Diesel Engine Pistons Fitting  

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26 nov 2023




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@krnician Mese fa
Yes make sure you scrape all all the pieces together from every angle before you actually install it and then throw some dirt on it just so that it stays good
@ameunier41 Mese fa
That was the better shot 😂
Was he drunk or something?
@FrozenHaxor Mese fa
You see dirt, they see lapping compound. You see scratches, they see wear-in marks 😂 3rd world country banana show 😂😂😂
It’s to keep the customer coming back😊
​@@FrozenHaxorYet their machine last longer even Carrying heavy/overload in an unpaved, dangerous roads... main while western 😂😂
Oh yessir your rebuilt engine will be good for another.....10 miles? We do offer a tailight guarantee as well.😜
@iancormie9916 2 mesi fa
That's what they said 20 years ago during its last ring job.
@RK-yp8zq Mese fa
Do you see how much dirt there is?​@@iancormie9916
Pretty sure they built it better than you could build mine I wouldn’t let you touch shit at least they have work to show for. Couldn’t even take 1 lug off my stang go get experience and quit shit talking🤣
​@toxicity6629 Simmer down, Nancy! No one wants to touch that POS Ford of yours anyway.
Poo is the best assembly lubricant
Fresh out the nearest river.
human preferably
​@@user-kt5bm6yy9xyour mother's preferably
@phill4337 Mese fa
best comment
Deutz..air-cooled diesel engine.. The ckilng/ckalng/clong rotation test is highly recommended by the manufacturer...😮😅😅
@GDuncanFYoung 2 mesi fa
Deutz is a fantastic engine. But being refitted like that is really going to test it's endurance.
They are the most practical engines built and last forever in............. human hands.
That is how to install in Deutz engine and easy to Install
Yep, turn the crankshaft and let the rods clang around the cylinder for a while. Obviously a diesel race engine used in Ganges river competition.
@gamesbond6143 2 mesi fa
Its pakistan and stop talking shit about India for no reason
@bz938 2 mesi fa
That's not the cylinder wall. looks worse than it is.
@@gamesbond6143durka durka?
​@@gamesbond6143 you mean India with the worlds most polluted river?
I understand these guys aren’t doing the job right… But their essence of jerryrigging is unmatched. They will be on mad max level if the apocolips hits
So interesting seeing how other people live. I feel blessed to be in the United States. It’s taken for granted a lot.
We live fine, even in the village portions USA has more problems at this point tbh.
@@aviationgeek2624 oh I’m sure y’all do. I meant no offense. I’ve never left the U.S. I would love to see the world.
Right so many pretentious people here in USA just spoiled and too much time on their hands, it’s disgusting really, I fear for our youth here in USA they’re zombies to being manipulated by and trying to be “influencers”
The US is comfortable bc of other countries' discomforts. Also, most people in the USA are living paycheck to paycheck. It's a house of cards.
@@BenDover-wb6si not completely but I see your point.
@vkesler1878 2 mesi fa
SCORRRRRRRRE!!! Really scratching for a living.
@bz938 2 mesi fa
While it's not a good practice it's not really hurting anything on this engine.
@DT-abcd 2 mesi fa
Way too much dirt for a diesel rebuild. Must be a very clean place where working. Keep your hands free of metal shavings and dirt.
And it probably lasts longer than everything we have 😂😂
​@@TrollsAreUs1320not even close
@@kennethbellotte8678 what ever you say bud
@@TrollsAreUs1320it will not stay long
@aarondavis8652 2 mesi fa
It's the flip flop part of the world what do you expect
I respect them for working with what they have!
It's like kids playing in the sandbox pretending to do real life things 😂
@eminyagci6698 2 mesi fa
Must be deutz aircooled i am spare parts seller for deutz
@egvettoor 2 mesi fa
F6L 913
@danielfield3580 16 giorni fa
You probably stay busy at that shop!
@MGM-ru7oj Mese fa
It’s amazing how these guys make it work with a little or nothing they got respect bros!
And these are the engines that will run for another 50 years straight..
@shawn6632 Mese fa
I didn't know Ray Charles taught engine repair.
@666ImI666 Mese fa
This is where all our jobs are going. We can be sure never to expect quality of product or safety for the hard working individuals in these countries who unfortunately are in over their heads.
This is superbly done!
На земле разбирают и там же в песке собирают😢
Если что,хороший стук выйдет наружу😅
Geil oder 😂😂
а ведь работать будет ка новый
It got washed in gasoline tho
Eso sirve para el rayado de los cilindros,no lo dudes
@sebing12 2 mesi fa
Motor deutz , altura pistón culatin 1mm queda perfecto .. saludos
@jaybee6477 Mese fa
It’s amazing how they do this without scratching anything or getting anything contaminated with sand… oh wait it scratched to hell and filthy
you never been to a 3rd world garage lmao😂
@da20082003 12 giorni fa
Probably better than any tech in Australia at the moment
@joanstehlik235 2 mesi fa
Is this Scotty approved 😂
@wilneal8015 2 mesi fa
Star Trek Reference❔👍🏼❗
​​@@wilneal8015No, meezhwhack. It references Scotty Kilmer, ITvid mechanic. No fucking "Sheldon" in sight.
⁠​⁠​⁠​⁠@@wilneal8015I think it’s Scotty kilmer the car ITvidr
@erwinmonti5066 2 mesi fa
Yup I definitely want these guys building my engine.
I don't mean to be a bad guy, but it seemed like he couldn't see that well.
@LILCEEEEE 2 mesi fa
The first one seems oddly familiar
@Titanis2000 17 giorni fa
Definitely want these guys for my next hemi rebuild
@maxpower4781 2 mesi fa
Had some wobble pops at lunch I see
The new sleeves haven’t been installed yet, so no scratches
@GDuncanFYoung 2 mesi fa
Sleeves should be pressed into scratch and dirt free parent metal generally. Not sure what is going on here as the "head's" obviously form part of the block to allow air cooling. Yet the piston slipped right in without apparent need to close the rings.
@jackbquick5928 17 giorni fa
I guess they haven't invented workbenches yet.
@Sid-tb3me Mese fa
Dont forget the 50w300 oil to fill the clearances
Sandals are the new Bachelors degree in engineering
"does the circle go in the circle hole? No, the circle cannot fit in the circle hole"
@user-gl4ox8hu7i 21 giorno fa
This is one of the high quality shops, there were examples.😮😮😮
@ym-us2ck Mese fa
So careful and precise 😂
@jakeofalltrades96 23 giorni fa
I couldn't stop chuckling while watching him struggle-fuck that piston in there 😂
me gusta mucho como lo hacen.. felicidades..
@trap3100 Mese fa
That breaker bar is legendary...
None of that made any sense
That first guy seemed exhausted
I feel like something as precision as this would be in a completely starile enviroment eith no shavings or even fleks of dust or dirt. But i never worked on cars so i dont know.
@goethe4050 Mese fa
Actual range rover plant
Thats one ugly example of engine assembly destruction something?
Make sure to rub some dirt on the crank before you put the piston in
Es un deutz 913
Yes it is 👍🏼❤️
@JB-mo8rs Mese fa
Why is everybody always wearing sandals, pajamas, and working on the ground?
@bigG485 2 mesi fa
Not a Snap on in sight 😮
Imagine thinking you need $99 sockets to build an engine go be elitist somewhere else these channels should give you an appreciation for ingenuity, determination and making do with what you got, qualities that are more commendable than your snideness
@mghuertas 2 mesi fa
He is drunk?😂😂
@backwoods6050 20 giorni fa
Obviously, they slept in a Holiday Inn last night.
I thought they only did food in the dirt
New training video for ford diesel techs
@existentiald562 29 giorni fa
People really overthink this engine building shit
I have to say this people know how to work hard in America if it was a mechanic shop the mechanics will refuse to work if they don’t have the toys Milwaukee, Snap-on, Matco they do more than a lot of slobs I know in town.
@danielfield3580 16 giorni fa
Do they ever clean their shop so dirt isn't everywhere? How does any engine last with all that stuff everywhere?
Good compression has left the chat
@Fodder916 Mese fa
This the type of service that gets you another 200k miles for no reason
@jdbica3672 Mese fa
it's like doing a heart surgery in a sewer...
Idk about them connecting rods hitting my cylinder walls guys get a shop
Bagi saya itu pekerjaan yang rumit kalo bagi ahlinya sangat mudah
@JasonAldeann-bt4xf 22 giorni fa
Just spit in the cylinder walls and that piston will slide right in
@whyalwaysme2522 23 giorni fa
Mad Maxian World these guys will be like precious assets
When yer friends help rebuild yer motor.nothing like a prybar to bend the crank pulley .connecting rods getting knicks and scoring cylinder walls..head surface dinged maybe cracked
@beck3319 18 giorni fa
Did this guy just slide the liner over the piston, and then slide it in with no press fit?
@MrLordingit Mese fa
Such a clean environment 😂😂
Wtf was that? I felt it
Nicht Euer Ernst oder ?
Is that an extended cylinder block?
@sirstan262 16 giorni fa
Here come all the ITvid armchair mechanics lol
It didn’t look that hard 💀
@dg9bfc 18 giorni fa
good for another 50 years 😂
@tradismerrill2105 28 giorni fa
Why did he have so much trouble installing the jug and piston?
That is some really sloppy work. You know that engine will be pulled again.
Does the extra dirt come with a no questions asked free extended warranty
@ramonfanegas 2 mesi fa
High precision
@DT-abcd 2 mesi fa
You should do this in engine room this must be pakistani video
Sheeeit! To think I polish the rods so they don't get a stress crack from a teeny nick
@151bradhatt Mese fa
Was that an air cooled diesel engine?
Why this man Flossin an engine
Oh man a air cooler Ford 6 cylinder engine and it is a collector item that is worth 3 thousand dollar
@rod1499 24 giorni fa
Its a Duetz diesel
If that guy put the bend on that extension tube he has on the T-bar all by himself…then I am absolutely saying nothing bad about him….
Run for how long or start for that matter 🤔
@gorporpio Mese fa
Nice ring compressor.
Ha694 model hai kirloskar ka
@davsaltego 2 mesi fa
An air-cooled diesel engine?
*the guy that can do it cheaper*
@sdaiwon Mese fa
수작업.. 대단하다.
@MacCready_ Mese fa
Okay what are we doing here
This comment section here be like thats why yall babies have four legs three heads and nine arms i mean geez give the man a break only farm boys and mechanic sons know how to do this in ameddica we plsy call of duty better than we serve in the militia
@Waterdog553 Mese fa
Engine scarring goes brbrbrbr
Deutz F6L914
Salut vous allez bien respect je suis français et mécanicien avec très peu d'outils vous assurer merci pour cet vidéo exsellente bonne soirée 👍👍👍👍😀💯
😂😂😂 It F runs on mud
В таких спартанских условиях капиталят мотор , еще и долго ходят наверно моторы .
@1gerard47 2 mesi fa
I see they have the popular safety sandals..
@heybabe8438 2 mesi fa
The ASE mechanic has left for the day !
@Dirty_Fergie 4 giorni fa
That'll last 500k. Lol
@gta__greefer 21 giorno fa
eyoo what is bro doing he is fucking the engine💀
This is painful
mules seem so much less complicated and cheaper
These guys are drunk
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