Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...

Alex Meyers
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disney descendants 3 animation
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Descendants doesn't make any sense...
Descendants 2 doesn't make any sense...
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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers 6 giorni fa
Hey everyone thanks for watching. With recent events still fresh in some people's minds I just want to reiterate that these videos are mainly just for jokes and I have nothing but respect for the cast and crew who made this movie, and every movie or TV show I talk about. It's all just light-hearted fun around here, so I hope you take it that way.
Anna Mcdearmond
Anna Mcdearmond 17 ore fa
Dude!! Camron bose just died at jun6 and u dont say a prare but eny way i love u anmashion 😊
Guardian EXO
Guardian EXO 19 ore fa
please watch lemonade mouth
Kaitlyn Zamora
Kaitlyn Zamora 20 ore fa
Lol copyright police please come
saniah amos
saniah amos 21 ora fa
CandyThePuppy 22 ore fa
I'ts fine bro
Ethan Kelly
Ethan Kelly 11 ore fa
Can someone tell me something GOOD about this film?
Anissa Martinez
Anissa Martinez 11 ore fa
You don’t make sense you are so rude making videos like this
I have no creativity
jaberogalik 11 ore fa
Pls react to the princess protection program
Kawaii Marshmallowlover
8:00 wow the new Cats movie looks great
Ør3ø Äč3 Guzman
Shai Squire Hall
We all know who is missing....
Rahma Mahdi
Rahma Mahdi 12 ore fa
You have to watch nowhere boys
Ellton Jon
Ellton Jon 12 ore fa
Stop ripping off The odd ones out1 our you fuck tard
Muffin XD
Muffin XD 12 ore fa
Can you react to Aladdin (2019)?? Please?
Deadly Pandaz
Deadly Pandaz 12 ore fa
is this guy gay or something??? idk just the vibe Im getting from this video making me feel likes he's gay...
My Channel
My Channel 12 ore fa
I’m sorry, actually no I’m not, this movie sucks so bad, not Bc Cameron died, but Bc the acting was AWFUL, Audrey is a HORRIBLE villain , it was so bad, and there was so many things that didn’t even make sense🤦🏼‍♀️
Tilly mai nightingale
If you have time could you look into doing a video on good omens please.
Snazzical Bean
Snazzical Bean 12 ore fa
Bruh that cottage thing is in a Forrest like right beside me friend’s house wtf
jake jake
jake jake 13 ore fa
My grandpa is dating the mom of the actor of hades
Lohmengchoon Lohmengchoon
You Will Die i love descendants 3
Ellie Blu Anderson
Straight up why does everyone look like bad cosplays
Gothic Punk Bae
Gothic Punk Bae 13 ore fa
Descendants 3 sucked big time I was so disappointed
Jack Sky
Jack Sky 13 ore fa
Grandma mal is Minecraft witch. In real life 🤯 (Edit) nobody will like it so I’ll like it😢
Hannah LaPack
Hannah LaPack 13 ore fa
pleaaaaaaaase do Starstruck
jisoo plays
jisoo plays 13 ore fa
I hate you for this video seriously I'm unsubscribing
Mal Bertha
Mal Bertha 13 ore fa
while everyones dancing on the bridge,somebody steps on someones toes,that person hops about in pain and bumps into another person.altogether what happened was that everyone made a stupid choice to dance on the bridge because they all domino effect toppled and fell off the bridge. on all their graves,it had "Mal's fault for her stupid bridge" as the cause of death. Uma survived tho cus shes an octopus-thingo-mabbobo lol this is a joke
Elham mossad
Elham mossad 13 ore fa
A movie: *exists* Alex meyers: this doesn't make sense...
Zoey Noodle's
Zoey Noodle's 13 ore fa
You sound like MargiKarpUsedFly
young dagger
young dagger 14 ore fa
0:16 only because of Cameron’s death 😞
Selah Maxwell
Selah Maxwell 14 ore fa
If you really think about it im on team audrey
Diana Pizzola
Diana Pizzola 14 ore fa
So I think I get why this move got a bad rating😂😂
5sos stan speedpaints
He disrespected Dude, the best dog ever. How dare
spilling teaaa
spilling teaaa 14 ore fa
Do any other movie or show that doesn’t have Cameron in it, I find this disrespectful honestly
Creati Uravity
Creati Uravity 14 ore fa
Next Video: Disney doesn’t make any sense.
Mrs. Boba TT
Mrs. Boba TT 14 ore fa
Did anyone say the idea or is it natural (I said it but I would make sense anyways)
ĞaBî 14 ore fa
I literally thought this was just gonna be a 15 minute long video just crapping on the movie for no reason but it’s actually hilarious 😂
Luther Bridges
Luther Bridges 14 ore fa
I think
Luther Bridges
Luther Bridges 14 ore fa
Ok so the sleeping beauty curse isn’t the sceptors curse it’s mama maleficients curse and the beast curse isn’t the sceptors curse either so both of those can be reversed. The old age curse is for when someone steals the sceptors but it called Audrey so it wasn’t stealing so she pushed the old age curse on mal.
Aiger Akabane
Aiger Akabane 14 ore fa
If you hate it that much then don’t watch it
MelGar Animations
Why dose audrey sound like my math teacher..
Peggy Schuler
Peggy Schuler 14 ore fa
Ok I understand your take on the humor but that caned corn part was fucking hilarious like the fuck 😂😂😂😂
Evelyn Martinez
Evelyn Martinez 14 ore fa
Wow the shade on Riverdale tho 😪
Daya 14 ore fa
Cameron..... 😥
Nourahn Ahmed
Nourahn Ahmed 14 ore fa
Just a quick fyi the villan kids were called VK's ever since the first movie
The Little chicks
Why you hating on descendants
Malou Pablo
Malou Pablo 15 ore fa
I really love it when you make the characters do funny animations, and no offense it was really FUNNY when you seperated Ben and Mal. Me and my bro can't stop laughing!!! 😂😂😂
Supertoast 15 ore fa
are we not gonna acknowledge the fact that every single Disney villain is now free to roam wherever they want?
Beanieboo Cheer
Beanieboo Cheer 15 ore fa
R.I.P why does he not mention Cameron
Mackenzie Comer
Mackenzie Comer 15 ore fa
I watched this before I watched the movie and when she said “hi dad” I actually screamed “WHATTTT!!!”
Dymitri Melton
Dymitri Melton 15 ore fa
I'm confused maybe ur channel doesn't make sence
That_Weird_Ravenclaw_ HarryPotter_Fangirl
I had captions on (its almost 1:00 in the morning for me so I cant make to much noise) and when Audrey says "You would rather have a VK on the throne than me?!" for the captions insted of VK, it was DJ. I cant stop laughing 😆
Music playzzz
Music playzzz 15 ore fa
It was Maleficents scepter
Nicolle Gregory
Nicolle Gregory 15 ore fa
you need to do stranger things
JDI 123
JDI 123 15 ore fa
It does make sense u dont make sense
TinyNerd 15 ore fa
Amy Jimenez
Amy Jimenez 15 ore fa
This is my favorite movie and I am a nerd about this movie but you made this funny🙂
Ashlyn612 15 ore fa
The 3 most powerful things in descendants: Random stone that hades likes Magical water Fairy godmother wand (actually makes sense other than a stone and water.)
Gacha girl
Gacha girl 15 ore fa
You got to admit the songs were good tho
sunfeatherX3 15 ore fa
Thank you for Trogdor the Burninator at 10:26
KathrenMSPXOX 16 ore fa
Do some Nickelodeon movies PLS
Kayla Lipinski
Kayla Lipinski 16 ore fa
I've never heard of this movie but I'm deff gonna waych it now. It's looks hilarious
Golden Girl
Golden Girl 16 ore fa
I’m confused. So only maleficent and mal can use the scepter because there related right. How can Audrey use it if she’s not related. What if Audrey and Mal are related!?!?. Just think about that
Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy 16 ore fa
Harry and Jay had some unresolved sexual tension this entire movie tbh
Tristan Gordon
Tristan Gordon 16 ore fa
Has anyone relized if there no magic on the island of the lost then how does the magic barrier work there nagic so im confused
Tristan Gordon
Tristan Gordon 16 ore fa
I ment magic not nagic
Gabby Utt
Gabby Utt 16 ore fa
Meh it doesn’t seem bad but you can tell it’s low budget. Also, no disrespect to Cameron’s death with this tho, Rest In Peace my bud😪❤️
Potato Crazy Head 101
Is no one gonna talk about Cameron death?
kate muday
kate muday 16 ore fa
I’m kinda mad at you now
Artemis Fang
Artemis Fang 16 ore fa
For Netflix you should look at the good place
Sophia Barbagallo
This was my favorite Descendants actually 😂 Like the songs are bops The storyline isn’t as babied down either Yes. Also within the day the movie came out I learned Queen Of Mean because C’MON ITS SO GOOD
Shelly Jones
Shelly Jones 16 ore fa
wanna know somthin, desendents and high school musical had the same director.
y though lol
y though lol 16 ore fa
I gave up on descendants a long time ago
Memus 101
Memus 101 16 ore fa
Wait....I just thought of this....dizzy and charming are near each other. Cinderella's son....lmao I wonder how that conversation went with charmings parents lol.
xLegend 16 ore fa
D1: Story to its self D2: Good Balance D3: I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!~
Brayden Flores
Brayden Flores 16 ore fa
Nice chad just nice he could had got a girl at least
sarah schumaker
sarah schumaker 16 ore fa
welli like this movie so ya
FelineSamantha 16 ore fa
Allow me to applaud you for your use of underrated legend Trogdor
smolbeanie 16 ore fa
“I noticed....you were low...on canned corn” “Who wants gum?” “Yknow my dad said that his dad did not handle pain well at all” “Follow me people!” “That’s great dude” “FYI I give great cuddles too” This was literally my whole class last year
The Facts
The Facts 16 ore fa
The hair statement is sooooo true
Natalie Velez
Natalie Velez 17 ore fa
it makes sense to me
clover 17 ore fa
Isn't Freddy Dr. Facilers daughter?
Mia Wang
Mia Wang 17 ore fa
Ok, but Hooks son is freaking HANDSOME
Kimberly Nunez
Kimberly Nunez 17 ore fa
You know what is really is strange: it’s the channel And why do these movies matter, their just movies that families, teens, and kids like to watch
beatrix the great
they should given him way better fangs. he'd be more fearsome. it really looked like I could stop him with a rolled up newspaper.
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