Blacksly29 23 giorni fa
To much acid?
Mark Reeves
Mark Reeves 24 giorni fa
That's a trans person
Mark Reeves
Mark Reeves 24 giorni fa
Boris Brejcha is a FTM trans
matt thomas
matt thomas 25 giorni fa
this bitch is farking disgusting , covered in plastic: fake lips , cheek implants, facelift farking disgusting
hola wacho
hola wacho 26 giorni fa
que lindas tetas tiene
Hervé Duchateau
Hervé Duchateau 27 giorni fa
restrallete007 27 giorni fa
Yehor Shavyrin
Yehor Shavyrin 28 giorni fa
playing like shit!
David Velasquez
43:00 and 50:20 is amagazine
Crypto Rootz
Crypto Rootz Mese fa
this shit sucks and its fucking boring
Daniel Araújo
Best girl in technoooo lets go
Marcus Merk
Marcus Merk Mese fa
Это вам не Россия...грязная
Mero mobile online tv
CEZARR 88 Mese fa
Вот это начало её сета - охуенно. Дальше не слушал, хоть уже годы видал
Michael Rosa
Michael Rosa 27 giorni fa
Ешшщтав щщавсилзщевм бтмчыкшьдщ
Curupt Mese fa
shes ode litttttttttttttttttttttttt
Dj Tápegység
How many extasy user be in here?😂
Sahab-Sam Mese fa
Just the place for my gf and me. All the tripping couples
Click Gomez
Click Gomez Mese fa
Master Prophet
That castle groove! Ya know?!
Nathan Mese fa
45:00 track?
andrea viviani
Quanto cazzo è figa la Deborah
Seb pisch
Seb pisch Mese fa
26:00 rip cellulare ....
Seb pisch
Seb pisch 10 giorni fa
@This Guy Miko sono italiano nessuno ti ha detto di ascoltarle a noi piace questa musica e piace anche ballarla....quindi non rompere il cazzo e stai zitto ....
alejandro silva
Me pueden dar dinero???
Max’s 420 Grow
Suul Pierre
Suul Pierre Mese fa
Most beautiful woman i ever saw as a DJ
Jagger Stewart
ksenia meow is my crush
andrea viviani
Her and Nina Kraviz :)
Виктор Коломиец
Отжигает девчонка. Круто.
zenek duda
zenek duda Mese fa
nice woman
Sam Taka
Sam Taka Mese fa
Put away your mobile phones and dance, god dammit!
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