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Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman have a series of awkward meetings beginning with swapping two very different embarrassing memories of the afternoon they first met and culminating in a Jinx Challenge with Jimmy, Kidman and Keith Urban.
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Did Jimmy Almost Date Nicole Kidman? - Tonight Show Stories / fallontonight


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1 giu 2021




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Commenti : 2 663   
TALON Anno fa
This is one of the best awkward genuine stories in Hollywood ever heard. I love that it's all true and every reaction is real lol
Seraphic Chic
Seraphic Chic 7 mesi fa
no replies sus
Yamato Takeru
Yamato Takeru 7 mesi fa
This is the most funny thing i´ve ever seen
Ju Domingues
Ju Domingues Anno fa
This is both INCREDIBLY embarrassing and absolutely entertaining to watch at the same time 🤣
slidermix Anno fa
Diabians Awwad
Diabians Awwad 9 mesi fa
Are you happy in your life?
Yamato Takeru
Yamato Takeru 7 mesi fa
This is the most funny thing i´ve ever seen
pinkpeace Anno fa
The second part when Keith walked in was the most awkward thing in this entire video. Jimmy was so flustered 🤣
Manny Lugz
Manny Lugz 6 mesi fa
Keith dashed 0ut all Jimmy's dream.
Jon Favreau
Jon Favreau 5 mesi fa
@Manny Lugz looked like Keith was genuinely threatened by jimmy and that’s why he came out singing and got her to sit on his lap.
nurul izza
nurul izza 2 mesi fa
Poor Jimmy though😅
Annabelle 7 giorni fa
@Jon Favreau 100%
Christian Karl Karganilla
For real, Jimmy handled this well. If I was Jimmy, after Nicole had explained her version, I would leave the set, find Rick and beat the piss out of him.
UC Yoga
UC Yoga Anno fa
Weizly Hk
Weizly Hk Anno fa
I think the same too
Saini Imtiaz
Saini Imtiaz 7 mesi fa
every thing
every thing 7 mesi fa
if I was Nicole I would do the same. did you see young Jimmy 🥵
laclochard 7 mesi fa
I mean, he was the one who decided to PLAY VIDEOGAMES at his chance of having Nicole Kidman hanging at his house. He tried to appear cool. He failed. She was clearly out of his league.
TemperTemper 4 mesi fa
For Nicole to remember every detail means she was REALLY into Jimmy but his priorities were sneakers and video games.
Gaya K
Gaya K 2 mesi fa
And old Chinese food 😅
maria ticse
maria ticse Mese fa
He was not interested . So obvious !
Amarillo Hendrix
I believe he genuinely didn't think he had a chance.
Amarillo Hendrix
​@maria ticse Not true I believe. He had a big crush, but thought: "she's Nicole Kidman, I have zero chance".
Amarillo Hendrix
​​​@Gaya K He liked her a lot, but didn't think he had a chance. Why women can't understand that? I'm a guy so I know what I'm talking about: sometimes we see certain women (e.g.: Nicole Kidman) as totally unattainable and out of our league; so we don't even try to get her.
Beibei Zhao
Beibei Zhao 6 mesi fa
I like how Nicole Kidman was doing everything to reassure Keith Urban that "you are the one I'm with. Don't worry about it. The past is the past We are doing this now just for fun." Her body language shows everything. I think she still likes Jimmy, but she has enough integrity to not step over the boundary while making the interview entertaining.
Christian Medina
This has to be hands down THE BEST Jimmy Fallon interview. So awkward, and funny and he’s not faking anything. He really is genuinely surprised and embarrassed that he missed out on Nicole Kidman. Now his friends are gonna make fun of him for years to come. I can watch this over and over.
peachierose 6 mesi fa
@TYLER sometimes it's not all about the looks lol
peachierose 6 mesi fa
@TYLER it's a missed opportunity which one might regret still
Selena Chiong
Selena Chiong 5 mesi fa
@TYLER She's not! She looks pretty drab
Nightwing_07 4 mesi fa
@TYLER you need your eyes checked LOL
SJ Berry1021
SJ Berry1021 4 mesi fa
Me too ahahaha
Amberlyn Olsen
I love how hard they both blush the whole time! 😂 it's adorable! It's a good reminder that not everyone we have chemistry with or have a crush on is meant to be. Chemistry is real even when you're happily married to someone else.
Nicole Kidman
You made such a lovely comment. It made a lot of sense reading your comments.
Sofia's Welt
Sofia's Welt Anno fa
I'm pretty sure about
Emce Joe
Emce Joe 10 mesi fa
I couldn't agree more. ❤️
laclochard 7 mesi fa
Exactly. It was not meant to be. He literally played videogames instead of even paying attention to her. Know better, guys.
Prasith Oudomvilay
I remembered she was divorced with tom cruise and around 2001-2002 she was single and jimmy had no clue she liked him! That happens in most guys
Adam Alexander
I've watched this several times, and I've now concluded that Jimmy handled that extremely well for being on "live tv".
Nicole Kidman
Smiles. Thanks for the comment anyways 😀😀😀
Kristen K
Kristen K 6 mesi fa
What? How did he handle it well? I wouldn't want to be his wife in these moments. It's funny yes, but he lost it lol
industry 11 mesi fa
I was smilling the whole interview, and Jimmy's awkward behavior when Nicole sits on Keith's lap 😂
Swavna Anno fa
People who say Jimmy fake laughs should watch this. I have rolled out laughing lmao. this is hilarious. The Roots adding the music takes it further. Nicole really is so nice to be around. I have always maintained Jimmy really is an animated and easy going guy, and sometimes he does go over to comfort the guest, but when he's having fun it is as genuine as it gets.
Nicole and Jimmy really would have made a cute couple. I wish they dated . Their chemistry is off the charts 😄
cy_M 11 mesi fa
Yes I think same ☺️
Matias Uriel Robledo
the fact that she remembers all the details, she really liked him!
The greatest love story that never happened.
Norelbys Medina
coeurenpoche Anno fa
I think they both still do but they're married now
Roovaez Anno fa
No, she's really crazy
Agus Anno fa
and Jimmy CLEARLY not..
Amy Culver
Amy Culver 2 mesi fa
I never realized how hilariously awkward Jimmy is. But he keeps it real and honest 100% and that’s what makes him great. One of the best interview moments ever.
Ging B
Ging B Anno fa
Love this! Thanks for the laughs. Love Nicole Kidman! A great actress and a class act. Able to laugh at her self and share an awkward "rejection" date story. Props to them all for not taking themselves too seriously.
Zac Murphy
Zac Murphy 5 mesi fa
Keith’s jokes go so unnoticed but he’s so genuinely hilarious in this 😂
Ra Yah
Ra Yah 8 mesi fa
I wanna hear Ricks version of this story. This is so awkward but intertaining.😂😂
Kisong Terang
Kisong Terang 7 mesi fa
It's been years but I can't stop laughing and smiling. This is epic!
Amy 2 anni fa
When Jimmy asks if she remembers meeting him, the way Nicole says “Oh, I remember 😐” sets up the the entire tragedy so well 👌🏻
Mauricio Cabezas
- You want me to tell my version of the story? - Yeah, you tell YOUR version of the story. Iconic.
- Dezuza
- Dezuza 11 mesi fa
I know how that feels ...🤧
Nicoletta 33
Nicoletta 33 10 mesi fa
For real!
Wilfred Francis Brillo
This has got to be the best interview of all time! 🤣 Their chemistry is undeniable. Lol
Peter 5 mesi fa
I watch this every year and still get a kick out of it!
Sage k
Sage k 5 mesi fa
Melin4ted_ Bookworm
SHIT every once in a blue moon & I'm still fightin tears 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Damini S
Damini S 2 mesi fa
Same here
Heather Metz
Heather Metz Anno fa
This is one of my favorite interviews. Nicole just grills Jimmy and he takes it. Best part: Keith Urban singing ‘Dreamweaver’.
GleenPeace 10 mesi fa
This always had me smiling. Watched this a million times! 😚
This story has it's own fan base.
I'm one of them 😁
Brinta Anno fa
*its own
Nguyen Le
Nguyen Le Anno fa
Deanna Springer
Methira Anno fa
Sirawata bn 😂
wonhyuk Anno fa
I just came across this story and I was laughing so hard and smiling the entire video.. this was so hilarious! 😂🤣
Beansprout.2131 7 mesi fa
"What could have been" Nicole liked Jimmy and was not sure if the feeling was mutual. As a woman, it's hard to be in that situation. Jimmy had 2 chances but didn't try to ask for her number or ask her on a date probably because he thought Nicole was too good for him. Out of his league. Nicole on the other hand was wondering "was Jimmy really not interested?" that question never left her mind for decades, and finally telling Jimmy her side of the story was definitely a big relief for her. Yes, they're both happily married now. Yes, they're probably not meant to be. But we all agree... it just sucks to deal with the "what ifs" and "what could have been". Right?
onytha 7 mesi fa
this story kinda all story that we going through as a teen isnt it?? cuz i do even when i still on midle school and high school
every thing
every thing 7 mesi fa
pooe nicole. Jimmy was so yum yum
Mr Gotit
Mr Gotit 4 mesi fa
But he don't even remember it like that she must've liked him alot lol
Beansprout.2131 4 mesi fa
@Mr Gotit That's also a possibility. Maybe Jimmy didn't really like her.
Cattleya Callista
I keep repeating the beginning part and always smile widely over their story and expressions... They're cute and hilarious
Gerald Garduna
I have probably watched this about 50 times and I still laugh like crazy.👍
Aziara 26 giorni fa
Oh dear God, I love Nicole Kidman and her sweet, honest demeanor all through out!!!
SwiftFox Productions
I think this story should teach every girl that has ever had a crush on a guy and has thought "It's so obvious that I like him. He can't be that oblivious" that yes... yes, in fact he can actually be that oblivious. 🤣
Boughty boughton
This is extraordinarily true both ways.
Not really if they are a Virgo man
Mars ✨
Mars ✨ Anno fa
it also shows to men that even if you think she's out of your league she might have a massive crush on you
Angela Ramsey Robinson
Yeah… that explains a few things. 😂
Ray2311us Anno fa
The comment I didn’t know I needed to see
Talita Farias
Essa entrevista é incrível! Já assisti mil vezes e nunca perde a graça kkkk
Christine Bayona
awkward! can't stop smiling. will never get tired of watching this for life. it's obvious they have good chemistry but God has its own matchmaking skills.
Emily Ogden
Emily Ogden 11 mesi fa
I had no idea there was a second interview, the best 2 ever! I laughed so hard! I love it when Keith Urban came out
I remember seeing this the first time now easily 10 years ago, still equally funny 😂
Mumu Share
Mumu Share Anno fa
The most genuine laugh of Jimmy Fallon. Love it!!!
Michael Holmgaard
The reason it's so awkward now, is that they can't hide the chemistry they so clearly have. There is a reason why Nicole went for Jimmy all those years ago, and that never went away lol 😂
Sun Shine
Sun Shine Anno fa
Metal Dreams
Metal Dreams Anno fa
What about Keith. Where does he fit in all this?
Iliana Llau
Iliana Llau Anno fa
I think she !ight have a bit of a crush on him but she's in love with Keith and has daughters with him. Its obvious that Keith knows this. Its him she comes home to and has her life eith. He's confident.
Angjele 8 mesi fa
@Iliana Llau Yeah for sure, its pretty normal that crush's still happen when you're in a long-term relationship, love & marriage are about more than love its also about choosing who you are with over & over again
Cathy Roman
Cathy Roman 2 mesi fa
This is the most awkwardly amazing interview. They are both adorable lol.
Kiki Marzuki
Kiki Marzuki Mese fa
Nicole personality so down to earth, so natural.
Celia Hardwick
Celia Hardwick 5 mesi fa
"Jimmy wants to meet you and I'm single, so I'm like yea cool." The double take Jimmy gives and says "WAIT WHAT??!!?' The look on his face, priceless....that's hilarious.
Neelima Purohit
i always have to come back to this because i love how awkward they get, it makes me feel all fuzzy haha
Imran Khan
Imran Khan Anno fa
Am also there
p s
p s Anno fa
This is such a savior for a bad mood. You see it n can't stop laughing 🤣
I have watched this clip more than I'd like to admit but it's so worth it. Also,can we all agree that Rick is the worst wingman in the history of "wingman".
Matteo Salmaso
Matteo Salmaso 2 anni fa
I think I lost count of how many times I've watched this clip ahah
Robin Clemens
Robin Clemens 2 anni fa
Rick is GOOD
JuJu TKN 2 anni fa
Rick sucks hahahaha😂😂😂
MEHREEN KHAN 2 anni fa
Arman Sakib
Arman Sakib Anno fa
He got Nicole Kidman to Jimmy's apartment. He is probably the best one.🙄
Mctwisp Anno fa
I love how Kidman is just chastising Fallon for not shooting his shot 😂
Emre 6 mesi fa
Absolutely 😹
Gavriel Antonio Jaquez Madera Estevez Santiago
Probably one of the best moments on TV. I could never get enough of that. It went so well and was so real that I even felt it. Good job Jimmy 😂 video games???
RC iN Da HoOd
RC iN Da HoOd 8 mesi fa
This is absolutely priceless. 100% if they were not currently married they would be in the sack after the show.
Shams Qasr
Shams Qasr Anno fa
At 1:37 -the realization in Jimmy's face and the reaction of the people, syncronic GOLD! 🤣
Ency Dear
Ency Dear 7 mesi fa
My goodness i can't believe i smile for 22 minutes and 30 seconds 🤦‍♀️ the best interview ever of Jimmy 😄
11tttTTT Anno fa
I'm smiling like an idiot in my room watching this 😂
Nicole Kidman
Thanks for being such a lovely fan. I hope your love for me and my movies never stops.
JAS Anno fa
Leo Kennedy
Leo Kennedy Anno fa
@Nicole Kidman this Nicole Kidman forreal
Nicole Kidman
@Leo Kennedy I understand your amazement. I do check and respond to appreciations and criticisms once in a while. Thanks for believing in me and showing love always.
simply mheL
simply mheL Anno fa
God watched it over and over and over😂😂
Lon Don
Lon Don Mese fa
Imagine having Nicole Kidman at your apartment and your first instinct is to put on a video game hahaha
Mansura Mese fa
Oh my God ! This is the best Jimmy Fallon interview . Funny , awkward and sweet
Stojka Angelkovski
There's still chemistry there...😊
Pamela H
Pamela H 4 mesi fa
Apparently there wasn't any in the first place. Lol
S.W.W. Anno fa
One of the best moments on any talk show ever! I watch it regularly just to watch Jimmy's reactions! Hilarious and missing Nicole's interest in you is one major mistake!!!
April Estebal- Da Campo
This is so endearing so cute lol they obviously looked dazed after the confession especially Jimmy and awkward towards each other even after few more awkward interviews. 🥰
Lydia Luna
Lydia Luna 2 anni fa
Jimmy never thought he could get her; that shows just how insecure we can be sometimes
Virgo man
Elle 06
Elle 06 Anno fa
@GeminiFortunes and Gemini woman
Agus Anno fa
The opposite to me, he doesn't look to be interested. Nicole remembers everything, Jimmy not so much
travis jones
travis jones Anno fa
@Agus he JUST found out she likes him back then.. he thought it was a ordinary hang out about a movie..
Poker Daddy
Poker Daddy Anno fa
@Agus he couldn't even imagine it. You love space, but it's like not being able to think about going into space. Its just a dream
Isolde Lujan
Isolde Lujan 10 mesi fa
14:03 “no I wasn’t wasn’t interested, you’re out of my-“ LEAGUEEEEEEE HAHAHA how does she not understand why he didn’t think he had a chance in the world??? this whole thing never fails to crack me up
Lena Mesis
Lena Mesis Anno fa
😂I have to watch this over and over I've never laughed so hard!!!
Angelica Bautista
I’m still watching this over and over..Hope they make movie together 😂
Александра О
Это очень интересно!!!! Я давно так не смеялась - эти знаменитости открылись для меня по-новому❤ У нас в России не освещали такую историю.
Fabiola Mantilla
I have seen this video many times and every time I die laughing, it's hilarious!
THEE Kisywisy
THEE Kisywisy 2 anni fa
This is hilarious She is SUCH a flirt lol Jimmy is giggling like a little girl lol
GIVdB Anno fa
Nah in his situation as a man he can't do much. One he don't remember all and second he wasn't the same guy that before. But even though he's much better guy than the actual one. And as woman you can see that in Nichole eyes
Maya Paramita
Keith play along too by keep bringing up the topic. I think both of them enjoyed seeing Jimmy's reaction 😂
Nicole Kidman
Thanks for being such a lovely fan. I hope your love for me and my movies never stops. 🥰
Joseph A Diaz
Nicole is classy but yet so cool, and she's so talented, love this beautiful lady so much. And Jimmy, he's funny 😂 and also so cool, love this guy 🤪😁 .
Angie b
Angie b 7 mesi fa
She is deliciously authentic and this is the best story, I come back to it a couple of times a year.... so so good.
It’s ridiculous how much chemistry just blew up from this conversation. Wow.
Jennifer wellman
This is so adorable 🥰. I love it. Whenever, I get down and depressed, I listen to this, and it makes me smile.
Eugene Naumenko
I hope it's real story and not only for show rates. But this is what I like to play several times per every year because obviously it's really funny to watch their reactions 😂
Scott Mitchell
I worked for her mum renovating her house and sisters house and such a genuine family. Honestly the nicest people you will ever meet. Antonia is her sister and such a cutie as well.
Shawn Kim
Shawn Kim 2 anni fa
I love Jimmy, because him being a big name star himself, he's always so starshocked to meet other celebrities
qdominika 2 anni fa
Its different then actors tho
Terra Cotta
Terra Cotta 2 anni fa
..Now I realize why he likes to wear the long blond hair wig. 😉
Anne Neville
Anne Neville Anno fa
They met when he was not famous
Shawn Kim
Shawn Kim Anno fa
@Anne Neville I wasn't talking about Jimmy meeting Nicole Kidman
S A Anno fa
I never get sick of this story 😂💙💙
Prasad Kasbekar
This is an absolute gold in comedy and tragedy !!!
trufititi 2 mesi fa
Cada vez que necesito reirme a carcajadas vuelvo a esta entrevista. 😂😂😂 La mejor de lejos!!! Y si pues, hay gente que tiene química pero no necesariamente son pareja. 🥰🥰🥰
jeto_platypus 4 mesi fa
It's amazing how I remember this on a random day and puts a smile on my face everytime✨
Volt 101
Volt 101 10 mesi fa
This is amazing you can tell there's definitely chemistry 😂
KleiReeSilly 2 anni fa
Nicole: "And then you put a video game on." Jimmy: Died.
spookyryu 2 anni fa
If he puts Mario kart maybe she would fall in love 🤣🤣🤣
L C Anno fa
He was sushing Nicole with all his might. HAHAHA
Mary Joy Manching
fave part lmao 😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Amir Rahmati
Amir Rahmati Anno fa
Sriyas Goud
Sriyas Goud Anno fa
Los C.
Los C. Anno fa
The gradual intensifying of Jimmy's "Wait...... WHAT?!!" is what gets me 😂😂
Edwin Duarte
Edwin Duarte 4 mesi fa
Like 100 times I’ve watched this video since happened and always laughing 🤣🤣🤣 so great!!
aimee 5 mesi fa
This is a masterpiece of an interview.
Danny Cosmos
Danny Cosmos 5 mesi fa
i still blame Rick
NiGHTSaturn Anno fa
When Higgins lists the stuffing ingredients, Nicole’s face makes me laugh so hard, and then Jimmy just knocks it out of the park after hahahaha.
sirley matos
sirley matos Anno fa
Amo o programa! Ainda não tenho um inglês tão bom, seria bom se tivesse mais legendas em português 😉
AlrCay 7 mesi fa
lol to bad
Shin 2 anni fa
The story is so legendary
Negan 2 anni fa
MOE SEDWAY what the fuck?
Jay 2080
Jay 2080 Anno fa
Beautiful story. I love this. She came close to being the future Mrs. Fallon. July 9, 2021.
akira Castillo
So funny
victor jose jimenez saez
@Negan xihl
Grimlin Deville
She can’t even keep her hands off him 😂 2:39 , 2:49 , 3:14 , 3:52 , 14:03 And everytime he just pulls away or doesn’t seem to notice You haven’t learned a thing, Jimmy! 😭😂
Craig McGuinn
Craig McGuinn 2 mesi fa
Or maybe Jimmy doesn’t want his actual wife to think he would be potentially willing to cheat on her
Grimlin Deville
Grimlin Deville 2 mesi fa
@Craig McGuinn good point. I was just kiddin tho
G. Mungehr
G. Mungehr Anno fa
I will always watch this whenever I think I’ve made a mistake with a woman. It makes me feel better about myself.
Nuria Meldr
Nuria Meldr Anno fa
Hahahaha love your comment!
RaиGсⲏaκ. 9 mesi fa
This sud be the top most comment.
RaChel Horan
RaChel Horan 10 mesi fa
I find myself smiling throughout the entire video
Sachi H
Sachi H Anno fa
That was hysterical!!!! I love both of them! Hillarious, and Jimmy I'm glad you didn't edit anything out!!!
Moments Mese fa
Request some director to pick this story for a movie 😂😂😂😂
Kusumaharinath Pakala
Jimmy: let's edit this out Producer Friend: releases a whole 20 minute video on ITvid.
Noah King
Noah King 2 anni fa
Been waitin for this since last year
Robert Biro
Robert Biro Anno fa
The fact that this has 666 likes is just beyond me. DON'T TOUCH THE LIKE BUTTON, THIS IS A NATIONAL TREASURE NOW!
Neob Anno fa
And now that video is one of the most viewed videos on this channel
Zara Rasheed
Zara Rasheed Anno fa
I always felt like there was some kind of chemistry or something going on in between these guys😂 and finally I found this video!😂
Lili et Helena em Paris
Nicole sempre classy, Linda e maravilhosa. O Keith super marido, o Jimmy um amor. A Nicole tem sorte😍♥️
Merwais A.
Merwais A. Anno fa
This has to be my favorite interview moment with Jimmy. I think I watched it like over 5x times.
Augusto Mendonça
I laughed a lot, their bodies don't lie, it was amazing to watch. Loved it.
ChengTB 10 mesi fa
This one is the best awkward genuine stories in Hollywood I've ever heard. The most funny one too 😝🤣🤣🤣I can't moved on, I still have the goosebumps after watching the show.. #gikiligeyyyyyy
Shmaptain Shmerica
Nicole remembers the details like it was yesterday 😂
True Viking
True Viking Anno fa
chaos trocio
chaos trocio Anno fa
Yea. No convo... Just looking around hhahah
Sheetal Rajput
Girls remember everything
Sephiroth Anno fa
Women always Remember everything specially Bad things
NotA Monkey
NotA Monkey Anno fa
Agree. The fact that even her agent knew about her interest in Jimmy says a lot. She was really into him back then.
Charlie Chavez
Jimmy was like winning the lottery then losing the ticket damn😂😂😂
You can tell that they like each other the chemistry is there.
K SW 11 mesi fa
This reminds of a friendship I’ve had. The banter…
Az Trades Crypto
this is the best episode ever on jimmy fallon!!! I LOVE IT!! SO HILARIOUS!
adrischvemer Mese fa
Second hand embarrassment to the max😂...I can watch this 100 times
Ethan McCoy
Ethan McCoy 2 anni fa
Every Jimmy Fallon / Nicole Kidman interview should always be this awkward.
Geron Fletcher
Geron Fletcher 2 anni fa
They are lol they’ve done an interview since this and it’s just as awkwardly flirty lol
Sun Shine
Sun Shine Anno fa
@Geron Fletcher omg I will watch it
Geron Fletcher
@Sun Shine it was the very next one between them like months or a year later lol
Miriam Maldonado
Miriam Maldonado 11 mesi fa
She's truly amazing, and first level actress... +Super hilarious interview!
Lisa Thomas
Lisa Thomas Anno fa
This was the best thing I’ve seen in 2022! Smiling big n laughing from start to finish…
Chatterbox with Jules Graeser
And Jimmy’s life flashed before his eyes and thought of what could’ve been!😂😂😂❤❤❤
Kakabeka Digger
Omg. I’m having the worst time of my life right and this video made me laugh so hard. Keep up the good work jimmy. 👍🇨🇦
Sofia's Welt
Sofia's Welt Anno fa
Much love for you.
Nuria Meldr
Nuria Meldr Anno fa
I hope all gets better for you soon
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