Diodato - Fai Rumore - First Semi-Final Interval - Eurovision 2022 - Turin

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The second interval act of the First Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is Fai Rumore by Diodato, the song he would have sung in Rotterdam 2020.

Diodato won the 70th Sanremo Festival back in 2020 with the song Fai Rumore - which topped the Italian charts and looked set to captivate an international audience at the Contest scheduled for Rotterdam.

However, as we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everybody’s plans and prevented the artist from Aosta representing his home country, Italy, in the Netherlands


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Commenti 2 692
So touching and heart-warming how everyone is singing along... What a stunning song and magnificent singer! ❤️ Danke Diadato!
Mad Max
When the audience starts to sing along the chorus OMG the chills
Incredible language, incredible song, incredible choreography, incredible stadium... thank you for existing Italy and Italians ❤️🇮🇹
Alter Ego
Can we agree that Italy is hands down the best ESC country in recent history? Quality after quality after quality...
Wioletka Dupalek
Wioletka Dupalek 21 giorno fa
I watch Eurovision for more then 25 years now and this is my favourite performance of all time. I cried many times while listening.
The Undetected Hero
Diodato is probably the only artist in the history of Eurovision that despite not competing in the contest will always be remembered. It wasn't easy to do better than the performance at Arena di Verona and yet he did it. ❤
Veronika Nagy
The audience during the acoustic part is just WOW. This is what Eurovision is all about. Instant BRIVIDI.
Darkrystal Sky
For Italian people this is an anthem of the first months of lockdown. We used to sing or play it on balconies, over the silent city. Diodato sang it alone in an empty stadium on live tv. The crowd singing along here gives it closure. It's almost over. We went through the bad times together and we survived. This is what that moment meant to every Italian present and watching.
Wim Vahl
I went to bed, turned on the TV to see the results of the first half final and this blew me away. Just stopped talking to my girlfriend mid-conversation. Speechless. Possibly the best performance I've ever seen on any Eurovision.
S. S.
200+ followers with no uploads
Why is Italian language soo perfect?! This is one of the best ESC songs I swear, what a voice what a performance.
Dro Alex
This song means so much to us Italians. We sang it in the worst pandemic moment of our lives. And we cried singing it. And today we are here again, singing it again, crying again. Crying tears of joy. Thanks, Diodato. You wrote a touching hymn we will always treasure in our hearts. ❤
Pat Forde
Absolutely blown away by this. Had never heard it before. THIS would have won in 2020. And would win this year if allowed to vote for it. Incredible.
Johnny A
I was in the arena and was actually moved to tears at this performance. It was just beautiful. His voice, the music, the dancing, the audience singing along... as well as the reminder of what was happening in the world when this was supposed to have been performed. A moment I'll never forget.
Eloise Dack
I was in the audience here and everyone was totally blown away. People in tears, everyone singing alone. Not a single person wasn't touched by his performance. Wish they gave him the respect of a Grand Ginal interval act spot, but in saying that, he would have put a lot of the GF participants to shame haha.
Nils Klein
There is just one word to say: GOOSEBUMPS.
Francesca L
Tutti gli stranieri, anche sotto i video dei Maneskin, scrivono che l’italiano è una lingua meravigliosa... quanto vorrei essere straniera per un giorno e sentire come loro sentono la nostra lingua.
Rubén Durán
Amazing song and performance. Really touching. Italians have the Art in their veins, undoubtedly. The moment when they lift him is a Renaissance piece. Love it.
Thu Minh Le
Italy could just win every year, seriously. They always send the most superb entry to Eurovision. This performance gave me chills all over. Hats off to Diodato for his flawless delivery. Fai Rumore is not just a song, it is an experience. A magnificent experience!
White Gardenia
Italians have raised the bar so much in the last decade, they can easily win Eurovision every year!!
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